16 Facts We Finally Learned About Kylie Jenner's Baby

The curtain has been unveiled and Kylie Jenner has come clean about her pregnancy. She has given birth to a baby girl on February 1st, and the world is going crazy over it. She managed to hide her pregnancy for a long time and thwart questions about her impending unborn child. For the better half of a year, we have been teased with innuendos on social media of her alluding to her pregnancy without admitting it directly. Such a clever girl. The Kardashians have a new member of the family, along with sister Khloe's pregnancy who is due later in the year.

This unplanned pregnancy that 20-year-old Kylie Jenner has endured has shocked us all because she is the youngest member of the Kardashian family. Then again, Kris Jenner gave birth to Kourtney when she was only 18-years-old, so maybe this shouldn't come as quite a shock. The Kardashians have gone out of their way to protect Kylie from the public eye because it was already distressing enough being pregnant at such a young age. You have to give her credit for being able to hide this for such a long time but, now, the cat is out of the bag. We are dying to know more about Kylie Jenner's baby, so here are 16 facts about her that we were dying to know!


16 She Announced The Birth On Superbowl Sunday

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Superbowl Sunday of 2018 is one that the Kardashian and Jenner family will never forget. On February 1st, Kylie Jenner gave birth to a big 8 lb 9 oz baby girl and made the announcement official on Twitter three days later.

The rumor mill about her pregnancy was circulating for the last few months when she got into her third trimester and really started showing.

Unlike her older sisters Kim and Kourtney, Kylie wanted her pregnancy to be more private and kept away from the public eye. You can't really blame her. After all, she is 20 years old and didn't ask to be famous in the first place. She was sort of forced into the spotlight at a young age without her consent. She will more likely than not be a more low-key mom compared to Kim.


15 The Baby's Name Is Stormi Webster


So, what makes Kylie Jenner's pregnancy similar to Kim's is the fact that she decided to go with an unconventional name for her daughter. She decided to name her daughter Stormi, which is an uncommon name and we can only wonder where she got the idea from. No word on what her middle name is, though, that remains a mystery. Fan theory speculates that she got this idea from the movie, The Butterfly Effect, where the quote goes something like "the beat of a butterfly's wings can set off a storm miles away." Hmm, that one sounds far-fetched but, yet, not impossible.

Stormi's zodiac sign is Aquarius, which means she will be unique and march to the beat of her own drum.

Maybe this name will be fitting for her. Only time will tell.


14 Tyga Is Now Claiming To Be The Baby Daddy

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So, Kylie Jenner's ex-boyfriend, rapper Tyga, is now coming out claiming that he is the father of Stormi. Despite the fact that Stormi has been given Travis Scott's real last name (Webster), there have been rumors that Kylie's ex could be the father. Considering the fact that she ended her relationship with Tyga and then immediately started dating Travis, this could very well be possible.

A source told Radar that Tyga wants a DNA test because he really thinks that there is a chance this baby could be his.

That would be a strange situation seeing as though he is already a baby daddy to Blac Chyna's first son who is also a baby mama to Rob Kardashian's daughter. That would be some strange family action going on in the Kardashian clan...


13 Kris Jenner Supposedly Postponed The Announcement To Build Anticipation


Momager Kris Jenner is the mastermind behind all of her children's reality TV careers. Love her or hate her, this woman knows how to play the game and put her kids in the best position so that they can make as much bank as possible so that they never have to work again.

The pictures of Kylie Jenner's pregnancy and newborn would have sold like hotcakes, and she knew it.

It is highly conceivable that the family didn't announce the pregnancy until they couldn't hide it anymore. They let the rumors spread to generate some buzz and then boom. All of the sudden, we are hit with the confirmation just earlier this month. This is a big story for the Kardashian family since Kylie is so young so it's shocking that she added to the spawn.


12 Highly-Anticipated Footage Of Kylie Jenner's Baby Bump


We haven't seen much of Kylie's growing baby bump up until these past few weeks, and the media is having a field day over it. In this one, she looks chic and elegant in all black. The figure of a pregnant woman has a beautiful form when the outfit hugs the silhouette of her shape.

You see her curves blend smoothly into the bump and this is the ultimate picture of femininity.

This pic was taken in some bedroom in her house where the ambiance is all pink, which is fitting since she just gave birth to a girl. These are all selfies that Kylie has probably taken of herself and just waited until after the baby was born to release them into the mainstream.

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11 Highly-Anticipated Footage Of Kylie Jenner's Baby Bump - Part 2

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Here, we see Kylie most likely doing some sort of prenatal yoga. Meditation is relaxing for pregnant women and soothes the mind of their unborn fetus. It looks like she is done with her second trimester and crossing over into her third one here. Her skin is radiating that pregnancy glow, and she has way less makeup on than she normally does.

She looks so relaxed and content to be outside basking in the sun and the positive energy that she is sharing with her baby.

You have to hand it to her, she still has a nice figure even for being that far along. Not too many women can pull that off the way she can. When you are young, pregnancy is much easier to bounce back from.

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10 She Accompanied The Public Announcement With A YouTube Video


Kardashian fans need not wonder anymore. Kylie Jenner made a moving and emotional video titled "To Our Daughter" that captures the most precious moments that she and her boyfriend, Travis Scott, shared throughout her pregnancy. Rumors that have been swirling around since September can now be put to rest for good.

The video starts with a pregnant Kris Jenner as she is about to give birth to Kylie, so it illustrates the circle of life and the passing of each generation.

It then goes into detail about how Kylie and Travis met and how they hit it off and created a life together. The piano music in the background is enough to make you want to cry. Seriously, search this one on YouTube and try to keep your eyes dry.

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9 Kylie And Travis Have Only Been Dating Since April 2017

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Kylie Jenner and baby daddy Travis Scott have been together for literally only ten months. She got pregnant very shortly after she started dating Travis Scott, and it may or may not have been intentional.

This is still pretty crazy, considering the fact that this relationship got serious very fast, and those two are just so young and in love.

Though Kylie will forever have the support of her family and will never have to worry about finances, that is still a lot of pressure at such a young age. She isn't even old enough to legally drink yet, and Travis is just past his quarter century. These two are definitely kicking it old school by having kids in their twenties. Hopefully, they are ready to step up to the plate and be excellent parents.

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8 Kylie's Figure Changed Drastically Throughout Her Pregnancy

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Kylie is said to have gained approximately 60 pounds throughout her pregnancy! This is pretty typical. If you haven't heard of pregnant women gaining weight, then you are clearly unfamiliar with the laws of biology. For the most part, when you gain weight during pregnancy, most of it is the water retention and then about 10-15 pounds of that is shed when the woman goes into labor. She hasn't been restrictive of her diet and has indulged in greasy fast-food, though she is normally pretty adamant about staying in shape.

Just days after she gave birth, she was spotted out and about and looking more fit than expected.

There is no doubt that with her age and the metabolism, she will most likely bounce back very quickly. A source said that she has gorged on food and blamed it on being pregnant but said that she was always hungry.

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7 She Always Wanted To Be A Young Mom

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Though everyone was shocked when the youngest member of the Kardashian clan got pregnant, it was no surprise to those who were close to Kylie.

“No one in Kylie’s life was shocked when she got pregnant,” a source close to the 20-year-old lip-kit maven tells Us Weekly.

“Everyone knew she always wanted to be a mom and that was one of her goals in life,” the insider added. More insiders say that Kylie thinks that waiting until you are over thirty to have kids is "too late" for her and that her goal in life is just to raise chickens on a farm with her kids. Though that is hard to imagine seeing as though she has built a lipstick empire, she certainly has the means to just retire and focus on being a mom. It wouldn't be shocking if she were to have more kids within the next few years.


6 Kylie Strangely Didn't Make Any Noise While Delivering Her Baby


This sounds similar to some weird Scientology rule that was imposed on Katie Homes by Tom Cruise during her labor with Suri.

Though the pain of labor is supposed to be excruciating, some women just don't feel the need to cry out during their delivery.

Whether or not that is actually good for the baby or not is debatable. We have to give her props if it was indeed a silent labor because childbirth is the most painful human experience while you are still alive. If this is true, then her following pregnancies should be even easier than the first, or at least, we would like to hope so. Only those who have given birth would know the experience of becoming a mother for the first time.

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5 She Had A Secret All-Pink Baby Shower With Family & Friends

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Kylie Jenner was expecting around the same time as Khloe and a close family friend. That should be beneficial for her and their unborn children because now they have tons of cousins by association to grow up with.

Her all pink baby shower was captured by paparazzi on helicopters dying to leak the news to the public.

The Kardashians had to have expected this to happen, and even though she didn't admit it, the evidence was clear that she was about to have a girl. Talk about millennial pink! This was not a neon, bright in-your-face kind of pink, but a soft mauve and flowers as far as the eye could see. The extravagance was reminiscent of a rich kid's Sweet Sixteen party, but this time it was for a baby shower.


4 Kylie Craved In-N-Out Burger During Her Pregnancy


This fact is what makes Kylie Jenner so relatable to pregnant women all around the world. In the video that she released, she revealed that she craved hamburgers from In-N-Out while she was expecting her daughter.

“It’s just In-N-Out these days literally tastes like...nothing I’ve ever had,” 20-year-old Jenner shared during a doctor’s appointment.

The clip then jumps to the makeup mogul and her girlfriends at an In-N-Out drive-thru window where she orders a double cheeseburger and fries well done. We hear of pregnant women getting some bizarre cravings during their pregnancies, but this one is pretty classic in comparison. If there is any better time to indulge in greasy fast-food, it is definitely when you are pregnant.

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3 Model Stormi Bree Was Rumored To Be Upset With The Baby’s Name

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Miss Teen USA and top model, Stormi Bree is supposedly not too content with the fact that she shares the same name with Kylie Jenner's infant daughter.

She reportedly threw some shade at the new young mom when she shared a black and white photo of herself with a scowl on her face.

In the caption, it said, "current mood" with a spider emoji. Although there was no mention of Jenner or her baby, the post came about an hour after the 20-year-old reality star shared the first image of her daughter and revealed her name on Instagram, Tuesday evening. Who knows, it may or may not be a coincidence about something else that was upsetting her. That or she is just not a fan of the Kardashian fam.

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2 Kylie And Her Friend Heather Sanders' Due Dates Were Only Four Weeks Apart

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Kylie Jenner's best friend, Heather Sanders gave birth to her baby on February 2nd which is just one day after Kylie gave birth to her daughter on February 1st.

What is strange about this situation is that Heather has been dating rapper King Trell (who is the baby daddy) for seven years.

He also happens to be best friends with Tyga, who is Kylie Jenner's ex-boyfriend. She also used to be best friends with Blac Chyna, but that has come to an end since the Kardashian family is no longer a fan of hers. The 28-year-old already has a three-year-old daughter, so this isn't the first time that she has been a mommy. Maybe she will show young Kylie a lesson or two about being a mom.

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1 Allegedly, Her Baby Was Conceived In Miami


Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott had a rendezvous in Miami nine months ago and that is likely were baby Stormi was created. In an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, which was filmed four months ago, Kylie was on a charity trip to Peru.

When she returned back from Peru, she went straight to Miami on a private jet rather than going back to her California home to see her family.

She had been spending a few romantic days with Travis Scott during that time and most probably conceived her daughter there. Now that Tyga is coming out and saying that he is perhaps the father, it could be that he was there too and saw Kylie during that time. Only the paternity tests will have yet to reveal whether or not his claim could be true.

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