16 Facts Nobody Knows About Michael Jackson's Daughter, Paris

While Michael Jackson was here, we all seemed to be focused on him. There were some times when his family came out into the media, but it was all about Michael. This makes sense—of course—since he is the King of Pop.

Because we didn’t see a lot about Michael’s kids, there is plenty that we have yet to uncover about them. The children had little knowledge of their father’s fame. They knew about their personal lives and how they lived, and that was it.

One of his children is Paris Jackson. She’s almost 20 years old now. When her dad died in 2009, she was only 11 years old. She’s been through quite a bit since then. She also had her fair share of troubled times, even when her father was around.

That being said, Paris has remained pretty secretive throughout her short life so far. She isn’t as public as we would expect her to be, given that her dad was such a passionate performer and loved being onstage. Naturally, this means that her private life is still under wraps. Maybe it’s because of everything she’s endured so far, or maybe it has something to do with her view of the media because of her father.

We have some deep secrets to learn about Paris, so let’s get rolling!

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16 She Was Homeschooled To Be Sheltered From The Media

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One way that the Jackson family worked to keep their kids oblivious to their father’s fame was by homeschooling them. If they had gone to public school—or even private school—they surely would have found out more about their dad. He wanted to be seen as their dad and not as a celebrity.

Paris has spoken about her experience being homeschooled.

She said that she was sheltered from the media, which now makes sense. Michael didn’t want his kids exposed to all of the harsh comments being made about him.

He just wanted his kids to live a normal life.

The Jackson kids were homeschooled until Michael’s death. At that point, they obviously knew about their father’s fame. They were then sent to private school to continue their education.

15 She Went Through A Very Rough Patch After The Death Of Her Father

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Throughout Paris’ life, she’s gone through more than enough challenges. Most of these arose after her father’s death, but some started beforehand. Luckily, she has been rather triumphant in moving past these hard times.

People often find a new habit to replace old, unhealthy tendencies, such as addictions. This is exactly what Paris has done by picking up menthol tobacco. They are considered her vice, but they are much better than the substances she has previously struggled with.

One of her major challenges was a battle with addiction. It wasn’t easy for her to fight through it all, but she made it. She’s one determined gal! One of the ways that she copes with withdrawal is menthol tobacco. She still uses these to this day, but maybe she will end up easing off of them with time.

14 Her Tattoos Have Heartbreaking Meanings

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Tattoos are nothing to be ashamed of! Plenty of people have them, and they’re slowly becoming more and more acceptable within society. What we didn’t know is that Paris has fully decorated her body’s canvas. She has over 50 tattoos already, at the young age of 19. She started the process when she was underage, with just a few tattoos.

What kinds of tattoos does this chick have? Well, it’s quite the variety.

Naturally, she has some dedicated to her late father. Nine of them have to do with Michael.

The rest of her tattoos honor her favorite musicians. Though we have seen some of her body art, there’s no way we could possibly see and understand it all from afar.

One of the tats that honor Michael says, “FAITH, TRUST AND PIXIE DUST” because he used to call her Tinker Bell.

13 It Was Her Idea To Connect With Her Mother

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Growing up, there were a few issues between Michael’s kids and their mother. Most of this had to do with a short marriage between Michael and his wife, Debbie Rowe. Their marriage lasted a quick three years, and Michael kept the kids “as a present” from Rowe.

Eventually—when Paris was dealing with some personal issues—she decided to reach out to her mother. This was mostly because the Jackson family was a little bit toxic at the time that she needed them most. What’s most shocking is that she found her mom on her own, because she felt like it was the best choice at the time. This reconnection ended up being a lasting one, which helped Paris through her internal struggles. She still has a great relationship with her mom, as far we are aware!

12 She’s Battled Severely With Depression

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Though it may seem like Paris has everything going well for her, this hasn’t always been the case. It likely isn’t the case, even to this day. Sure, she had a great childhood and inherited plenty of money from her father. None of this can fend off mental illness or other challenges completely. In some ways, it can make those difficulties worse.

At the age of 15, Paris was deep into a battle with depression. This was just a few years after her father’s death, so it could have had something to do with it. Paris herself has mentioned the issue of self-esteem, which we’ll look into shortly. She had some pretty low moments throughout this challenge but was able to persevere. It is believed that she is doing much better now and has been clean for some time.

11 Had To Deal With Mental And Emotional Baggage

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One of the main reasons that Paris has a history of depression stems from her self-esteem challenges. Her self-esteem issues likely started out minor and kept getting worse until they affected her in a number of ways.

Paris spoke about her self-esteem, saying,

"It was just self-hatred, low self-esteem, thinking that I couldn't do anything right, not thinking I was worthy of living anymore."

Luckily, Paris was finally sent to a residential therapy program. At this program, she was able to get help with her depression and low self-esteem.

This was all hidden from her family at the time. They had no idea that she had so much mental and emotional baggage. If her family had no clue, how would the family’s fans even be aware? The best part is that she was able to get help and recover.

10 Daddy Issues? She Doesn’t Think So

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For a while, there was some question about who Paris’s father was. This was a big event at the time. The whole ordeal was based on rumors, allegations, and drama. Luckily, it eventually came to a close and was able to be worked through.

It all began when Mark Lester—an old friend of the Jacksons—claimed that he was the father of Paris.

He said that the Jackson family wanted help starting their family and that he actually donated sperm. Beyond that, Lester started rumors that other friends had donated their sperm as well. Lester also says that Paris and one of his kids look similar to one another.

Today, Paris is 100% certain that Michael is her dad. She says that she didn’t ever really believe those rumors.

9 She’s Got Her Hands On Part Of The Fortune, Which Complicates Things

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After Michael’s tragic death, the family was left with a large sum of money. This was expected, due to his success and his overall wealth that he accumulated over the years. How much did the kids end up with?

It’s predicted that the Michael Jackson Family Trust Fund contains over $1 billion. This is to be distributed to the kids at certain stages throughout their lives. Paris doesn’t consider this big chunk of the fortune to be her only inheritance from her father.

She is also excited about the celebrity status she has received from her family’s name. Paris is looking forward to using this as a connection into a world of fame and fortune. This is one way that Paris is hoping to make her own money. She has mentioned that she doesn’t want to just take her dad’s money.

8 She Was Cyber-Bullied Because Of The Accusations Against Her Father

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In this day and age where technology is everywhere, bullying can be taken beyond the playground. Even Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris has been a victim of cyber-bullying. No matter how much money or fame someone has, they are still susceptible to everyday challenges. Paris is a prime example of this.

Luckily, the cyber-bullying isn’t as intense for her as it used to be.

The cyber-bullying began years ago, but she still receives her fair share of hate comments from the public. Paris says that this is a struggle she has to face every day.

She can’t seem to get away from it all. She shared about her experience with cyber-bullying and mentioned, "The whole freedom of speech thing is great. But I don't think that our Founding Fathers predicted social media when they created all of these amendments and stuff."

7 About Her Sketchy Ex-Boyfriend

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Paris was in a reportedly happy relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Michael Snoddy—until just recently. Snoddy is a drummer, and he totally has that punk rocker look. It makes sense why Paris would be attracted to him, given her taste in music and her family’s incredible connection to music and its history.

What doesn’t make sense is why she would be attracted to a man with a Confederate flag tattooed on his arm. This is shocking because of her family’s history. The whole family was a bit wary of Snoddy because of that tattoo.

It took some time for them to get to know him before they were able to look past it. Paris helped with that, too. Apparently, she is pretty persuasive or powerful. She was able to talk to Snoddy about his tattoo and his racist comments. He has since gotten his tattoo covered up.

6 Paris Was Slightly Smothered By Her Father As A Child

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Throughout Paris’s childhood, she lived a pretty happy life. She practically lived in a theme park. During her homeschooled days, school would get postponed if her dad came in to hang out. She had a great relationship with her late father. The two connected over music, cooking and more.

Because Michael was trying to play the role of both mother and father, he ended up slightly overdoing the parenting thing.

He was very protective of the kids, keeping them out of the spotlight.

One of these measures included masks for when the kids went out. This was somewhat smothering and might have seemed forceful at times. Michael was just concerned about giving his kids the best life. In the end, it sounds like it didn’t go so badly. The kids had an awesome time with their father while he was here.

5 She Feels A Certain Way About Her Father’s Death

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Michael Jackson’s death has proven to be controversial. It was sudden and unexpected. Paris wholeheartedly believes that somebody did it on purpose, in the hopes of harming her father.

When she has been asked why she thinks it was a murder, she shared,

"Because it's obvious. All arrows point to that. It sounds like a total conspiracy theory… but all real fans and everybody in the family knows it. It was a setup.”

Paris blames Dr. Conrad Murray, who actually was convicted of involuntary manslaughter. She then mentioned that she wanted justice for the whole ordeal. She seems very certain of her opinions, and we don’t doubt her. She said that her father had given the family clues over time, saying that somebody was going to get him. Unfortunately, it happened.

4 What About The Illuminati?

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In addition to the conclusions that Paris has drawn from her father’s death, she has begun to explore other ideas. She considers his death to be orchestrated by a group that was “more powerful than the government.” She’s referring specifically to the Illuminati.

She believes that Dr. Conrad Murray was still a part of this and that he was set up by the Illuminati to carry through with the plan. It is rumored that even a former government employee was in on a plot to murder Michael Jackson. It’s unclear what Paris thinks of this employee or how much she knows about that specific confession.

It sounds like Paris has her thoughts well-formulated. She knows a lot about her father’s mentions of people wanting to kill him, so her understanding is totally logical.

3 She Recovered Well After A Major Accusation She Made

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At the age of 14, Paris was assaulted. She mentioned the instance, saying,

"I don't wanna give too many details. But it was not a good experience at all, and it was really hard for me, and, at the time, I didn't tell anybody."

Apparently, it involved a stranger. She still seems sensitive about the topic, so very little information has been shared.

Though this was a very traumatic experience for the then-young teenager, she has made impressive strides away from it. She does contribute this incident to having some role in her depression and mental illness challenges. Luckily, her rehab visit for her depression was able to help her through the difficult time. She also went to a therapeutic school. The combination of treatments was enough to get her back on the right track!

2 She Told On The Nanny For Trying To Envolve Herself With Her Father

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As we can all expect, the Jackson family had a nanny. They probably had a handful of different caretakers over the years, given Michael’s jam-packed schedule as a musician. One of these nannies was Grace Rwaramba. This isn’t the average nanny situation though. It’s said that Rwaramba might have had a relationship with Michael—romantically or otherwise.

As Paris said when she was speaking to a group of lawyers,

“This is gonna freak you out.” She told them that Rwaramba used to sneak into bed with Michael when they would all be traveling together.

She strategically waited for him to fall asleep.

What’s shocking is that young Paris was able to pick up on this and realize that it was abnormal. She ended up figuring it out and doing something about it, too. We aren’t sure if that actually resolved anything though.

1 The Celebrity Shock

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As mentioned previously, Paris had no idea that her father was as famous as he was. During her childhood, she was shielded from his fame as a form of protection.

She mentioned that she and her siblings weren’t even aware that he had a name other than “dad.”

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Paris said, “I just thought his name was Dad, Daddy. We didn't really know who he was. But he was our world. And we were his world." As she grew up and found out just how great his influence was, Paris was pretty surprised. After her childhood of not knowing about her father’s fame, the celebrity lifestyle proved to be a total shock to her.

Now, she has gotten used to what it’s like to be a celebrity and plans to use her family’s name to work her way up.

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