16 Facts About Hollywood's Model Family, The Gerbers

Celebrities are all around us. Some of our favorite celebrities from the ’80s, ’90s and early 2000s are resurfacing again. This time around, they are resurfacing with their offspring. Some of them have miniature versions of themselves, while others have children that are stunning in a whole new way. This is helping recreate the parents’ original brands, growing them for the new generation. The Gerber-Crawford family is no exception to this rule. With the stunning Cindy Crawford as the matriarch and Rande Gerber as the patriarch, this family was destined for Hollywood glory.

Now that the Gerber-Crawford family has grown by two, with Kaia and Presley Gerber entering the family within the past two decades, they are now all hitting Hollywood hard. They may just be one of Hollywood’s most attractive families. While we may not get to follow every element of their lives, they do let us in to some of their “behind the scenes” sneak peeks. Become an expert on this family by reading this article. You may just learn a thing or two about this family who seems to be on the rise. Watch them as they climb the ladder of Hollywood fame into superstardom and glamour.

15 Father Rande Runs A Lot Of Businesses, And Some Of Them Include George Clooney

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Before he was just known as “Kaia and Presley’s dad,” Rande Gerber had a career as a successful businessman. According to the New York Times, after Gerber attended college, he became a real estate broker. One of the people that he was acting as a broker for inspired him to buy properties and turn them into hot spots around the world.

Along with his siblings, Gerber opened several different trending spots, including bars, hotels, and restaurants.

He has had continuous success and launched a brand of tequila with George Clooney. All of this combined has helped him cushion his bank account. He continues to work within the hospitality industry and alcohol industry while also trying to branch off into other successful industries. This incredibly successful entrepreneur will not rest!

14 Cindy Was Well Known For A Mole

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Being a successful model normally requires a person to be absolutely flawless. A clear complexion, voluminous hair and a perfect body tend to be the norm for models. Cindy Crawford was one of the many celebrities who was working to break the stereotype. Cindy has a large mole, now referred to as a beauty mark, above her lip.

Normally, this would be something that turned people off from hiring her. Cindy’s sister had told her to get the mark removed, which Cindy had planned on doing. Vogue reports that Cindy’s mother was the one who convinced her to keep it, giving her a signature look that people tried to replicate for decades. Today, people draw on these beauty marks with various forms of makeup, trying to add to the uniqueness of their faces.

13 Kaia And Presley Were Recently Named The Faces of Omega

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The brand Omega is no stranger to the Gerber-Crawford family. Cindy Crawford had acted as a spokesperson for the brand for years. Recently, Gerber children Kaia and Presley became the new faces of the brand.

The family made an appearance during fashion week on behalf of Omega to debut the new, young faces of the brand.

Vogue detailed the outfits of each family member, which truly showed off the model side of each of them. They all looked flawless. Kaia and Cindy stole the show with their blinged out outfits, while the men wore beautifully fitted suits. Each family member donned an Omega watch. With three members of the family being the faces of this watch company, their time in the spotlight will not run out any time soon.

12 Rande Was A Model In His Younger Years

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While Cindy was a supermodel all through the ’90s, and her children are following closely in her lead, many people speak about how this family consists of almost all models. That statement is false, as each member of the family has modeled. Entrepreneur Rande started his career off as a model.

Vogue reports that Rande was signed to Ford Models as a college student.

When he was not in class, he was traveling the country to different photo shoots. Gerber was the epitome of ’80s fashion in his jean ensembles. Each member of the Gerber-Crawford family has had their time with a major modeling agency or on a variety of magazine covers. This just proves that Kaia and Presley were meant to be models, as they inherited that trait from both parents.

11 The Wedding Was Top Secret

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Cindy Crawford had been married to another man prior to her marriage to Rande Gerber. She had spent a few years being married to actor Richard Gere. After their divorce, she started dating Rande. The couple decided that they wanted to get married, but they did not want it to be a big spectacle. They wanted something that would be meaningful to them and their love.

Crawford did not wear a traditional wedding dress for this beach wedding.

She told People that she kept everything about the wedding under wraps, asking a friend to send over a number of black and white dresses for a party. Cindy fell in love with a slip-style white dress that fell about mid-thigh. To this day, they have no regrets about their choices.

10 They May Just Have A Golf Course In Their Yard

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Some people dream about getting a hot tub for their yard or planting a garden. For the Gerber-Crawford family, no dream is unattainable. Cindy took to Instagram to share a picture of her golfing on a course along the water. It looked familiar.

Architectural Digest was able to capture the screenshots that revealed that this golf course was, in fact, at the Gerber-Crawford household. Daughter Kaia commented on her mother’s Instagram in shock, recognizing that the yard looked remarkably similar to theirs. She commented: “Did U [sic] build a golf course?!” to which Crawford responded with: “Come home and you’ll see!” Kaia had been traveling for work and was unable to see this happen. This is just a day in the life of a model and her family.

9 Kaia Has Represented Major Brands

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The youngest child in the family is Kaia Gerber. Kaia is about 17 years old. Following in the path her mother set, the young woman has already started a successful modeling career. Her very first runway show happened when she was 16 years old and it was for Calvin Klein.

Since this show, Kaia has represented a variety of other high-fashion brands on the runway, including brands like Versace and Valentino.

Style reports that Kaia was a part of a photoshoot for the first time at the age of 10. This was for Versace. She continued to be a fashion model off the runway for other brands as well. Kaia continues to find success with other major fashion brands and has become an ambassador for some of them.

8 Presley Had His First Gig In A Pepsi Commercial

Being the older sibling can come with its own set of advantages. Some of this includes getting some extra attention from mom. Presley was asked to do a commercial for Pepsi alongside Cindy. This was supposed to be one of his first major gigs.

His mother was quick to point out that this would actually be his second Pepsi advertisement, as he made a cameo as a toddler in a remake of one of Cindy’s Pepsi commercials. That commercial had been done alongside sister Kaia, who was a baby.

This time around, Presley was on his own, despite his sister vocalizing her thoughts on her mother excluding her this time around. So, either way this situation is looked at, Presley was able to make his first appearance in a Pepsi promotion!

7 Their Christmas Cards Put Others To Shame

In 2017, one of the most talked about topics was the Kardashian Christmas card. They have been known to create amazing cards featuring all of their family members. They are not the only ones to create amazing cards and have some competition from the Gerber-Crawford family. The Christmas cards all vary in theme and image.

The first card that Cindy Crawford shared to her Instagram, as captured by Harper’s Bazaar, was a caricature of Cindy, Rande, and baby Presley.

From there, the cards reflected the growing and aging family, always featuring a handwritten note by Cindy on the card.

The cards became child-centric. The cards were able to capture the love that this family has for one another, which was truly heartwarming. This is one very close and loving family.

6 Rande Is Good Friends With George Clooney

Rande Gerber had remained behind the scenes for a while, despite making red carpet appearances with his wife. Due to his wife’s growing stardom and his incredible mind for business, Rande was able to make friends with some of Hollywood’s top stars. One of Rande’s closest friends is heartthrob George Clooney. They met due to one of Rande’s initial business ventures. The two even started a business together by accident.

Business Insider reports that both Rande and George were in Mexico at their houses when they thought up the idea for Casamigos, their tequila company. At the time, their houses were right next to each other, which made it the best way to connect with one another. The dynamic duo makes sure to test every batch of their alcohol together.

5 Presley Has A Tattoo For a Special Lady

Back in the day, a tattoo would be the kiss of death for a model, especially if the tattoo was noticeable on their body. This did not stop Presley from getting a lady’s name tattooed onto his body.

Around the time of his eighteenth birthday, Presley went to a tattoo shop with his girlfriend and his sister.

He asked for the tattoo artist to tattoo the name in lowercase, cursive script. His girlfriend was quick to share this process on social media, as per People.

Presley did not get the name of his girlfriend, but that of his sister along with the Roman numerals for 23. This permanent display of affection for his sister speaks to how close the siblings must be in everyday life. It was a very sweet gesture.

4 Cindy And Rande Know The Secret To A Long-Lasting Relationship

Many of Hollywood’s celebrity couples end up splitting up after a few years, if not a few months. Hearing about long-lasting relationships is a rare occurrence today for our favorite celebrities. Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber seem to have it all figured out.

After two children and 20 years of marriage, the duo is still going strong.

They have found a system that works for them. Their key to success is creating successful careers independently from one another while also making sure to keep their underlying friendship strong.

By making sure they stay friends, they are able to have a sturdy love life with one another, without needing to stray away to fill in any missing pieces. They never stop working on their relationship, which is ultimately what keeps them together.

3 The Whole Family Is Incredibly Close

As many people expand their careers, they often become more distant from their families. With all of the traveling and unusual schedules that models require, it can be difficult to stay in touch with one another. This is not the case for the Gerber-Crawford family. The parents made sure to keep their children as children for as long as they could. The kids are now older and have the ability to travel the world and the family often finds themselves missing one another.

Crawford told Town and Country that she has a hard time going even a week without seeing her children. She will often try to fly out to meet up with her children wherever they are in the world. They also talk daily and make sure to keep each other updated.

2 Presley And Kaia Work Well Together

Kaia and Presley Gerber are as close as siblings could ever be. They enjoy being around each other and want the other to succeed. Due to their love for one another, they are able to work well together. They highlight each other in the best way possible. The two were able to work on a Calvin Klein campaign together. The photos featured each sibling individually, but also focused on the duo as a unit.

Their unique chemistry made this photoshoot pop in the best way possible.

They made Calvin Klein Jeans approachable and friendly for both men and women. With their natural modeling talent on top of their solid relationship, it is no wonder that they get gigs together frequently. They certainly take after their model parents.

1 They All Lived In A Multi-Million Dollar Mansion

As a wealthy family, it is no surprise that the Gerber-Crawfords had an incredible house. With the success of Rande’s businesses and Cindy’s modeling career, the family was able to live in Malibu, right on the beach.

In 2016, the house went up on the market. Variety reports that the asking price for this house was at least $60 million. The house was on three acres of land. It had four bedrooms and over five bathrooms. They had a tennis court, a fire pit, a pool and ocean views on top of all of the other amazing features the house boasted.

With Cindy having her own line of housing décor, it is no wonder that his house was immaculately designed and decorated. This family grew up in luxury.

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