16 Excuses Girls Use To Bail On Plans

It happens and for some of us it happens often. We've made plans, we're excited all week about them but the day comes and we're too tired to go out or just don't feel like it. What do we do? Well we choose a great excuse from our great excuse box and as women we have some very valid excuses to stay home. Some excuses are so good that our friends can't even question them. Be wise though, as some who use these excuses too often will eventually stop getting invited and then you will miss those days when your besties invited you out to every new restaurant or fun events. Here are 16 excuses women often use when wanting to bail on plans.

16 Boyfriend/Girlfriend


It happens when we get locked-up in love, but sometimes –even when we’re not so sprung, we can use our significant other as an excuse for not wanting to go out. Perhaps there are real plans with our partner or perhaps they’re made up, either way –we can use our relationship as a scapegoat. It’s just one of the many reasons why being in a relationship is cool. It has it’s perks.

15 Work/School


As with any responsibility, these tasks leave us exhausted and drained down to a drop. Work and school flow are not to be neglected, even if imaginary.  It might be a tiredness we’ve never felt before or a pending class or work schedule early the next day. The point is, any friend can and will understand that serious engagements that pertain to grades and money making, therefor this an excellent excuse. If not, find new friends.

14 Pimple


While it might be an old school excuse, it’s still viable today. No one feels comfortable going out in public with a zit the size of a planet on her face. Well, some are confident that way, but not all. And as good as make-up is these days (hey contour boos, contour me out this zit, plz), some pimples are just not meant to be covered up. Say it’s a crater and your friends will surely suggest you stay home.

13 Washing Hair/Hair Cut


Another classic excuse, but equally as potent –that is if you have long hair, which if you don’t you can chalk up your excuse to waiting in the barber’s line or a broken electric razor. Regardless, women are particular about their hair which makes this excuse a solid one to use for any last minute rendezvous worth escaping.

12 Headache/Sick


Your friends won't want to sit with a sneezy, stuffy you. Exaggerate a bit –add some achy bones or cold chills and you’re sure to ease your way back into whatever comfort zone you’re in. Headaches are strong, but make them stronger –migraines with nausea are a sure fire winner; you were lucky enough to be able to stand the light of the screen in order to send this text to cancel (let them know that).

11 The Blues


Debby Downers are not ever invited to parties, ever. So fake a little melancholy –you’ll be able to hide out wherever you are without any guilt from anyone. Who’s gonna make a sad girl feel even worse. You might have to deal with some checking-on-ya texts, but that’s manageable in comparison to the soirée you are trying to avoid.

10 Hangover

Yeah, so last night you over did it. You didn’t mean to, but so-and-so was there then what’s her-face showed up later and it turned into a thing and the thing lasted all night and turned into an early morning of vomiting and gulping mass amounts of water and later some beers to cut the edge but that didn’t work and you ended up being all dizzy and puking some more. Say that and you’re out of any upcoming event without any questions. You’ll get a few “awwws” at most.

9 Broke

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Kicking it with broke people is the pits, the bottomless pits. Say work was late on check printing, direct deposit didn’t go through for some reason, or you spent your last dime on rent or whatever –the point you’re trying to get across is that you got no cash flow what-so-ever and that need someone to cover you’re a$$. Before you can continue, your friends will be saying it’s cool followed by a dial tone.

8 Broken


Break-ups are the worst, period. Not only do they suck for those who were in the relationship, but those nearby and close enough to be touched by them. Passing an entire night with a recent break-up victim is like asking to listen to a record on repeat –unless the record is Prince, The Cure, or Patti Smith no one wants to hear it more than a handful of times. Lay it on thick, a few sniffles and cries and your friends will let you off the hook.

7 Pet


While this is a bit embellished, for those who have pets and love them dearly –this could be the ticket out of any event. Pets are our children and any caring person should understand that. Tell your friends that you feel like you haven't spent enough time with Mr Snuggles lately and feel as though he needs it. They should understand that, any loving person would.

6 Family Engagement


No, we’re not as close as we once were to family, but nothing breaks plans faster than throwing in the old blood-thicker-than-water excuse. It can be an aunt from out of town, a baby shower for a second cousin, a last minute birthday dinner for an uncle, whatever the reason try to use a relative never seen or heard about before which increases your chances of not getting caught in your web of lies.

5 Appointment


It can be any appointment, just make sure it’s early as birds trying to get a worm. Suggestions are as follows: doctor’s appointment, Visa appointment (for that country you’re trying to live in), interview, last minute work meeting, advisor check-in, hair appointment, or dentist’s appointment. Some might pine and toil. Some might ask or beg you to skip the appointment, but be steadfast and headstrong. These appoints cannot, for any reason, be changed, altered, or avoided –as if your life depends on it.

4 Lost ID


Sure, most places know you and will let you in no problem, but you don’t feel comfortable without ID and thus have chosen to forego the event. Any friend who insists should be met with a firm, no. After all, you’re not into breaking rules and stuff.

3 Too Old


The truth is no one cares about age anymore. Well, most don’t anyways. But some groups have that one friend who’s a little over the hills or the mountain. And if that’s you, use it for all its got. Since the others are young and vibrant and don’t yet seems to understand random moments of tiredness, you will not be questioned for saying things like “I'm ancient” or “I’m too old”. You’ll get a “No you’re not” to which you can kindly hang up.

2 Period


This wins every single time. No matter if it’s true or not –no one is going to argue with this excuse. Some cramps are so severe that all the Midol in the world doesn’t phase them. And some moods swing, girl, no one wants to be around your a$$. Be careful about not using this more than once a month unless you’re a notorious irregular cycler.

1 Don’t Want To, End of Story


We’re all adults or at least pretend to be. Saying no is a perfectly fine excuse and even better is simply saying that you don’t want to. Why? Because it’s the truth and the truth wins. Friends who don’t understand this excuse need to chill, period. Not wanting to do something is perfectly acceptable –as Bobby Brown would say “it’s my prerogative, I’mma do what I wanna do”. That should stop anyone in her tracks.

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