16 College Party Snapchats That Cross The Line

Nobody expects college or university to be a time of tea-parties and well-meaning chess matches. No way. It's full of debaucherous experiences that truly make a woman or a man into the person they need to become. Let's face it, we all need some of these adventures. If we don't have them, we may build a desire to experience them at a time in our lives when we have important responsibilities... I.E. a job, kids, and spouse. But just because wild times are natural for college kids doesn't make it any less inappropriate to document them. And with something like Snapchat, forever keeping moments of hilarious, salacious, and immoral self-indulgence is easy as pie. And guess what? We have a number of them here for you right now to enjoy, probably at the anguish of those featured. So, without further ado, here are 15 college party Snapchats that cross the line.

16 These Bros Better Stick Together In Their Chiropractor's Office

Total Frat Move

There's no way these two aren't gonna hurt in the morning. They may have wanted to pass out anywhere they could. Let's face it, if you had that much to drink, you would too. But they're going to regret it. Honestly, anyone who knows anything about back pain will find this Snap particularly uncomfortable.

15 If You're Going To Be Sober, Please Pick Something Less Smelly

Total Frat Move

There's nothing wrong with choosing not to drink liquid happiness. But there's definitely something wrong about this Snap. This guy is for sure stinking up the place with his Solo cup of Campbells. Why didn't he just stick to water and pretend that it was vodka? Or even just drinking juice and claim to have spiked it?

14 Fire And Frat Parties Aren't Good Bedfellows


Okay, yeah, this is definitely over the line. No college party should result in an entire house burning down. This isn't Project X or whatever silly party movie you've seen. This is reality. That's going to be a major headache for whoever owns that place, not to mention the local fire department and the taxpayers who fund it.

13 When Your Friends Have A Shred Of Creativity But Zero Empathy

Total Frat Move

Creatively, this is genius. Just think about how disoriented this kid will be when he wakes up. It's pretty funny. But from the friendship angle, this is downright over the line. The kid probably just wanted to escape the frat party and get some shut-eye. But, nope, his so-called friends had to make a statement.

12 Who's Got Her? You? Or The Toliet?


Someone may want to prop her head up because she's not going to be able to hold her breath for too much longer. ...If at all... Lord knows that she's not capable of activating her neck muscles herself. So, this Snapper better stop trying to get blackmail on her and actually be a friend.

11 What The Heck Is Going On Here, Folks!?

Total Frat Move

We don't know what this is, but it's certainly not "brotherhood". What it looks like is a kid who is far too attached to his frat-friend and also has downright atrocious taste in leggings. We know people dress-up for some college parties, but fashion-wise, this is almost definitely over-the-line. The FBI-Most-Wanted-List-haircut certainly does help matters.

10 The Catch Is, The Top Two are Open And Filled With Beer

Total Frat Move

Balancing objects on a sleeping dudebro is a staple of any good college party prank. But this is just taking things too far. It's likely that some of these beers are open or, at the very least, still full. This means that when they inevitably come crashing down, it's gonna hurt. Mind you, we'd be pretty tempted to balance stuff on anyone who sleeps in this incredibly awkward position.

9 The Stain Isn't Nearly As Off-Putting As Whatever That Thing On His Face Is

Total Frat Move

Why does this frat-boy think that rockin' a 70's style adult film director stache is a good look? And why does he have a giant liquid stain across his rip-off Tommy Bahama shirt? These are questions we're unlikely to get answers to. But, frankly, we never should have seen this Snap, to begin with. After all, it's the ultimate blackmail.

8 Sometimes You Just Have To Throw In The Towel


Why can't people just find a happy medium? On one hand, anyone with a brain sneers at those who go all out for college parties. Seriously, are stilettoes and a Gucci dress really necessary? On the other hand, nobody wants to party with The Dude from The Big Lebowski unless it's ACTUALLY Jeff Bridges.

7 Nothing More Romantic Than A Proposal At A Halloween Frat Party

Total Frat Move

If she said "yes", then she deserves what she gets. Honestly, there's nothing less romantic than a proposal during a Halloween party at a frat house. Frats are like the epitome of classlessness. Not to mention the fact that the room probably smells like week-old vomit. So, the Snap itself may not be over the line, but the content depicted almost certainly is.

6 Dudebros Who Sleep Together, Stay Together

Total Frat Move

If you know anything about typical dudebro culture, chances are these two guys got razzed pretty hard about this Snap in the morning. For that reason, it's probably way over the line. But it's also kind of sweet. These two meat-heads are finally showing some sensitivity to one another. It's too bad that it took a half a mickey of Absolut and three cans of Bud Light to get them there.

5 Sometimes You Just Have To Find That Comfy Place To Pass Out

Total Frat Move

It's entirely possible that this intoxicated college kid snuck under this chair in order to find a cozy place to crash. But, in all likelihood, his buddies stacked this chair on top of him for a laugh. And it would be funny if the kid didn't wake up with his head caught between the bars at 4:33 in the morning while rushing to pee.

4 Can The Guy In The Back Please Do-Up His Pants!?

Total Frat Move

Every frat dude believes he's the funniest thing since Dave Chapelle. That's obviously what prompted this guy to get in the sink and make his buddy take this Snap. He's a schmuck. We know that. But what's really over the line here is the picture taker who couldn't be bothered to zip-up his fly before taking this pathetic Snapchat.

3 Well, This Was Clearly The Better Part Of An Afternoon For Someone


Jello shot can be fun. Sure. But preparation for this many Jellos shots was definitely the better part of an afternoon for whoever did this. Realistically, it was done by a fraternity kid in the middle of hazing. Essentially, he was forced to do this in order to get in. On the one hand, it's pretty impressive. On the other, it's a desperate cry for help.

2 Down And Out But Not Completely


Not a good position to be left in after too many drinks, girl. Seriously. That's our opinion anyway. Also, whoever took this Snap is no true friend. Chances are, they've been encouraging their friend to keep pounding back those tequila shots but she just had enough and decided to call it quits right then and there.

1 This Is Dudebro 101, So Pay Attention!


Well, this would make Snapchat founder Evan Spiegel proud. He was a fratboy himself, after all. But downing a bottle of Bombay Saffire at 8:17 in the morning isn't cool. It's nuts. And making your friend take a Snapchat of you while doing it is one of the most annoyingly dudebro things imaginable. Oy vey. We're so glad we're out of college.

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