16 Celebs Who May Have Hygiene Problems

When we think of the rich and famous, we usually associate things like great fashion and being beautiful. Rarely do we think of them as gross or dirty. Even though in reality a lot of them have some really gross hygiene habits that would make you second guess your celebrity crush on them. They are people after all, and just because someone has a pretty face does not mean that they are clean. Some of the celebs on this list embrace the fact that they are dirt squirrels and expect any partner they are with to accept that fact as well. Some of you may be able to just close your eyes and bear the smell, but a lot of the people that dated these celebrities could not do that and have moved on to someone a little less smelly.

And while for some of the celebrities on this list are unhygienic because it is a conscious life style choice, some of them are dirty just because they are lazy, or they have been partying too hard to remember to shower. Nothing like that been partying for days, stale alcohol and cigarette smell that you just know follows some of the celebrities in this is list wherever they may go. If they could stay sober long enough maybe they would not look so greasy and smell so gross. At the end of the day though, while this list does show that people will leave you no matter how attractive you are. If you are dirty, people will hear about it. There is a dirty lid for every gross pot out there after all.


16 Bella Thorne Is Not The Most Hygienic Person

Instagram / bellathorne

Bella Thorne is one of those celebrities for whom poor hygiene is a conscious lifestyle choice. She has been open in interviews about how she doesn't like mint, so she can never use minty tooth brush or stand chewing gum. So kissing her must be...delightful. Bella has made it clear that she really doesn't care what people think, so she has no problem being open about some of her nasty habits. In an interview with Buzzfeed she straight up said she is not the most hygienic person. Rumour has it that Scott Disick was the one that broke their fling off because he could not deal with her bad hygiene, even though he may not have the best hygiene himself. Apparently she just smelled too bad for him to deal with. Bella has been insistent that she was the one that broke things off with Scott, but where there is smoke there is fire. Her bad hygiene does not seem to have really hurt her dating life though as Bella is linked to someone new every week. She is a busy girl.

15 Scott Disick's Lifestyle Leads To Forgotten Showers

Radar Online

Scott Disick is literally famous for doing nothing. Okay he dated Kourtney Kardashian and gave her three children. Since then though, he has been dumped by her for his crazy party lifestyle which has been evidenced a lot on their family tv show Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Since he has been an officially single man, Scott can't seem to stay out of trouble. He has been partying all over the world, and been seen with loads of different ladies. What a life. For anyone that has seen how Scott acts  when he parties on Keeping Up With Kardashians, they know he is a huge hot mess and it is a shock that Kourtney did not leave him behind earlier. When paparazzi photos come out of Scott when he has been partying you can practically smell him through the screen. He just looks bloated and sweaty, and in dire need of a shower. No wonder Kourtney bailed, one thing to have a drinking problem and a whole other to have a drinking problem and be stinky.

14 Miley Cyrus's House Is Kind Of Stanky

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Wild child Miley Cyrus has toned down her ways from when she went a little bit crazy a couple years ago, but in her heart of hearts she has remained a hippie. She likes to let her arm pit hair out and her natural scent accumulate. She also has like, 100 animals in her house some even of the farm variety like pigs and chickens. When she was dating Patrick Schwarzenegger a big point of contention between the two was the fact that her house was filthy and needed to be cleaned. She's rich! Why wouldn't she get a cleaning service to come make sure her house is in tip top condition every day? Anyone who has had pets know how ever just one dog or cat can be smelly and a lot of work. Now imagine about 7 dogs, pigs, and chickens. No wonder it didn't last between the two, and it seems that Liam Hemsworth has just accepted this fact about Miley. He might be just like her!

13 Zac Efron Needs More Water In His Hygiene Routine

Perez Hilton

There seem to be men in this world that equate the sweatier and smellier they are as being manly, and it seems our gorgeous Zac Efron is one of them. Well we have some news for people who have this line of thinking. No. Apparently Zac is notorious for working out and/or playing a basketball game and instead of showering just using the baby wipe method. You know when the baby wipe method of cleaning your body is okay? When you are camping out in the middle of nowhere and you literally have no other options. Not when you have showers everywhere around you, probably better showers than you or I will ever have the privilege of showering in. Just use water to wash your body Zac, even if your Greek God bod won't be able to stop people from experiencing your smell.

12 Britney Spears Puts Food Under Her Bed, Among Other Things

Brit Brit's spiral from being on top of the pop world to walking around gas stations barefoot with a busted weave on were hard to watch and entertaining at the same time. While the pop princess has definitely gotten back on the right track since then, the stories of how Britney was living a couple of years ago are just gross. According to a housekeeper she would always have clean under her bed because Britney would throw food under there, including half eaten burgers. Showers and hair care was not a big priority, as evidenced from about every photo of her in 2007-2008. An ex bodyguard accused her of not showering for days, brushing her teeth, even putting clothes on. Britney has come a long way since then, and none of the losers she was said to be dating at the time are around anymore.

11 Robert Pattinson Doesn't See A "Point" In Washing His Hair

The Pomade Blog

If you were 14-years-old when Twilight the movie came out, you probably didn't care if he hadn't showered at all since the day he was born. Robert Pattinson is pretty proud about his lack of attention to hygiene. When he broke out into the public eye people noticed that his hair looked kind of...disgusting. It rarely looked brushed, and it also looked like it was greasy enough for an ecosystem to start living in there. Or at least for mushrooms to start sprouting. Extra finally asked Robert about this rumour directly asking him if it was true he hasn't washed his hair in weeks. Robert simply replied "Probably. I don't know. I don't really believe in washing your hair." Lucky for Robert his long time girlfriend at the time, Kristen Stewart looked just as greasy as he did so for awhile there. They were a match made in heaven. Maybe she cheated on him because she finally got into the smell of shampoo and soap.

10 Christina Aguilera Smells Like Hot Dogs

Christina is one of those celebrities that just look like a hot mess sometimes. Like when she sang at Etta James funeral and she had bronzer streaking down her legs. Or when her weave looked like Britney Spears circa 2007 styled it. Girl you have money! There is no reason why she should ever look so busted up. But apparently Christina just doesn't care sometimes, and that extends to her hygiene. Christina has been accused by a member of Grouplove Hannah Hooper, of smelling like hot dogs. We have to know if she smelled like hot dogs that been boiled or grilled, or does she smell like hot dogs that haven't had anything done to them yet. All three have distinct smells, and all three are disgusting in their own way. There is a lot of things that would suck to be accused of smelling like, and hot dogs has to be at the top of that list.


9 Bradley Cooper Firmly Believes The Body Self Cleans


It is honestly tragic when these gorgeous specimens in Hollywood are ruined by their hippie beliefs. Bradley Cooper is one of those people that believes in a more natural lifestyle, and whenever we hear that a person is into the natural lifestyle, all we can do is think about what they probably smell like. Bradley does not believe that people should be wearing deodorant as it is not good for us, and it is better to just sweat and let the people around you enjoy the natural musk of your body. You may be familiar with the term 'self-cleans' already and if you aren't let us explain. People, usually hippies, believe that when you stop washing your body and hair it will eventually just start self cleaning and there won't even be an issue of smell. Bradley Cooper thinks his body self cleans. All we can say is his body must be working over time to self clean seeing as he doesn't even wear deodorant.

8 Jessica Simpson Doesn't Really Brush Her Teeth

Jessica Simpson is known for her gorgeous face and beautiful singing voice. One thing she is not known for is being the sharpest tool in the shed. That why it is totally not hard to believe that she thought it was perfectly fine to not really brush your teeth that often. But she has a good reason as to why she only brushes her teeth three times a week. She admitted to Ellen Degeneres on her show that she only feels the need to brush her teeth three times a week because "Because my teeth are so white and I don't like for them to feel too slippery. My lips just slide all over the place...I can't catch up with my  mouth. I need a little coating." If you just gagged reading that, you are not alone. Basically she is saying she doesn't like the feeling of clean teeth. Okay Jessica.

7 Orlando Bloom's Poor Hygiene Probably Caused His Divorce

Just Jared!

Orlando Bloom was married to model Miranda Kerr for a short three years from 2010 to 2013. While we are certain that there were a lot of factors that led to the divorce, apparently a big catalyst in Miranda finally deciding to leave Orlando even though they shared a small son together were his dirty hygiene habits. This is not too hard to believe because Orly is apparently quite the heavy partier, and as we mentioned with Scott Disick when people are intoxicated that often and for such long periods of time, showering and making sure you stay smelling fresh as a daisy tends to fall to the wayside when it comes to priorities. Even when he is totally sober though, unless it is some kind of red carpet Orlando looks like he could use a shower.

6 Megan Fox Has Some Dirty Habits

Just Jared!

Megan Fox might be one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, but as you have probably learned by now being physically attractive does not mean that you are a clean person. Megan has already proven herself to be something of a hippie, so it comes as no surprise that she is probably somewhat stinky. But her gross habits actually extend beyond just not showering for a couple days and an aversion to deodorant. She has been very open about the fact that when she uses the toilet she will forgot to flush, which we didn't think was possible to happen to a person past the age of 5. And maybe it wouldn't be so bad if it was just number 1, but she is apparently notorious for leaving a number 2 in the toilet and not flushing it. Something that no one wants to see, Megan!

5 Anderson Cooper Doesn't Do Laundry

Huffington Post

Anderson Cooper is a part of the Vanderbilt family on his mothers side. That is one of the richest families in American history and basically American aristocracy. And while Anderson is an attractive, well respected journalist he is not without his faults. Even being raised with a silver spoon and having every opportunity in life things will fall through the cracks. Like learning to do laundry. While we can forgive him for not knowing how to do laundry, it seems that Anderson does not know that laundry needs to be done at all. According to him, he will wear the same pair of jeans for months on end and when he feels that have gotten too pungent he will just use soap and water to wash them. Oh sweet Anderson, we know you have a housekeeper so we just don't understand why your clothes would ever or should ever be dirty.

4 Julia Roberts Smells Like A "Hippie"


And at this point in the list you are well versed in what a hippie smells like. One time America's Sweetheart does not smell the like angel she may appear to be. Julia has been accused of co-stars of not bathing exactly regularly. When you see photos of Julia out and about town, she is always rocking a natural look with little to no make-up. Heck, she has even been photographed a number of times rocking some hairy arm pits so we feel it is safe to say that Julia at the least embraces certain aspects of the hippie lifestyle. She is Julia Roberts, and she has been happily married for years now so it seems she has found someone to accept her smell and all.

3 Mathew McConaughey Likes To Smell "Like A Man"


It has been known that Mathew McConaughey has embraced some pretty big parts of alternative slash hippie lifestyles for a while now. When he isn't all done up for a role, his natural state is that of full beard and messy hair. He obviously likes to revert to just his natural manly roots, and this means letting his natural man musk build up. And this is not something new for him. Mathew has not worn deodorant in 20 years, or cologne. When he was filming Fools Gold with Kate Hudson she would beg him to please put some deodorant on, especially because they were out filming in the tropical heat. But no go. Mathew says that the women in his life including his mother have embraced it and love it. According to Elite Daily Mathew said "The women in my life, including my mother, have all said, 'Hey, your natural smell smells like one, a man, and two, smells like you.'"

2 Johnny Depp Isn't Too Keen On Showers

Tele Star

Well this is news to no one. Before anyone even know who Robert Pattinson was, Johnny Depp was the greasy haired a-list actor on the red carpet. The man looks like he hasn't showered since before Pirates of the Caribbean came out. Depp just went though a contentious divorce with actress Amber Heard in the last year. His partying lifestyle was a contributor, his lack of showering certainly didn't help. While Depp has an extremely busy schedule as one of the leading actors in Hollywood and 50 more Pirates Of The Caribbean equals to film it is understandable that he has little free time. But everyone has time to shower! If people like Ryan Seacrest who has to be one of the hardest working people in Hollywood can shower and look clean all the time, so can you Johnny boy.

1 Marilyn Monroe Had A Gas Problem And Hoarded Food


Marilyn Monroe has her place in history as one of the most beautiful American women of her time and since it has been sometime she was alive it is easy to think she was just totally perfect. Well that was far from the truth! Marilyn had quite the gas problem, and while that in itself is not gross she did not really try to hide it. She was also known to be a total slob kabob. Apparently a number of maids just could not deal working for Marilyn because some was so dirty that a bunch quit. One former housekeeper, Lena Pepitone says that Marilyn would lounge around the house in the same dirty clothes for days, stacking plates next to her bed while she ate and even stashing dirty plates and food under bed. And even though she is remembered as being desired by many men, apparently a number of her lovers could not deal with her dirty ways. See, even America beauty icons have dirty habits!


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