16 Celebs Who Have Spoken Out Against The Kardashians (And 16 Who Genuinely Love Them)

Although critics question the Kardashians' rise to fame, they sure know how to stay relevant. But as much as people like — or dislike — the Kardashians, you've gotta admit that they actually just get more famous as they age. For the Kardashians to survive stardom and remain in the spotlight, it's necessary that they have both fans and haters. After all, if everyone loved them, interest would burn out a quick and swift death. But with people split into both sides, interest in the Kardashians will live on.

The Kardashians know who their supporters are, and they never miss an opportunity to show it. But they're also not afraid to call out their haters — members of the family definitely show a willingness to make playful jabs in the media. It's this kind of conduct that makes Kim and her family (including the Jenners) such polarizing figures. At the end of the day, it's all about getting attention, anyway.

We put together two lists: one is full of Kardashian devotees, and the other is full of their most vocal detractors. One side is sure to put a smile on Kim's face, while the other will likely prompt another ugly cry face.

32 Loves Them: Chrissy Teigen Hearts Kim And Dinner

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Poor Chrissy Teigen just wants to know if dinner is still on after Kanye voiced his polarizing political thoughts on Twitter. According to The Huffington Post, Chrissy felt compelled to check in over Twitter with her bestie Kim after a succession of tweets by Kanye that rubbed some folks the wrong way. Kim assured her, as The Huffington Post notes that dinner was certainly still on. We had to breathe a sigh of relief knowing their friendship is still intact. Oh, Husbands. They say the darnedest things sometimes.

Kim and Chrissy are besties for life. If anyone needed any evidence, Kim and Chrissy's Twitter feed confirm it. As per Us Magazine, Kim even joked about splitting from Kanye when he made an offhand remark about getting rid of all their things. "Wait...EVERYTHING?!?!?!" Kim joked. Chrissy later joined in, joking that Kim and the kids could move into her and John's place. This playful joking led Kim to declare to Chrissy, "Thanks for being such a good friend." We just got a warm feeling inside. The friendship between these two can't be topped. We're just glad a couple of Tweets aren't getting in the way of our favorite celebrity friendship.

31 Against Them: Bette Midler’s Ruthless Tweet About Kim

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If there's one thing Bette Midler survived, it was a Twitter war with Kim Kardashian. While the feud also included Chloe Grace Moretz, there's a whole other entry dedicated just to her comments. Let's break apart what went down between Midler and Kim.

Back in 2016, Kim posted one of her infamous naked selfies. As expected, there were fans showing their support on one side, along with detractors criticizing Kim on the other. Midler fell into the detractor category...

As per Us Magazine, the actress and singer said, "If Kim wants us to see a part of her we've never seen, she's gonna have to swallow the camera."

Woah, Midler certainly came out swinging with a tweet like that!

But things only heated up. Give Kim some time and then she's swinging back. As detailed by Us Magazine, first Kim tweeted, "hey @BetteMidler I know it's past your bedtime but if you're still up and reading this send nudes #just kidding."

Then, as if that wasn't enough, Kim fired back with a tweet saying, "hey @BetteMidler I really didn't want to bring up how you sent me a gift awhile back trying to be a fake friend then come at me #dejavu." It looks like Midler is on Kim's naughty list forever.

30 Against Them: Cher’s Got Kim, Babe

Pop icon Cher has garnered a reputation for being pretty daring when it comes to what she wears and says. She's not afraid to be honest, nor is she afraid of wearing outrageous outfits (even if they offend others). So it stands to reason that Cher and Kim would get along well considering their similar trajectories. While in some cases, two big personalities like that may conflict, it's thankfully not the case with Cher and Kim. These two get along fabulously.

Not only do they get along just fine, they each have mutual respect and adoration for one another. According to People, Kim has been paying homage (or stealing, depending on one's viewpoint) Cher's style for years. Kim often wears her hair similarly to Cher's in the past, with People pointing out the same long and straight fashion.

Not only that, but People points out Kim recreated Cher's look for a cover of Harper's Bazaar Arabia. In turn, Cher has endorsed Kim's fashion. It seems she's flattered more than anything by Kim's homage to her own style. "I thought she looked unbelievable," was Cher's response to a picture of Kim and what she wore back in July 2017 to Balmain's Los Angeles Boutique. There's certainly no bad blood between these two celebs.

29 Against Them: Sharon Osbourne Called Kim A Bad Word

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Sharon Osbourne has made a name for herself from being honest and to the point. It's refreshing when people say what's on their mind instead of mincing words. But did Osbourne go too far when she dug into Kim about her supposed-feminism? According to Daily Mail, Sharon said, "Kim says she's doing everything in the name of feminism, but that's not feminism!" She was referring to the fact that Kim takes naked selfies of herself and posts them online. It's something Kim has done for years. As per the Daily Mail, Sharon clarified that she doesn't have a problem with her posing naked, just with the fact that she calls it feminism.

"If Kim wants to show off her body, fine. But that's not feminism, that's being [provocative]. And there's nothing wrong with being [provocative], but always remember what you are," says Osbourne, as reported by the Daily Mail.

That's some harsh language Osbourne is throwing Kim's way!

As a result, Osbourne is on Kim's naughty list. For proof such a list exists, Popsugar reports that in February 2018 when Kim launched her new line of fragrances, she sent perfume even to all her "haters." You can bet Osbourne made the cut.

28 Against Them: It's No Secret Katy Perry Adores Kris Jenner

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What would the Kardashians be without their Matriarch, Kris Jenner? Frankly, they'd be nothing. While that may sound extreme, consider all the Kris has done for her daughters and family: she not only manages their "careers" (if you want to call being a Kardashian™ a 'career') but has also helped negotiate a deal to air Keeping Up With the Kardashian over ten years ago. That's not an easy feat at all. So it's no surprise that Katy Perry shows her love and support for Kris — a powerful femme with sass, glam, and a keen eye for business.

As reported by Us Magazine, in a conversation with Entertainment Tonight Perry said, "Listen, Kris Jenner is very important to me. That is not sarcastic at all. She has a great sense of humor and she's kind of like the mother of everyone." Perry does allude to something important when it comes to Kris: she's set an example for women everywhere in business. In a world where men dominate business, Kris has proven that a woman can find success and fortune in business today, while also being a present and doting mother. We've heard Perry's glowing words far and wide about Kris. We're pretty sure it means a lot to the Kardashians, too.

27 Against Them: Chelsea Handler Blames The Kardashians

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Chelsea Handler makes a living out of making others laugh. She's a comedian with her own TV show, where she can voice her opinions in a humorous manner. That may have gone a little too far though, back in January 2017. It was shortly after the election, and she was a little down, as were many Hillary Clinton supporters. Voicing her frustrations, she told Variety, as reported by Us Magazine, "It was a reality show. We've turned into a reality show. I blame the Kardashians; the beginning of the end was the Kardashians. The way these people have blown up and don't go away — it's surreal. Everyone is for sale." We understand Handler was in an emotional state. The candidate she supported didn't win. But we're at a loss how the Kardashians are to blame?

Whatever the case may be, Handler didn't hesitate to make her frustrations known.

Even more, she aimed her crosshairs at the Kardashians, as if they were somehow to blame for her disappointment. As expected, Chelsea Handler made it on Kim's list of "haters" recently. That means she'll be getting one of Kim's fragrances as a result of the conflict between them, as per PopSugar. Maybe she'll think twice about ripping into the Kardashians next time after she gets perfume as a gift!

26 Loves Them: Paris Hilton Has Nothing But Kind Words For Kimmy

Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian (Photo by Chris Polk/FilmMagic for Bragman Nyman Cafarelli)

There may have been some past tensions between Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian, but if recent comments are any indication, it seems that the past is behind them both. As per People, Hilton was recently overflowing with love and support for Kim saying, "We've known each other since we were basically born ... and it's amazing just to see us both grow into such incredible businesswomen." That's certainly high praise coming from Hilton, whose idea to make a "special" tape appeared stolen from Kim all those years ago. Now, with those tapes behind them, Hilton and Kim have gone on to become full-fledged entrepreneurs.

But Hilton didn't stop heaping on praises there. Hilton had even more to say about her bestie Kim Kardashian as reported by People: "People are born with it, and she's always had that just gorgeous quality about her [and] an amazing work ethic." We're not only impressed by Hilton's words, but by how much friendship can transcend any previous grievances between these two. In the end, it makes sense these two would get along since they have so many similarities. It would seem like a crime if these two were mortal enemies. From Reality TV to famous whatever-it-is-they-do-exactly stars, these two are friends through thick and thin.

25 Against Them: P!nk Encourages Women and Criticizes Kim At The Same Time

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P!nk is a fierce musician who never shies away from doing what's right. But we might have to call her recent words into question after she slammed our favorite Kardashian. According to Business Insider, when Kim posted her infamous nude selfie back in 2016, P!nk tweeted a message to counter Kim's. "Shout out to all of the women, across the world, using their brains," P!nk said at the start of the tweet.

As provided by Business Insider, she cut deeper into Kim by saying, "It may not ever bring you as much 'attention' or bank notes as using your body, your [gender] [and] your [body parts] but women like you don't need that kind of 'attention.' In the quiet moments, you will feel something deeper than the fleeting excitement resulting from attention, you will feel something called pride and self-respect." P!nk didn't hold anything back.

While it's a lot easier to tweet something than it is to say it directly to Kim's face, we find some merit in what P!nk wrote.

However, tweets like that get you on Kim's naughty list at the end of the day. We fully expect her to get some of Kim's perfume, as Popsugar notes she's one of Kim's "haters."

24 Loves Them: Anna Wintour Holds Kim In High Regard

Vogue Editor and Dame, Anna Wintour, is something of a big icon in today's fashion world. That means she has Kim's respect and adoration. But does the feeling go both ways? According to Daily Mail, Wintour wrote in the magazine's Editor's Letter, "There's barely a strand of the modern media that the Kardashian Wests haven't been able to master, and for good reason."

Wintour doesn't mince words when it comes to giving the Kardashians their much-earned praise for owning the media. They certainly know how to make it bend to their will. She even went on to say, "Kim, through her strength of character, has created a place for herself in the glare of the world's spotlight, and it takes real guts to do that," as reported by Daily Mail. Not only does Wintour acknowledge Kim's dominance over the media but says she does so with "guts." We're pretty sure the Kardashian residence will deliver Wintour Christmas cookies every year from now.

Wintour even went so far as to defend Kanye after reports emerged that he pleaded with her to put Kim on Vogue's cover. "He did nothing of the sort," Wintour said to clear the air. Is there any bigger advocate for the Kardashians than this woman?

23 Against Them: Kendall Jenner Dislikes Kylie (Sometimes)

Is it fair to say there's some angst within the Kardashian family itself? If there's one thing those of us with siblings can relate to, it's the fact that family sucks sometimes. Well, it's no different for the Kardashians. Even fame and fortune doesn't wipe away strife that can exist between family members. Kendall Jenner has thrown shade on Kylie plenty of times. On Keeping Up With the Kardashians, E! reminds us all of the time Kendall called Kylie out. The family was vacationing in St. Barts on the episode, where Kylie invited Tyga along with them. This rubbed Kendall the wrong way, however.

When Kendall was upset with Kylie, she didn't hesitate to speak against Kylie — and not only did she speak up in front of the family, but while the cameras were rolling.

According to E! the model said, "I hate her so much sometimes", while referring to Kylie. In the context of family, this may not be a huge deal. But it just goes to show that Kylie even gets under the skin of her bestie and fellow sibling. If the Kardashians want to survive this dog-eat-dog world, they're gonna have to get along with each other.

22 Loves Them: Adele Wants To Make The Kardashians Feel Her Love

Everyone loves Adele. We dare anyone to admit otherwise. And while the Kardashians aren't universally loved, Adele has made it known that she loves the Kardashians. Plus, she did it in a very open and public venue. According to Us Magazine, it happened during one of her sold-out performances in Los Angeles back in August 2016. Apparently, she admitted in front of the massive crowd her love for the Kardashians. That's certainly a way to get the news out. While it may not reach as many people as social media, it certainly speaks more about one's love when done in such a way.

Of course, Adele got the much-deserved love and praise in return from one of the Kardashians. Kendall was the one to answer back, this time over social media. Through a video posted on Instagram, Us Magazine reports that the model said, "I'm in awe (and tears) over Adele. I LOVE HER! ok bye." While the whole world feels the way Kendall does about Adele, not everyone agrees with Adele. But we're sure the Kardashians will have some converts after Adele showed her love and support to the family, considering how much influence Adele has on her fans and those who listen to her music.

21 Against Them: Wendy Williams Calls Out Kim

Via: Bravo TV

Kim hears criticisms all the time, but that doesn't mean they don't hurt all the same. Wendy Williams is one of those detractors who's thrown shade on Kim during her daytime talk show. Naturally, when you're in the spotlight like Kim, everyone is going to take a shot at one time or another.

As reported by Us Magazine, Williams said on her show, "It is clear that Kanye does not pay attention to you. It's clear to me that you're desperately trying to stay in the spotlight."


We don't know if Williams is jealous of Kim, or she just needs to let off some steam. As Us Magazine points out, she went further to lay into Kim saying, "There were a lot of racy pictures; We saw full [body shots]...sure she has a beautiful body, but so what? Between taking filtered selfies and the 25 hours it probably took to braid your hair that way."

Williams didn't hold back from saying what she feels. With words like that, we don't see any way these could patch things up. Unless of course, Williams enjoys the fragrance, Kim is going to send to her as an ironic gift, as per Popsugar. Kim acknowledges that Williams is on her "haters" list but doesn't let it get her down at the end of the day.

20 Loves Them: La La Anthony And Kim Are Best Friends

There's nothing gray about La La Anthony and Kim Kardashian's relationship: these two are friends, and that's that. People reports that La La Anthony didn't mince words back in December 2016 about what terms she and Kim are on. "She's one of my best friends so, best friend rule." It sounds like La La really has Kim's back no matter what. As if there was any doubt in our minds about her allegiance to Kim though, La La affirms it further. La La went on saying, "I'm not gonna say too much, but I support her, I love her and I'm always here for her no matter what" as reported by People.

We don't want to call into question what Kim can offer as a friend here, but La La is really singing her praises. We're starting to wonder if Kim did something for La La before and now she's got her undying loyalty as a result. "I just support her as any friend would, but we've always been like that — it's nothing new," La La went on to say. Okay, La La we get that you're friends no matter what! But truth be told, not all of Kim's friends are this loyal.

19 Against Them: Blac Chyna Won’t Stop Haunting Kim

Via: People

Like Taylor Swift, the feud between Kim Kardashian and Blac Chyna is epic. Blac Chyna, whose real name is Angela White as per People, once dated the rapper, Tyga. The problem is that Tyga eventually started dating Kylie. Apparently, Mirror reports that she even attacked Kylie for a time because of her relationship with Tyga.

Kim, Khloe, Kendall, and Kourtney couldn't have been too happy about Chyna messing with their sister, Kylie like that — but what made it even more complicated was that Kim and Chyna were friends.

But as Mirror points out, the closer Tyga and Kylie got, the more of a strain Chyna's friendship with Kim was. There was plenty of drama on Twitter and negative comments towards one another. It only got messier when Chyna started dating Rob Kardashian—Kim's brother before they had their own falling out, as the Daily Mail reports. This led to even more drama when the network E! decided not to continue Rob and Chyna's reality show together. Even now at the time this article is written, as per In Touch, there's an ongoing lawsuit by Chyna against Kim and Kris Jenner. While the feud is ongoing, Kim decided to put Blac Chyna on her "haters" list as PopSugar reports, so she'll be sending her perfume from her latest fragrance line.

18 Loves Them: Khloe Kardashian Sings Sister Kim's Praises


Of course, we're not going to forget Khloe, even if the two are siblings. As much as Khloe and Kim are sisters, these two are friends too. No amount of haters can bring this tenacious sisterhood down, either. They've been with each other through all the ups and downs. When Us Magazine reported that Khloe defended her sister Kim yet again, our love for their friendship only grew. This time it was after Kim posed with braided hair, which some called culturally insensitive.

As reported by Us Magazine, Khloe tweeted, "I am squealing like a little pig looking at all of Kimberly's Instagram's from the day! Oh my God is she not sooooooo on fire right now? FEELING THE FANTASY." Of course, Khloe supported Kim in a medium familiar to the family: social media. But by drawing attention to it in a cheeky manner, Khloe attempted to make light of the situation. What else are siblings for than to downplay all your blunders, after all?

At the time that this happened though, Khloe had more to worry about with her pregnancy. It speaks even more to how amazing she is as a friend that she'd take the time to defend her sister like that.

17 Against Them: Jeffree Star's Luscious Lips Lay Into Kylie

Via: Teen Vogue

Jeffree Star is one of those celebs with plenty of haters himself, but it looks like he started something by calling into question the quality of Kylie's lip products. Star Jeffree star, a make-up artist and entrepreneur himself, had some not-so-nice things to say about Kylie's line of make-up over Twitter. Twitter, by the way, has become the premier method for criticizing others. While the website Girlfriend has pointed out that Star praised Kylie's products in the past, it didn't stop him from being honest down the line.

As reported by MTV, Star tweeted, "Kylie Jenner $360 brushes after a wash. People are being swindled," while posting pictures of the frayed brushes.

It doesn't look like Star is one of Kylie's biggest supporters, it looks more as if Star has attempted to tarnish the brand.

Could it be a bad case of jealousy? On the other hand, maybe Star is doing something noble. He is, after all, warning fans about a product he believes is faulty. Whatever the case may be, it's safe to say Star doesn't think too highly of Kylie or her line of cosmetics. But is he just another one of those Kardashian haters? Possibly. Either way, he's not alone at the end of the day.

16 Loves Them: Stranger Things Have Happened...Millie Bobby Brown Is A Big Fan

We're guessing most fans of the hit Netflix show Stranger Things don’t really watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians...I mean, Reality TV and Sci-Fi aren't exactly complementary TV genres. Then again, it's not totally impossible to imagine, considering the love going around between the two shows' stars. Then again, stranger things have happened (pun intended). While on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, Stranger Things breakout star Millie Bobby Brown--better known as Eleven on the show--proclaimed her love for the Kardashians. Brown gushed about the Kardashians on the show. According to Us Magazine, Brown admitted, "I'm obsessed with them. I follow them on social media. I think they are just, like, really great. They're so entertaining."

Brown's praise didn't go unnoticed either. The Kardashians were quick to follow up with the star. As per Us Magazine, Khloe responded by saying, "It's a mutual lovefest!! I LOVE you." In turn, Kim retweeted what Khloe said to echo her sentiments towards the young star. We never would've guessed there'd be so much adoration on both sides. But it's no doubt that Brown has pledged her undying support for the Kardashian family. What really stands out is how sincere she was too.

15 Against Them: Chloe Grace Moretz Made Kim’s “Haters” List

Via: Time Magazine

Chloe Grace Moretz picked a fight with Kim back in 2016. As Elite Daily reports, it happened when Kim posted a naked selfie. Moretz replied saying, "I truly hope you realize how important setting goals are for young women, teaching them we have so much more to offer than just our bodies." While it could've easily have ended there, Kim wouldn't stand for it. Kim, in response, was vicious, saying, "Let's all welcome @ChloeGMoretz to twitter since no one knows who she is. your nylon cover is cute boo." That's a biting response we can't help but cringe at when reading.

It's never a good idea to attack a Kardashian, most of all Kim... it's definitely a lesson we won't forget, and maybe Chloe Grace Moretz won't forget it, either.

While Moretz's intentions may have been good, Kim didn't like being judged by her. Naturally, she fired back, and the world got to witness another Twitter feud between two major stars. So when Kim launched her new fragrance line this year, she decided to send all her "haters" perfume, as per PopSugar. We can't help but love Kim's sense of humor. It's not surprising that after what she said over Twitter, Moretz made the "haters" list.

14 Loves Them: Desi Perkins Raises Kim Up

For those who don't know, Desi Perkins is lighting up YouTube. She's got millions of subscribers following her videos on YouTube every day. It was really only a matter of time before she got on Kim's radar. Eventually, as Revelist notes, Kim and Perkins made a video together about best makeup practices. In fact, Desi did such a good job on Kim that it led sister Khloe to compliment her, saying, "I love your makeup, by the way" as Revelist pointed out.

This session even led Kim to praise Perkins over Twitter saying, "LOVED her glam so much!!!" Revelist reported on what Perkins had to say back: "It was so much fun!!! We gotta do it again sometime." Perkins even made an effort to match Kim in the same number of exclamation marks. How cute!

Sounds like these two really bonded. Look, anyone that helps make Kim look even more beautiful is going to get complimented, it's inevitable. We just don't always see the love returned back to Kim. But that's certainly what Perkins did in praising Kim on the time they had making the tutorial. In fact, we think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. And no doubt the two could team up again!

13 Against Them: Naya Rivera Felt No Glee After Critiquing Kim

Via: Entertainment Tonight

Naya Rivera may have made it big when she starred in the hit musical show, Glee. But she's since made headlines after criticizing Kim for her scantily-clad photo shoots. Way back in 2014 when Kim posed for Paper, the Daily Mail notes that Rivera was pretty up in arms about what Kim was willing to do. "I normally don't," said Naya, referring to commenting on other photos in Instagram. "But...you're someone's mother..." Rivera added on Kim's Instagram photo baring all.

The Daily Mail also points out that Rivera wasn't expecting people to come to Kim's defense over her comments.

Thankfully, Miley Cyrus posted a funny picture of Kim's butt superimposed over hers, as detailed by the Daily Mail. That seemed to ease some of the tension Rivera felt at the time.

Rivera certainly didn't make attempts to be Kim's friend. In fact, it got her on Kim's "haters" list instead. As per PopSugar, it's been reported Kim will send her some perfume from her latest fragrance line as a result of making the "haters" list. Guess it pays to speak one's mind every once in a while. Though we don't think Rivera — or any other "haters" for that matter — will get anything else.

12 Loves Them: Jennifer Lawrence Isn't Playing Games With Kim

Credit: Randy Holmes/ABC[/caption]

Sometimes when celebrities say they like another person, it's hard to tell if they're being sincere. It's their job to talk in front of people all the time. So it's natural that they'd know how to come across sincere when they don't always feel that way. When it comes to her love for Kim Kardashian though, Jennifer Lawrence isn’t fibbing. According to People, she really admires Kim deep down. Lawrence even takes a humble approach to it all saying, "I don't know that she'd call me her friend. It's probably a one-sided friendship." Lawrence suggests she loves Kim, but Kim may not love her back.

Lawrence, who's known for being down to earth and funny at a lot of these award shows, sheds light on Kim. As reported by People, Lawrence talks about the Kardashians in general saying, "They are smart, grounded and normal and funny. They're very nice people, [they're very close], [they have a] loyal bond with one another, which I think is a positive thing to put out in the world." Lawrence's praise of Kim and the family couldn't be higher. We think this puts Lawrence near the top of the list when it comes to supporting Kim.

11 Against Them: Miley Cyrus Throws A Wrecking Ball At The Kardashians

Via: GRAMMY.com

One thing we've learned over the years is that Miley Cyrus —for better or for worse — isn't afraid to speak her mind. According to Digital Spy, she took to Twitter to call out some people, saying, "Dear women, you ALL are acting tacky AF! Why don't we overly (myself included) fortunate women come together and try to create and bring jobs to other women in desperate need of them so they can support not only themselves but their families!"

While we love the support Cyrus is giving to women everywhere, we can't help but see how she's blasting the Kardashians at the same time.

After all, the Kardashians have partly made it to where they are today because of their bodies. Cyrus here calls that kind of behavior "tacky AF!" as per Digital Spy. This would seem to be a direct slam centered straight towards Kim and Kylie, who both have a large presence over social media. Granted, Cyrus admitted to doing the same thing herself, which we respect. While she didn't call out Kim and Kylie directly, this can be interpreted by some as an attack on their character and how they present themselves to the world.

10 Loves Them: Ke$ha's Adoration For The Kardashians Is Her Past Time

Via: NME.com

While it might be too much to say Kesha loves the Kardashians more than anything else, we can say she certainly does love them. According to Us Magazine, Kesha has pledged her love and support to America's favorite family (or favorite family to hate, depending on who you talk to). Us Magazine reports that Kesha revealed her love for the Kardashians while talking about her reality show called My Crazy Beautiful Life.

As per Us Magazine, Kesha said, "I love the Kardashians. I'm not going to lie to you."

This day in age, if someone shows their love and support for the Kardashians, it's as if it comes with an asterisk. The fact that she says, "I'm not going to lie to you," proves there's some sort of perceived stigma attached, implying that there are in fact a lot of haters of the Kardashians out there, but Ke$ha ain't one of 'em!

If that's really the case, then Kesha deserves extra brownie points for admitting it in spite of the flak she might get. She's definitely proven to be behind them and may even get a boost in viewers coming from Keeping Up With the Kardashians for saying it. We don't think that's her motive behind the comment though. We really think she's all in on the Kardashians.

9 Against Them: Piers Morgan Doesn’t Like The Way Kim Smells

Via: Evening Standard

As detailed in other entries throughout, Kim Kardashian has a way of showing her "haters" she's thinking of them. As PopSugar reports, Kim decided to send a list of her haters the latest perfume to grace her fragrance line. PopSugar also mentions Piers Morgan as a member of the list after he criticized Kim for going topless in a photo posted to Instagram back in January 2018.

In his Tweet, Morgan declared, "Put them away, for goodness sake", which probably didn't make Kim feel very free to express herself.

As a result, Kim included Morgan on her list of haters to send perfume to. But Morgan had an answer, and an offensive one at that, for her ironic stunt. The Daily Mail reports that while Morgan was on his talk show, he told Kim he'd be sending her some of his own saying it's "so powerful it's got a kick like a mule." Sounds like Morgan just wants to roast Kim, but that could just be our interpretation of his words. Maybe Kim and Morgan are just really into exchanging different scents they come across. We're still trying to figure it out exactly and can't decide whether they're on good terms or not.

8 Loves Them: Demi Lovato Is 'Sry Not Sry' She Supports Kim

The subject of whether Kim Kardashian is a good role model or not is still out for debate. Some think Kim promotes a healthy body image by taking a more curvaceous approach. While others critique the way she flaunts her body (often in little to no clothing) over social media for the world to see. When it comes choosing sides, Demi Lovato has plunged her flag in camp Kardashian.

Siding with the former argument, Lovato believes that Kim has made the curvy body image more acceptable to women. She even cites Kim as having a positive impact on accepting her own body image. As reported by ET, Demi said, "I learned to accept my body when the trend started becoming less about super, super skinny models that was completely unattainable for anybody to have. Kim Kardashian — say whatever you want about her — but she has revolutionized what's accepted with curves nowadays."

While Lovato even acknowledges the haters out there when it comes to Kim, she doesn't delve into that much, instead focusing on her admiration towards her instead. Who would have thought that Kim could have influenced other fellow stars like Lovato? While Kim's scandalous selfies raise eyebrows, so have they raised spirits in unexpected ways.

7 Against Them: Janice Dickenson Doesn’t Think Kim Is A Model

Via: People

When it comes to modeling, supermodel Janice Dickinson knows what she's talking about. But it looks like despite any authority she has on the subject has rubbed Kim Kardashian the wrong way. As per Us Magazine, Dickinson said of Kendall Jenner, Kim's sister, "I think she's lovely. Don't get me wrong, but I don't think she's a supermodel, I don't." Hold the phone. Did she just say what we think she said? Uh oh. The Kardashians are not going to like this.

According to Us Magazine, she is a former judge on America's Next Top Model after all, so maybe she knows what she's talking about?

She even grouped Kim and Kendall together in one comment when she said, "They're not models" as detailed by Us Magazine.

But then she took it a step further when she expressed thoughts on Kim and Kanye's cover shoot for Vogue back in 2014. Apparently, as reported by Us Magazine, Dickinson was "shocked and disappointed" by Vogue's Editor in Chief to include the couple on the prestigious magazine's cover. "Kim Kardashian made the cover of Vogue, which made me want to vomit. It was crazy," said Dickinson. That sounds like a sure way to get on Kim's "haters" list to us.

6 Loves Them: Justin Bieber And Kim Make For A Beauty And A Beat

It's no secret Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian go way back. That's what doing a photo shoot together will do to two people, for those who remember the Elle photoshoot back in 2010. Acknowledging the obvious age gap between these two, the two had fun doing a playful shoot together. While some speculated that these two were an item at one time, nothing really materialized officially. But there's no doubt these two have cemented a bond over the years.

But amid the tempest going on in Kanye's life of late, Bieber has been one to come out and pledge his loyal support in hard times. "Our job is to love not to always agree! Love you Kanye," said Bieber, as reported by iHeart. Any love for Kanye is an indirect support to Kim, being that she's his husband. As Early in Time notes, even Kim hasn't defended Kanye for his recent actions. She must be happy that someone is, especially her long-time friend Bieber. In fact, Bieber (likely) summed up Kim's thoughts perfectly when he alluded to not agreeing but loving him in spite of the disagreements. Hopefully, Kim feels less alone now that Bieber is on her side.

5 Against Them: Selena Gomez Is Not A Fan Of Kylie Jenner

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It's no secret that Kylie Jenner has her detractors. With a personality as big as Kylie's, it's no wonder she's a turn off to some. It's safe to say Selena Gomez belongs to the anti-Kylie club after Kylie texted Justin Bieber. For those who aren't aware, Gomez and Bieber have a long and complicated history together. Their romance switches constantly between hot and cold — it's hard for the media to keep up.

But that doesn't mean he's not off limits, according to Gomez.

The Daily Mail reports that Gomez didn't react well when she allegedly found text messages from Kylie on Bieber's mobile phone.

As a result, she made it an effort not to follow Kylie on Instagram. Even more, Daily Mail notes she did not do this to Kylie, but Kendall as well. It looks like Gomez is anti-Jenner now.

According to Daily Mail an insider mentions the texts revealing a little more of Kylie than Gomez would like. That's really too bad. We think the friendship between Gomez and the Jenners could've gone places. Now it looks like it's in shambles. While they were all seen at Coachella once before, now Gomez isn’t singing their praises anymore.

4 Love Them: Kanye West Forever Loves Kim

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Fans can't tell Kanye West anything when it comes to his allegiance to wife Kim. Even if his comments sometimes get her in deep, he always makes an effort to tell the world (usually shouting in from the highest level) how much he adores this woman. For one, he appreciates her sense of humor. As per The Cut, Kanye admitted, "Kim's just a funny person in general." Okay, so he's not necessarily screaming this at the top of his lungs, but it's still praise nonetheless.

He does give her and the family credit when it comes to their business-savviness telling Harper’s Bazaar by way of The Cut, "I just want to build a collection that's around me and my wife and my kids. Because Kris and the family, they have the power of communication. This is the number one communications company." That's high praise coming from one of the most vocal members of the family. In spite of all the ups and downs, Kanye has shown his undying loyalty to Kim and the family. For any who call into question his love and devotion to Kim, we wonder if they're seeing things clearly.

3 Against Them: Sarah Michelle Gellar Slays Kim’s Vogue Cover

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Looks like Janice Dickinson isn't the only one who didn't like Kim and Kanye's Vogue cover. Sarah Michelle Gellar also voiced her opinion saying she would cancel her subscription to the magazine. Over Twitter, as provided by Us Magazine, Gellar said, "Well……I guess I'm canceling my Vogue subscription. Who is with me???" Some people sided with Gellar, thinking Vogue went too far. While others lashed out at Gellar for criticizing the world's biggest celeb today. Us Magazine does point out that Gellar did appear on several magazine covers during her rise in the 90s including Elle, Self, Allure, InStyle, and Seventeen.

We think Gellar should still get Vogue if she really enjoys the magazine. Otherwise, is one cover she doesn't like worth the boycott forever?

It's possible she's just jealous of Kim and wishes her fame still lasted as much as it did twenty years ago.

But if there's anything Kim has to say about, Gellar is on the "haters" list as PopSugar notes. While it's really meant to be those who "hate" Kim, it's appeared to turn more into Kim's hate list. We're pretty sure Gellar won't need Kim's perfume and can afford all she wants, but it's worth sending anyway.

2 Loves Them: Sam Smith Is Not the Only One Who Loves Kim

English singer Sam Smith sky rocked to fame with hits like "Stay with Me" and "Too Good at Goodbyes." But it looks like he's hasn't made it a mystery about who to side within the long-running feud between Kim and pop icon Taylor Swift. In failing to back up fellow musical artist Swift, Sam seemed to pick Kim while playing a round of Plead the Fifth on the talk show Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, according to ET.

“Taylor Swift, I don’t know her too well. It’s been made out that we know each other, but I don’t know her too well. We’ve only met five times briefly,” said Smith as reported by ET. Ouch, that must've really hurt Swift. ET goes on to say that he admitted to knowing Kim better. He even once admitted, "I think Kim Kardashian's outfit was the best thing I've seen in my life," when she handed him an award as reported by Female First. It sounds like Smith is really on Kim's side and the odds are further stacked against Swift. Even more, it sounds like Kim isn't trying to jockey for his favor, but just naturally won him over.

1 Against Them: Taylor Swift’s Feud With Kim Is Legendary

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No one thought we'd forget Taylor Swift, did they? There's a whole article we could devote to Kim and Taylor's feud alone. They have a long history that dates back a few years. But we'll just focus on the latest beef to plague these two major stars.

As per The Sun, Swift (allegedly) gave Kanye permission to reference her (in a not so flattering way) in his song "Famous." But Swift denies parts of the conversation, which led Kim to step in and get involved. As expected, she backed up Kanye saying, "I swear, my husband gets so much [backlash] for things [when] he really was doing proper protocol and even called to get it approved." Uh oh.

It's another case of "he said, she said", only it's really "she said, she said" since it's between Kim and Taylor.

The Sun reports that Swift was aware of the lyrics, except didn't know Kanye would be referring to her as the b-word in the lyrics. Will there ever be peace between these three? We're starting to wonder whether they'll ever make things right again. What we do know, as noted by PopSugar, is that Swift made Kim's list of haters and that can't be a step in the right direction.

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