16 Celebs Who Had Their Secrets Revealed

We all have secrets. Secrets that if told to the wrong person or have gotten out to others could cause us huge problems. The truth is—no one on Earth can keep a secret so keep everything you do not want told to yourself. Everyone is guilty of having secrets though. Literally every person who has ever taken a breath has had some kind of situation that they wanted to hide; something closeted away. Celebrities are people too so of course they’re secrets are spilled as well.

With all of the paparazzi and undercover agents out there—it is inarguable that most celebrities are going to have their business spilled without any kind of choice in the matter. From drug abuse, affairs, lying, and even murder...stars get exposed every single day. We have all seen the sketchy titles and attention-grabbing articles in the gossip magazines. It is possible that some of your favorite musicians and movie stars have had their beans spilled to the world as well. Being an extremely popular person means you have all eyes on you all the time so be careful with what you do. Some of these celebrities we have listed below may not have been playing safe because they have all had some fairly hefty secrets exposed.

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15 "Pay-Low" Not J-Lo

Everyone's favorite Puerto Rican queen is not as generous and sweet as she may appear to be while she's acting in films like Selena, Jack, and The Boy Next Door or singing Grammy nominated dance tracks that get every Latina going wild. With an estimated net worth of $360 million, you would think that Jennifer Lopez would have the funds to pay her hard-working employees a fair and competitive income.

According to some of her previous staff members—Lopez underpays her people. Some of them claim that their salaries are only half of what they would be making if they were to work for another celebrity. A lot of Lopez's employees have even been known to call her "Pay-Lo" because she refuses to give them a little raise. C'mon J-Lo...Can't you just bump it up a little bit?

14 Newborn Kept A Secret: Louis Tomlinson

26-Year-old former member of the teenage heartthrob boy-band—One Direction—Louis Tomlinson kept a huge secret from his fans. It was suspected that his gorgeous partner, Briana Jungwirth, was pregnant for some time but there was no confirmation until just recently when a picture of Tomlinson was shared. In the pic Tomlison was walking around in public with a hospital bracelet. Images of his pregnant lady surfaced shortly after. When one fan finds something out—every fan will know.

Tomlinson and Jungwirth have both created a beautiful baby boy who they chose to name, Freddie. It is understandable why some stars would want to hide their child's identity because we all know how vicious the followers can be. Hopefully, Freddie will not have to face all of the paparazzi induced headaches that his father had to deal with.

13 Denial Of Dating A Rapper: Mariah Carey

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Mariah Carey is one of the top reigning female vocalists in modern history. She can—or at least could—hit those high notes that some singers dare to even try to reach. Carey is popular for her songs like All I Want for Christmas and Always Be My Baby but she has also received tons of attention lately for her drinking problems and her epic fail of a performance at the New Year's 2016 festival. We're not here to talk about that, though.

We know about Carey's previous marriage with Nick Cannon, but she also had a fling with a popular rapper we all know and love. Eminem is this rapper! Carey denied the relationship happened and there were a bunch of rumors about the two getting into huge arguments. Shortly after—the Grammy-winning rhyme slinger released a song throwing shade at Carey titled The Warning and it even had recordings of Mariah Carey's voice within it speaking to him.

12 Her Sh** Doesn't Stink: Megan Fox

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This one is a shocker. It is extremely disgusting that this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle actress is perceived to be a spoiled beautiful woman. Spoiled and beautiful aren't synonyms for classy, though. Megan Fox has had stories told by her friends and employees stating that she does not flush the john after going number two.

The stunning actress was even confronted by FHM and claims that she just forgets to flush every now and then. Fox has been known to be fairly ditsy, so it is possible that she really did forget. The action is pretty much routine and embedded into most people's everyday lives but hey... Fox is a celebrity so that means she is allowed to get away with it—right?

11 Starring In An Adult-Film: Cameron Diaz

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Cameron Diaz has been trying to forget about this one for years. There is a saying that some people will do anything for fame and fortune or at least they would do anything to get their foot in the door. Well—Diaz did. It was the early 1990's and Cameron Diaz was struggling to catch that big break in Hollywood... so she agreed to take part in a not so kid friendly film called She's No Angel that displayed all of her goodies.

Being cast in something so prurient must have paid off because two years after the release of the erotica—Diaz was cast as Tina Carlyle in the Jim Carey movie The Mask and her career took off. Since then she has played a part in all of the Shrek movies, Bad Teacher, and plenty more films that we all adore.

10 Smelly House: Miley Cyrus

While she was coaching on the hit NBC singing competition series—The Voice—Miley Cyrus stated to current winner, Chloe Kohanksi, during auditions that she was either going to become a musician or pursue a career as a veterinarian. The singer even claimed to have seven dogs, two pigs, and two horses.

It was probably a good thing though that Cyrus did not make the decision to become a vet because her housekeepers have stated that she does not take very good care of her animals. Some of them claimed Cyrus does not house train her dogs either. It is said that her poochies make messes all over her home and that the stench is sometimes unbearable. With all the money she has—maybe she should just hire a dog trainer.

9 Selling More Than Coffee: Tim Allen

In the 1997 Disney film Jungle 2 Jungle—Tim Allen played a father/businessman who had a knack for selling coffee. Before he was cast for the part—he must have had a lot of practice as a salesman. In fact—we know he did because he almost received a life sentence for trafficking cocaine in 1978. He was arrested at the Kalamazoo-Battle Creek International Airport in Michigan for possessing almost 1.5 lbs. of happy dust.

He pleaded guilty in court and was just put on parole instead of receiving life in prison. What would we have done without shows like Home Improvement back in the 1990's? Lucky for us all Allen found his way and halted the drug dealing so we now can experience our Christmas classic and Toy Story any day we want.

8 Private Parts: Justin Bieber

Now this one was a scandal. Move over Kim Kardashian because this singer's photo taken by a paparazzi spy is the real image that broke the internet. Justin Bieber was a teenage dream for a lot of young women and for many, that’s still the case. In 2016—Bieber had photos sneakily taken of him while he was on vacation in Bora Bora and they were leaked to the whole wide world. This is not technically a deep dark secret that the singer would want to have buried but most people would like to have their private parts kept private.

Oh yeah... the photos that were taken were full-frontal pictures of the star. Someone took the shots without consent from Bieber and exposed his all to the internet. Bieber admitted to being extremely embarrassed about the situation and has even spoken to Ellen DeGeneres saying he feels sort of ashamed in a way.

7 Tried To Kill A Man: Mark Wahlberg

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A lot of people believe the only thing strange about Mark Wahlberg is the fact that he has a third nipple. That is not necessarily true. That is said because Wahlberg was tried for attempted murder in 1988. The hunky movie-star attacked an elderly Vietnamese man while he was trying to carry a crate from his car. The weapon used was a wooden stick that Wahlberg cracked over the side of the man's head.

After he hit the man with the stick—he punched him in the face as well. Wahlberg was contained and considered guilty of the incident but later had his situation reduced to criminal contempt. Some people say Wahlberg did what he did because he was caught up in some sort of drug-dealing situation. Now we can sit here and wonder if Wahlberg has ever apologized to the man he severely injured.

6 He Did Kill Someone: Johnny Lewis

Via: Google Images

If we thought Wahlberg's story was bad...this next one must be horrendous. Anyone who is a fan of the show Sons of Anarchy knows the actor Johnny Lewis. Well—what some fans of the show may not know is that Johnny Lewis has murdered somebody in his past. On September 26, 2012—Lewis broke into the home of his land lady and ransacked the place.

After destroying the inside of her house—Lewis ended her life and even executed the woman's cat...who just randomly kills a cat? After the murder took place—the actor was apparently climbing on the roof or was at least somewhere high because he was found dead in the driveway of his land lady's home the same night. His death was determined to be caused by a fall.

5 Rock Star For Christ: Alice Cooper

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Rock and roll legend and icon to several million punk rockers out there was sitting on a secret that he did not want a lot of his devoted fans to know about. When we think of heavy metal fans—we imagine head-banging, devil horns, selling your soul, and all kinds of symbolism that would be considered Satanic.

Maybe the reason Alice Cooper did not announce his conversion to Christianity is that he feared losing a good bit of his loyal fans. Cooper has now returned to reading his Bible and even goes on extensive missionary trips around the world to spread his dedicated beliefs. Luckily—he did not lose as many fans as he expected because he is still touring at almost 70-years-old. That is just amazing.

4 Homophobic Nazi Fashion Icon: Coco Chanel

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Everyone knows her name. Coco Chanel is one of the most talked about names in the fashion industry and her brand has lasted over one hundred years by selling amazing garments and savory perfumes. Little do some know but though this French designer put out some wonderful works of fashion when the Nazi party took over Paris—she fell in love with a Nazi soldier.

After that—she worked with the Nazi party on occasion during their "reign" of Europe. She was also exposed to be a homophobe and an anti-Semite...which is believable because she was head over heels for a soldier who tried to make way for the Aryan race. You would think for someone who was involved so heavily with fashion that they would be a little more appreciative of the homosexual community.

3 Secret Son Suing His Dad: Mr. T

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We pity any fool that may try to confront this next big-name star. Mr. T was a huge icon in the 1980's for playing in the television series The A-Team. In 2013—a man sued Mr. T for $5.4 Million claiming that he was the wrestler's illegitimate son and that he walked out after he struck stardom.

The prosecutor said his leaving has caused the son severe emotional and psychological damage. The man who is suing stated that Mr. T ditched the family because having a son just did not fit into the image the actor was trying to display to the public. It was proven that Mr. T is the father of the accuser but he still has not appeared to make up for abandoning his son after becoming famous.

2 Crazy Cat Lady: Taylor Swift

Via: Google Images

She has a blank space and she is going to fill it up with a cat. Yeah... that's right. Super beloved singer—Taylor Swift— has been outed as a crazy cat lady. Swift did a commercial for Diet Coke while pretending to be a cat fanatic but apparently, she is one in reality as well. Her maids and even tons of her friends have told the media that Swift has so many cats in her home that some people would call her an animal hoarder.

We think she just has a lot of love to give. Swift loves her cats to such a degree that she has even been seen traveling with some of them. We have all heard of people carrying their little pooches in their purse but never their kittens.

1 Shot His Own Brother: Jay-Z

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Anyone who has siblings understands that there are times when you just want to hurt them. Every brother and every sister fights. It is human nature but...would there ever be a time that we became so hostile with our siblings that we would consider shooting them? Jay-Z—one of the world's wealthiest rappers—did this.

He was 12-years-old and was heavily involved in gang activity. Jay-Z's brother stole one of the rapper's rings one day and that did not turn out to be a very good decision because it caused Jay-Z to become so upset that he shot his brother in the shoulder. Jay-Z claimed he thought he was going to be put into prison forever. His brother, fortunately, did not press charges but it still has to be a crazy story to think about.

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