16 Celebs Who Got Married When They Were Just Teens

There are many, many celebrities out there who don't find love until later in their careers — in their 30s or 40s. And, there are also plenty of celebrities who get married when they're in their late 20s or early 30s, and in the matter of a few years discover that their partner really isn't the perfect match for them — so they move on to their second marriage, and then perhaps third or fourth. Hey, sometimes the path to love isn't easy!

However, it's still fairly rare for a celebrity to get married while they're still a teenager before they can even legally drink a flute of Champagne at the reception. There are plenty of people who are with their partners from their teenage years onward, but most don't bother actually walking down the aisle until a little later in life. The celebrities on this list, though, decided that they weren't going to wait. For whatever reason, they were head over heels in love and decided that they needed to be officially married to their partner ASAP. Perhaps unsurprisingly, most of the marriages that happened when celebs were still teenagers didn't end up panning out in the long run — it's a big commitment, after all.

Here are 16 celebrities who got married when they were just teens.

16 Olivia Wilde And Her Royal Italian Hubby, Tao Ruspoli

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Olivia Wilde and her current partner Jason Sudeikis are absolutely adorable together. They always seem so in love, and they even have a little family together now thanks to the birth of their children. However, if those two ever decide to tie the knot, it won't be either of their first trips down the aisle. Olivia met her ex-husband Tao Ruspoli, who is literal royalty in Italy when she was just 19 years old. The young Olivia may not have been inclined to rush down the aisle if Tao were the same age, but he was a decade older, and he was looking to make a more serious commitment — so they had a secret ceremony on a school bus and officially became man and wife. It didn't end up lasting, but Wilde seems totally happy now.

15 Drew Barrymore And Welsh Bartender Jeremy Thomas

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Whatever you can think of, from teen marriage to rehabilitation center, Drew Barrymore has probably done it at some point in her career. She's managed to turn her life around in her adult years, but during her childhood and teenage years, she was definitely a wild child. Barrymore actually had not just one, but three brushes with marriage when she was still a teen. At just 16 years old, she got engaged to Leland Hayward, who was 24 at the time. Two years later, she got engaged to Jamie Walters. Then, when she was 19, she finally found a partner she wanted to move past the engagement step with — Welsh bartender Jeremy Thomas, who she tied the knot with. The marriage only ended up lasting two months. I mean, seriously — who can say they were engaged three times before twenty?

14 Macaulay Culkin And Actress Rachel Miner

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Macaulay Culkin was catapulted to fame at a very young age, thanks to his starring role in the Home Alone film series. And, it seems he reached other life milestones quite early in life — including marriage. He tied the knot with fellow actress Rachel Miner when he was just 17 years old. We're not sure why he thought he had to rush into marriage at such a young age, but hey — he also achieved the kind of success in his childhood that many actors wait until their mid-20s to achieve, so perhaps he's just one to reach milestones earlier than normal. The two ended up separating and then getting divorced just a few years later, as they realized that they weren't exactly the perfect match they thought they were.

13 Demi Moore, Whose Then-Hubby Freddy Moore Gave Her Her Professional Name

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Most people recognize Demi Moore's more recent partners — Bruce Willis and Ashton Kutcher — but did you know that she actually tied the knot once far before she met either of those superstars? Back when she was just a starry-eyed teenager looking to make it big in Hollywood, she met singer-songwriter Freddy Moore, and the two ended up tying the knot. While Freddy was 30 at the time, Demi was only 17 years old! The marriage only lasted about five years, but Demi did keep something important from it — the name. Her maiden name is actually Demi Guynes, but she decided to keep the name of Demi Moore professionally as she advanced in her career. Hey, we don't blame her — she was already achieving some success at that point when she got divorced, why not keep the name the public knows you by?

12 Solange Knowles, Who Married Her High School Sweetheart And Had A Baby

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Solange reached a lot of life milestones at a fairly young age. While she didn't achieve superstardom as early as her sister Beyonce did with her group Destiny's Child, she did form a family at a much younger age. Solange ended up marrying her high school sweetheart Daniel when she was just 17 years old, and the two had their son a few months later. We're not sure if Solange decided to tie the knot because she knew she was pregnant and wanted a more traditional, married family unit, or if she just thought the time was right, but it's definitely a big decision to make. The two are now divorced, but Solange still has her adorable son, and they seem to be fairly amicably split — no crazy arguments in elevators between those two!

11 Melanie Griffith, Who Started Dating Hubby Don Johnson At Just 14

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It's often celebs whose parents are also celebrities that end up growing up far quicker than others their age — and Melanie Griffith is no exception. When she was visiting a film set her mother was working on, where she was an extra, she ended up meeting her mother's co-star, Don Johnson. Johnson was 22 years old, compared to Melanie, who was just 14, but sparks definitely flew. They ended up getting married when Melanie was just 18 and then divorced just six months later. However, they circled back to one another over a decade later and tied the knot a second time in 1989. Talk about true love — getting married not only once, but twice, shows that there's definitely a certain spark between these two. They're not together anymore, but they definitely have a ton of shared history.

10 Bo Derek, Who Literally Moved To Another Country To Be With Her Hubby John Derek

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This is one of the few situations where a teenage marriage ended up transforming into a long, healthy relationship — although only one of them was a teenager when they tied the knot. Actress and model Bo started dating director John Derek when she was 16 years old — the problem is, he was 46 at the time. Bo's age posed a problem legally, so the two of them ended up moving to Germany for two years, where their relationship wasn't hindered by any U.S. laws. They tied the knot just two years later when Bo was 18 and remained together for over twenty years — and the only reason they separated was that John, unfortunately, passed away. If he were still alive, we have a feeling these two would still be going strong.

9 Kim Kardashian West, Who Eloped at 19

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Everyone knows about Kim Kardashian West's current marriage to rapper Kanye West, and most fans will remember her brief 72-day marriage to athlete Kris Humphries. However, those weren't the only two times she tied the knot — it turns out, Kim married her music producer boyfriend Damon Thomas back when she was just 19 years old! That one wasn't as big a spectacle as her other weddings — she ended up eloping — and they ended up filing for divorce about three years after tying the knot. Lucky for him, their entire marriage wasn't documented on Kim's reality show, which didn't yet exist. Nowadays, no Kardashian can really date someone without them being endlessly featured in the tabloids or on the show itself, if they consent. 19-year-old Kim was certainly more innocent and hadn't yet figured out how to capitalize on her fame.

8 Marilyn Monroe, Who Married Young In Order To Avoid Being Sent To An Orphanage

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Everyone knows about Marilyn Monroe's two famous marriages, to baseball superstar Joe DiMaggio, and to playwright Arthur Miller. However, did you know that she actually got married for the first time when she was just 16 years old? Those who know a bit about Monroe's history know that she didn't exactly have an ideal childhood, and when she was a teenager, she was faced with having to potentially be sent to an orphanage for another two years before she reached adulthood. So, she took matters into her own hands and married James Dougherty, her boyfriend at the time who was a few years older than her, to escape the orphanage. The duo divorced a few years later when Monroe was around 20, and she blossomed into the icon we all remember her as. Back when he married her, though, she was just Norma Jean.

7 Aaliyah, The Late Superstar, Married R. Kelly Illegally

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Aaliyah tragically passed away at just 22 in a plane crash, but she had been making waves in the music industry for about a decade by that time. In her early years in the industry, she began working with a mentor, R.Kelly — and it appears that their relationship went a little past just the professional. When she was just 15 years old, Aaliyah ran off with the 25-year-old R.Kelly and got married in secret. Her parents found out a few months later and had the marriage annulled because, well, she was only 15 years old! It's truly a tragedy that the world didn't get to see more of what she would have done — she was truly fearless, both in her professional and personal life and would have likely done some pretty incredible things.

6 Cher Tied The Knot With Sonny When She Was Just 18

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Thanks to their duo Sonny & Cher, everyone remembers pop superstar Cher and her then hubby Sonny Bono. Sure, she's since achieved a boatload of fame on her own and is a household name, but back when she was one half of a popular duo. She ended up marrying Sonny when she was just 18 years old, and they were together for just over a decade, getting married in 1964 and then divorced in 1975. Cher followed that up with a marriage to Gregg Allman for less than five years, and since then hasn't taken another trip down the aisle. She's a fierce, talented, powerful woman, and she's not about to dim her shine for any man — and we love that about her. If she ever got married now, she'd probably demand top billing in any act they formed together.

5 LeAnn Rimes Married Dean Sheremet At 18 — And Later Dumped Him For Eddie Cibrian

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LeAnn Rimes, a young country superstar, ended up falling for dancer Dean Sheremet, and the two tied the knot when Rimes was just 18, Sheremet 20. Sheremet has been very, very outspoken about their relationship in the years since they split, confessing that it wasn't always easy to make their dynamic work and that he resented having to give up so much for his famous wife. When she started working on a movie with actor Eddie Cibrian, sparks started to fly, and the rest is history — Rimes left Sheremet, Cibrian left his wife at the time, and they ended up marrying one another soon after. It just proves that sometimes, you need to wait a little while to find out what kind of person you truly need in your life.

4 Courtney Stodden, Who Caused An International Uproar

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Talk about a scandal! Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison made waves back in 2011 when they tied the knot because of their age difference. And we're not just talking about a few years, here — Stodden was just 16 at the time of the marriage, while Hutchison was 51 years old. While in most cases, the young bride's parents might step in and make her wait a while before taking the plunge, Stodden's mother totally supported her daughter, and they ended up getting married. They've been fairly outspoken about their marital issues over the years, and have been fair on-again, off-again, announcing separations and then renewing their vows, etc. Stodden apparently filed for divorce in March 2018, so it seems like they're finally closing this chapter in their lives. Hopefully, she manages to find someone who is closer to her stage of life.

3 Milla Jovovich, Who Married Young (And Got In Trouble With Her Mother)

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Sometimes, sparks can fly on a movie set, and it can cause actors to make some pretty big life decisions — that's certainly what happened in this case. Milla Jovovich and Shawn Andrews were working together on the set of the comedy Dazed and Confused, and ended up becoming smitten with one another. They decided that simply dating wasn't enough — they wanted to tie the knot, so they did, when Jovovich was just 16 years old. Her mother ended up finding out and obviously chose to get an annulment for her daughter. Jovovich's teenage union didn't sour her on marriage for good, though — she was wed to director Luc Besson for a few years in the late '90s, and then to Paul W.S. Anderson in 2009, with whom she has two children.

2 Taylor Hanson, Who Tied The Knot To Current Wife Natalie Bryant at 19

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Boy band Hanson always had a squeaky clean image, and it seems like that wasn't just a front for the brothers — they haven't had any scandals in the decades since they reached stardom, and while they're no longer as active in the music industry as they once were, they still get together for performances from time to time. Taylor Hanson ended up marrying his girlfriend Natalie Bryant when he was just 19 years old, but it seems it was the right choice for him — the duo started having children almost immediately, and are now the parents of five. They seem totally happy together, and we have a feeling they're going to be together forever. Talk about adorable! His two brothers are also married with multiple children, so perhaps there'll be a second generation Hanson group someday.

1 Taran Noah Smith, Who Married Someone In Their 30s When He Was 17

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While many say that age is just a number, there's no denying that the public's eyebrows always raise at a relationship with a huge age difference — particularly if one of the individuals is just a teenager. Taran Noah Smith may not be a household name, but any huge fan of Home Improvement will recognize him from the show. Smith was on the show throughout his childhood and teenage years and was a bit adrift when it wrapped around his sixteenth birthday. So, he ended up taking the plunge into adulthood by marrying Heidi van Pelt, who was 33 at the time. Despite their large age difference, the two ended up making it work for a few years before eventually getting divorced in 2007. Smith seems to have disappeared from the public eye in the years since.

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