15 Celebs Who Are Having Their Own Fun On Tinder

In a world saturated with online dating sites and various ways to stay connected over social media platforms, Tinder offers users the best of both worlds — convenient, fast access to other Tinder users in your area. With a quick run through the settings, specifying your age preferences and how close or far away you’d be willing to find a match, Tinder gets to work with finding people that match the criteria you have entered, allowing you to rate them and chat if you’re a match. While autonomy on the internet is slowly dwindling, the use of such apps can allow a celebrity to have some fun and meet new people without the star struck frenzy that greets them most everywhere they go. Whether it’s a casual hookup or someone looking for a potential partner to spend real time with, celebrities from all walks of Hollywood life are going to Tinder to find their next special someone. The playful Tinder icons are familiar enough to be user friendly while still encouraging users to interact through the app regularly. These 15 celebs are showing us how versatile and fun Tinder can be. According to various sites, celebrities and other famous people using Tinder will now have option to create a “Verified Profile” which will have a verification check mark much like the ones seen on Facebook and Twitter. Perhaps this new feature will inspire other celebs to try out the popular dating app.

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15 Pauly D


Jersey Shore alumni and current DJ Pauly D has moved from the shore to Tinder when looking for a fun night out (or maybe more?). Perhaps tired of meeting girls in the club, or just wanting to have a different angle on dating, Pauly D is giving Tinder a try. This former shore house party boy knows how to get the party moving and make everyone feel at ease with his infectious smile. While Pauly is known for his partying days on MTV, it’s not surprising he’d go to an app like Tinder to find some fun or even love. While the internet has it’s downfalls (hello Catfish!), playful flirting that can lead to more on a fun and easy to use app like Tinder.

14 Hilary Duff


From Disney Channel sweetheart Lizzie McGuire to an entrepreneur, and experienced actress Hilary Duff has grown up in the spotlight. While Hillary has transformed into a sweet hearted young woman, it’s been tough seeing her relationship with husband Michael Comrie fall through the cracks. In a recent interview with Cosmopolitan magazine, Hilary opened up about her divorce, noting that she appreciates the love she and Michael shared and that she’s using their five year marriage as a learning experience. Whether she’s looking for love or just someone to have some fun with, the singer has confirmed she is using Tinder. According to TMZ, Hilary was not only using the dating app but she was also setting up dates! 

13 Britney Spears


Okay, so Britney Spears' Tinder profile was made as part of a 2014 skit on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, but perhaps the show’s skit can help Britney find the love she’s looking for! As Hollywood Life recently reported, Ms. Spears has ended her relationship with television producer Charlie Ebersol, who she seemed more than thrilled to marry. Tinder could be a great way for Britney to step back into the dating world when she’s ready. Whether she just wants a casual night on the town or wants to keep looking for Mr. Right, we want Britney to be happy with her love life.

12 Lily Allen


British songstress Lily Allen is no stranger to the spotlight. While she’s mixed up her musical style over the years, she has also taken breaks from her creative work in order to focus on herself. It’s clear that Lily enjoys her privacy despite loving her creative life as a singer and performer. While Lily’s current relationship status hasn’t been verified, her rocky past suggests that she may be single again. Perhaps her newly single status will inspire the songstress to reinvest some time in Tinder? On March 13th, 2014, Lily (@LilyAllen) tweeted that she “Just discovered Tinder. *Waves goodbye to life*.”. With the convenience Tinder brings, Lily may just find who she’s looking for in a partner.

11 Leonardo DiCaprio 


Leonardo DiCaprio has been melting hearts for decades with his charming smile, stellar acting skills, and directing talents. While Leo has had a number of supermodel hotties for girlfriends in the past, and even his most recent boo, Rihanna, this leads us to believe Leo likes a woman who’s not only beautiful but takes life by force. While Leo himself isn’t one to open up about his relationships often, OK! Magazine stated in an April 2015 article that not only is Leo on Tinder but that he loves it. Perhaps casual dating is just Leo’s style? If so, Tinder will give him plenty of options (assuming RiRi isn’t looking for a more serious relationship).

10 Ben Flajnik

Image courtesy of sfexaminer.com

Best known for appearing on ABC’s The Bachelor, Ben Flajnik has recently found love thanks to the Tinder app. According to a June 2015 report on Entertainment Tonight’s website, Flajnik reportedly found his latest girlfriend, Stephanie Winn, while on Tinder. While the reality TV show circuit did not bring him much luck with love, we hope Tinder may be Ben’s answer to a long-term relationship. If Ben and Stephanie don’t work out, there are plenty of other women on Tinder who may just want to see what this former Bachelor contestant is all about. Or maybe fellow Tinder users would just like to connect with Ben and hear his side of the story on his reality TV dating experience.

9 Lindsay Lohan


Lindsay Lohan’s life being in the public eye has not always been easy for her. From a promising start in her acting career with films like The Parent Trap, Freaky Friday, and Mean Girls to a downward spiral of drug use and partying, Lindsay has had a hard time finding lasting love as she’s navigated the trials in her life. Back in October of 2013, Lindsay (@lindsaylohan) tweeted that she found her brother on Tinder. While Lindsay hasn’t said if she has used Tinder to actively find love in the past, there’s always the chance she could find a date or love through swiping right.

8 Nana Meriwether

Nana Meriwether is a gorgeous, well-to-do model who hails from South Africa but has spent most of her life in the United States, namely Maryland. The Miss Universe website notes Meriwether competed and was the first runner up in the 2012 Miss USA competition. While it’s hard to imagine that such a determined and gorgeous young woman would have a hard time finding love, relationships can be hard for everyone. In a 2013 interview with New York magazine The Cut, Meriwether noted she uses Tinder to find dates too. While Nana has kept quiet on her relationship status over the past couple of years, sharing her work and travel pictures on social media, it’s possible that Nana is still finding dates on Tinder.

7 Mindy Kaling


Mindy Kaling is known for her great sense of humor and acting skills. As a veteran actress in the American version of The Office, Mindy went on to create her own comedy show titled The Mindy Project. Staying current with today’s dating trends, Mindy took to Tinder to make a profile that uses Kaling’s own picture, but is a tongue-and-cheek advert for her show The Mindy Project. Posting as her character Mindy Lahiri, Mindy Kaling is having fun with the dating app while simultaneously reminding users to watch her show. While Mindy isn’t currently dating anyone (or at least not publicly), perhaps Mindy’s character creation will inspire her to look to Tinder for herself when she feels like dating.

6 Samuel Preston 

Image courtesy of ClashMusic.com

(Samuel) Preston is best known as a lead singer in the British band called The Ordinary Boys. Preston has made several posts on social media (specifically his @samuelpreston Twitter account) where he shares profiles he’s discovered on Tinder. While these posts are made in a humorous light, why shouldn’t Preston look for love on Tinder? Preston’s combination of good looks, musical talents and that awesome accent make him worthy of swiping right for plenty of single ladies on Tinder. With it’s ease of use and Preston’s busy schedule of performances with his band, Tinder can be a great way for Preston to reach out to the dating world while he’s traveling.

5 Halle Berry 

One of Hollywood’s most sought after stars, Halle Berry is beautiful, in charge and talented. With her many acting roles in films like X-Men, Die Another Day, Catwoman, and Cloud Atlas, Halle has shown she’s a versatile actress that is open to pursuing new and exciting roles in her career. Over the years, Halle has been married a few times and has two children. This busy actress and mom doesn’t have much time to check out the dating scene, making Tinder an easy way to meet new people. While Mirror Online reported that Halle has admitted to checking out popular dating sites and apps, she asserts that she takes her privacy seriously, noting that like many celebrities who make hotel reservations under an alias, Halle won’t use such an app without concealing her identity.

4 Katy Perry

Songstress Katy Perry is known for her fierce lyrics, killer sense of style, and unfortunately, bad luck with relationships. With Katy’s creative edge and free spirited style, it’s hard to imagine her being anything but an awesome partner. In the spring of 2014, E! Online reported that Katy Perry was single and was loving Tinder. While her relationship with singer songwriter John Mayer is hot and cold, it’s possible Katy is still using or may return to Tinder to explore her dating options. Whether it’s through Tinder or rekindling an old flame, we want Katy to find long lasting love.

3  Ricki Lake

The host of the 90s hit daytime talk show The Ricki Lake Show, Ricki Lake has been on-screen for many years. Ricki has two marriages under her belt, with her latest marriage to Christian Evans officially over according to an E! Online report. As E! Online notes, Lake has three children from her two marriages. While she didn’t confirm or deny Tinder use, Ricki Lake has discussed a past dating mishap with a partner she met online. In an interview with Newsweek in 2011, Ricki shared an awful experience she had where she met a man online and quickly fell in love, only to realize he was only in the relationship to attempt to secure a green card. She has also noted other bad dating experiences which many sites claim are from her Tinder matches. 

2 Chelsea Handler

Comedian Chelsea Handler is an on-screen powerhouse. With her long running television show Chelsea Lately having wrapped up in 2014, IMDB notes that Chelsea is working on new TV movie projects including working as an executive producer for the upcoming TV film Jen. Having never been married and always being a strong single woman, Chelsea discussed her approval of Tinder on an episode of Chelsea Lately, noting that she finds the setup of the app appealing. Whether Chelsea wants to meet up for dinner, have a random fling or find long-term love on Tinder, we’re all for the comedian keeping with her laid back, humorous style while she scrolls through the app.

1 Eric Stonestreet

Eric Stonestreet has had tremendous success in his acting career. Best known as Cam on ABC’s Modern Family, Eric Stonestreet has appeared in films like Identity Thief, Bad Teacher and has appeared in the shows American Horror Story and even the children’s show Sofia the First. Despite playing a gay man on Modern Family, Stonestreet is straight. He told Howard Stern in a January 29th, 2014 interview that he enjoys using Tinder because it lets him meet people easily. Stonestreet even joked with Stern that the interview was keeping him from a date. Eric Stonestreet is a great example of how celebrities want fun and romance just as much as everyone else does.

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