16 Celebs Rocking The Mini Tattoo Trend

The mini tattoo trend has taken off in the past few years and celebrities are getting in on the trend. For years, most actors and actresses stayed away from tattoos, except for Angelina Jolie, mostly because of all of the work it takes to cover up for movie roles. But now that mini tattoos are in, stars can be trendy while also not inking up too much of their bod. Sometimes these mini tattoos are packed with meaning and sentiment while others are just for fun. Though they are called mini tattoos for a reason, some of these tats are nearly microscopic. Just take a look at Kylie's tattoos--if you can spot them! Kylie's big sis Kim Kardashian once said that she doesn't have any tattoos because you wouldn't "put a bumper sticker on a Bentley."

However, the mini tattoo trend is just that: a trend. There have been many tattoo trends over the years from Chinese characters that people think mean peace or love but actually mean chicken noodle soup or the tacky trend where women got tattoos on their lower back. The mini tattoo trend is much more aesthetically pleasing and a lot more classy than tattoo trends of the past. Having a tattoo once mean you were apart of the counterculture but now it seems that few people don't have tattoos.

These are just a few celebs, mostly Millennials, who have mini tattoos. These tats are so cute that they may just inspire you to go to your local tattoo parlor and get some of your own. These celebs prove that you can get tattoos that are cute and tasteful.

16 Every Time a Bella Rings, An Angel Gets Her Wings

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Like Kylie Jenner, Bella Hadid only has teeny-tiny tattoos and also wears the occasional temporary tattoo like her sister, Gigi Hadid. Bella has only three known tattoos and one is a small rose on the back of her arm above her elbow. For her other two tattoos, she went to JonBoy who specializes in mini tattoos and is the tattoo artist to the stars. He has previously inked Zayn Malick, Hailey Baldwin, Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner, Chloë Grace Moretz, Justin Bieber, Bella Thorne, and Sofia Richie. Her tattoos are a tribute to her stint at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show where she walked the runway as a Victoria's Secret Angel so, of course, the tattoos are two small angel wings on her ankle. Bella's tattoos are small, quaint, and cute which is a great aesthetic for someone who wants tattoos but doesn't want to go overboard.

15 Hailey Baldwin's Broken Heart

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Hailey Baldwin is a part of a famous Hollywood family and it seems she has a lot of love for her big fam, especially her parents. Her mom and dad, Kennya and Stephen Baldwin have been married for 27 years--that's a long time, especially by Hollywood standards. The Instagram model got a mini tattoo in their honor: the date of their wedding in Roman numerals. Hailey is one of the many Millennial models who are getting mini tattoos and even Bella Hadid and Kendal Jenner are getting in on the trend. In total, Hailey has 17 other mini tattoos such as her last name, a broken heart, a star, ellipses, and a gun on her fingers, a cross on her neck, a heart on her ankle, and the letter "g" behind her ear. She is the queen of mini tattoos! Most of her tattoos were inked by JonBoy in NYC.

14 Emma Stone's Beatle-Drawn Tattoo

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Though she wore some fake tattoos in Birdman, Emma Stone isn't exactly the kind of person you'd think would have tattoos in real life. Despite her sugary sweet persona, she has some ink on her wrist--but it has a special meaning. She got the tattoo of a bird's footprints on her wrist in honor of her mother who received a clean bill of health in 2010 after fighting breast cancer for two years. Why bird footprints, you ask? Her mother's favorite song is "Blackbird" by Paul McCartney so Emma asked the famous Beatle himself if he could draw it for her--and he agreed! How many people can say they have a custom tattoo designed by Paul McCartney? Emma Stone is one of the few people who can get a reply from Paul McCartney--and a special drawing! We are super jealous.

13 Zoe Kravitz Has A Lot of Tattoos--And Shares One With Jason Momoa!

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The reigning Queen of Cool, Zoe Kravitz, has a total of 39 tattoos and they are all as unique as she is. We love her wrist tattoo designs and her amazing finger tattoos which spell out the names "Lola" and "Wolf" which are the names of her two little siblings who also inspired the name of her band, Lolawolf. On her right forearm, she has an eagle, a topless mermaid on her left forearm, birds on the back of her neck, a cassette tape on her right forearm, moons and a crown on her fingers, and the words “être toujours ivre" which is a matching tattoo she got with her stepdad, Jason Momoa and it's a French saying from the poetry of Charles Baudelaire which means "Always be drunk." She also has a tattoo in honor of her mother, Lisa Bonet, which reads "Mama" with a small heart.

12 Rihanna is a "Rebel Flower"

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Rihanna has 25 tattoos in all and while most of them are normal sized tattoos, she does have a few minis. One such mini tattoo is a camouflage shark which she shares with Drake who got the same one only after her to match...then they broke up. Of her many other mini tattoos, she has a "Shhh..." on her finger, her birth year (1988) on her ankle, a cross on her collarbone, "lover" on her hip, “Never a failure, Always a lesson” on her chest, "Love" on her finger, a skull and crossbones with a pink bow on her ankle (which is her only color tattoo), a star on the inside of her ear, "rebelle fleur" on her neck (which means rebel flower in French), and musical notes on her foot. Though. many believe that "rebelle fleur" should read "fleur rebel", she stands by the tattoo and insists it is spelled correctly.

11 Miley May Change But Her Tattoos Don't

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Miley Cyrus has gone through plenty of phases and while she may be able to change her look every few years, her tattoos are for life. She has 36 tattoos in all and most of them are minis. On her arms she has the logo for her Happy Hippie Foundation, on her wrist, Johnny Cash's signature, an avocado, a tooth, Saturn, the phrase “Love Never Dies” in cursive, two arrows, an anchor, and a jar of the disgusting Australian yeast-based food spread, Vegemite, which is a tribute to her Australian fiance, Liam Hemsworth. On her fingers, she has an alien, a slice of watermelon, an eye, the word "karma", a heart, and a peace sign. She also has a smiley face on her ankle and the word "Love" on her ear. The old Miley may be gone but those tattoos are forever.

10 Ariana Grande Pays Tribute to Manchester

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Ariana Grande's tattoos may be small but they are packed with meaning. Her most recent tattoo is a bee which she, and the members of the Dangerous Woman Tour crew, got to commemorate the terrorist attack that happened during her show in Manchester. The tattoo was inked in Manchester after her One Love concert which helped raise money for the We Love Manchester emergency fund, a charity set up to help the people affected by the attack at Manchester arena. The worker bee has been the symbol of Manchester since the Industrial Revolution and people all over the world got the same tattoo as an act of solidarity. She also has the words "Baby Doll" and "honeymoon" on the inside of her middle fingers, a heart on her finger, a moon on her upper neck, “Bellissima” on her ribcage, and a heart on her toe.

9 Lady Gaga or Joanne?

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Some of Lady Gaga's biggest tattoos were inked in honor of her favorite artists, including a trumpet designed by Tony Bennett and Ziggy Stardust in honor of David Bowie. She also has tattoos that commemorate each of her album releases (except for The Fame) and her latest is a small one which is a tribute to her album Joanne. The tattoo is the signature of her grandmother who the album was named after and it is one of her smallest tattoos. She also has "ARTPOP" on her arm in honor of her fourth album release. In addition to her collection, she has a tattoo of a heart with the word "dad" on it in honor of her father's successful open heart surgery in 2009, a peace sign on her wrist, an anchor on her ribcage. Tattoos don't always have to have meaning but Lady Gaga's certainly do!

8 Tallulah Willis Has a Tony Hawk Tattoo

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Tallulah Willis (or Buuski as she's called by her family and friends) is the baby of the Bruce Willis/Demi Moore family and she's definitely got the free spirit of a last-born. Tallulah definitely has a unique sense of smile and she's got plenty of quirky tattoos to match. She has an arrow, a walky-talky, a composition notebook, and the words "Baby" and "Rad" on her arm. In addition to her strange collection of tattoos, she also has "Tony Hawk" on her hip, arrows on her finger, some of her own illustrations on her arms and legs, "obviously magic" on her elbow, a circle and two moons on her wrist, a tree branch on her torso, and a cactus tattoo that she recently had removed. She's not the only Willis girl with tattoos, her sisters Scout and Rumer have quite the collection as well.

7 Joe Wants to Have His Cake and Eat it Too

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Though the mini tattoo trend has been adopted mostly by women, there are some men who are getting in on the craze--and Joe Jonas is one of them. In 2012, he got his first tattoo which looks like a kind of knot, Joe explained the tattoo in a tweet: "Two ropes (two parents) makes four ends (four brothers)". Joe also has a tattoo of an arrow under a heart on the back of his arm and one of a triangle/hand design on his forearm. He has another tattoo which is in honor of his band DNCE's song "Cake By the Ocean" which is, of course, a slice of cake with an ocean design on the side. Joe posted his tattoo on Instagram with the caption, "I keep on hoping." Well we keep on hoping that Joe gets more tattoos because they sure look good on him!

6 A Tattoo of Everything

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Haley is the queen of trendy tattoos and she has multiple minis. With 20 tattoos in all, she has a graphic of two kissing mouths above her left upper knee, three X's on her hand, the Star Wars Mandalorian symbol on her forearm, "HOPELESS” on her booty, she has a match on her wrist which she got along with three of her fans after a hangout session at one of her shows. She has Mars below her elbow and she has a minimalist portrait tattoo with the word "EVERYTHING" below it which is a nod to Norwegian electronic musician Lido’s 2016 album Everything (Lido was also the executive producer of her album Badlands). On her leg, she has four mini tattoos of the four elements, inspired by The Little Prince book. She may only be 23 but she already has a lot of tattoos and she doesn't appear to be stopping anytime soon!

5 Sofia Richie Needs Clarity

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Now that Sofia Richie is dating Scott Disick, we know that she does not have great taste in men--but does she have good taste in tattoos? The 19-year-old has seven tattoos in all including the words “NEVER LET ME GO” on her wrist and a cursive  “L” on her ankle in honor of her famous father, Lionel Richie. She has the initials “MBR” on her finger, “13:4” the back of her neck which is a reference to a Bible verse from Corinthians. For her other neck tattoo, she went to Jon Boy in NYC which is a trendy spot for young celebs to get their mini tattoos and hers spells out the word "CLARITY". Let's hope that she gets some clarity in her love life because if she were thinking clearly, she wouldn't be dating Kourtney Kardashian's baby daddy.

4 Scarlet Letters

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Kylie Jenner may not have taken the advice of her famous sister, Kim Kardashian when it comes to tattoos but her tattoos are so small that they are almost microscopic. All of Kylie's tattoos are red and she is obviously trying to make the red ink trend happen but it hasn't really caught on yet. She has a small tattoo on the inside of her pinkie finger of the letter "m" which she got along with her best friend, Jordyn Woods. She also has her grandmother's name “Mary Jo” above her elbow, written in her grandfather's handwriting. On her hip is a tattoo which is probably her strangest: the phonetic pronunciation of "sanity". Why? No idea. On her left arm, she has a small heart that is so tiny, you have to squint to see it. Sorry, Kylie, but the red ink thing isn't a good look.

3 Pretty Little Tattoos

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Lucy Hale may be a Pretty Little Liar but she loves mini tattoos--and that's no lie. Of her many minis, she has a lightbulb above her elbow that she got earlier this year, a small sun on her upper back, a bow on her upper neck, and on her chest she has the words “catch the foxes for us” which is a verse from the book Song of Solomon 2:15 in the Bible. In addition to her love for mini tattoos, it seems that Lucy is also a book lover because she has the words “Courage, dear heart” which is a line from The Voyage of the Dawn Treader in C.S. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia series. And, of course, all of the girls in Pretty Little Liars got small tattoos of the first letter of their characters' names on the show. Because Lucy's character was named Aria, she has a small "a." on her finger.

2 Kesha Has How Many Whale Tattoos?

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Kesha has over 30 tattoos in all and while most of them are unique and very random, five of them are whales. Her sea creature tattoos include a red orca, a neon pink and green orca, a magical narwal on her forearm, a large humpback whale on her forearm, and a whale shark blob on her wrist that you can barely make out. She also has a smiley face on one middle finger and a moon on the other, a rainbow on her upper arm which she called her "Good luck charm" in an Instagram post, she also has a palm tree with the word "CHILL" underneath it, a UFO on her wrist, a cat on her big toe, Saturn on one palm and an eye on the other, the word "ANIMAL" on her foot which is a nod to her first studio album, and she has a dollar sign on her hand.

1 One More Tattoo With Feeling

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Kristen Stewart definitely has a unique sense of style and marches to the beat of her own drum and that goes for her tattoos as well. When it comes to her tattoos, she has various sizes and her most prominent tattoo was one that she first wore as a temporary tattoo for her movie Clouds of Sils Maria but decided to get a permanent one after filming. It is a rectangle with what looks like an eye with a lightbulb as a pupil and it comes from Picasso's painting "Guernica". Her first tattoo is a small infinity sign on her wrist and on her arm, she has four black lines which are in honor of the band, Black Flag. She also got a tattoo of two small arrows along with her then-girlfriend Alicia Cargile and an upside down tattoo of the words, "one more time with feeling" on her forearm.

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