16 Celeb Moms Who Are Jealous Of Their Celeb Daughters

Being the parent of a celebrity must be a truly bizarre experience. After all, once upon a time, the individual who is gracing the covers of magazines and being fawned over by hundreds of thousands of fans was just your child. Just a regular person, not the larger than life celebrity they ended up becoming. Most parents end up kind of ignoring the whole celebrity thing and just treating their child the same way they've always treated them, which is why many celebrities say their parents and family keep them grounded.

However, there are also celebrity moms who fully embrace that their child has become a celebrity. While they're definitely happy for their child's success, though, they definitely seem as though they're a little bit jealous; like maybe they thought they should have been the ones to reach stardom, not their child.

Mother-daughter relationships are definitely complicated, and sometimes even with celebrities who seem to have a great relationship with their mothers, you have to ask if maybe mama is feeling a little bit jealous that she's not the one in the spotlight.

Here are 16 celebrity mothers who we have a feeling just might be a little jealous of their glamorous, famous, wealthy daughters.

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16 Mandy Teefey, Who Is Jealous Her Daughter Selena Is Dating A Pop Star

via: littlethings.com

Any fan of Selena Gomez knows that she has a bit of a unique path to fame — as in, she got started at an incredibly young age. She was raised by her teen mother, and the family needed to make ends meet, so Selena started auditioning for commercials and other roles. She ended up finding a huge amount of success, and by the time she was a teenager, was an international superstar. While her mom Mandy probably loved that her baby girl helped bring the family out of a tough financial situation, we have a feeling she might be a little jealous that she wasn't the one who got to live the glam life. She's expressed her displeasure that Selena is back with her former flame Justin Bieber, and we have to wonder — is it just because she knows Selena will be even more famous with the pop star on her arm?

15 Melanie Griffith, Who Isn't Too Impressed By Daughter Dakota Johnson's Steamy Franchise

via: dailymail.co.uk

Given that Dakota Johnson has her father Don's last name, it may be surprising to some to learn that she's actually actress Melanie Griffith's daughter. And, it seems that Melanie might be a little bit jealous that her daughter is getting the sultry types of roles that she used to get back in the day. On the one hand, it's kind of a touching case of like mother like daughter — they were both catapulted to stardom thanks to some spicy roles. On the other hand, the fact that Griffith was interviewed on the red carpet right beside Dakota, insisting that she would never watch her daughter's movie, was a little bit weird. You would think that she'd want to support her daughter's big debut, but she definitely wasn't giving off supportive vibes.

14 Dina Lohan, Who Desperately Wanted To Party Like Lindsay

via: nydailynews.com

Given how young Lindsay Lohan was when she first got into acting, you would think that her mother would want to keep her away from any bad influences in Hollywood. However, it seems that the opposite was true. You see, Dina allegedly wanted to become a performer herself, but she ended up getting married and having children and having to put her dream on hold. So, when her daughter began to achieve success, she kind of piggybacked on her and tried to shove her way into the spotlight. While many moms would tell their daughters to avoid the club scene at any cost, Dina Lohan was often spotted partying right beside her daughter, soaking in the attention of the paparazzi and the VIP treatment that celebrity provokes. It's super sad to watch.

13 Patti Wilkinson, The Mom Who Wanted Her Daughter Kendra To Stay At Hefner's Mansion

via: hollywoodlife.com

While many know her now as a wife and mother, back when she got her first taste of fame, Kendra was just an 18-year-old girl who had recently been an exotic dancer. Through a twist of fate, she ended up working for a party at the Playboy mansion, caught Hef's eye, and was soon asked to move in as one of his girlfriends. Many mothers would be horrified and beg their daughter not to move in with someone like Hefner, but Kendra Wilkinson's mother Patti was over the moon about her daughter's new situation. And, when the reality television show started and Kendra became a household name, Patti was more than happy to appear in episodes, attend mansion parties, and more. They've had some rough patches over the years because of Kendra's perception that her mother is jealous of her, which... seems about right.

12 Crystal Workman, Who Wanted Ariel Winter's Fame And Fortune

via: ecelebrityfacts.com

It's bad enough when a parent is jealous of their adult child, but to be jealous of your pre-teen daughter is even worse. Ariel Winter became famous at a very young age thanks to her role on the hit sitcom Modern Family, and while many child stars have supportive parents who keep them grounded, Winter had a different situation at home. While we don't know the reasoning behind her mother's decisions, there was some majorly shady behavior that went down, to the point where a teenage Winter decided to file for emancipation. Nowadays, Winter seems to be living a life separate from her mom, which is kind of understandable. She hasn't spilled all the details about her family drama, but we have a feeling a large part of it was her mother's jealousy over her celebrity daughter.

11 Mama June, Who Would Never Be Famous Without Daughter Honey Boo Boo

via: dailymail.co.uk

Mama June may be famous now as well, but let's face it — she would have never reached that level of stardom if it weren't for her daughter, Honey Boo Boo. The public first got to know the family when Honey Boo Boo was a pageant tot on Toddlers & Tiaras, and the family ended up getting a spin-off show, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. Note the title — Mama June's daughter was the clear star, and Mama June may not have been that happy about it. So, just as Honey Boo Boo was becoming a pre-teen and moving on to another stage of her career, Mama June decided to get surgery, shed a ton of weight, and has recently been making the rounds on talk shows and getting a ton of publicity due to her new body.

10 Tish Cyrus, Who Wants To Live Vicariously Through Her Famous Daughters

via: zimbio.com

It seems like everyone in Tish Cyrus' life is famous except for, well, her. She married country star Billy Ray Cyrus, who reached stardom thanks to his hits like "Achy Breaky Heart." Then, her daughter Miley decided she wanted to enter the entertainment industry as well, and managed to snag a role on a Disney channel show that ended up becoming the hugely successful Hannah Montana empire. Now, it looks like Miley's siblings are starting to flex their creative muscles as well. And through it all, rather than keeping her children away from the Hollywood drama, Tish has been right beside them, partying and enjoying the VIP experience. Miley seems to be on a healthier path now, but for a while, she was on a majorly self-destructive spiral, and Tish wasn't doing anything to stop it.

9 Madonna, Who Is Jealous Of Her Daughter, Lourdes

via: dailymail.co.uk

There was a time when Madonna was, without doubt, the biggest pop star on the scene. All anyone could talk about was her constantly changing look and controversial videos — and it seems that's exactly how she wanted things to be. Now that she's got a few decades of experience under her belt and the public's attention is being drawn to younger starlets, she's less than thrilled — especially when those younger starlets include her own daughter, Lourdes. While Lourdes hasn't expressed an interest to become a pop star like her mom, just the fact that the public is obsessed with how gorgeous she is seems a bit too much for Madonna to handle. If Lourdes decided to embark on a music career, we have a feeling the Material Girl would be majorly jealous.

8 Tina Knowles, Who Appointed Herself Beyonce's Glam Squad

via: ajsupreme.wordpress.com

Nowadays, Beyonce is a superstar on a whole different level. However, back when she was younger, she was a member of girl group Destiny's Child, tearing up the charts as part of a squad. And, mama Tina Knowles made herself an honorary member of that squad by becoming the girls' official costume creator. Now, no one is doubting that Tina knew how to sew some bedazzled masterpieces — and the salon owner definitely knew how to create a look. However, it always seemed like she was using her daughter's fame in an attempt to advance her own career a little bit, and make herself a household name as well. Bey has a team now that pulls designer outfits — no more of mom's sewing — and we have a feeling Tina is a little less than thrilled about how things turned out in that regard.

7 Caitlyn Jenner, Who Has Confessed To Being Jealous Of Her Daughters

via: mirror.co.uk

Caitlyn Jenner's daughters Kendall and Kylie are definitely two of the biggest celebrities out there right now — everyone wants to know everything about their personal lives, from what they eat to what they wear. And apparently, she's always been a bit jealous of her offspring. Jenner confessed that she used to be majorly jealous of the adorable pieces Kendall and Kylie would get to wear, and would even try them every now and then. And, we have a feeling that jealousy definitely extends to her step-daughters, Khloe, Kourtney and Kim. Caitlyn has definitely gone through some major life changes, and hopefully, she manages to handle her jealousy and not let it impact her life in a negative way. She can easily afford to get whatever designer pieces she wants for herself now — no need to be jealous of Kendall and Kylie's closets.

6 Candy Spelling, Who Has Always Had An Issue With Daughter Tori

via: dailymail.co.uk

It's no secret that Tori Spelling and Candy Spelling have had their fair share of drama over the years — and it seems a lot of that was because of jealousy. And, rather than smoothing things over, Aaron Spelling allegedly added to the drama, according to Tori, who has said that "I think he created a lot of the competition between us. He was the good guy, so everyone vied for his attention, and a lot of that attention went from her to all me." Yikes! What a messed up family dynamic. While Candy definitely wants to be able to spend time with her grandchildren, the two have never really fully repaired their relationship — there's likely always going to be a bit of an undercurrent of jealousy between the two of them.

5 Joyce Jones, Whose Jealousy Of Daughter Kandi Burruss Knows No Bounds

via: allthingsrh.com

While many reality television fans know Kandi Burruss solely from her role on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, she was actually famous far before snagging a spot on the cast. Burruss got her first taste of fame back in the '90s when she was a part of a girl group, Xscape, and became a hugely successful songwriter who was behind some major hits. She achieved a ton of fame and fortune, and rather than being happy for her daughter, mama Joyce was jealous. In fact, she wants to make sure no one else gets Kandi's hard-earned dollars, not even her husband — that money is earmarked for mama, after all. We have a feeling their dynamic will continue to be messed up due to Joyce's jealousy, no matter who else is in Kandi's life.

4 Demi Moore, Who Might Be Jealous Of Daughter Rumer Willis' Youth

via: belfasttelegraph.co.uk

There was a time where Demi Moore was definitely an A-List star. She was married to action star Bruce Willis, she had a ton of roles to her name, and she was absolutely gorgeous on the red carpet. While Moore is still involved in the entertainment industry, it's no secret that her daughter Rumer is a rising star. And, Rumer may very well end up overtaking her mother and becoming even more famous one day — which isn't something Demi seems particularly thrilled about. Demi may have extended her fame a bit by taking on roles that showcase how gorgeous she still is, decades later, and by dating younger men, but she's definitely not at the top of her game anymore. We'll have to wait and see where Rumer's career takes her and what Demi has to say about it.

3 Kris Jenner, Who Probably Wishes She Was Any Of Her Daughters

via: instagram.com

On the one hand, Kris Jenner wants her daughters to be as wildly famous as possible — after all, she's their momager. It's her job to make sure that they get all the opportunities they can. However, at the same time, we have to wonder if she's living vicariously through her daughters a little bit. After all, while she's famous now, we have a feeling she would have never reached the level of stardom she now has if it weren't for her daughters and the drama they brought to the family reality show. Plus, she's always the first one to encourage her daughters to do all kinds of crazy things in the name of staying in the public eye. Perhaps in her older years, she'll settle down a little bit.

2 Naomi Judd, Whose Daughters Wynonna And Ashley Had A Lot To Deal With (At Least The Sisters Had Each Other!)

via: kentucky.com

The Judd family has certainly had some drama over the years. For those who may not know, Naomi Judd is a singer who ended up touring with her daughter Wynonna as a country duo for years. Her second daughter Ashley didn't pursue a music career, but she did become a famous actress with a ton of credits under her belt. However, rather than being overjoyed that both her daughters found fame on their own, Naomi has always seemed jealous of their successes, even going so far as to pin them against one another or make accusations. We're not sure why she seems jealous of her daughters' success rather than being proud of them, but one thing is for sure — this family will likely always have drama, no matter where their careers take them.

1 Goldie Hawn, Who Likely Never Thought Kate Would Become A Movie Star Too

via: pinterest.com

Back in the day, Goldie Hawn was a blonde bombshell who got all the bubbly roles — and now, those types of roles go to her daughter, the stunning Kate Hudson. While many celebrities still totally love Goldie and admire her longevity in the industry and the fact that she's always got a positive attitude, we have to wonder what it feels like to see your daughter succeeding and getting the type of roles you used to get. Plus, fans of a certain generation definitely don't think of Kate Hudson as a celebrity's daughter — they just think of Goldie Hawn as the movie star Kate Hudson's mother. Many starlets with famous parents are always living in their shadow, so the fact that Kate became so successful is definitely impressive — and Goldie may just be the tiniest bit jealous of that success.

Sources: radaronline.com, usmagazine.com

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