• 16 Celeb Couples Who Had A Bundle Of Joy So Far In 2018 (& 15 Who Are Expecting)

    Even if you’re not a fan of celebrity culture, the one thing none of us can resist is the obsession with celebrity pregnancies and celebrity babies. Maybe it’s something about the fact that pregnancy and children are humanizing. We can look at them and say “wow, they’re just like us!”

    Or maybe it’s just the fact that the joy of new life is universal.

    Even though we don’t know these celebrity couples personally, we see their happiness and relate to a time when we had little ones joining us in the world. Whatever the reason, there’s something undeniably fascinating about following celebrity pregnancies and celebrity babies.

    Following a celebrity into parenthood used to be limited to gossip magazines and tabloids. But now, thanks to the internet, we can just follow our favorite celebs and keep up with all their major life events.  We celebrate with them. We fawn over their adorable pictures. We can actively participate.

    If you’re looking to participate some more, here are some celebrity couples who welcomed beautiful bundles of joy in 2018, and some who are expecting in 2019.

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    A Baby Girl For Cardi B And Offset
    via People Magazine

    One of the most talked about celebrity pregnancies of the year has to be Cardi B’s. The rapper was very open about her pregnancy on social media and, of course, the trolls came out to play. Cardi B was frequently told her that the baby would get in the way of her career and people went as low as to say that she wouldn’t make a good mother because of her lifestyle – especially after she was seen out at a club while pregnant.

    Of course, Cardi B fired back like the Queen that she is and sent the haters packing. She and her husband Offset celebrated the birth of her daughter Kulture this summer, and they shared their joy via Instagram the way Cardi loves to – with a semi-nude photo.

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    Expecting: Katherine Waterston
    via Extra TV

    The star of the Harry Potter spinoff, Fantastic Beasts, Katherine Waterston, just announced her pregnancy on the red carpet!

    At the premiere of The Crimes of Grindelwald, Waterston showed off her baby bump under a bright yellow dress. She was even seen with her hand over her stomach.

    Hint. Hint.

    Though she announced her pregnancy in a very public way, Waterston has remained quiet about the details, including the identity of her baby's father! Speculations swirled, but the actress has declined to comment.

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    A Baby Boy For Chrissy Teigen And John Legend
    via Yahoo.com

    Chrissy Teigen, aka the Queen of Twitter, has never been shy talking about pregnancy and parenting on the Internet. She and her husband, swoon-worthy singer John Legend, have been very open about their struggles to conceive. She underwent IVF in order to conceive her first child, little girl Luna.

    When she announced that she was pregnant with her second child in the cutest possible way – a video of Luna stroking her baby bump and saying “what’s in there?” – fans were overjoyed that the conception struggles seemed to be over for Teigen and Legend.

    Baby Miles, who didn’t have a name for almost a week after his birth, to the consternation of media everywhere, was born in May and Teigen has been gracing us with photos ever since.

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    Expecting: Conor McGregor And Dee Devlin
    via Independent.ie

    Conor McGregor has mostly been in the news this year for bad reasons – his out of the cage fights, his unending trash talk, and overall ridiculous antics.

    However, he and his long-term partner Dee Devlin made headlines for a much better reason just in time for Conor’s 30th birthday.

    They announced that they would be welcoming their second child sometime in early 2019. Devlin announced the pregnancy in a birthday post she made for McGregor in July writing:

    "Happy 30th birthday babe! Thank you for being you! Love you to bits from me, Conor jr and the bump,"

    So far, they haven’t announced the gender of their new baby, but fingers crossed they’ll have a daughter to balance out their son, Conor Jr., who was born in 2017.

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    A Baby Girl For Brigitte Nielsen And Mattia Dessi
    via All4Women.com

    Another celebrity pregnancy that got extra headlines this year was Brigitte Nielsen. The 54-year-old model and reality TV star amazed fans when she announced that she was pregnant with her fifth child.

    Though she has four children from past relationships, this is her first child with her husband Mattia Dessi.

    All of her previous children are in their twenties and thirties, so the news that the actress would be starting over with a newborn as an empty nester was a refreshing surprise.

    Their daughter Frida was born in June. Nielsen has not commented as to whether the pregnancy was the result of IVF treatments.

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    Expecting: Carrie Underwood And Mike Fisher
    via enews

    The past few years have been tough for country music superstar Carrie Underwood, especially in the pregnancy realm.

    The singer revealed that she had suffered multiple miscarriages in the past two years. Underwood spoke plainly about the horrible pain of continuously getting pregnant and then losing her babies.

    Women often don’t talk about miscarriage, so it’s great to see her use her platform to talk about such a heartbreaking and unfortunately common phenomenon.

    Luckily, this one is healthy and thriving! Speculation about the gender, which the couple has not revealed is rampant. A source close to the couple said they think it’s a girl. The couple is eagerly waiting to meet their second child any day now.

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    A Baby Boy For Yvonne Strahovski And Tim Loden
    via E! Online

    You might not recognize either of these names, but if you’ve watched the TV sensation, The Handmaid’s Tale, you’ll recognize Yvonne Strahovski.

    Though her character, Serena, couldn’t have children, Strahovski herself was actually pregnant during the filming.  She joked with the media that one of her odd, kind of gross pregnancy symptoms was that she was constantly salivating, which resulted in her having to carry cups around so she could spit in them off camera!

    Strahovski and her husband, photographer Tim Loden, welcomed their baby boy in October of this year and Strahovski says her “heart has been stolen.”

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    Expecting: Jessica Simpson And Eric Johnson
    via Page Six

    Jessica Simpson is no stranger to being the subject of celebrity pregnancy. She’s expected with husband Eric Johnson twice before, and each time the media has scrutinized her relentlessly.

    Unfortunately, instead of focusing on the joy of her upcoming motherhood, the emphasis has been on her weight gain. Simpson gained the admiration of many a woman when she vehemently clapped back at those criticizing her body.

    Now she and her husband are expecting their third baby in early 2019. She announced she was having a girl via Instagram through a post unveiling pink balloons.

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    A Baby Boy For Bode And Morgan Miller
    via Motherly

    The Millers’ story is about loss and healing.

    In early October they announced that their baby boy was born, but this news came only months after the tragic accident that killed their  19-month-old daughter.

    Emeline accidentally drowned in a pool earlier this year, while Morgan was five months pregnant, an event that brought the Millers into the spotlight of public reproach.

    They have since turned this negative attention on its head by raising awareness on the issue of child drowning.

    The Millers’ midwife revealed that the birth of their new boy has been crucial to their process.

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    Expecting: Rachel Platten And Kevin Lazan
    via The Bump

    Just like Jessica Simpson, Rachel Platten, who is expecting her first child with husband Kevin Lazan, is no stranger to being criticized for the way her body has changed during pregnancy... and by a friend no less!

    Platten discovered an Instagram comment disparaging her growing thighs and hips; and found that the user was someone she knew!

    Platten said that she cried for thirty minutes over the comment and then went on to speak out about how unacceptable it is to comment on a woman’s changing body ever... ever, but especially during pregnancy.

    Despite the haters, Platten has continued to share beautiful photos and relatable experiences about pregnancy with her fans via social media.

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    A Baby Girl For Rachel Weisz And Daniel Craig
    via Mirror

    James Bond is a brand new daddy! He and his wife, actress Rachel Weisz, had a baby girl in September. The couple both have children from their previous marriages, but this is their first child together.

    The couple is notoriously private, so they didn’t share much about their pregnancy but were seen out in NYC with their daughter in October.

    They both maintained a low profile and their daughter remained covered with a blanket to avoid paparazzi.

    Though they haven’t said much, they have both said that they are overjoyed to be starting a new parenting journey together.

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    Expecting: Taylor And Natalie Hanson
    via vip.de

    If you were a tween in the early 2000’s you definitely remember the Hanson brothers. Though they were essentially one-hit wonders, the Hansons made their impact on young girls everywhere.

    Today, Taylor Hanson and his wife Natalie are expecting their...wait for it...sixth child! They made the announcement by posting a wonderful picture of their entire family with a caption reading:

    “What’s better than being a dad of five? Perhaps being a dad of six…”

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    A Baby Boy For Claire Danes And Hugh Dancy
    via OK! Magazine

    These TV icons welcomed their second child in late August. The couple have a five-year son together and were able to give him a baby brother!

    While she was pregnant with her second son, Danes talked about how overjoyed she was to take some time off during the end of her pregnancy. When she was pregnant with  Cyrus, she worked into her eighth month of pregnancy, so she was relieved to have gotten some time off.

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    Expecting: Harry Shum Jr. And Shelby Rabara
    via Brides.com

    If you were a fan of Glee then you'll definitely recognize Harry Shum Jr. who played dancing king Mike Chang.

    Well, the Glee family is growing by at least one member in 2019!

    Shum and his wife, actress and dancer Shelby Rabara, announced on Instagram that they're expecting their first child together next year.

    Later that day, Rabara debuted her bump on the red carpet as she accompanied Shum to the E! People's Choice Awards. While her belly is barely visible right now,  she and Shum both held their hands over her stomach periodically throughout the evening.

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    A Baby Girl For Erika Christensen And Cole Maness
    via US Weekly

    These two certainly have a unique birthing story to share with their little one when she’s old enough to hear it.

    Their new daughter Polly, showed up a little early, so early in fact that the doctor didn’t even make it for her birth! Apparently, the couple underestimated how quickly the labor would go and called the doctor too late.

    Without a professional present, the task of delivering Polly fell to Maness himself! And the proud daddy did a great job!

    Both mom and baby were totally fine, and the family is overjoyed.

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    Expecting: Amy Schumer and Chris Fischer
    via The Blast

    Some celebs use their pregnancy announcements to draw attention to critical issues happening around the world and outspoken actress and activist Amy Schumer was no exception.

    In fact, her pregnancy announcement read as an afterthought.

    Schumer was asked by a friend in the media to share who’d she be voting for in the midterm elections as a way to educate people about the candidates in her area and at the very bottom of the post, Schumer revealed that she was pregnant.

    Obviously, the post garnered lots of attention for the election and her growing family. Very clever Amy, and congrats!

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    A New Little One For Diane Kruger And Norman Reedus
    via US Weekly
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    Everyone’s favorite zombie killer from The Walking Dead is a two-time daddy after the birth of his daughter with girlfriend, German-born actress and former model Diane Kruger.

    This is their first child together and Kruger's first stint at motherhood. Reedus has a teenaged son with his ex-wife, model Helena Christensen.

    Rumors swirled about the pregnancy at the Cannes Film Festival in May, when sources told Page Six that Kruger was avoiding alcohol and strategically favoring flowy materials to in her choice of clothing. The couple was also very private about the birth, not revealing the gender of the baby to the press.

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    Expecting: Jamie Dornan And Amelia Warner
    via Extra

    The actor of Fifty Shades of Grey and his wife, musician and actress Amelia Warner announced just last month that they are expecting their third child together. The couple have two daughters already, one of whom just celebrated turning at a disco-themed birthday party.

    Since announcing the pregnancy Dornan has really opened up to the media about how much he loves being a father. He has said it keeps him happy and healthy to be a provider for his two daughters and his wife.

    They haven’t yet revealed the gender of the baby, but are expected to soon. Maybe Dornan will finally have another male presence in the house!

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    A Baby Girl For Michael Buble And Luisana Lopilato
    via Motherly

    Ever wonder what it would be like to have the sultry tones of Michael Buble singing you lullabies?

    Well he’ll be singing a lot more now that his third child has been born! Buble and his wife, Argentinian actress and model Luisana Lopilato, welcomed a daughter to their family this year, their first girl. The couple confirmed the birth on Instagram, with an adorable shot of their daughter’s tiny hand.

    The couple have two sons together, Noah and Elias. Noah, who was diagnosed with liver cancer at age three, recently completed a successful course of treatment.

    It seems that the Buble/Lopilato family has a lot to celebrate this year!

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    Expecting: Benedict Cumberbatch And Sophie Hunter
    via Page Six

    Another Hollywood man about to be a father for the third time is Benedict Cumberbatch.

    His wife opera singer and director Sophie Hunter accompanied him to the Emmy’s earlier this year sporting an absolutely adorable baby bump under a gorgeous yellow and purple gown. The couple celebrated both Cumberbatch’s nomination and their upcoming birth with the world while on the red carpet.

    The couple already has two boys together. The first came soon after their Valentine’s Day wedding in 2015, and their second son was born last year, which means there are about to be three kiddos in the  Cumberbatch/Hunter home! That’s got to be one chaotic and happening household.

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    A Baby Girl For James And Kimberly Van Der Beek
    via People Magazine

    Nineties heartthrob and former Dawson’s Creek star, James Van Der Beek added one more member to his already large family this summer.

    He and his wife Kimberly announced the birth of their daughter Gweondolyn via Instagram in early June. James took the time to express his gratitude at the fact that his daughter arrived right before Father’s Day.

    He also took the opportunity to speak out against the family detention centers that were making headlines this summer. James used his platform to bring awareness to the issue and called on the government to end the seizing of immigrant children. A hottie and an activist – swoon.

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    Expecting: Lily Aldridge And Caleb Followill
    via Fox News

    Model Lily Aldridge and her musician/songwriter husband Caleb Followill have defined taking things slow, which is a rarity in Hollywood.

    The couple has been together for over a decade waiting four years into their marriage to have their first child together.

    Now, six years later, they've announced that they're expecting their second child in the New Year.

    Aldridge is adamant about not letting her pregnancy slow her down. In September, she walked the runway showing off her adorable five-month-old bump.

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    A Baby Girl For Yael Stone And Jack Manning Bancroft
    via Extra TV

    If you’re a fan of Orange is the New Black then you definitely have a soft spot for the beloved Lorna Morello.

    Her character on the show was pregnant last season and it turns out Stone was pregnant IRL as well!

    The couple announced that they were expecting in November of last year, shortly after they started dating.

    Stone graced us with multiple pictures of her baby bump, usually accompanied by a delightfully feminist message; they welcomed their daughter in June of this year and are ready to raise a strong, powerful woman, just like momma.

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    Expecting: Claire Holt And Andrew Joblon
    via Hollywood Life

    In March, Claire Holt shared with the world that she'd had a heartbreaking miscarriage. She bravely described the procedure she had to go through and honestly shared how painful the loss was and how much it had impacted her.

    Then in October, she and her husband, Andrew Joblon announced another pregnancy with a beautiful photo and a long caption about healing and loss.

    We're happy they got a second chance!

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    A Baby Boy For America Ferrera And Ryan Piers Williams
    via Perez Hilton

    Another activist mama and Superstore actress America Ferrera gave birth to a handsome boy this summer, who she’s named Sebastian.

    She and her husband announced their pregnancy on New Year’s Eve via an Instagram post, with a picture of her and Ryan wearing 2018 glasses and holding a onesie.

    When the baby arrived, she posted again; this time a picture of the baby's foot with a caption reading “happy, healthy, and totally in love.”

    This is Ferrera and Williams’ first child together. They have been together since 2010.

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    Expecting: Kelli Giddish And Lawrence Faulborn
    via Us Weekly

    Everyone’s favorite Law and Order: SVU Southern belle, Kelli Giddish, is going to be a mama for the second time!

    She and her husband Lawrence Faulborn are already the proud parents of a young son who they welcomed in October of 2015. Giddish debuted her baby bump on the red carpet at the Tribeca Film Festival this fall.

    Since Giddish is such a prominent character on the show, which is pretty much constantly filming, it’s expected that her pregnancy will be written in,  so be on the lookout for a pregnant Rollins!

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    A Baby Girl For Pete Wentz And Meagan Camper
    via People Magazine

    Unless you were a scene kid in the early 2000s (and there’s nothing wrong with that, she says as she sweeps back her side bangs), you probably know Pete Wentz as Ashlee Simpson’s ex.

    But the Fallout Boy singer has been up to a lot since those bad boy days, including making two beautiful children with his longtime girlfriend Meagan Camper.

    The couple welcomed their new daughter, Marvel Jane Wentz, in May of this year.

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    Expecting: Richard Gere And Alejandra Silva
    via US Magazine

    Richard Gere and his wife Alejandra Silver may have the coolest pregnancy announcement ever.

    The couple are both devout Buddhists, and they announced their pregnancy with a picture of the Dalai Lama blessing their unborn child.

    Silver joked that they couldn’t tell the world before they’d told the Dalai Lama.

    Gere and Silver were married in April, and have wasted no time in expanding their little family. This will be their first child together.

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    A Baby Boy For Jordin Sparks And Dana Isaiah
    via E! News

    Former American Idol star Jordin Sparks gave birth to her second child with husband Dana Sparks this spring. Sparks shared a picture of her son DJ, which is short for Dana Jr., after his father, on Instagram in early May.

    Sparks wasn’t shy about sharing her experience, maybe because she handled it like such a superwoman! She said that she was in and out of the center within four hours and she was on the red carpet for the Show Dogs premiere only three days later.

    Apparently Sparks has no time to let motherhood slow her down!

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    Expecting: Deena Nicole Cortese And Chris Buckner
    via People Magazine

    Jersey Shore star Deena Cortese is having a big year!

    In April, the Jersey Shore Family Vacation aired with a markedly different dynamic than it did before, especially because costars Snookie and JWow are both moms now. In fact, Deena was the only lady in the house who hadn’t left a child at home during filming.

    In July of this year, shortly after the episodes aired, Cortese took to Instagram to announce that she and Buckner are expecting in December.

    Soon she’ll join her Shore costars in motherhood! Can you even imagine what those play-dates will be like?

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    A Baby Girl for Kate Upton And Justin Verlander
    via NBC

    It’s an extra happy year for the Upton family. Not only did Kate and Justin welcome their first child together, a baby girl, but her sister is pregnant as well!

    The couple announced their pregnancy in July with a picture of Upton looking stylish, as always, on the balcony of a Miami hotel, with the hashtag #pregnantinmiami.

    Since then, Upton has shared a lot about what pregnancy has been like and the unique experience of being pregnant at the same time as her sister. She says they compare notes about their symptoms.

    Upton announced their daughter's birth on Instagram with an adorable black and white photo and the caption, "Genevieve Upton Verlander 11.7.18."

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