16 Celeb Couples We Forgot Ever Dated (+ 4 Most Low-Key Breakups)

The media loves to obsess over celebrity relationships. Every magazine cover and online news article seems to boast headlines in big bold letters about the most recent celebrity split. While it seems that, regardless of where we look, we can't get away from celebrity drama, there are also many couples we've completely forgotten ever dated!

Some celebrity couples were so bizarre, it seems we've all agreed to collectively block it out of our memories. Others were so short-lived that no one even realized they happened. Meanwhile, some famous couples managed to hide from the mainstream media and keep their relationships on the DL.

There are very few celebrity couples that are able to do this; however, those that do often manage to stay out of the tabloids when they call it quits. Since interviewers are not constantly asking about their relationship, they're able to be sly and let their relationship silently fade.

Anyone who loves unlikely celebrity couples or is obsessed with knowing absolutely everything that goes on in Hollywood needs to read on. We're here to remind celebrity fans about all the relationships they never knew about. Fans will certainly be surprised to find out who's dating and who's no longer together! Excited? Time to spill some tea!

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20 We Forgot Dated: Tom Cruise & Cher


The '80s were an interesting time. So interesting that we all somehow missed out on the fact that Tom Cruise and Cher actually dated. National Post wrote an article about this baffling news when Cher spoke about the relationship in a 2018 interview. The two met at Sean Penn's wedding in '85. Cher first spoke about the fling in 2013, but it somehow stayed under wraps for quite a while.

Tom Cruise is actually 16 years younger than Cher but still managed to rank in Cher's top five best lovers (per Marie Claire)... Um, okay. Don't worry, we're all just as surprised as you are that we missed this unlikely couple.

19 We Forgot Dated: Janet Jackson & Matthew McConaughey


It's always funny to think of all the celebrity relationships that happen without us fans knowing. Well, we were quite surprised when we heard Matthew McConaughey admitted to dating the very famous Jackson sister, Janet. There's no doubt about it; from Penelope Cruz to Camila Alves, Matthew McConaughey has dated a lot of women—but we had no idea Janet Jackson was one of them.

Matthew admitted to taking Janet out to dinner one night but also claimed that the relationship didn't go much further than that. We're not quite convinced that their relationship ended there though—are you? After all, if they had that "one date," what else could they have kept on the DL?

18 We Forgot Dated: Courteney Cox & Michael Keaton


Yes, you read that correctly! Our beloved Friends star Courtney Cox dated Batman! While many celebrity relationships stay under the radar because of how short-lived they are, this duo actually dated for six years! E Online mentioned the couple in an article about surprising star couples and quoted Courtney Cox as stating that this was one of the most "important relationships" she's ever had.

It's interesting to think that they remained so low-key despite how serious the relationship seemed. Rumors actually began sparking in 2015 that the duo was back together, however, Courtney Cox very quickly denied this claim. Really, guys? We'd be all over it!

17 We Forgot Dated: Kim Kardashian & Nick Cannon


This is a relationship that most of us would've probably completely forgotten about, had it not been for Nick Cannon constantly bringing it up. The two dated before Kim Kardashian was truly Kim Kardashian. At the time, she was still Paris Hilton's assistant!

The couple split after Kim's issues with Ray J, but we're sure that Kim didn't mind, considering it jumpstarted her fame. Cannon started many rumors about Kim, even suggesting that she released a private tape herself ( despite denying it), which didn't help the couples' messy breakup (according to Life and Style Mag). This is definitely one relationship we all want to forget!

16 We Forgot Dated: Jared Leto & Cameron Diaz


Cameron Diaz has confused fans quite a few times in the past, but we're surprised this one was so low-key. Diaz dated actor and 30 Seconds to Mars rockstar Jared Leto in the '90s. The couple dated from 1999 to 2003 and even got engaged in the 2000s (per Popsugar). Unfortunately, the two called it quits a few years later before they had the chance to tie the knot.

Jared Leto notoriously has had dozens of famous girlfriends, however, we just couldn't believe Cameron Diaz was one of them! Cameron dated several others after their split, including Justin Timberlake, Alex Rodriguez and of course, Benji Madden.

15 We Forgot Dated: Jenna Dewan & Justin Timberlake


Jenna Dewan is often in the news today because of her recent split from Channing Tatum. But she has also had several famous beaus in her past as well, one of them being Justin Timberlake. Jenna Dewan admitted on Live with Andy Cohen that she dated Justin Timberlake for a brief period of time after his breakup with Britney Spears.

The two met through work, as Jenna was Justin's back up dancer! In her interview with Cohen, she stressed that the relationship was short-lived and insisted that despite the timing, she was not Justin's rebound (as told to Marie Claire). Is anyone convinced by this claim?

14 We Forgot Dated: Natalie Portman & Jake Gyllenhaal


Jake Gyllenhaal's relationship with Natalie Portman is one that not many know about. Sources claim that the two dated in 2002 before trying again in 2006 (per The Whisp). While it's not quite clear what made these two call it quits, Jake's subtle jabs at Natalie's veganism led fans to believe this is what made the two end it.

He had previously joked that because Natalie stuck to a vegan meal plan, it was nearly impossible to decide where to eat. This definitely sounds like a problem of the past... very 2006! Who knows, maybe the two could make it work in our much more modern society.

13 We Forgot Dated: Jennifer Lopez & Diddy


Jennifer Lopez is a name everyone knows today, but in 1999 she was working on her first album and was nowhere near as famous. Not many remember, but JLO actually dated Diddy from 1999 until 2001 (per People). They attended the 2000 Grammys together where JLO wore her famously erm... proportioned... green dress.

The two called it quits 1 later and JLO later revealed that they ended it because of Diddy's lack of commitment to the union. Oprah Mag states that the couple actually ended things on Valentine's Day... ouch! JLO later told Vibe that this was the very first time she was ever on the receiving end of a bad breakup. We hope it was also the last!

12 We Forgot Dated: Sandra Bullock & Ryan Gosling


In 2002, Sandra Bullock and Ryan Gosling starred in a thriller together, which quickly led to a relationship. They began appearing at red carpets and movie premieres together, leading fans to believe they were dating. Sandra Bullock was actually 16 years older than Ryan Gosling, but this did not cause any major drama.

Bullock stated in later interviews that they had a great relationship and that Gosling helped her chill, but that their jobs made them have to call it quits (per Mamamia). Gosling now has two beautiful daughters with Eva Mendes and Bullock has two adoptive children with Bryan Randall, so it seems things turned out in both their respective favors!

11 We Forgot Dated: Madonna & Michael Jackson


Confused? We don't blame you whatsoever! In 2013, Buzzfeed published an article about this incredibly unlikely duo's one week of romance. In 1991, Madonna attended the 63rd Academy Awards with Michael Jackson as her date! The entire world was stunned. For the week following that date, the two were photographed at parties and having dinner.

People Magazine suggests that this entire romance was simply a publicity stunt, however, Madonna quite graphically insists that much more went on. This duo was made up of the two most eccentric and famous pop stars of all time—it's almost too weird to be true.

10 We Forgot Dated: Bradley Cooper & Renee Zellweger


This pair met on the set of a movie they filmed in 2006 entitled Case 39. This sparked their relationship, which began in 2009 and surprisingly lasted until 2011 (according to Elle)! The couple was very private about their relationship and was hesitant to speak to the press about their romance.

While it's unclear exactly why their relationship ended, sources speculate that Cooper's job is what broke them up. As The Hangover star became increasingly famous, he had to make a choice between love and success and it's clear which of the two he picked. Of course, he's having better luck in love lately anyhow.

9 We Forgot Dated: Seal & Tyra Banks


Seal has quite the track record of dating beautiful models. He famously dated and married Heidi Klum, and that lasted seven years. However, the couple split in 2012. In the '90s, though, Seal dated another famous model: Tyra Banks! Their relationship was very short-lived and was mostly forgotten.

Funny enough, in between dating Banks and Klum, Seal dated model Tatian Patitz for six years! He's definitely what The Telegraph considers a "modelizer." Patitz claimed that Seal had a bad temper and some serious anger issues and it led to their breakup. Rumors suggest that similar issues led to their split between him and Klum (per Daily Mail).

8 We Forgot Dated: Millie Bobby Brown and Jacob Sartorius


Ok, this one is quite baffling! Mille Bobbie Brown recently rose to fame after her role as Eleven in the Netflix Original Show Stranger Things. She became quite popular and even grew famous friendships with celebrities like Drake! Well, apparently, Brown began dating musician Jacob Sartorius. Their relationship lasted seven months before the couple revealed to their social media followers that they had split.

While some fans were surprised to hear they broke up, most were even more surprised to hear that they were dating in the first place! Her friendship with Drake was surely more famous than her actual relationship. Oh, young love!

7 We Forgot Dated: Johnny Depp & Jennifer Grey


Johnny Depp has quite the track record with women and it's not easy to keep up with his numerous relationships. He's dated endless A-List celebrities like Winona Ryder, Sherilyn Fenn, Lori Anne Allison and so many more. It's not surprising that we missed out on a few, including his brief romance with Dirty Dancing star Jennifer Grey.

Despite their relationship being more of a fling, Depp impulsively asked Grey to marry him! The two apparently dated for only a year before calling it quits (per People). Depp and Grey never confirmed all these rumors, but they also never denied them!

6 We Forgot Dated: Sofia Vergara & Enrique Iglesias


The '90s were a very different time! Today, when we think of Enrique Iglesias we automatically think of his long-term relationship with former tennis player Anna Kournikova. However, in the early '90s, Enrique Iglesias actually dated Sofia Vergara! The couple broke up after three years of dating in 2000. They were a very popular item at the time but were also very quickly forgotten.

After her relationship with Iglesias, Vergara went on to date Joe Manganiello (Wikipedia). The couple dated for six months before getting engaged and married in 2015. It seems as though both Iglesias and Vergara have moved on from their early romance.

5 We Forgot Dated: Madonna & Vanilla Ice


Madonna sure has a thing for choosing boyfriends that rouse lots of media attention and surprise from fans. Her eight-month long relationship with Vanilla Ice was no different, of course. Surprisingly, the gossip from this 1991 relationship disappeared quickly and is pretty much forgotten today.

Vanilla Ice claims the relationship ended because he disapproved of and was disappointed with a certain book Madonna published in the '90s. Despite their disagreement, the former couple seems to be on good terms, with Vanilla Ice repeatedly saying nice things about the pop icon. It's crazy to think how we all forgot about this one!

4 Low-Key Breakup: Ryan Reynolds & Alanis Morrisette


Not many people remember that Ryan Renolds and Alanis Morrisette actually dated in the early 200os for two years! The couple was actually engaged before they broke it off. The two managed to keep this break up out of the public eye, making it one the most low-key breakups ever.

Several years after the breakup, Morisette revealed some details to Access Hollywood. She was completely torn and actually wrote songs about the split. It's not clear what sparked their breakup as Morisette vaguely placed blame on their different values. Sadly, two months after their breakup, Reynolds began dating Scarlett Johansson and turned all the attention on his new relationship.

3 Low-Key Breakup: Alexis Bledel & Milo Ventimiglia


This Is Us fans will be astonished to learn that beloved Milo Ventimiglia actually dated Gilmore Girls star Alexis Bledel. Ventimiglia played Jess Mariano, Bledel's love interest on the show, which wound up morphing into an off-screen romance! The two dated for almost four years before calling it quits, according to Elle.

The breakup was quite awkward by all accounts, as the two had to keep working together on Gilmore Girls and act as an on-screen couple after their split. Their on-screen romance most likely took all the attention off their recent split—fooling fans—and made it a very hush-hush break up.

2 Low-Key Breakup: Mac Miller & Ariana Grande


This has been quite the chaotic year for Ariana Grande. Her name has been in the news so many reasons and it seems that some things were simply just forgotten. The couple dated from 2016 until 2018, when Mac's struggle with sobriety forced Grande to end it. While the news upset fans, her quick transition to dating Pete Davidson baffled fans and turned all the focus to this new romance.

The drama around the break up quickly shifted to being focused on her new relationship, engagement, and then split from Pete. Mac Miller, who recently passed, has in no way been forgotten by fans or Grande, but their breakup lost the spotlight to Grande's next love.

1 Low-Key Breakup: Kourtney Kardashian & Younes Bendjima


Kourtney Kardashian's on-and-off relationship with Scott Disick captivated Keeping Up with the Kardashians fans everywhere, but every relationship she's had outside of that one seems to have bored fans entirely. Kourt recently began dating Younes Bendjima, a much younger model. The couple looked great together, sure, but they split up after two years of dating in the summer of 2018 (per E Online).

Kourtney did not seem to want to draw any attention to the split and she did so successfully, as it was mostly hidden from tabloids and gossip channels. As most Kardashian gossip, the whole thing blew over fairly quickly and was really no big deal.

Sources: E Online, Elle, Marie Claire, Popsugar, Wikipedia, Daily Mail

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