16 Breathtaking Celebrities That Are Pisces Women

The transition into the warm spring months from the cold winter months is one of our favorites. The grass gets greener, the birds chirp louder, the nights are longer, and the hope for summer is real because it is seemingly just around the corner. This transition also brings us holidays like Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, April Fool's Day, and Easter. It also brings us the time of the Pisces, as their birthdays range from February 19-March 20.

During this period we celebrate the people that wear their hearts on their sleeves, that use their heart as their compass, and never apologize for feeling everything so fully. They know how to articulate their emotions, know how to relate to others and make them feel better, and know how to bond emotionally like no other zodiac. Their zodiac sisters are Cancer and Scorpio-- and rightfully so.

Below, we celebrate the Pisces women that we know and love: the sultry and feminine celebrities that do all of these things in the public eye. You'll see female superstar Carrie Underwood, Charlie's Angels star Drew Barrymore, and big screen big wig Emily Blunt. Read on to see how they rose to fame and just how Piscean they really are!

16 Eva Mendes: Hitch'd

Born March 5th in Miami, Mendes is best known for her acting chops, the talent that landed her incredible roles and even allowed her to meet her future husband and baby daddy, Ryan Gosling! Her start happened in 2001 when she starred in back to back roles in Exit Wounds and Training Day (alongside Denzel Washington). Then, in 2003, she starred in 2 Fast 2 Furious and really put her name on the map. She went on to nab lead roles in Hitch with Will Smith, Ghost Rider with Nicholas Cage, and The Place Beyond the Pines with Ryan Gosling in 2012. The two started dating in 2011 while filming this thriller and welcomed a daughter in September 2014. Just two years later, they welcomed another daughter. We bet this Piscean lady is a sensitive, sweet, and supportive momma!

15 Alexandra Daddario: Beach Babe

Born March 16th in 1986, Daddario still doesn't look a day over 25 (if not younger)! She has been acting for almost 15 years but splashed across Hollywood first in 2010 as Annabeth in the Percy Jackson movies. Daddario's breakout role, however, was in 2017 when she starred as Summer in Baywatch alongside Zach Efron and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Now, she has multiple movies in the cue ready to make her a leading lady. Daddario has been known to say many things, however, she once said: "I am a combination between extreme insecurity and extreme confidence." This shows her true Piscean roots, as Pisces tend to feel everything extremely and fully. Plus, many Pisces struggle with identity and self-reassurance, usually because they are selfless and always worried about others. Those Pisces celebs; they're just like us!

14 Jessica Biel: Hot March Momma

Biel is a household name for many roles and many reasons. She gave us grace as Mary Camden in 7th Heaven, she gave us romance alongside Freddie Prince Jr. in Summer Catch, and she gave us fierce femme fatale in The A-Team. After taking a break from major Hollywood roles, Biel got married to Justin Timberlake in Southern Italy in late 2012. Then, just a few years later in spring 2015, Biel had their first child, a son (no big deal, right?). Born March 3, Biel is known to be kind, graceful, and always connected to her emotions. Sounds like a Pisces! Most recently, her work on the mini-series The Sinner on USA put her back on the Hollywood map! This year, Biel turns 36-- and we can't wait to see what other roles she comes out with!

13 Arielle Kebbel: Fifty Shades of Fierce

Kebbel was just seen on the big screen in Fifty Shades Freed, as the architect that designs Ana and Christian's new house and as the drama queen that hits on Christian in front of his new wife (don't worry, she get's put in check). She is known for other roles as well in Gilmore Girls, John Tucker Must Die, and the new hit show Midnight, Texas. She has a quote that certainly shows her Piscean ways, as she was born February 19th: "I want someone who can respectfully challenge me. I know what I believe, so there's no point in my taking on a relationship with someone who thinks like me or laughs at what I laugh at. I enjoy being with someone who can offer me the opposite." In this sense, it shows Kebbel is completely attached and in tune with her emotions.

12 Emily Blunt: The Girl On The (Steamy) Train

Born on February 23, 1983 in London, Emily Blunt rose to fame for many incredible roles that showcase her talent quite well. Her first big role was as the annoying assistant, Emily, in The Devil Wears Prada alongside Anne Hathaway and Meryl Streep. She has gone on to make a name for herself on the big screen with roles in Looper, Edge of Tomorrow, Into the Woods, and The Girl on the Train which many believe was her best role yet. In 2010, she married fellow actor John Krasinski whom she met on the set of The Office. Blunt is known to be a great plan-maker, incredibly organized, and nicer than nice. She is one of those creative Pisces, as we see with her many varying roles.

11 Connie Britton: Call 9-1-1

Fierce red head Connie Britton turned fifty, that's right folks, fifty years old last year on March 6! She started acting in her late 30s, but has made a great name for herself not only as a talented actor but as a kind, loving, empathetic, and graceful person, showing her true Pisces roots. She starred on Spin City with Michael J. Fox before really making it big with her Friday Night Lights role as Tami Taylor. She moved on to the incredibly popular American Horror Story as well as fan-favorite Nashville, where she starred as Rayna Jaymes, a famous country music superstar that has personal as well as professional changes and ups and downs. She has landed most recently on Fox's new hit series 9-1-1. 

10 Laura Prepon: Pisces Is The New Black

Laura Prepon is a classic Pisces, always expressing her thoughts and opinions through her emotions and following her heart no matter who it upsets. Born on March 7th in 1980, Prepon will turn 38 this year after getting engaged and welcoming a child last year in the summertime. Back in 1998, a red-headed Prepon starred as Donna on a now-cult classic That '70s Show. She kept quiet after that ended in 2006, taking small guest arcs and roles here and there. Then, in 2013, a new Netflix show came out called Orange Is the New Black-- and just like that Prepon was put back in the spotlight as feisty and fierce prisoner Alex Vause. Her birthday is coming up soon, so make sure to give her well wishes!

9 Carrie Underwood: March Babe Telling Her Story

Our favorite country superstar was born on March 10, 1984. She will be turning 35 in just a few weeks, probably celebrating with her hockey husband Mike Fisher and their son, Isaiah, who they welcomed in early 2014. Underwood made her start on the hit reality show American Idol in 2004 winning season four. She has gone on to be arguably one of that show's biggest success stories, as well as one of country music's biggest stars of our time. Some of her hit songs include Before He Cheats, Last Name, Cowboy Casanova, Good Girl, Smoke Break, and Something In the Water, among several others. (Can you tell we're huge fans?!) Spoken like a true Pisces, Underwood states: "We're all different. That's what makes us special. We have to love each other and get on with each other. It's not up to me to judge anybody."

8 Sophie Turner: Winter Is Coming

Winter is coming for one of our favorite Game of Thrones stars, a Pisces girl: Sophie Turner! Born on February 21, Sophie will turn twenty-three years old in just a few days. Best known for her role as Sansa Stark starting in 2011, Sophie has spread her wings just enough to really start making a name for herself. She has also starred in the huge blockbuster movie X-Men: Apocalypse as Jean Grey, alongside acting greats like Jennifer Lawrence, James McAvoy, Olivia Munn, and Michael Fassbender. She has a sequel coming out in 2018, X-Men: Dark Phoenix which is heavily based on her character with three other movies in the cue ready to make her a Pisces super star! Rumor has it, Turner is a fierce and driven woman that is always professional and open about what she wants. That sounds like a Pisces girl to me!

7 Kate Mara: Gorgeous In Grey

Kate Mara is a Pisces girl that was born on February 27, 1983, in Bedford, New York, just a few towns away from the big bad city. She was born into a famous family, as her father was an NFL executive. Her little sister, Rooney, is also a famous actress. Mara got her start in the acting world as Summer Jones in the 2006 movie Zoom. She went on to star in We Are Marshall, 24, Shooter,127 Hours, and American Horror Story. She most recently returned to the big screen in movies like Fantastic Four and The Martian. In 2017, you could say she had a breakout role in the movie Megan Leavey as she nabbed the lead role, allowing her to show off her emotional Pisces acting chops!

6 Drew Barrymore: Charlie's Angel, Indeed

Drew Barrymore is one of the most famous stars on this list! Born on February 22 in 1975, Barrymore will turn forty-four any day now. She is a true Pisces, as she is always very open and honest about her feelings toward the world whether it be in an interview or on her social media accounts. She made it big with her role in E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial in 1982 (she was just seven years old!). As she grew, she did have a difficult time with narcotics and alcohol, but luckily grew out of that and got back to work making a name for herself on the big screen. She has starred in major movies like The Wedding Singer, Never Been Kissed, Charlie's Angels, Riding in Cars with Boys, 50 First Dates, Going the Distance, and Blended. Most recently our favorite Pisces girl stars in the Netflix show Santa Clarita Diet.

5 Olivia Wilde: March Madness Momma

Olivia Wilde is the sexy, steamy Pisces star that we love so dearly! Born on March 10 (similar to several others on our list), she will turn thirty four in a few weeks. This Pisces girl is incredibly fierce, always standing her ground and being honest about her emotions, no matter the cost. Wilde made her start as Alex on The O.C. in 2004 and then changed her focus to the big screen with movies like Alpha Dog, Turistas, and Tron: Legacy. In 2007, she returned to television in House as a great doctor. Most recently, she has starred in The Lazarus Effect. Something else worth noting about Wilde? She is very vocal about politics on her social media account, so if you ever need to know how she feels, you know where to look!

4 Emily Osment: All Grown Up

Also born on March 10th, this Pisces girl was born in 1992. In so little time, Osment will be turning twenty six! With such a small amount of years under her belt, she still has made a great name for herself in the acting world. Her most notable roles include Gerti Giggles in the Spy Kids movies, Lilly in Hannah Montana, and Gabi in Young & Hungry. Emily is known to take time growing and expanding her creative side: "I love to play the guitar. I also love photography and fashion." As we know, Pisces are the most imaginative and creative signs in the zodiac. Furthermore, she believes that everyone should have enough space in their lives to truly be themselves, another Pisces thought as Pisces tend to want to follow their hearts and be true to who they are.

3 Jennifer Love Hewitt: The Client List's Beautiful Lead

Jennifer Love Hewitt has been around for decades. Born in 1979, the February 21st babe will turn thirty nine this year! She is best known for her roles in I Know What You Did Last Summer, Can't Hardly Wait, I Still Know What You Did Last Summer, and Party of Five-- and that was all before the year 2000! Most recently she starred in shows like Ghost Whisperer and The Client List. Now, she takes more time to spend with her husband, Brian Halsay, and their two children. We'll leave you with this Pisces classic quote: "I'm a hopeless romantic. I love love. My middle name is Love. Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday. I want to have a family and children. I am a sucker for every romantic comedy that comes out."

2 Ali Larter: She Is The Sultry And Steamy Final Destination

Ali Larter is a household name, like many of our Pisces girls on this list. She is known for taking quirky and different roles, expanding that creativity which Pisces women just love to do. Born on February 28, Larter will turn forty two this year. Her big break came in 1999 when she nabbed three incredible roles in movies Varsity Blues, Drive Me Crazy, and House on Haunted Hill. The next two years she starred in blockbuster hits Final Destination and Legally Blonde. After making a name for herself, she took a break before returning to movies to challenge herself with new roles like Lisa in Obsessed and Claire in Resident Evil: Extinction. She also starred in Heroes alongside names like Milo Ventimiglia and Hayden Panitierre.

1 Lauren Graham: Gilmore Girl, Pisces Pal

One of our favorite Pisces girls, Lauren Graham is best known for her role as Lorelai Gilmore in the hit TV show Gilmore Girls which ran from 2000-2007 before returning in 2016 with a four-part mini-series. Born March 16th in 1967, Graham will turn fifty-one in just a few short weeks. Honestly, we are shocked, as she doesn't look a day over forty! Other roles she is known for include hit movies like The Pacifier, Because I Said So, and Evan Almighty. Graham is a classic Pisces girl, opening up to all she knows and being honest without causing mayhem. We will leave you with this intelligent quote from her: "The thing you must really do . . . is bring yourself to everything you do - you can't try to be anybody else."

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