16 Beauty Hacks For Lazy Women

You stumble into your room at midnight, knowing full well that you need to get up at 6 AM to get ready for work. You crawl into bed, clothes from the day still on, not caring about the makeup that is still on your face or the bobby pins stuck in your hair. It feels like you have only just closed your eyes and the alarm clock goes off. You hit the snooze button over and over again until finally it dawns on you, through the morning grog, that you only have fifteen minutes left to get ready for work. You roll out of bed and shuffle your feet into the bathroom. Your regular routine would take a full hour. You brush your hair back into a ponytail and grab some makeup to stuff into your purse. You'll put your makeup on during the drive to work.

Come evening, you are back at home. You plant your butt on the sofa and turn on the TV. Too lazy to move, let alone work on your beauty routine, you spend the rest of the evening flicking through the channels until you pass out on the sofa.

Is every day like this? Here are some beauty hacks for the lazy, or for those who are short on time, so that you can squeeze in a little "you" time into your busy routine.

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16 Hide Chipped Nail Polish

Is your manicure looking old already? Don't feel like redoing your chipped nail polish? Get another day or two out of your nails by putting on a coating of glitter nail polish. The glitter will hide your new nail growth and chipped nail polish until you have the time to either do your nails yourself or visit the local nail salon.

15 Washing Your Bangs


A favorite go-to hack for those mornings when you get up and don't feel like washing your hair. If your hair needs a washing, and your bangs look a bit stringy, shampoo just your bangs in the sink. If you are still going to take a shower, pull your hair back in a bun, but keep your bangs down and free. Wash your bangs but don't bother washing the bun. After you get out of the shower, let your hair down and blow dry it. Your hair will look fresh and clean.

14 Easy Peasy Dry Feet Treatment


You have really dry feet, but you just don't feel like fussing with a foot soak, epsom salts, and a pumice stone. For a quick foot treatment, apply a heavy moisturizer or petroleum jelly onto clean feet before you go to bed. Put on a pair of socks after applying the moisturizer and leave them on until morning. Your feet will feel so much better the next day. This is also a great treatment to help heal cracked foot heels if done every night.

13 Scarf It


Sometimes you just don't feel like messing with your hair. Other times, you are in a rush and don't have the time to fiddle with the frizz. Instead of enduring another bad hair day, take to using a scarf. You can use a scarf as a head band or wrap it around your head as a cool turban.

12 Overnight Braids


To cut back on the time you spend curling or adding body to your hair in the morning, braid it the night before. Loosely braid your hair into two braids and sleep on it. If you want major hair waves, make the braids tighter. Undo the braids in the morning and give your tresses a fluff and a toss. Get that natural beach look with hardly any effort!

11 Bun It


Practice putting your hair into a bun. Buns are a fun, easy hairstyle that you can twist up at any time. Just grab a few bobby pins and hair ties and follow some of the great online tutorials! Buns can cut your morning hairstyling routine down to just a minute or two.

10 Take Showers at Night

If you constantly find yourself out of time in the mornings, change up your showering routine. Take a shower at night when you have more time to wash your hair. Afterwards, apply a full body moisturizer and loosely braid your hair. In the morning, undo the braids and quickly style your hair. Apply makeup and you are ready to go!

9 Skip the Mascara


Morning rushes are filled with disasters. Forgeting things, spilling coffee, smudging your freshly applied eye makeup... Remove one of these possible disasters to make life a bit easier by skipping the mascara! Instead, apply a light coating of petroleum jelly to your lashes. It is a favorite trick for many women who want their eyelashes to look thicker, but don't want the smudge. My personal favorite is to use coconut oil on my eyelashes because it gives them a natural shine and helps them grow in fuller.

8 Brush Your Teeth in the Shower

If you are going to shower in the morning, you may as well make use of every second in there. After applying your hair conditioner, use the wait time to brush your teeth and shave your armpits. Rinse your hair and step out of the shower with a clean body and a fresh mouth. It's the perfect way to jump into your next morning routine.

7 Quick Dry Your Skin Toner

When you are in a rush or when you simply do not feel like standing in front of the bathroom mirror, speed things up with the hairdryer. Toner is one of those products that is great for the skin but seems to take forever to dry when you are in a rush. To speed things up, apply your face toner and then dry your face with your blow dryer set to cool. Resist drying your face using the warm or hot setting as it will dry out your skin, which can make it very itchy.

6 Organize Your Makeup


To make life lazier, you need to do a bit of work beforehand. One bit of work we all need to do is organize our makeup and beauty products. First, go through everything you have and toss out anything that is old or untouched in the past three months. When you are done, organize your makeup so that it is all in one place. Make go-to products easy to find so that you can grab them quickly when you are in a rush. This will save you time in the mornings as you scramble around to get to work on time.

5 Blow Dry Last

Save blow drying your hair for last. Apply your moisturizer and makeup first. Have breakfast. When you are finally finished with everything else, blow drying your hair will only take a moment or two as your hair will already be nearly dry. This will also cut down on hair damage from the blow dryer.

4 Plan Outfits for the Week

Do your laundry on the weekend, and plan out your outfits for the week. Planning outfits ahead of time is a huge time saver. It'll let you be lazier than normal in the mornings.

3 Use Dry Shampoo


Some cornstarch or baby powder before bed will soak up any excess oil on your scalp as you sleep. Another easy solution is to simply buy some dry shampoo for your hair. It is great for those days when you have overslept and don't have time for a full fledged shower.

2 Lipstick All Over


Doing the same makeup routine every day is boring and there are just some mornings when you do not feel like going through all the motions of applying gobs of makeup. Instead, grab your favorite lipstick and apply it to your lips, cheeks and eyes. Make sure to blend it well if you apply it to your cheeks and eyes. You should have a fresh looking face in about 3 minutes. You just saved yourself time and energy with this simple beauty hack.

1 Keep Face Wipes By Your Bed


If you find yourself not washing off your makeup before going to bed, simply keep a packet of face wipes by your bed. When you get home late at night and can't find the energy to scooch your butt to the bathroom, you can always flop down on your bed, reach for a wipe, and clean off your face.

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