16 Beautiful Pics Of Jenelle Evans And Farrah Abraham From Teen Mom

You’ve heard of Jenelle Evans and Farrah Abraham. They are all over MTV because of Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2. Their drama is splashed all over the tabloid news; you basically can’t avoid them. Whether they are fighting against each other, battling their mothers, getting artificial beauty enhancements, going to rehab, or even facing difficult personal issues, they are always in celeb magazines. Both of them draw in the drama, and most viewers can't help but love to hate them. Farrah tends to not be liked because of her promiscuous past and career choices, and Jenelle is not a fan favorite because of her struggles with temptation, but both have equally gotten on viewers' nerves because of their terrible behavior towards their mothers.

It seems like wherever you turn, both of them are getting into some sort of trouble or fighting in some kind of battle. But you have to admit that they keep the show pretty interesting. When comparing both of them, you can see that they aren’t all that different from each other, although they completely can’t stand each other. So we did exactly that. Take a look at these top pics of Jenelle and Farrah, and see what you think!

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16 Farrah Looking Flashy And Fashionable

Farrah looks so sweet when she actually makes an effort to not look scandalous. This swimsuit actually looks modest for her usual taste. In fact, Farrah actually looks like she could pass for a mother in this picture, believe it or not. Sophia would look back at this picture and actually feel proud of her mom for looking so pretty without all of the adult products by her side.

Goodness knows why Farrah has the need to have so much attention on her all of the time, but she does. It is just kind of sad that she tends to rely on tasteless drama and scandal in order to get her fame. She should just mellow out more and wear fashionable clothing rather than make a complete spectacle of herself.

15 Jenelle Looking Fierce In Her Bright-Colored Bikini

Jenelle has a totally different look from Farrah; she is a lot fiercer. She rocks bright colors and boasts her tattoos without shame. But why shouldn't she? Just like Farrah, Jenelle looks really nice in this picture, it’s too bad she insists on always causing so much trouble and drama all of the time. All of the substances lack of care for her children is actually pretty sad.

Jenelle has a lot of growing up to do, as we have seen on Teen Mom 2, although she doesn’t think so. For starters, she often dumps her kids off with her mom, Barbara, while she runs off to have a good time with her various boyfriends. Usually, this isn't suggested as a great environment for a baby, let alone three babies.

14 Farrah Getting A Beach Side Shot

It seems that Farrah spends a lot of time at the seaside, but where is Sophia? Probably under the careful watch of her mother who she does not treat very well at all. Farrah is often seen on TV giving her mother a hard time, and it is really sad. Her mom can be a little much, but all she really tries to do is help. Farrah really freaks out at her on the regular, and it is completely disrespectful to the woman that cared for her growing up.

Not to mention that she literally hates her mother’s boyfriend. Sure, he might have his issues, but that doesn’t mean she should treat him with such disrespect. It makes everyone feel uncomfortable. Plus, what example is that setting for Sophia? Not really a good one...

13 Jenelle Posing For With The Waves As Her Backdrop

Just like Farrah, Jenelle likes to hit the beach a lot too—sans kids. Man, these two are lucky that they have nice mothers that will take on the responsibility of their children while they run around having a good time. Not many parents will do that. Perhaps she should have thought about giving up her freedom before she had three kids because it’s not really fair to her mom. Having a baby changes your whole world—it’s not for the faint of heart that is for sure.

It seems like Jenelle just wasn’t ready to have kids in all honesty. Kids are a big responsibility, and they aren’t just a cool thing to have, which Jenelle doesn’t seem to understand. She should really perhaps consider that before having any more kids.

12 Farrah Is Ready For Her Close Up

Who would think that Farrah is such a troublemaker when you see pictures like this? She looks so sweet and innocent. She actually has been in the middle of many feuds with her castmates including Jenelle Evans over pretty petty stuff. In fact, Jenelle and Farrah have had a pretty long battle going on over botched plastic procedures and the fact that Farrah made the MTV crew use Porta-Potties while they were filming at her house (see what I mean, petty).

Of course, neither of them could let the battle go, so they went back and forth on Twitter eventually deleting each other like adults (not). Then when hitting the VMAs together, they were as cordial as they could be, making people think the battle was over, but nope. Far from it. Of course, they took to their Twitters and ripped the battle wide open again.

11 Jenelle Embracing Her Baby Bump

What do you know; in this pic, Jenelle was pregnant again! Viewers noted that she acted like she was so excited to be pregnant, but she probably kicked the responsibility off to her mother again. It is really sad. It is easy to have a baby, but to care for a baby is really hard work. She doesn’t seem to care all that much, though. She just wants to have custody of her children and that is about it. There is so much more to having custody of your kids, like staying off of substances and creating a safe atmosphere for them to live in.

Fans of the show have expressed that Jenelle doesn’t provide her children with what they need to live safely and makes her mom the enemy, although she is really doing Jenelle a favor. The situation is just all around unfair.

10 Farrah Being A Shady Lady

This picture makes you wonder how often is Farrah actually taking care of Sophia? There are so many pictures of Farrah without her daughter and she is a single mother. She lets the world know all of the time how she is raising her daughter on her own, so how is she raising her daughter if she is never with her? It is fine to have some fun every now and then, but it seems like she is always having a good time.

When you have a child, there are certain sacrifices you have to make and having party time on your own is one of them. It is not an easy sacrifice to make, but that is why many people hold off on having children until they are older, more mature, and completely ready.

9 Jenelle Showcasing Her Gorgeous Big Eyes

Jenelle really doesn’t take a whole lot of pictures with her children, which is kind of sad. Her life should be revolving around these kids because…well, they are her kids for crying out loud! Sure, she is young and selfies are a big deal to the younger crowd in this day and age, but geez at least involve your kids a little bit, Jenelle. Maybe they aren’t with her because they are with her mom all of the time.

It seems like she only has her kids with her when it is convenient for her, which isn’t the reason why you should have your kids in tow. If Jenelle would put half of the effort she puts into having a good time into being a solid mother, she would probably be the best mother on the planet.

8 Farrah Breaking A Sweat And Getting Some Exercise

One thing you have to give to Farrah is that she keeps herself pretty fit. Well, she has said many times that she doesn’t want to pop out many children just like Jenelle, which was basically the crux of their argument. It’s probably safe to say that Farrah will stick to one child, which is fine. She considers herself an entrepreneur because of all of the toys for the bedroom she has come out with, but that doesn’t mean she should bust on other people for their decisions to have more kids.

Jenelle isn’t exactly the mother of the year, but Farrah really doesn’t have the right to bash on her for having more than one kid. It’s just not very nice. If you want to have a career that's fine, but don’t bring others down because they chose different lifestyles.

7 Jenelle Dressed As A Steamy Siren For Halloween

Okay, Jenelle, you are a mom and you are dressed like this for Halloween? It just doesn’t seem very appropriate as a mother of three. Perhaps she was trying to impress her boyfriend or something but come on Jenelle, you don’t want to have a fourth baby daddy, do you? It just seems like Jenelle hasn’t grown up from being a sixteen-year-old and pregnant.

There comes a point where you just have to grow up and say it is time to settle down, especially when you have kids. For their sake, you owe them a household that is a stable place to grow up. They don’t want a mom that is going out and gallivanting around in arguably provocative Halloween costume. Come on Jenelle, this is pretty basic stuff to pretty much every mom. We truly hope she can switch her focus on herself to focusing on her kids!

6 Farrah Getting Her Selfie Game On In The Sun

Oh, Farrah, what are we going to do with you? "Bad Mom" as a caption on Snapchat, seriously Farrah? It’s cool to have some drinks, but why the heck is she endorsing drinking on her social media profile? You have a kid for crying out loud. When are you going to grow up, and start being a good mom? It just seems like she tries so hard to make herself look like a good mom, but with every step forward, she takes two or three steps backward by doing something like this.

How are you going to explain this behavior to Sophia when she is old enough to understand what is going on? It really isn’t going to be an easy situation to explain. Her questionable career choices, as well as all of the partying, might not sit well with her daughter when she gets older. Plus, what if she follows in her footsteps? Would Farrah be okay with that behavior? Probably not.

5 Jenelle Ready To Party The Night Away

Oh, Jenelle, here you are partying yet again. Doesn’t it just get old? Don’t you ever want to be at home with your kids? Don’t you ever wonder what your mom is going through sitting at home watching your kids while you are out and about? It just seems like it would run its course after a while.

Jenelle has also been known to be into some pretty bad recreational activities, so does she get wild and out of hand at these parties? In fact, she has been arrested and has gone to court for her bad habits, which is not good for raising children.

Although she looks nice here, it doesn’t mean she will be partaking in nice behavior during this evening. She is known for partying pretty hard. No wonder her mom has to be the one in charge of her kids all of the time. It seems as if she can’t be trusted.

4 Farrah Looking Cute As A Button

I have to say, Farrah looks pretty sweet and innocent in this picture. This is another shot that would probably be acceptable in her daughter's eyes. She’s just having a nice day at the pool with a cute bathing suit on that has rose details. No huge drama involved. What Farrah doesn’t realize is that drama isn’t necessary for her life. In fact, fans would be much more happy about her and her career if she would just keep her mouth shut sometimes.

What does she need to prove anyway? It just seems like she always has something to prove because she is always trying to show everyone how tough and independent she is or something. She doesn’t need to do that; just be you and don’t stir up any unnecessary trouble.

3 Jenelle Turning Heads On A Life Guard Tower

It’s cool that Jenelle can take so much time away from her kids, but what kind of mother does that make her? She has had jail time, court cases, multiple baby daddies, and has fought her mother for custody of her kids. It just does not seem like the recipe for being a good mother. However, she thinks that she is the mother of the year, so it just goes to show you how people perceive themselves so differently.

Jenelle obviously hasn’t been the easiest person to live with either since she has burned through three different baby daddies. She just wants to find someone to be with so desperately, but it does not seem to work out for her. Maybe if she would just cool her temper down a little bit, things could work out for her.

2 Farrah Flashing Her Perfect Pout For The Cam

Farrah really likes her close up shots, that's for sure. Well, she is beautiful and all, but she definitely knows it. Here she is showing off her sultry lips, but Jenelle has mentioned how she is incredibly fake because of all of the plastic procedures she has had. This, of course, was a major part of their feud. Farrah has actually had an allergic reaction to lip enhancements, which resulted in her lips being much too large. The media went crazy about it because she, true to form, posted it on her social media platforms.

Her lips look awesome now, but at what price? Her and Jenelle might not see eye to eye, but you do have to say that Farrah looks pretty good now that her beauty procedure has been corrected.

1 Jenelle Looking Glam At The VMAs

Ahh, the VMAs! Everyone thought that Jenelle and Farrah would have it out for each other at the VMAs, but they actually kept things pretty cordial for the sake of their kids during the event. Despite sitting right by each other the entire evening, you’d swear that the two might have actually been friends or something. They played the night pretty cool, and it left fans kind of disappointed. You have to say that the two of them really put on their adult pants for the night, and that was nice of them to do.

Their kids might be too young to understand what was going on, but they probably appreciated the nice environment regardless. Who doesn’t want their parents to get along? Go, Jenelle and Farrah!

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