16 Beautiful Female Celebs Who Prove Taurus' Have More Fun

It is almost the end of April which means Pisces and Aries season is all done and Taurus season is officially upon us! Pisces will leave March still being sensitive, romantic, and a little too emotional for our tastes. Aries girls are the first fire signs of the year that have birthdays and they will leave us feeling angry because of their attitudes and fierce independence.

Taurus girls are the first Earth signs of the years that have birthdays. They are very practical and sensible; they love having responsibility within their routine. They always stick to their routine and do not want anyone to mess with it. They are also very loyal to their friends and family; they love being the person that people go to for advice. Lastly, Taurus girls can have a negative side with a bad temper and a persistent way of thinking that can rub a lot of people the wrong way.

Below, you will see sixteen wonderful Taurus celebrities that have birthdays coming up. They are practical, fun, and bold in their own way. They are also incredibly sultry, popular, and talented! Read on to see who has the most fun out of them all!

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16 Gigi Hadid: Alluring And Single Supermodel

Just months ago, the whole world seemed to mourn the love lost between model Gigi Hadid and her boyfriend, singer Zayn Malik of One Direction fame, when they broke up. Now, Hadid will turn just 23 on April 23rd, although it seems as if she is so much older, doesn't it? She has already graced the Victoria's Secret runway show multiple times, has made friends with the likes of Taylor Swift and Kendall Jenner, and has had several jobs as the face of various brands. The reason for that? Hadid states that when she was younger, her mother Yolanda Foster loved taking pictures and that she was always in front of the camera. Well, we hope you're the center of attention this April, Gigi! Happy Birthday!

15 Amber Heard: Bold And Persistent

Amber Heard is no stranger to drama. She is a major actress that has starred in dramatic movies like Paranoia, The Rum Diary, and The Stepfather. She has also been in the media's spotlight for months, or maybe years, due to her marriage to actor Johnny Depp, 54, as well as their subsequent separation and messy divorce.

This year, Heard will turn 32 on April 22nd! She is a true Taurus girl because she will never back down from a disagreement, as she has strong beliefs. She is also very persistent in fighting for what she wants (she gave away thousands of dollars from her divorce settlement to charity if that gives you an idea).

We hope she has a fantastic birthday with lots of love, laughter, and memories!

14 Jessica Alba: A Businesswoman That Sizzles

Jessica Alba is a household name that has gone from an innocent and fun-loving actress to a bold and successful businesswoman. She got her start with small roles here and there, but a few breakout roles really put her name on the map. These roles were in the movies Never Been Kissed, Honey, and Fantastic Four. She also was the star in the hit series Dark Angel which ran for two seasons in the early '00s. This year, Alba turns 37 on April 28th with a third baby on the way, a loving husband, and a successful business. Of her 30s, Alba has said: "I feel like in my 20s, I was always thinking about tomorrow and what I wanted to be and what could be or what I should be, and now I'm just happy with who I am."

13 Uma Thurman: 'Kill Bill' Volume: Captivating

Okay, so there is no Bill actually and we are definitely not killing him--or anyone-- but Uma Thurman is the really bold Taurus actress that played the sultry blonde lead character in Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill movies. According to IMDb.com, some of her other works include Pulp Fiction, Batman & Robin, and My Super Ex-Girlfriend. She is known to play very bold roles that are unique and edgy. Most recently she has starred in Imposters with a four-episode arc. She also has three movies coming out this year, with two movies in production as well. Thurman will turn 48 on April 29th this year, bringing her that much closer to the big 5-0 where she can celebrate her incredible success over the years and that beautiful physique! Happy Birthday, Uma!

12 Cate Blanchett: Blonde And Bold

Blanchett is one of those people in Hollywood that somehow isn't aging! She is virtually flawless, mature, and so poised in every interview and event she is a part of. This Taurus girl is known for roles in films like The Talented Mr. Ripley, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (which ironically is about someone who is born and ages backward), and Blue Jasmine. The Australian born actress will turn 49 this year and that just made our mouths drop in shock because she quite literally does not look a day over 35! Her birthday is May 14th, so her three boys and one daughter can celebrate her birthday while also celebrating Mother's Day, too! We'll leave you with something Blanchett has said in regards to aging: "It’s about doing the best with what you got in the time you have.”

11 Megan Fox: Foxy And Sizzling Taurus Girl

Megan Fox is one of the foxiest ladies around (get it?)! She is probably one of the most popular girls that men around the world love to look at and drool over, but in all seriousness, she is pretty flawless at the age of 31. That's right-- she will turn 32 on May 16th! Back in early August of 2016, the bombshell brunette became a mom for the third time when she gave birth to son Journey River Green. Journey is her third son with actor Brian Austin Green (Beverly Hills 90210). The two were planning to divorce when Fox found out she was pregnant-- and they managed to work it out! We are happy for them and we hope she has a great birthday, too!

10 Malin Akerman: Yet Another Blonde Bombshell That Has Taurus Written All Over Her

Mom Malin Akerman is a blonde and talented Taurus lady with great positivity. She has had several roles in hit movies over the years. Remember The Proposal, a movie in which she played the old girlfriend to the guy (Ryan Reynolds) that fell in love with someone else (Sandra Bullock), or what about that movie 27 Dresses where she played the crazy and obsessive sister of Katherine Heigl? She has also been in Couples Retreat, Wanderlust alongside Jennifer Aniston, and Rampage alongside Dwayne Johnson. 

The blonde beauty will turn the big 4-0 on May 12th this year! When discussing aging back in 2016 with People, Akerman stated: “I just feel like I really do know myself better than I ever have. I feel very lucky.”

9 Kelly Clarkson: Eye-Catching Singer That Gets The Job Done

Taurus girls are persistent, bold, and brave. They never back down from something especially if they believe in it. So, it should not come as a surprise to you that brunette Southern cutie Kelly Clarkson won the first season of American Idol in 2002 and has swept the world by storm with her incredible pipes, talent, and bold words over the years. She has had hits over the years that you may be familiar with: Since You Been Gone, My Life Would Suck Without You, Behind These Hazel Eyes, Breakaway, Catch My Breath, and Piece by Piece. On April 24th, the star will turn 36, celebrating with her husband, Brandon Blackstock, and their two kids, Remington and River. We hope she has the perfect day!

8 Erin Andrews: Sports And Dancing With A Splash Of Bravery

Spunky beauty Erin Andrews is a household name thanks to her co-hosting gig with Tom Bergeron on ABC's Dancing With the Stars, as well as her sportscasting job with Fox Sports. The Taurus girl is also incredibly brave with a lot of perseverance like most Taurus women-- and here is why. Two years ago, a man took videos of Andrews in her hotel room while she was changing through a peephole. In 2016, Andrews was brave enough to go to trail and fight for her rights to privacy. She was awarded $55 million in the lawsuit.

Our brave Taurus girl will turn the big 4-0 like other stars on our last year. She will celebrate this special milestone on May 4th with her husband, NHL star, Jarret Stoll.

7 Gal Gadot: Possibly The Most Alluring Taurus On The Planet

Taurus girls know exactly when to let loose, despite their incredibly responsible dispositions. We imagine Gadot is one of those Taurus women that knows exactly how to have fun. Gadot will turn 33 this year on April 30th, but she has been acting since the age of 24. Her first big role was Gisele in our favorite franchise Fast & Furious; she starred in the fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh installments. According to IMDb.com, she also had roles in Date Night, Keeping Up with the Joneses, and Triple 9. Her biggest role to date, however, is Diana Prince as Wonder Woman in the Wonder Woman movie that came out in 2017, proving that Gadot is one of the boldest women on the planet. We hope she has a great birthday!

6 Renee Zellweger: Blonde Beauty Turns 49

This year on April 25, one of our favorite actresses will turn 49. That's right, just one more year until Renee Zellweger turns the big 5-0! Her acting career certainly speaks for itself as she started acting when she was just 23 years old. Her first major roles were in films like Jerry Maguire, The Bachelor, and White Oleander. The role that put her on the map, however, was spunky, messy, and brave Bridget Jones in Bridget Jones's Diary, which came out in 2001. Before its' sequel came out in 2004, she also starred in Cold Mountain alongside Nicole Kidman and Chicago alongside Catherine Zeta-Jones. She took a major hiatus from acting for six years before returning to the big screen in 2016 with a third Bridget sequel, Bridget Jones's Baby!  

5 Michelle Pfeiffer: Loyal & Responsible Grease 2 Star

Like any Taurus, Pfeiffer is very responsible when it comes to her family and very loyal when it comes to her friends. The well-known actress has starred in several great movies over the years. Let's take a look back at some: Grease 2, Scarface, Dangerous Liaisons, One Fine Day, What Lies Beneath, White Oleander, Hairspray, and Murder on the Orient Express. It is no secret that Pfeiffer is wildly successful! The beautiful and talented actress will turn the big 6-0 this year on April 29th-- and we are impressed with how young she still looks! In an interview just 5 years ago, Pfeiffer gave some good advice that she received from her doctor: "My dermatologist said to me once, 'You know that 10X magnifying mirror that you have in the bathroom? Throw it away" . . . "It was the best advice anybody ever gave me." Happy Birthday to this hot momma!

4 Kristen Dunst: Blonde, Bold, And Beautiful

Kirsten Dunst gives us serious teenage nostalgia when we hear her name or look at her face. She was the perfect cheerleader and the greatest love for our Spider-Man. She is no doubt one of the best actresses of our generation. She got her start at the young age of eight in Interview with the Vampire, Jumanji, and Little Women. As she grew, she took more adult roles in movies like The Virgin Suicides, the wildly popular Bring It On, and the drama Crazy/Beautiful. Other movies she has starred in include Mona Lisa Smile, Elizabethtown, Marie Antoinette, and the Spider-Man trilogy from the '00s. According to IMDb.com, Dunst will turn 36 this year on April 30th. Happy Birthday to the talented, bold, and spunky Taurus actress!

3 Behati Prinsloo: Momma Of Two And A Bold Taurus

This nearly flawless beautiful model is none other than Adam Levine's hot wife, Behati Prinsloo. Originally from Namibia, Prinsloo got her start with Victoria's Secret and has since branched out since making a real name for herself. She is a perfect Taurus lady because she is sensual (very in tune with her body), generous, and opinionated. This year, Prinsloo will turn 29 on May 16th, most likely with her rocker hubby and their two daughters celebrating her day with her.

The hot mother of two gave some wise words on motherhood to People just last year: “I love Adam, and when you get married and you fall in love with someone, you think that there’s no greater love than that love,” Prinsloo adds. “And then you have a baby, and it’s just next-level love.”

2 Penelope Cruz: Talented Spanish Actress Turns 44

Spanish actress Penelope Cruz will turn an inspiring 44 this year on April 28th-- and this leading lady is a great epitome of what a Taurus lady is: spunky, bold, persistent, and beautiful! Cruz started acting when she was 16 with some Spanish films. Her first big role, however, was beside Johnny Depp in Blow. She has also starred in Vanilla Sky, Gothika, Sahara, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, The Counselor, and Murder on the Orient Express. In 2006, Cruz also became the face of L'Oréal, signing a $2 million contract. Then, In 2010, Cruz married actor Javier Bardem after meeting him on set when she was just 18 and the two have two children together. We hope he celebrates her birthday with her in a super big way! Happy Birthday!

1 Adele: The Momma Is Feeling Fine

Adele is a name known around the world thanks to her incredible pipes, songwriting talent, and ability to make everyone feel like she is just like one of us, even though she is a very rich, very cool celebrity. This year, the talented singer will turn thirty! Yes, it is a special day for Adele on May 5, 2018. She can look back on all the success that she found with her first album, 19, which she released at the young age of 19. The next album, 21, had hits like Rumor Has It, Rolling In The Deep, and Set Fire to the Rain; it was released when she was 21 (do you see a pattern here?). Her last album, 25, came out in 2015, one year after the birth of her son Angelo with boyfriend-turned-husband Simon Konecki. Happy Birthday to this fiery and independent Taurus woman!

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