16 Basic Instagram Pics We've All Taken

What did we do before Instagram? Seriously. The social network only launched in the Fall of 2010, but it feels like it's been around forever. We may try to spend less time on other social platforms (we're looking at you, Facebook) because we tend to think that it's not super productive to spend hours scrolling through a stranger's page. We don't know how we get on those random profiles, but it just magically happens and it can be super addictive. Plus there's the whole issue with checking out what our ex-boyfriends are up to now. But Instagram? We never feel we should spend less time on Instagram. In fact, we pretty much are on our feeds from morning until night, and it's probably the first thing we see when we open our eyes in the morning. Since we're all so obsessed with Instagram, it's no wonder that we end up taking the same sort of shots. We just can't help ourselves. Here are 16 basic Instagram pics we've all taken.

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16 The Fashion Shot

We look really good today. So good, in fact, that we need to take an Instagram shot. But not just any photo: it's a fashion photo. It's the kind of selfie that makes us look like a model or fashion magazine editor, and it stands out in our feed because we don't usually look this good. While we're normally in jeans and a t-shirt or a cute dress with a sweater, we don't look like ourselves in this kind of shot. We're full on fashionista here, and the look totally depends on the season. If it's summer, we're wearing tons of fun jewelry, a cute beige fedora, bright lipstick, and the cutest sundress you've ever laid eyes on. Plus we've got some designer sandals on... the kind of sandals that all our friends have been desperate to buy. In the fall, we're decked out in comfy and chic layers, from a sweater, leather jacket, plaid scarf, skinny black jeans and tall brown boots.

15 The Bad Day Picture

This is the kind of bad day that everyone has every once in a while, and we just know that we have to document it for our Instagram fans. We had the worst day of our life (or at least the past month), either at the office or in our personal life -- we don't discriminate. We just have to let the world know about it (or at least those that follow our every move on the social platform). We Instagram our bad away and take a selfie of us holding a bottle of wine, or lying in our comfy bed watching TV and eating dessert, or about to dig into a huge cheeseburger and plate of french fries. But the most important thing is that we're proving to everyone that we had a really crappy date and need something to fix it and fast. We're looking for sympathy, of course, and we're definitely going to get it with this kind of photo. It honestly works like a charm every single time.

14 The BFF Photo

You have the best friends in the world... and even though everyone else says that you know that you're really telling the truth. So you have to let everyone know about it. This photo is definitely a BFF selfie, and it's usually super basic... but super adorable, too, so no one minds seeing it yet again. You could just be chilling at one of your apartments, sharing a bottle of rosé and munching on potato chips, or you could be all dolled up at a fancy bar for girls' night out. Or maybe you went away for the weekend and are proving to everyone else how much fun you're having. It doesn't really matter what you're doing, you're just proving your BFF-ship and your photo is definitely going to get the job done. Thankfully, you'll always have a record of your friendship whenever you want to look at the fun photos and be cheered up.

13 The Meal Prep Photo

Yeah, you meal prep on Sundays. Doesn't everyone?! Sure, that's a bit of a basic activity, considering how this activity is something that literally every girl who wants to be healthy and stay sane during the work week does on Sundays. And there's even a bunch of hashtags to go with the practice. But you're going to be extra basic and snap a photo of your meal prep. Bonus points if you're prepping chicken, sweet potatoes and kale, because let's face it, those are super normal parts of meal prep and are pretty popular as far as healthy foods go. Especially the kale. But you're proud of being basic in this sense because you're taking care of yourself and plus, you're being super organized. So you're basically impressing yourself along with your followers who are going to make you feel even better about yourself. Score.

12 The Homemade Brag

You don't usually cook. You wish you could say that you were basically Martha Stewart and whipped up homemade goodness on a regular basis. But who can really say that?! Doesn't life always get in the way? There's work to do and chores to finish and, oops, you were supposed to cook that chicken already and know it's been in your fridge for way too long... But tonight, you cooked. You really did. You made something simple but you made it yourself, and that deserves a totally basic but still worthy Instagram photo. You can write something that proves you're bragging in the caption, too, because that's just part of the whole deal. it's okay. Your friends will understand that you're not really that conceited. They'll be too busy staring at their empty takeout pizza box and wondering why they didn't cook themselves.

11 The #tbt

Awww, look at you! You were such a cute kid! You know it and now the universe knows it. Okay, well, at least your Instagram followers. You can post this any Thursday, as long as your photo is extra adorable and charming because any kid can look cute enough. You want to make sure you've got your hair in pigtails or a funny expression on your face or something like that. Get ready for the onslaught of comments because your feed is about to totally go crazy. It's really fun to see these kinds of photos because you can usually see that your friends haven't really aged that much and that they still have the same adorable baby faces as they did when they were five years old. Yeah, they might not want you to say that, but you're not exactly insulting them, so that's okay.

10 The Seasonal Photos

It's fall and you know what that means. Fall is basically the most basic season of all. You've got your pumpkin spice lattes (that you're still drinking because they're so good, even if there might not really be pumpkin in there... oops...), your tall black or brown boots, your plaid shirts, your adorable apple picking adventures. So of course, you have to Instagram each and every single one of those things. In the winter, you've got to Insta your hot chocolate, ice skating, Christmas tree decorating, and of course, all those cookies you're baking. Especially the cookies. You couldn't possibly not Instagram those. In the spring, you can't take photos of such besides maybe cherry blossoms or flowers. But summer is great for Instagramming basic stuff: your poolside afternoons, your vacations, your watermelon or ice cream or iced coffee.

9 The Food Shot

If you didn't Instagram your meal, did you even eat in the first place?! Probably not. That's like a law of Instagram or something. People love to make fun of others for Instagramming their food. But then they turn around and take a photo of the epic salad they're about to dive into or the bacon cheeseburger they've been craving. So they're totally in on the basic fun too. You try not to Instagram any old food or meal. It has to be totally special and worthy. But you end up Instagramming the same healthy foods as everyone else: avocados,  your green smoothie, your oatmeal, your watermelon and strawberries from the farmer's market now that it's finally summer. But watch out: when you travel, it's on. You take basic photos of literally everything that you eat, and you love every minute of it.

8 The Coffee Selfie

Yup. You take selfies. And you take selfies of your coffee. Your coffee totally deserves the Instagram fame, after all: it's always there for you, ready to perk up your mood and cheer you up and give you the energy that you need to power through your work day. Thanks, coffee, you're the greatest thing on the planet. When you take a coffee photo, though, you have to make sure it's as basic as possible, because that's just part of the whole deal. So maybe go to a fancy cafe that draws a heart in your latte and then Instagram that. Or take one of those MacBook and coffee photos that proves just how hard you're working. That's the right way to take coffee photos, no doubt about it, and everyone will love you for it. It doesn't matter that your BFF took a similar photo yesterday -- she'll get over it.

7 The Excited Vacation Photo

You know those jumping photos? Your friends usually post them when on a beach vacation, because they're just so excited to be somewhere warm and peaceful for a week or two. So, of course, when you go on vacation, you have to take a super basic but still cool excited vacation photo. Maybe you're jumping on the sand, maybe you're standing in the ocean, maybe you're sitting at breakfast drinking a cup of coffee with a beautiful spread of fruit and eggs in front of you. The content of the photos can change, but the point is, you're super happy to be where you are, and you need people to know it. After all, you're not really traveling somewhere unless you Instagram it. It's just not a thing. So the next time you're snapping selfies on your family trip and your mom questions it, just tell her you're following the Instagram rules.

6 The Bikini Shot

It's summer, and naturally, you're wearing a bikini every single chance that you get. Even if you're just lying in the park in your neighborhood pretending to sunbathe or hoping that you get a tan in your backyard (or on your tiny apartment balcony if that's your living situation), you need people to know that you're looking super fit and cute in your trendy bikini. You didn't log all those hours in barre or yoga class for nothing, after all. You need some visual and social media evidence of your abs. You get bonus points for this one if you're on an actual beach in your bikini or by a pool. In other words, if there's a body of water next to you, then you can pretend you're not that basic at all, you're just obviously wearing a bikini because there's water. Why wouldn't you?!

5 The Feet Photo

Why are you taking a photo of your feet? Why not? You're just doing what everyone else does on Instagram, so really, you're not going to question it. You're just going to take a phot0 of your feet and move on. Sometimes you'll take a shot of your feet when you just got a cute pedicure, sometimes you're going to take a foot selfie on a sandy beach, and other times, you're doing that super cliche thing: taking a photo of your boots in the fall leaves. How basic are you?! You are so, so basic... but you kind of enjoy it, so it's all good. Other times, you take a selfie of your feet when you've got adorable, colorful flats on because let's be real here, it's not every day that we're wearing

4 The New Hairstyle Shot

You can't get a new hairstyle or dye your hair and not Instagram it. That would just make absolutely no sense. You look super hot, so why not show off a little?! It's not like you're going to take a selfie of your hair every single day of the week... or if you do, you might expect to get a few less followers, because people might get a little sick and tired of you. Just putting that out there. But right now, you have every right to Instagram your awesome new look, because you deserve it. You took a chance, a leap of faith, and you made a change. Maybe you finally went blonde or red after wanting to do that forever and ever, or maybe you just went a shade darker than you usually wear. Either way, you actually changed something about yourself instead of just telling people that you wanted to, and that's honestly something to celebrate.

3 The Gym Selfie

Yeah, you worked out, and you want people to know it. Why not share that you're a super fit and healthy person? That's something super positive to put out into your Instagram universe, and no one is going to hate you. Okay, that's not totally true. Some people are going to absolutely be super jealous because here's the thing: a lot of people talk about working out. Like a lot. They're convinced that if they just bought a gym membership finally or tried that yoga class their best friend is always talking about, they would become crazy fit and never stop working out, basically. But people get lazy and never do it. They always have a million excuses. But that's not you. You're the cool girl who actually works out and you deserve to take a gym selfie. Yeah, it's a little basic, but it's still great.

2 The Couple Selfie

You love your boyfriend and you love your Instagram account, so naturally, you want to combine those two amazing things and take a couple selfie. This may be the most basic thing of all (besides the classic selfie, but that's another story). You do two things with this kind of shot: you can totally brag to others that you have a cute and sweet boyfriend, and you can also have a digital document of your amazing relationship. So the bragging and comments saying that you two are just the cutest couple on the planet? Well, those are a total bonus. Your boyfriend might not love when you take a million selfies of the two of you, so you might want to save this for special occasions or when the two of you are looking extra cute. But once he sees how good the photos turn out, he might not mind.

1 The Classic Selfie

Here's the be-all, end-all of basic Instagram pictures: the selfie. It's a classic, and definitely an oldie but a goodie. If you want to get super old-school, you can take as many selfies as you want and keep posting them on Instagram. But it honestly shouldn't be the only thing that you post because that's just not going to make you look super good, and you might not want people to think that you're crazy conceited. Well, maybe you do. But probably not. So go ahead and take a basic selfie whenever you feel like it -- when you're bored at work and want the self-esteem boost (don't lie, that's the point of selfies, right?!) or before you head out to meet your friends for girls' night out. You'll boost your confidence with the more basic selfies that you take, and you'll get comments saying you look super good. It's a win-win.

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