16 Amazing Makeup Vloggers You Need To Follow

The world of makeup and beauty can be intimidating, especially if you’ve never had the chance to really experiment with various makeup products. Thanks to the wealth of Makeup vloggers on YouTube, there is a constant stream of information for makeup users of all levels. Whether you want to know how to apply foundation, contour your face like an artist, find a new shade of lip stain, learn what makeup tools you need and how to use them, or you just want to get a genuine review of a new product before you buy it yourself, these Makeup Vloggers have you covered. It doesn’t matter if you wear makeup all the time or you simply want to have a new look for a special event, there is a Makeup Vlogger that will show you what you want to know and make you feel comfortable in the techniques used to achieve a certain look.

Girly girls, goth goddesses and everyone in between will find that these makeup vloggers don’t hold back on talent or constructive criticism when it comes to reviewing a product. From Disney princesses to Pixar characters, red carpet recreations, and zombies, these expert makeup vloggers show that with enough practice, we can use makeup to completely transform our look into most anything we like. Many of these vloggers even work as professional freelance makeup artists. In these vlogs, everything from date wear to special effects and seriously impressive costume makeup is explained in concise detail. These beauties give you everything you could ask for and more.

16 Makeup Geek


Marlena at Makeup Geek is all about spreading the love when it comes to beauty products. With monthly beauty wrap ups, tutorials and even letting viewers contribute to the makeup line of the same name through a new series called Viewers Vote where viewers are able to name products. Having been on YouTube for a whopping seven years and evolving from high end product tutorials to a million subscriber base beauty business that’s booming. Makeup Geek gives great insight into the ins and outs of creating and perfecting a makeup brand while still providing useful tips for the everyday consumer regardless of what products you’re using. Find Makeup Geek on YouTube under MakeupGeekTV.

15 Amanda Ensing (The BeautyBox1211)


Amanda Ensing’s channel provides fashion, beauty reviews, tutorials and hauls. Amanda uses popular series videos like monthly favorites and product swatches to give her viewers consistent content with a wide range of beauty products to explore. From the Boyfriend Does My Makeup tag to Celebrity look tutorials, Amanda does a bit of everything. Amanda is another beauty vlogger who is great at showing both high end and drug store products, allowing viewers to find products that fit best in their budget.

Girly girl, fun and full of color, watching Amanda’s vlogs feel like a girls night in. You can find Amanda Ensing on YouTube under TheBeautyBox1211.

14 Makeup by Leyla


Leyla at Makeup by Leyla is a beauty who provides great tips for perfecting all those desirable makeup looks, including winged eyeliner, natural looks, eyeshadow blending, and clear skin tutorials. Mixed in with reviews of products from brands ranging from Mac to Maybeline and celebrity inspired looks, Makeup by Leyla has plenty to offer. Leyla’s soothing voice is a great compliment to her beauty skills, which she makes accessible for the average beauty consumer in all of her videos. This professional makeup artist gives great reviews and makes professional level makeup look doable at home. You can watch Leyla’s channel under the username MakeupbyLeyla on YouTube.

13 Promise Tamang (Dope2111)


With an impressive 3 million subscribers, intense and professional level makeup tutorials and a down-to-earth attitude, Promise Tamang at Dope2111 is a staple in the beauty community. Promise has unique and fun content including a “Mystery Celebrity Transformation” video, and simplistic yet talented costume creations. From an almost scary impressive Corpse Bride Halloween look to doing a makeover on her mom, Promise takes a refreshing twist on the standard beauty vlogs while still providing useful content for everyday makeup wearers. When you want something fun, playful and youthful to spice up your makeup routine or amp up your next costume look, Promise’s Dope2111 channel is a must.

12 Charisma Star


Charis at Charisma Star is a fun loving and vivacious beauty vlogger. With a wealth of geeky, going out looks, and an impressive amount of Disney inspired tutorials and looks, Charisma Star is a channel full of color and fun. Charis puts out extravagant videos on looks ranging from Cruella De Vil to My Little Pony and more simple looks for going out on a date with your partner or just getting dressed up to enjoy a romantic night out. Well edited, comedic and helpful, Charis brings fun to all of her videos. With a blend of drug store and high end beauty products, Charis has a great range of products. Find Charis on YouTube under the username Charisma Star.

11 GlamLifeGuru (Tati)


Tati at Glam Life Guru is a diverse beauty vlogger. Tati’s channel provides consistent content including reviews of popular products (of both high end and drug store products), useful tutorials and tag videos to boot. Glam Life Guru gives honest reviews and provides helpful comparisons of review products, especially when it comes to drug store products. This allows you to feel that you can build your beauty collection with confidence regardless of your beauty budget. Another refreshing aspect of Tati’s channels her comfort in front of the camera. As a vlogger who is slightly older (33) than some of the typical twenty something beauty vlogger. Tati’s transparency is refreshing and can inspire viewers to feel confident with their own beauty decisions. Look for Tati’s channel on YouTube as GlamLifeGuru.

10 Nicole Guerriero


Nicole Guerriero is a fun, vibrant and talented beauty and lifestyle vlogger. While her talents are solid, Nicole has a goofy, fun style in her vlogs. Fast paced, Nicole shows that you can achieve a full face look of whatever intensity you like without spending eons in front of the mirror. Her sweet and sassy style shows in her videos, making Nicole easy to watch as she creates a new look. In addition to her makeup tutorials, Nicole shares at home regimes like skin care, hair care and even manicures. By watching Nicole, you can keep your look as fierce or subtle as you like without having to pay a professional to doll you up. On YouTube, Nicole’s channel screen name is NGuerriero19.

9 Katerina Beauty Blog


Australian beauty vlogger Katerina is sweet and relatable. Detailed tutorials and fun color combos make Katrina’s vlogs a no brainer to watch. Many of Katerina’s tutorials can easily be adapted to a day or nighttime look. This channel also provides a wealth of everyday beauty tips like how to get rid of dark circles, hauls, celeb Grammy inspired looks, and outfits/clothing hauls. When you want to watch a vlogger who is helpful with makeup advice, has detailed tutorials with great video quality and a bit of fun mixed in, Katerina is one to watch. You can learn more about Katerina’s channel on YouTube by searching the username KaterinaBeautyBlog.

8 Manny Mua


When you visit Manny Mua’s channel on YouTube, it’s easy to see what sets this channel apart, Manny is in fact a guy doing makeup tutorials. If you’re wondering why you should take makeup tips and advice from a male beauty vlogger, you only have to watch one of Manny’s videos to see that his skills are on point. Manny provides looks for most any occasion with great skills and a wealth of confidence. What makes Manny’s channel shine is his ability to be true to himself and have fun with the looks he creates for his channel. Manny regularly reviews high end products like One Brand from Kat Von D, Jeffree Star products and more. Manny also provides tips on how to keep your makeup tools in shape and get the most out of your products. If you want well done tutorials from a fun male beauty vlogger, Manny is the one to watch. Find Manny’s channel on YouTube under Manny Mua.

7 Glam & Gore


Vibrant, passionate, and colorful, Glam & Gore is a knockout channel for those who love both high end makeup and the darker side of things. Mykie is an in your face and fun beauty vlogger who is very organized in her vlog style. Glam & Gore is just what it it sounds like, the channel consists of Glam (or “standard” beauty) techniques and Gore techniques which deal more with special effects tutorials. Some of the highlights from each section of Glam & Gore’s videos include “How to Fake Freckles” for a Glam video, and “The Exorcist” (seriously impressive) for the Gore side of things. Whether you’re in the mood for something Glam or something Gory, this channel is worth checking out. In her year on YouTube, Glam & Gore has racked up an impressive 500,000 followers. You can find Mykie’s videos under the username GlamAndGoreMakeup on YouTube.

6 Eimear McElheron


Eimear McElheron is an Irish beauty vlogger with a taste for the dark side. With a glamorous yet edgy look, Eimear brings a bit of the grungy, goth edge to the beauty vlogging community. Despite the more eerier feel to Eimear’s videos, her tutorials are suitable for anyone who wants a dramatic, edgy and fun look. Eimear has many popular eye looks, including that coveted winged eyeliner (or cat eye) that everyone wants but can be such a pain to perfect. Product and makeup tools are also commonly reviewed on Eimear McElheron’s channel, allowing you to get the inside look on brands you may want but aren’t sure are worth the money. For example, Eimear recently made a video called “My Favourite Brushes & Their Uses” which gives you tips on picking the best beauty brushes for you (and how to use them). You can watch Eimear’s channel on Youtube under the username xDEimearByrne.

5 Chrisspy


Having joined the YouTube beauty community in 2012, Chrisspy has solidified herself in the world of beauty vloggers as she currently has over 1 million subscribers. From the start, Chrisspy has shown us that dramatic, dolled up looks are fun. With tutorials ranging from beginner makeup looks to runway ready glommed out looks, Chrisspy covers it all. Chrisspy is great at giving realistic, everyday beauty advice. Some of Chrisspy’s most fun videos are those that involve dramatic, costume ready makeup, such as her “Halloween Skull Makeup” and “CleoCatra - Cat Halloween Makeup” tutorials. When you want a look that’s polished, striking yet simple to create, Chrisspy’s vlogs are the ones to watch. Chrisspy’s vlogs can be found on her channel under the username ChrisspyMakeup.

4 Bonnie Corban SFX 


Looking for a makeup vlogger who’s got everyday makeup skills and a little something extra? Look no further than Bonnie Corban SFX. Bonnie’s channel is a mashup of makeup reviews and tutorials for everyday use and incredible special effects techniques. Whether you want to up your costume party game or you want to learn how to put together your next fun, summery outfit, Bonnie has something to grab your attention. Some of Bonnie’s special effects videos are full face creatures of the dark, while others are gory concepts of common themes and costumes. Examples incudle Bonnie’s “Decapitated Alice in Wonderland” and a “Day of the Dead Halloween Face” videos. If you’ve ever wondered how special effects artists achieve realistic looking injuries with makeup, Bonnie Corban SFX is for you. Find Bonnie on YouTube at BonnieCorban.

3 Nikkie Tutorials


Recently, Nikkie from Nikkie Tutorials made waves on social media with her recent video titled “The Power of Makeup”. In this video, Nikkie does exactly half of her face in full make up while leaving the other half of her face completely natural. This allows us to see how easily a person can use makeup to transform their look to their liking. While Nikkie’s video had a mixed reception, with some people parsing her talents and authenticity while others claimed that (anyone) using makeup in such a way is misleading and fake, Nikkie has taken it all in stride. In this video and her other vlogs, Nikkie’s message is one of empowerment. Through her celebrity look alike tutorials (including Britney Spears, Kylie Jenner and Beyonce) to recreating hot red carpet looks and other more day to day tutorials, Nikkie’s message is one of creativity and self love. When looking for Nikkie’s vlogs, search the username NikkieTutorials.

2 ItsMyRayeRaye


Raye at ItsMyRayeRaye is a beauty vlogger who wraps up sass and class all in one well polished package. Creeping up on a million subscribers, Raye shows her viewers how to achieve various looks with bold yet wearable pops of color, product reviews, makeup routines and even ways to improve your social media presence. Raye’s Nicki Minaj tutorial in particular is excellent. Raye has excellent quality videos and her editing skills are on point. When you want attractive, bold and fun makeup options to change up your look with great descriptions, visit Raye’s channel. You can find Raye on YouTube under ItsMyRayeRaye.

1 Kandee Johnson


Kandee Johnson is a leader in the world of makeup vlogging. Kandee has a fun, vibrant, and sweet personality to go along with her professional level talents. What makes Kandee so valuable is that she has a great mix of content on her channel and gives down to earth advice that anyone can learn from. From How To videos that can help anyone perfect their makeup skills, to Disney Princess themed tutorials and knock-out look alike videos, Kandee takes the versatility of makeup to the max. Despite her huge success, viewers come back to Kandee’s channel because it is clear that Kandee isn’t out to be popular, she wants to share what she loves (and has an incredible talent for) while helping others find their own way to happiness. Kandee’s positive energy is almost palpable. Kandee is always reinventing herself in her videos, showing us that we can transform our look as often as we like in the comfort of our own home. You can find Kandee’s latest videos under her YouTube username KandeeJohnson.

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