15 Zodiac Combos You Should Stay Away From, But Will Always Make Your Sparks Fly

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15 Zodiac Combos You Should Stay Away From, But Will Always Make Your Sparks Fly

We can never really know when romantic sparks are bound to fly. We all know that falling in love is not something that is straightforward. In fact, romantic relationships are hard, they take a lot of work, but in the end, they are so worth it!

Let’s back up a little. How do you know if the person you just started seeing is someone that is worth your time? How do you know whether that blind date you were set up on is going to induce romantic sparks? Well, the good news is that astrology is always there to help make things more transparent for you. Physical attraction is a fickle thing. It can be manipulated. That is why we’ve consulted the stars to see what zodiac combinations are terrible when it comes to long-term relationships but actually induce those crazy sparks that we all dream about. These combinations can end up making incredible flings.

So, if you are looking for some passion with someone, read on to find out the best combination for you. Whether you just got out of a relationship and trying to get back out there or tired of the same boring dates you’ve been going on, here are the combinations of zodiac signs that are bound to have intense chemistry.

15. Taurus & Libra: A Special Romantic Flair Can’t Sustain A Long-Term Relationship


Taurus is ruled by Venus. As a result, a Taurus partner is obsessed with love and beauty. Taurus people are usually beautiful which definitely attracts a Libra person. With so much patience, the Taurus individual can make an excellent romantic partner. However, when it comes to the Libra, they can’t help but look at other people as they walk by. Finding others attractive is innate for anyone born under the Libra moon. This can cause the Taurus person to become incredibly jealous. Since the Taurus individual isn’t easily tamed, the Libra person needs to work really hard to get the attention of a Taurus individual. However, being so carefree, it really isn’t part of the Libra person to work hard at anything, especially a relationship.

14. Cancer & Leo: With Many Arguments, This Is One Match That Falls Terribly Short


This is a fascinating duo. Lacking anything in common, the Cancer and Leo match is not something that can withstand the test of time. However, with that being said, there is no shortage of romance and sparks between these two cosmic rivals. As both the Cancer and Leo are highly emotional signs each in their own unique way, they tend to show their love in very different ways. This can be a little hard to reconcile in their intimate life. As a Firesign, Leo is way more openly passionate, and this could easily scare a Cancer away. Cancer is known for being tender and sensitive enough that makes their Leo partner feel guilty because of their nature. This combination is difficult to maintain in the long-term.

13. Aquarius & Pisces: Curious And Adventurous, They Get Along, But Not For Long


This is one combination that is far from boring. This couple goes from one extreme to the other, and the Aquarius and Pisces duo struggle to find a healthy balance together. A Pisces is continuously seeking love while an Aquarius is naturally distant. Do you see the trouble already? While this relationship can work in the short-term, it usually will fail in the long-term! When the Pisces struggles with trust issues, the confrontation and arguments are bound to happen. When you are in a relationship that is based on constant fighting and arguing, doubting the romantic relationship is a surefire sign that the romantic relationship isn’t going to work out. In the end, this is definitely a combination that should be avoided at all costs.

12. Aries & Scorpio: A Steamy Love Affair Can Only Make A Relationship Go So Far


With a powerful first connection, this combination is excellent. The mix is mostly two sides of the very same coin. Both ruled by the planet Mars, the planet of instincts, necessities of intimacy is a top priority for both of these signs, When they are in a romantic relationship, it can be difficult to set all the aggression aside. Not only are both signs ruled by Mars, but Scorpio is also ruled by Pluto as well. Pluto is known to be the planet that creates destructive relationships. Basically, this combination is something that ends up being terrible for both parties involved! At the end of the day, this combination is destined for failure. There is simply no benefit for either party involved to stay in this toxic relationship.

11. Libra & Pisces: An Idyllic Fantasy That Will Never Be Good In Reality


This combination can be extremely challenging. One person, a dreamer. The other, an idealist. While they can be incredibly romantic with one another, in the beginning, the long-term outlook is severely bleak! Libra and Pisces are some of the most loving and passionate signs. As a result, when they et together in a romantic relationship, you know the sparks are destined to soar. However, al the passion and sentimentality can only go so far in the long-term! These two are not immune to different problems that are prone to make their way into any romantic relationship. Unfortunately, when life gets hard, Libra and Pisces compatibility is likely to waver significantly! In the end, this combination is doomed. There is no way that this pair could withstand the test of time.

10. Leo & Taurus: Compassionate And Touchy-Feely Can Only Go So Far


The Leo and the Taurus. Compassionate, flamboyant, and touchy-feely. Where could the problem be? While this combination makes for a super-annoying couple that every single person loves to hate. Leo, ruled by the sun, wants to explore and see the world really. However, the Taurus person just wants to live a comfortable lifestyle. While they have an intense passion for one another, those sparks are unable to withstand the test of time. As a result, the Leo and Taurus combination is probably not possible to make it for the long-term. Clashing with one another is inevitable when it comes to a Leo and Taurus pair. In the end, these two, struggle to maintain a healthy romantic relationship for the long haul. Unfortunately, this is a match that only ends in a fling or potential heartbreak.

9. Sagittarius & Virgo: At First, They’ll Balance Each Other Out, Only To Drive One Another Crazy In The End


These signs tend to balance each other out while at the same time driving one another insane! While initially, this relationship can be perfect for both partners, it’s not something that can withstand the test of time. As opposites are known to attract, the Virgo and Sagittarius combination work really well to complement one another in the beginning. However, being opposites, they will begin to start driving one another crazy the longer the relationship progresses. A Sagittarius person will force the Virgo to have fun, but the Virgo may grow resentful of not having their alone time. At the end of the day, although the Virgo makes sure the Sagittarius doesn’t fall off a cliff somewhere, they still somehow are not meant to be.

8. Capricorn & Aquarius: A Special Bond That Is Purely Physical In Nature


This is a combination that is a problematic relationship even to get going. Typically, you’ll see this unusual combination as a one-night stand. Without any shared interests, there is nowhere for this match to go. The only way for these two to make anything work beyond a one-night stand is to see if they can bond over their shared love for philosophy and art. If that doesn’t work, you might just want to cut things short and end it because, at the end of the day, the relationship itself is doomed. Without a solid foundation, these two signs will end up miserable with one another. If you are looking for a healthy long-term relationship, this love match should definitely be avoided at all costs.

7. Cancer & Gemini: With The Incredible Mood Swings From One Side, The Other Has Nowhere To Turn


Another combination that isn’t able to withstand the test of time is the Cancer and Gemini match. Cancers typically value their home life and the support that they end up building with a partner. However, Geminis thrive on never needing any solid foundation in their romantic relationships. In fact, Gemini people are known for never staying in one place for too long. This is a perfect setup for a toxic relationship. These two are far from being a natural pairing by any stretch of the imagination. On the other hand, the only way these two could potentially work is if they can accept one another for precisely who they are, flaws and all, it could be magical. Because in the end, the sparks are intense between these two.

6. Aquarius & Scorpio: An Explosion Of Sparks That Eventually Fades Away


Why are Scorpios and Aquarius people so attracted to each other? These two are a compelling match in the beginning. If you happen to be either a Scorpio or an Aquarius, you have probably heard of the rumors between this water sign meets wind sign pairing. Aquarius people are typically precisely what a Scorpio person wants and has always wanted. Aquarius people will eternally be mysterious to any Scorpio. As a result, Scorpios are in a perpetual spiral of being on the hunt for their soulmate. While Scorpios are strongly masculine, they adore going after someone that they really don’t fully understand. While the initial chase is exciting, it can’t last for the long-haul. In the end, this combination is destined for failure.

5. Libra & Scorpio: Without Much Attention, This Combination Is Doomed To Last


A Libra and a Scorpio make an intense match. This passionate couple can be fascinating from the start. But as the relationship progresses, challenging moments will put holes in the romantic relationship. These two signs can be found to be linked through their animalistic natures causing endless sparks to fly. However, with incredibly complicated issues associated with opposing signs, brings toxicity to the romantic relationship. For the most part, these two will not be able to actually make each other happy in every aspect of a relationship, which is why they are inherently doomed from the very beginning. In the end, without the trust, the Libra and Scorpio combination presents the couple with situations that lead to problems and arguments which make both partners resentful towards one another.

4. Aries & Cancer: Protection Is Not Something You’ll Get, Which Is Why They Can Never Last


Is there one specific sign you should never date? There sure is! When it comes to the Aries and Cancer duo, these two should definitely avoid each other when it comes to romantic relationships! With Aries being a fire sign, they tend to be extremely passionate and overly confident. Unfortunately, this means that dating a Cancer should clearly be avoided at all costs. Cancer people are known to be very mild and not very active. Usually, with this duo, the Cancer person will start to feel intimidated by absolutely anything and everything that the Aries person does. As a result, the Cancer individual will typically hold this resentment against the Aries person throughout the relationship. This toxic environment isn’t healthy for either partner involved in the relationship.

3. Pisces & Sagittarius: By Depending On External Forces For Their Happiness, These Two Are Destined For A Toxic Relationship


If these two ever manage to stop being all over each other, they will likely begin to see that they can’t make a long-term romance flourish. While this pairing is known to be a lot of fun, there will be no happy ending! The one good thing to ever come from this relationship are all the fantastic sparks that are bound to fly! With so much excitement between this pair, both partners are passionate and excited to be around one another. But all that enthusiasm eventually fades. And once it does, without genuine emotion, a healthy and rewarding romantic relationship is unable to get off the ground. Without any trust, this dynamic duo leads to heartbreak if they try to make a real romantic relationship work.

2. Leo & Capricorn: Status And Social Power Is What Breaks This Partnership


The Leo and Capricorn pairing is quite the odd couple. With both partners being alphas, the quest for power and achievement is sky high! With mutual admiration for one another, the sparks are definitely there. First dates between these two are a surefire way to get them in the mood! However, as a potential relationship progresses, the two will eventually see that their extreme confidence is something that can’t make a genuine relationship work. With the Capricorn person being far more reserved than their Leo partner, everything the Leo tends to do will be scrutinized by the Capricorn. Without the possibility of an enduring bond, these two should know that they won’t be genuinely fulfilled in a relationship with one another. In the end, this dynamic duo is doomed from the start.

1. Aries & Capricorn: A Power Couple Is Only As Good As Its Weakest Link


There really isn’t a lot that an Aries and Capricorn have in common. Since both zodiac signs are known for not being the type of people to slow their roll for someone else, this combination is only spark-worthy, there is no happy ending in sight. A Capricorn is a lot more conservative than their Aries counterpart. They are looking to protect what they put out into the world more than an Aries who just go with the flow of life. For the Aries, their least favorite thing in the world is feeling like someone is continually holding them back in life, which is why they will always struggle with a Capricorn partner who tends to want to control them. In the end, this is a combo that will never be sustained!

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