15 WWE Superstars Who Revealed A Little Too Much

Being on live television is a scary thing. One never knows what is going to happen.

For WWE superstars, one fear they have is finding themselves exposed in the middle of a big ring, surrounded by thousands of fans, as well as millions of live viewers.

Embarrassing right? For them, it's almost like that dream where you wake up in school only in your underwear and the entire class starts to point and laugh at you. Embarrassing for them, but hilarious to us.

From ripped pants to losing their shorts, to nip slips, us WWE fans have seen it all. What makes matters worse though is that these stars can get in serious trouble if a mistake like this happens.

Here are 15 WWE superstars who ended up revealing a little too much.

15 The Slam That Tore Her Trunks Off

The Fanboy SEO

During an episode of Raw, Sasha faced a bit of a wardrobe mishap on live television.

According to thefanboyseo.com, Sasha’s trunks were pulled down after a slam from Natalya. Luckily, she was wearing sheer underwear that covered her lady bits.

While production was able to quickly black out the screen, blocking the viewers at home from seeing, the live crowd got quite an eye full.

14 Why One Should Never Wrestle In Dress Pants


During a fight for the Intercontinental Championship, Miz ended up ripping a hole in his pants.

According to heavy.com, while hosting an episode of Miz TV on Raw, Heath Slater challenged Miz to a match. Miz was on his way to a party though and not dressed in his ring gear.

The two ended up wrestling and it didn’t take long before his pants ripped right open.

13 Exposure For More Hate?


Many might remember when Eva Marie supposed to make her in-ring debut on WWE’s blue brand, Smackdown.

According to whatculture.com, Eva was supposed to face Becky Lynch, but her top popped off, leaving her exposed and unable to compete. The referee was quick to help cover her though.

It was later learned though that it was all a ploy to hold off her debut and gain more heat.

12 "As You Can See By The Seam, You All Were In No Danger Of Seeing My Hole.”


AJ Styles was a spectacle to behold during a tables, ladders, and chairs match after Dean Ambrose threw him into a stack of chairs, causing him to rip a hole in his pants.

According to sportskeeda.com, AJ decided to laugh it off and posted a photo of his mishap with the caption, “As you can see by the seam, you all were in no danger of seeing my b***hole.”

11 Another Reason Men Shouldn't Wear Skinny Jeans


During an episode of Monday Night Raw, Batista ended up having quite a few issues.

According to bleacherreport.com, the first error came when his microphone failed him, followed by his skinny jeans ripping open after he speared the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Randy Orton.

It wasn’t long before the WWE Universe took to twitter, commenting on why he shouldn’t be wearing skinny jeans.

10 Charlotte Doing Her Figure Eight Leg-Lock


Ric Flair is known for his signature move, the figure 4 leglock, a move that his daughter has since perfected.

According to bleacherreport.com, Charlotte Flair’s version starts off as an ordinary leg lock, before she lifts herself into a bridge, adding more pressure to her opponents’ legs.

Unfortunately, the bridge leaves her exposed, causing her chest to almost bust out of her top each time.

9 The Show Must Go On


When AJ Lee teamed up with Dolph Ziggler to face The Great Khali and Natalya, she found herself in a bit of a predicament.

According to whatculture.com, during the match, AJ’s top got pulled up over her chest, revealing her black bra. She kept the show going though, and played it off by licking her hand like a cat as a way to annoy cat lover Nattie.

8 The Flip That Exposed It All


During a match with the ravishing Russian Lana on Tuesday night’s Smackdown live, Charlotte was left embarrassed after a mishap with her trunks.

According to dailystar.co.uk, Lana grabbed Charlotte’s shorts, pulling them down and exposing her rear to the crowd behind her.

With Lana’s questionable wrestling skills, a lot of Charlotte’s fans blamed the mishap on Lana.

7 Couple's Who Milk Cows Together, Stay Together


Lana and her husband Rusev spent their Anniversary doing a farm photoshoot.

According to us.blastingnews.com, during the shoot, Lana is seen hunched over Rusev as he milked a cow. Apparently, that is when one of Lana’s boobs fell out of her top.

Lana later commented, “Couples that milk cows together, stay together,” on one of the photos that were posted on social media.

6 The Top That Would Not Stay


When the screen went black during Becky Lynch and Asuka’s match at a Royal Rumble ppv, fans were left baffled.

According to pwpix.net, the feed was cut halfway through their SmackDown Women’s Championship match after Becky’s nipple slipped out. Once the feed cut back on, Becky can be seen adjusting her top.

She ended up struggling throughout the rest of the match and had to fix her top multiple times.

5 The Pulling Of The Body Sock


Aksana spent five years with the WWE, but thanks to having almost no memorable moments, not many people remember her.

According to whatculture.com, one moment fans might remember though is during her multi-woman tag match on Monday Night Raw. During the match, Layla ended up grabbing Aksana around the ankle, causing her ill-fitted body sock to pull down and expose multiple parts of her anatomy.

4 Why You Should Always Make Sure Your Pants Are Fully Secure Before Doing Anything

Cageside Seats

During a match with Drew McIntyre, Xavier Woods and R-Truth back in 2013, Drew suffered a wardrobe malfunction that he was able to hide quite well.

According to cagesideseats.com, Drew’s pants ended up coming undone during the middle of that match.

He later joked about it on his Twitter: “See you all notice the wardrobe malfunction if the #BigMac didn't try to escape...the #RhinestoneCowboys would've had it in the sack.”

3 Why Spandex and "Biggies" Don't Mix

Kayfabe News

When a wrestler has a big frame and wears skimpy spandex, accidents are bound to happen.

According to kayfabnews.com, Big E is a prime example of what can happen. A few years ago, Big E suffered a wardrobe malfunction when one of his “biggies” fell out of his spandex.

Big E was left mortified after realizing what had happened and dashed to the locker room in shame.

2 Rated X Wrestlemania

wwe: 11 Shocking WWE Diva Wardrobe Malfunctions & WWE.com

After this mishap, many started calling WrestleMania 30, WrestleMania X.

According to whatculture.com, Vickie Guerrero hosted the first (and only) Invitational match, a fight that saw every woman on the roster fighting for the Divas’ Championship.

During the match, Cameron suffered a mishap when her top ripped off. She ended up having to compete the entire time while holding her top to her chest.

1 The Rush That Sent Her Rolling And Her Top Flying


What was supposed to be a promotional night for superstar Asuka, turned into not only a beat down for her but also one of her most embarrassing moments.

According to hollywoodlife.com, during an interview on WWE Monday Night Raw, Asuka was blindsided by the Irresistible Force, Nia Jax, causing Asuka to go flying, and her costume top to shift, revealing her bare nipple.

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