16 WTF Stories In The News So Far

Sometimes it seems like there is literally no good news in the entire world. Seriously, every time you go on Twitter, check out the TV news or read an online newspaper, you are totally confronted with tons of bad news. From all sorts of pain and suffering to the craziest things you could possibly imagine, it’s clear that if you want to be cheered up, you don’t want to turn to the latest news reports. You just don’t. But then there’s the whole wanting to be an involved and interested and responsible citizen thing. So, of course, you can’t ignore the news. You have to read it and know what’s going on in the world, whether it’s in your little corner of it or elsewhere.

So go ahead and read on to find out the craziest news that’s happened so far. You won’t believe your eyes. Here are 16 WTF stories in the news so far.

16 Tons Of People Hit By Cars

Yup, tons of people were hit by cars the morning of Thursday, October 20th in Toronto, Ontario. What were they doing? Literally just walking. Just walking. They were trying to get to work or to school or wherever else, and while thankfully and fortunately no one passed away, it’s still pretty nuts. Okay, so at the first glance the number doesn’t seem that high – the latest reports say ten people – but experts are saying that is a crazy high number for this kind of accident. Apparently, this is not a shock to the police because they say that reckless drivers have become more common recently. So to all of you who walk to work – and especially if you walk in super traffic heavy areas – definitely be careful and watch where you’re going. But you already knew that, right? Unfortunately, this is one reminder that you always need, especially if things like this can happen.

15 Guy Refuses To Pay Ticket For Two Years

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Also in Toronto, one guy is totally and completely refusing to pay a ticket. And he’s been refusing for two entire years. Yes, really. The ticket is a total of $85 and he just doesn’t believe that he should have to pay it. We truly and honestly can’t believe caring about something like that… and especially not for two entire calendar years. We seriously have so much to worry about and so many things to think about on a daily basis, how could we fight something like that? We would honestly just pay the thing already so we wouldn’t have to worry about it anymore. We’re not sure of the specifics and we don’t want to judge a situation that we’re not a part of. And yes, sometimes it’s best to stand on principle because that’s part of being a human being who’s part of society. But honestly, sometimes it’s also best to just move on as fast as possible.

14 This Trump Painting

We all know that Trump is pretty much in the news 24/7, but this might be the weirdest and craziest news report that we’ve heard this election season. A woman has created a painting of Donald Trump… but not using her hands. Not painting the way we would expect someone to. Let’s just say that she used a part of her body that is somewhere down there and should never been seen unless she’s in a private, intimate setting. However, this was apparently done as part of some political activism because she’s an activist living in Montreal and she’s trying to protest his sexist comments and behavior. Still, WTF? Isn’t that a really extreme form of protest? We’re not really sure what to think about this one. She has even given interviews about it and she’s getting quite a lot of attention over this piece of political activism. It’s certainly interesting and thought-provoking, we will give her that.

13 Trump Will Accept Results On One Condition

Another WTF news story making the rounds this week? That would be Donald Trump’s latest announcement: he will only accept the results of the upcoming presidential election in the U.S. “if he wins.” That’s his only condition. Hmm…. We’re not sure that’s how elections work. Nothing that happens in this election or any of his comments are much of a shock or a big surprise at this point, of course, since something crazy and strange seems to happen pretty much every day. And that’s the way that it’s been for a while. It’s just the political and social climate that we are all existing in right now. Again, we’re not sure that’s how it works, and we’re thinking this is going to be one epic election day and evening if anything that has happened recently is any indication. We know that we will be watching carefully, and that’s definitely for sure.

12 Italians Are Living Super Long

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Recent news reports about a town in Italy called Acciaroli are claiming that because the people there eat a lot of rosemary, that’s why they are so healthy. And that’s why they’re living a super long time… like a lot longer than most people elsewhere in the world. While this is definitely a happy news story and nothing quite as negative as some of the other items on this list, we do have to say “WTF?!” since it doesn’t seem like a herb could really make people live a long time. But what do we know? We don’t eat tons of rosemary and we’re not living in that town either, so maybe we’re the ones who aren’t living right. Whatever works, though. Maybe we should start a kitchen love affair with rosemary and start putting the herb in everything that we make and eat. It can’t hurt, right? And isn’t thinking about being as healthy as possible and preventing disease half of the battle?

11 A Unique Pub Crawl

Um.... is all we have to say about this. Along with WTF, of course, but that's a given at this point. Apparently a very unique  pub crawl at the University of Ottawa was planned: students would be "encouraged" to engage in forms of intimate acts as part of the activity. The school has cancelled the plans but has told the media that they won't be looking into it. Well, that's not how we remember pub crawls back in our college and university days, that's for sure. We seem to remember drinking a lot of beer. Like a lot. And maybe some green beer if it was St Patrick's Day. And maybe we ate a lot of greasy pub food since, well, when we drink a lot, that's what tends to happen. But we've never heard of this before and we're also not really sure why this is a necessary thing that needs to happen. Well, it's obviously not that necessary since it was cancelled.

10 A New Dinosaur Found In Australia

Yes, actually. This is not a drill. This is not even a joke. A new type of dinosaur was found in Australia recently. If the little kid inside of us is jumping for joy at this news, well, sorry but we're not really sorry because we just can't help it. We love thinking about dinosaurs. We kind of wish they were still around. Okay, maybe not. Things could get a bit crazy and scary and fast. This dinosaur would be 95 million years old (just wrap your head around that fact... yeah, it's pretty old) and is called "Savannasaurus elliottorum." Don't worry if you can't pronounce that. We can't either and we're totally not going to even try. The bones were found in Queensland, aka the outback of Australia, and that must have been pretty crazy and strange and exciting for the guy who found them, David Elliot. This is definitely some shocking news.

9 A Massive Lobster Found

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Have you ever eaten lobster? Maybe you have gone to Maine or someplace like that for summer vacation with your family, and you have chowed down on some lobster and butter. Or maybe you have never even wanted to try it because it kind of grosses you out (which is totally fair). Or maybe you just can't afford it (again, totally fair). But if you ever ate lobster, you probably never had a 14 pound one. Why would you? Doesn't that seem crazy big? Well, apparently a massive lobster has been found and is making the news rounds recently. A guy has actually found a 14 pound lobster that people are calling a "sea monster." There he was, just going about his business in Bermuda and he ended up finding this. The shock was apparently just as big as the lobster, and that is probably a massive understatement. Imagine all the people you can feed?!

8 Spain's Pop Is Going Down

Apparently the population of Spain is expected to go way down between now and the year 2050. How? News reports say it's because of people not having too many babies these days. Want some hard numbers? Reports say the population is going to decrease by 11 percent. Yes, really. And if that seems like a lot, it is, because that's going to mean 5.3 million less people than normal. We can't even deal with this news and we can't even wrap our heads around it. Sure, we don't live in Spain so it's not like it's something that directly affects us, but it's still something that's pretty interesting to think about. For better or for worse. Maybe for worse? We're not sure. What if this starts happening elsewhere? It's definitely true that we're having less babies than usual because, well, we can't even find good dates, let alone relationships or getting married or starting families. So yeah, it does make a whole lot of sense to us.

7 STIs Are Way Up In U.S.

This seems totally and completely crazy considering how much information we have about being safe when it comes to being intimate with any partner in your life and all that. But apparently, STIs are way up in the U.S. Like way up. In particular, STIs like syphilis, gonorrhoea, and chlamydia. The U.S. Centers Of Disease Control and Prevention has announced that this is happening because not much money is being spent on this issue. So there you go -- that is why. Just how much? Apparently, in 2015 alone, there were 1.5 million instances of chlamydia. That number actually went up six percent since the previous year, so that is definitely a whole lot. It is pretty hard to wrap our heads around actually and it is pretty hard to believe. It is one of those WTF moments, that is for sure. The experts have told the media that these things can definitely be stopped from happening. So what are they waiting for then? We def need to do something about this!

6 Diet Is The Worst Health Problem

Yup, you know that you should not live on pizza and zero vegetables, and now it's totally and completely official. We're pretty surprised that this is true but here it is: the biggest health problem is now a bad diet. Not disease, not anything else, but the food that people are consuming and putting into their bodies. Of course this is somewhat obvious and definitely makes a whole lot of sense, since getting enough good nutrition on a regular basis is a key to health. But because it's so official now, that's pretty much a big WTF? moment because we're shocked that people are really laying down the law when it comes to the issue of nutrition. It's usually something that we all know but don't really talk about too seriously. But now things are definitely changing. Maybe we will see lots of positive health changes in the coming years.

5 Mother Jumps With Son In Her Arms

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There has been some pretty crazy stories in the news, but 2016 seems to be a year filled with a lot of dark stories. This story broke out recently when a Russian 33-year-old women ended her life, but what's crazy about this story is that she also took her son's life with her after jumping off a building. He was 8-years-old. WTF?! The reason for this was apparently because she got a nose job, which her doctor convinced her to have, and hated the results. Before her passing she had claimed that the results left her looking like a pig and that her husband would make fun of her, even "oinking" every time he would see her. The surgery was apparently the root of the downfall of the couple's marriage and it was the straw that broke the camel's back. Reports are saying that the woman had left a note and even reached out to a friend on social media before making her decision to end her life.

4 Wine Production Going Down

OMG there's going to be less wine in the world?! Now this is some sad and truly tragic news. We can't even believe we're hearing this. Apparently, at least according to news reports, the production of wine will go down worldwide. By how much? Five percent. Okay, so we have to be totally honest here, we're not sure if that's a lot or a little. But since wine is pretty much the best thing ever and truly gives us life, we're going to take this as some pretty bad news. If you're a fan of Malbec, aka a type of red wine, then this is truly sad news for you because that kind of wine is apparently going to be affected the most. And that type of wine is from South America, which is an area that will be affected. Experts are saying this is because of climate changes. So start the mourning process now, no one thinks that's too dramatic.

3 Baby Jesus Statue Vandalized

There’s a statue of the baby Jesus in the small town of Sudbury, Ontario, and someone seems to have it in for this. Someone keeps taking the head off this statue and then replacing it. So that’s a whole lot of vandalism. The person that put a new head on it must have a sense of humor or something in mind because now the replacement is basically orange and making everything else that color, too. This is not totally and completely out of left field because apparently there is some graffiti and things like that in this area on a regular basis. But still, WTF? It seems strange to focus on a statute or replace the head of a statute. Why not remove the entire thing or just leave it alone? Hey, the latter is definitely a better idea. We wonder how this story is going to play out and how much longer this will keep happening.

2 Mom Ends Her Children's Lives

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These kinds of news stories are truly the worst ones to read about. They are extremely sad and tragic and all kinds of disturbing. As the saying often goes, it’s truly a tragic time when someone buries their child because that’s just not the normal or natural order of things. But when a mom kills her kid, we just can’t even when it comes to how totally awful this is. So this is, of course, one of those news reports that we try our best not to read to its fullest because we don’t want to know all the details… but it’s so hard to look away. This news story comes from Indiana and involves a mom who ended the lives of her two children after “giving them a choice to live or die.” WTF? is all we can say about that. We’ve truly never heard of anything like this before and we’re not sure that we will again (thankfully).

1 Another Mom Hurts Her Child

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This WTF? News story comes from Italy. A mother has been accused of killing her child because he figured out that she was “having an affair” with his grandfather… aka her father?! or maybe father-in-law?! What?! That’s all we have to say about that. This is one of those news stories that really makes you wonder about people. We just feel like we have no clue about humanity if these things can happen, and it makes us want to hide under our comfy covers and never, ever come out. We just can’t even with this kind of news. We just can’t. It’s extremely disturbing and yet it’s one of those stories that is really, really hard to look away from. So despite our best interests, we’ve read too many details about this news story (and other news stories like it) without even meaning to. So now that we’ve figured out the top 16 WTF? news stories so far, we think it’s time to take a nice long, hot bath and watch something funny to take our mind off of it. We think Friends is always a good choice.

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