15 Worst Places To Propose To Your Partner

Proposing to your partner is probably one of the best things you will ever do in your entire life. Seriously, do you think there’s another thing that will make you as happy as finding out your partner is the one, and feeling so ready to propose to her? Because proposals matter to you as much as it does to your partner, you would want to make it special. You’d want it to be so good even when you two are 80 years old, both of you can still remember that day. Thus, guys better be reading this because this list is going to help you propose the right way. If you think the only important thing is her big YES, think again. Ladies pay extra attention to detail especially on events like this. So ladies, share this with your partners and male friends and help them propose the right way. Because proposing at the wrong place might be a great discouragement. More than we have words for.


15 Never Get Down On One Knee In A Parking Lot

Dear men, even if that’s the parking lot where you two met, the parking lot of her old workplace, or maybe your old workplace, no matter the significance, please don’t ever think of proposing there. Your girl wouldn’t care about the ring or your cheesy speech. If you propose in the middle of the parking lot, the only thing she’ll remember from such experience if the fact that you proposed at a parking lot. You’re better than that, and this is the perfect time for you to prove to your girl that you’re worthy of a spot in her life. Proposing at a parking lot is pretty similar as getting out of the supermarket and then suddenly remembering you forgot to buy some watermelons. So now, you two need to go back in. There’s no class here, and it’ll seem like you didn’t even prepare for your proposal. Men, whether or not your lady says yes, she will definitely make a joke about this parking lot proposal.

14 We'll Cross That Bridge When We Get To It


So, you saw a park with a lake and a bridge that seems to be the perfect spot to get on one knee and propose to your girlfriend. Oh boy, the disasters that could happen here. Most bridges like this are made of wood, and most engagement rings are made small enough to fit in between the wooden planks of the bridge. Are you seeing where we’re getting here? Unless you want to swim in the lake because the ring fell from your shaking hands and went through the wood, you would not propose on a bridge. Not only will it be a disaster, your girl might even think twice about saying yes to you. She’ll only think “what kind of idiot man lets an engagement ring slip off his hand, go through the bridge, and into the lake?” Even if you think you can catch it, believe it or not, this is when things will happen so quickly the next thing you know, the ring isn’t in your or your partner’s hand anymore.

13 A Little Messy On The Sandy Beach

When rings can easily fall through the wooden bridges, of course, they can also fall off your hands and disappear in the sand. Okay, it’s probably easier to find a ring in the sand than in the muddy lake, but still, do you really want that hassle when you’re proposing to the most amazing person in our life? Wouldn’t you want it to be easy, simple, and yet still glamorous? Wouldn’t you want it to be special and unforgettable? Because while a disaster is obviously unforgettable, it is not special. Or, it is not special in a good way. Digging for a diamond ring in the beach sand is not cool, men. It’s an engagement ring, not an Easter egg. Please remember that it’s a lot better to opt for simpler choices than to choose a “classy” yet disaster-prone location to propose. And we haven’t even talked about the possibility of the seawater bringing your ring with it.

12 This Isn't Your Party


If your friend is throwing a party because he got promoted, or maybe because he and his partner are having another baby, or maybe because he finally bought a home for himself, for whatever reason he’s throwing a party, please know that that party is not the right and appropriate place to propose to your girlfriend. Man, the least you can do is have your own party where you’ll propose to her. Piggybacking on someone else’s special occasion is so uncool and so immature. And even when you think it won’t matter, it would. If you think your girlfriend won’t mind, she would. And if you think she’ll forget about it in time, oh boy, believe us when we say she won’t. Girls may easily forget a lot of things – often forgets to put some coffee or to iron your work clothes or that it’s already your birthday – but they will never forget how their man proposed to them.

11 Not Where You Grew Up

We don’t care why you’re at your parent’s house in the first place, what we care about is when you’re thinking of proposing while you and your girlfriend are staying there. Even if your parents own hectares and hectares of land, or a mansion, or any other fancy house, proposing to your girlfriend while you’re there is so not right. It will just give the impression that you can’t do anything without your parents. It will give the impression that you’re still a kid. Is that the kind of impression you want your girlfriend to remember? Probably not. Also, proposing at your parent’s house simply sounds lame. Just imagine her proposing to you at her parent’s house, do you think that’s cool? Do you think that’s classy? Of course not. When proposing, you’d want it to be for the two of you, not for the two of you plus for your parents.

10 Getaway Car


Who in the world proposes in the car? I mean, that’s marriage we’re talking about. You’re asking for the hand of the most amazing woman in your life. You’re asking for her to spend the rest of her life with you. Heck, you’re asking her to build a life and a family and a future with you. And you’re going to do it all in a car?! Nobody cares if that’s a Volkswagen or a limousine or the first car you two bought as a couple; nobody cares if that’s your travel car because you two are nomads… the fact that you proposed to her in a car says a whole lot more than you could ever imagine. It says you’re not pouring enough energy in this. You didn’t plan and you obviously didn’t make any preparation. It’s like you were just carrying that ring around with you and waiting for your bravery to kick in. Man, that sucks. Bigtime. You wouldn’t want your lady to remember this for the rest of her life.

9 It's (Another) Kind Of Celebration

Whether you’re celebrating your birthday at a resto, at a grandiose vacation for just the two of you, or at home with all your pals around, proposing to her at this same day is something you should forget about. Seriously, forget about it. She may or may not say YES but that’s not what we’re concerned about. We’re concerned about the fact that your proposal isn’t going to have much impact, the kind of impact it should originally have. It’ll be like ‘hey, it’s my birthday! Care to say YES while I’m down on one knee as a birthday gift?” Yeah, uhm, no. Definitely not. And if you think girls aren’t brave enough to say NO, think again. If she doesn’t like it, or you, chances are she will say NO even if there are people around. So proposing for a forever-life on your birthday, wherever you’re celebrating, is a big no-no. Besides, wouldn’t you want a better day for it? Wouldn’t you want to use it to make an ordinary day extraordinary?


8 Don't Do It In Public


Again with the public spaces… why do men love to have an audience? Yeah, we get it, proposing is one of the biggest things you’ll ever do and it involves the love of your life. You want to scream to the world how much she matters and how much you love her. We all get that and really, there’s no need to argue about it. But dear man reader, public parks isn’t the place to go if you’re planning to propose to her. Yeah, that bench under the shady tree is probably really special for the two of you, or that pond or that exact same spot on the grass… but it’s not the kind of place to propose to the love of your life. It’s the kind of place to have other surprises but definitely not proposals. Aside from the fact that you’ll probably have an audience, which your girl may not like, it’s also not romantic.

7 Sleep On It

Picture this: you two woke up, cuddles and kisses and morning chats, and then you suddenly reached for the drawer, grabbed the ring, and asked her to marry you… does that sound good? Does it sound like she’d say yes? Her brain cells are probably still asleep at this moment. She may be awake but her brain or her subconscious is probably still at dreamland. As sweet as it may seem to propose this way – private, cozy, and at a typical spot in the house which will now be the polar-opposite of typical – it’s just not the way to go. You can do better than this. In fact, you can go and think of more romantic ways to do it, something she’ll definitely appreciate. You do want her to say yes, but you also want it to be memorable. The least you can do is brainstorm for other places to propose, instead of in your bedroom just after you two woke up.

6 It Doesn't Even Matter Why You're Here


…at any party, for that matter. Folks, please keep in mind that wedding proposals are not just about being engaged to an amazing person so please, for the love of all holy, take it seriously. No woman would want her man to propose to her in the middle of a party that’s not theirs. Maybe your pal had a party because finally, after many years of counting, he finally graduated college, or maybe your mom had a party because your brother is now a doctor, or maybe your girlfriend’s friend had a party because she’s finally single and enjoying it… regardless of whose party it is, proposing there is not ideal. It’s not romantic, however you want to look at it. Just, no. You’re better than this and we’re pretty sure you can come up with better ideas. Maybe you need to brainstorm more, but definitely don’t do it at a party.

5 Meet Me At The Mall

Who in the world proposed at the mall? Well, a lot of people, apparently. If you haven’t seen one, you need to be on social media more. If you haven’t seen one, maybe you need to go to the mall more often. For some unknown reasons, men have made it a habit to propose to their girlfriends in front of strangers. They made it a habit to create an impromptu audience for the proposal as if they will get bonus points for it or something. Believe it or not, proposals at the mall look stupid. If you think it’s courageous or romantic, think again. Your girl is just carried away with her emotions and overwhelmed with everything that’s going on, but once it all subsided, she will realize how stupid your idea was. And she won’t stop talking about it until she gets over the fact that she got engaged at the mall. Why in the world would you want your girlfriend to get engaged in the middle of the mall in the first place?

4 At The Highest Point


Mountain proposals? Super cute! Super romantic! And if you or your girlfriend or both of you are avid travelers and both of you love the outdoors, this is probably one of the brightest ideas ever. And there’s no reason any woman would hate you for doing it. So why is this on the list of worst places to propose to your partner? Well, simply because mountains are super gorgeous places. It’s the kind of place where you can stay up there for days and days and see nothing but scenic beauty of nature and luscious greens and yet, you won’t get tired of the view. Mountains are magical like that. And because of this, chances are, your woman won’t be focused on you. Yes, she sees you and she sees the ring, she’s probably even crying, but she also sees the mountain and the beauty up there. You wouldn’t want her attention to be divided.

3 It's My Party And I'll Cry If I Want To

Similar to when you’re celebrating your birthday, you also wouldn’t want to propose to your partner at any place where she’s celebrating her birthday, the exact day she is celebrating her birthday. It’ll appear like you’re just taking advantage of the food and the place and the fun vibe of the moment. Like you’re way too lazy to create your own special event from scratch for the sole purpose of proposing to her. This, dear men readers, is not a beautiful image to portray. Just let her birthday pass, and few more days pass, hide the ring well and once the vibes go back to normal, that’s when you propose. With all your romantic gimmick. Of course, you will need to have your own gimmick. You would want her to remember how special this ordinary day is when you pull that ring from your pocket.

2 During A Movie


Seriously though, movie theaters are probably one of the stupidest places to propose. We don’t care if you two have a lot of memories at there or if they are simply special to the two of you, it’s just not the right place. It’s not romantic, it’s too dark, it’s lame. Unless you rented the entire theater just for this super special proposal, go think of another place to do it. There are a hell lot of other places to pop the question. Better places. More romantic places. You’re a grownup now, remember? And one thing that most responsible grownups do is come up with amazing ideas to support their amazing plans. This is something you should really think about – proposals are more than the ring. In fact, in this generation, it’s becoming less about the ring and more about the person. Gone are the days where women brag about the romantic candlelight dinner at a cruise coupled with an expensive ring. They just want more romance.

1 It's Too Loud

Concert proposals are overrated. Even if that’s Adele or Ed Sheeran or P!nk, women would probably care less about your proposal and more about the concert she was super excited to attend. Besides, concerts are noisy places for proposals. And if you try to get on that stage to propose in front of thousands of people, that’s not what most girls like. They don’t want the audience. They want you and your romantic sweetness. They want you to exert more effort and think outside the box. And concert proposals are the total opposite of thinking outside the box. Please, dear men readers, take note of this. Don’t ever think of proposing to your girl at any concert, or else it’ll all go to waste. She may be overwhelmed and happy but when she wakes up the next day, she probably won’t remember exactly how you proposed and what you said to her.


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