15 Worst First Tinder Date Ideas

First dates are weird, no doubt about it! They’re awkward, clumsy, nerve-wracking, and seem to be even worse when they’re from Tinder! The best way to avoid these bad dates are to come up with an idea that really shows off your personality and will provide a comfortable and relaxed experience for you and your date. With this list of don’ts, you’ll be getting some simple advice on where to go instead. So hopefully all your future Tinder dates will go as smoothly as possible! While dates will probably never stop being awkward AF, at least if you put some careful thought into your date location and idea you'll know that you'll be comfortable and can get to know this new person. If you think that guys are the ones who should always plan the first date, the truth is that times are changing! Women are planning tons of first dates these days and you should totally give that a try. Here are 15 Tinder date ideas that you never want to do!

15 Camping

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Yes, unfortunately this has been a thing. It doesn't matter how much you love the outdoors or how much your date loves it, this is just not a good idea. What do you two plan on doing? Camping is a pretty intimate experience that can either go really well or really, really badly. And if this is your first date, it's probably not going to be tons of fun. It might even seem like you’re trying to move too fast and that can potentially scare off your date too. Just take it easy and try out a cafe or even a nice dinner with an outdoor cabin theme, that way you can both be warm and cozy with that intimate feeling on a more rational level. Plus there will be good food and you won’t have to risk getting food poisoning because you ate under cooked hot dogs! It’s a win win, so just go with it! Have you ever been on a date where you had to embrace the outdoors... when you would really just rather not?

14 The Beach

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Why, just why!? What do you plan on doing at the beach, sitting on the sand and getting super itchy and counting the moments until you can go home and take a shower? It’s not a super cute idea for a date, especially for a first date. You two will just end up feeling super uncomfortable and on edge the whole time. It will just end up wasting time and really make you regret that you even made a Tinder profile in the first place. Skip the beach and instead head to a nice restaurant on the beach or that overlooks the water. You will be able to still dress up in your summer garb while enjoying a nice meal and the smell of the ocean. The best parts of the beach and food so what is there not to love? Give it a try and maybe plan to come back at a later time together, or take a walk on the beach together once you passed the awkward “get to know each other” part of the date!

13 Clubbing

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Just why? Why would you ever think this is a good idea? This is a horrible idea because you're not going to make a very good impression if you go clubbing and sweat off all your makeup and ruin the work you put into your hair while you dance on the dance floor. You won't be able to talk to your date and you'll feel too shy to go out there and dance your soul out. Take it easy and try something a bit more relaxing. Maybe even go to a music event in your city or a local art walk with your date. You’ll still get the chance to get those creative juices flowing and listen to great music, but you’ll still be able to grab a bite to eat and have a conversation without being overwhelmed with some funky music. You never know, you might bond together and make it a tradition to go to the art walk once a month and enjoy the nightlife of a more relaxed environment.

12 A Birthday Party

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Please no. A birthday party would honestly never be a good idea for a first date, and not even a second or third date, either. Not only will your date be constantly telling their life story to every person at the party because no one knows who they are, which gets old fast, but they'll be pulled into random conversations while you enjoy yourself. Since you're surrounded by people that you know and are super familiar with, you won't be able to pay the necessary attention to your date. While you might feel comfortable surrounded by people you know, your date won’t. By the end of the night, you’ll most likely not be any closer to your date than you were when you said "hey" and arrived at the birthday party in the first place. Skip the birthday party for your first date and grab something to eat so you guys can actually get to know each other properly.

11 Your Birthday Party

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No! This is not a good idea. Some people might think that bringing a first date to their friend's birthday party is not a good thing to do... but they might think that inviting someone to their own birthday party is totally fine. Not so. You have to connect the dots here. Just don't do it. Everyone will be giving you tons of love and attention and you'll have to split your focus in a million different directions. You won't be able to mingle with your guests while focusing on someone that you barely know (aka your Tinder date). It's honestly a really terrible first date and it might even be the worst idea on this list! Yes, really! Your date will be totally ignored and at the end of the night, you will realize that and end up trying to make it up to them... but by that point, you'll be a bit wasted. Just a bad situation all around!

10 A Concert

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Going to a concert isn’t the best idea for a first date simply because of the noise. Any place that can potentially damage any conversation on a first date is not very pleasant. While you might feel at home seeing your favorite local band play at a dark and dank dive bar gig, your date might not be into that scene or even into going to a live show. They might hate crowds and it will just make things a lot more anxious than they need to be. It might even come down to the music -- who knows what your date really enjoys? They might even be trying to impress you by saying they’d love to see your favorite band, but that's just way too much pressure on the very first date. There’s no need to corner someone into something they feel uncomfortable with because if they really like you, they’ll agree to it nine times out of ten and won’t even enjoy themselves. Skip the dive bar and maybe just head to a nice upscale bar that’s more quiet and can allow for conversation to grow.

9 Karaoke

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Putting your Tinder date in any situation that requires them to be put on the spot such as the roller rink or karaoke is not the best idea. You might want to pass on this and find something else that you can do together. Situations like this are very hard to deal with and can actually be scarring because you might be pushing your date way too far out of his comfort zone. You have to step into their shoes. The truth is that even if you feel comfortable singing in front of strangers, your date might not, and the pressure that’s already on them from being on a first date just leads to a sticky situation or even no second date. Just take it slow and try to enjoy a night out. Maybe go out to eat at a fun restaurant if you’re looking for something quirky like karaoke. Find a themed restaurant or cafe and enjoy the long talks and getting to know each other in a more comfortable setting.

8 A Wedding

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Yes, sometimes this is a first date idea and it's a huge no no! A wedding is a great place to take a partner in the future, but totally not on a first date. This sort of situation will only freak both of you out since it will basically mean that commitment is staring you right in the face. And of course you can't commit to each other yet since this is your first date! While at first it might seem like an endearing thing to do together, it's really not. That can only go so far before it becomes just tons of forced love and commitment which can really scare a lot of people. A wedding might seem nice from a distance, but maybe try to go with some of your girlfriends instead. Make it a girls day out, not a Tinder first date. You’ll probably have way more fun and lots of positive memories that will last a long time. For the date, maybe suggest going to a cafe that’s whimsical and have an afternoon tea and cake with your first date.

7 The Mall

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Hello, we’re not in high school anymore! This is never a good place to go if you want to take a relationship to the next level. You don’t need to peruse Hot Topic’s band T-shirts while trying to connect with your date. It just doesn’t work, no matter what. If you want to get a shopping spree in, go yourself on your day off from work alone or with a bunch of friends. The mall definitely isn’t a place for a first Tinder date! While this date option could work depending on who you’re dealing with, in most cases it would probably be best to just skip the shopping and plan something that focuses more on bonding with your date. Think about connecting over a nice meal or even over some wine at a nice cafe! Enjoy yourself and remember that you’ll always be able to go shopping but good dates are hard to find! Enjoy the moment!

6 Hanging Out With Your Friends

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Having a get together with a bunch of your old pals isn’t the most inviting situation when it comes to a first date. It's not the best idea even when you just want to make a first impression. Friends can be one of the toughest crowds besides family because your date is probably going to be super intimated by the fact that they're surrounded by people who are judging their move. Your friends care about you so they're going to judge this guy and make him feel pretty horrible. The emotions can be intense and it can be a situation that will make someone want to run away. Instead, try to focus on each other. Ask your Tinder date what kind of ideas they have in mind and remember to be open, but also remember to be honest. Don’t feel pressured into doing something on a date you’re not comfortable with! Have fun with each other and enjoy the experience in a more laid back kind of way!

5 The Movies

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Sitting in the dark, getting all dressed up for nothing, and dreading sweaty hands trying to hold your hand during the scary parts. Yup, that’s about the only interaction you can hope for while sitting in a dark, butter-smelling theatre. Skip the popcorn and foldable seats that are always uncomfortable and go to the actual theatre -- aka a dinner theatre. It will give you a chance to actually have a sit down meal and a glass of wine. You’ll have time to talk and enjoy yourselves before the show. The effort you put into your outfit and beauty routine will glow, and then to top it all off, you’ll be able to enjoy a show for a few hours and bond over the joy of live performance art. It's totally possible to enjoy the shared experience of doing something fun together, but whatever you do don’t go to a gross movie theatre and sit in the dark with your date. Why?!

4 The Park

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While taking a walk in the park could be a nice sentiment for you and your partner, it’s not really the best idea when you’re on your first date. This is something you usually do when you’re comfortable with someone because getting dressed to impress is very hard when the plan is to walk through the park. It will either be too cold or too hot for you both to enjoy it to the fullest and you won't be able to fill up any awkward silences by drinking or eating like on a normal date at a bar or restaurant. The awkward silences will stay just that -- super awkward. If you’re an experienced dater and have been on tons of first dates in the past, maybe it’s time to switch things up and try to find a lunch spot near a park or sit on the patio of the cafe. This way, you can enjoy the views and the comfort of being able to have a conversation without getting winded!

3 A Double Date

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It doesn't matter where you plan on going. The truth is that going on a double date on your first Tinder date is just asking for major awkward moments! Hanging out with your friends during a date is bad news and this is honestly even worse than that. A double date, even if you’re super close with the other two individuals, means that you're not thinking about what your Tinder date feels and thinks. Instead of trying to make a double date work,  try to expand your experiences and take a group class. While you’ll still be able to have your own conversation with your date, you’ll be around others and it’ll feel like a fun event. Taking a cooking class with your date will be a great alternative to the double date troubles! Even doing it with your friends would be better than a sit down date with your friends. Try new things and experiment!

2 Controversial Places

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These include the zoo or the shooting range. Skip these places for your first Tinder date. You don’t know how your date feels about these types of places just yet, so just leave them out of the picture. Taking time to think about why a potential partner wouldn’t be okay with a certain place is really the key to success when it comes to dating. Find a place that makes you both comfortable. That way, you can really be yourself and open up and they can do the same. That's what you want to happen on a first date, after all. Controversial places are never a great first impression. The places like the ones listed above should really be discussed in the future. Save that for later and focus on the now. Find a cozy place that really brings out both of your personalities and find a middle ground where you two can flourish together! You won’t regret it!

1 Your House

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No, no, and no! Your house should not be your first date location, especially when you're using Tinder. It’s not the right place for a first impression and if you invite someone over, that's only going to make them think that a.) you only want to hook up or b.) you want to rush into a serious relationship. Talk about scary! Focus on finding a calm place to bond with your date. Whether that’s a small bar for after work drinks or a chill pub that has the best apple pie, it doesn't matter as long as you find a good location. This also means that you don't want to invite someone over after you've had dinner with them, either. Enjoy the time you’re spending together right now and try to not overthink it. Keep your mind clear and really try to dive into your date's mind to understand who they are and create a connection with them. Even if they do want to do the date ideas above and you’re into it, just do it! The moral of the story is to just listen and understand, be open to new things and have a good time! Happy Tinder dating!

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