16 Worst Date Confessions

We've all been on terrible dates at least one time in our lives. If you haven't yet, we're jealous and hope you never have to endure one. Whether you realized the second you got there, halfway through the meal or even after the date had ended, you came to the conclusion that the night didn't quite live up to your expectations. In fact, it did just the opposite making it was perhaps one of the worst dates you've ever been on. It was embarrassing, messy, awkward, and downright weird. Maybe it was so terrible that it took you a while to bounce back and say "yes" to another date. No matter how hard you try to forget that fateful night, it still lingers in the back of your head. Don't worry, you're certainly not alone. Read below to find out fifteen women's confessions about the worst dates they've ever been on.

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16 He Was In A Relationship


"After I got a job offer in Los Angeles, I relocated from my hometown and moved to the city. I didn't know anyone so I was happy when I met a guy at work who reached out to me. At first, we were just friends. We would get lunch together and even grab a drink after work. Then, one day, he asked me on a date. I was hesitant. I liked having him as a friend and wasn't looking for a relationship but I said yes anyway. He picked me up and took me to a fancy restaurant. Halfway through the meal, he confessed that he had a girlfriend but said I seemed like a "cool enough" girl to understand that sometimes you need more than what you have. I was mortified. For a second, I thought I might've given him the wrong idea so I made things clear. I was not going to be someone he just hooked up with because he was unhappy in his relationship. It was awkward, to say the least."  Claire, Los Angeles

15 He Was Graphic

"I met a guy on Tinder. I hadn't ever gone on dates with people that I met on there, but I decided to be open minded. He was cute. The date started off well then after a few drinks, he became extremely candid with me... way too candid with me. He let me know that the only reason he uses Tinder is to find girls to have one night stands with. Then, he started explaining in detail exactly what he would like to do with me that night if we had a one night stand. I was completely caught off guard and had no idea how to reply. So, I politely excused myself. I said I was going to go to the bathroom and then left immediately. Not only have I never heard from him again, but I've also never used Tinder again. It's just not my style." Brittany, Chicago

14 He Was Too Honest


"This one is sad. I actually really liked this guy and he was so sweet. I met him at the gym and we would always talk when we ran into each other. From the first minute I met him, I thought he might be someone that I could be with. When he asked me out, I was so excited. I met him at a restaurant. The first thing he said to me was, "I have to let you know before this goes any further, I have herpes." For the rest of the meal, that's all I could think about. I felt so bad for him but I was way too scared of getting herpes to let things go any further. Luckily, he understood and we've maintained a really good friendship. It's not awkward anymore... but it was definitely awkward when he told me. I probably could've handled it better now that I think about it in retrospect." Michelle, Portland

13 He Had A Rocky Past

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"A friend of mine tried to set me up with a guy she had known since her childhood. I was hesitant, but she practically convinced me that he'd be the love of my life. I met him at a bar near my house. When I got there, he was already drinking but I didn't think anything of it. We got along really well and it seemed like he felt really comfortable around me which I liked. Then, after our third drink, he told me about his past. It turns out, he had recently gotten out of jail for his third drinking and driving arrest. I was so mad at the friend that set me up with him. I had never been with anyone who went to jail. In fact, I don't even think I know anyone besides him who'd been to jail... and for such a dumb reason. What's crazier is that after I made an excuse to leave, he drove home." Glenn, New Hampshire

12 He Bit My Face

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"I met a guy on an online dating site. After flirting over email for a few weeks, we made time to go on a date. Everything was perfect. He said all the right things, he made me laugh, and I was seriously attracted to him. When we finished dinner, he asked if I wanted to go back to his place. Because everything had gone so well, I went. We had another drink and then, he kissed me. The kiss was less than romantic. He practically bit my face. I laughed a little because it was just so weird but he did not think anything was weird at all. When I tried to explain to him that he could "cool it" a little, he almost got offended. We stopped kissing and I called a cab. If the physical attraction is not there, it is not worth it to me." Jenna, Maryland

11 He Wasn't Over His Ex

"I ran into this guy I knew in college at a bookstore in my neighborhood. I always thought he was cute in school but he had a girlfriend so I never did anything about it. We were just friends. At the bookstore, he told me him and his girlfriend had broken up then asked if I wanted to get dinner. Of course, I agreed. When we got to the restaurant, I asked the worst question, "what happened between you and your ex?" and he instantly started crying. From the second I asked him, he couldn't keep it together. It was so obvious he wasn't over her. I spent the rest of the night consoling his broken heart as he told me in detail everything that happened. Long story short, when he asked me out again, I didn't say yes. I prefer it if the guys I date aren't still pining over some other girl." Danielle, Michigan

10 He Couldn't Stop Talking

"I think it's cute when guys get nervous on the first date. To me, it comes off as them wanting to impress me or wanting to make a good first impression. This guy, though, was different. He spent the whole entire meal talking. For a while, I thought he was only having word vomit because he was nervous but then I realized, it was just who he was. For the hour and a half we spent together, I maybe got in three sentences. If he asked me a question, he didn't wait to hear my answer. Instead, he just told me what his answer to the question would be. He told story after story about his life and about people I knew nothing about as I just sat there, bored to death wondering how long he could keep going before he ran out of breath. He didn't. He even spent the whole car ride home talking."  Bridgette, Arizona

9 He Got Too Excited

"I met this guy at a dinner party that one of our mutual friends was hosting. We hit it off really well so when he asked me on a date, I was excited, to say the least. He took me to an upscale restaurant and completely knocked my socks off. By the end of the meal, I had scooted really close to him in the booth we were sitting in. He told a joke and when I was laughing, I put my hand on his thigh... or attempted to. Instead, I put it on his you know what and to say it in the most polite way possible- he was quite excited. I did my best to pretend like I didn't notice but for the rest of the night, things were awkward. Neither of addressed the elephant in the room and on the car ride home, he was practically silent. I didn't mean to embarrass him and he didn't mean to embarrass me but that's exactly what happened." Mariah, Tennessee

8 The Food Didn't Agree With Me

"When this guy I had been talking to asked me if I wanted to go out, I said yes. He was a foodie and loved this French restaurant so he took me there. I would never have had French food but  I've never had stomach problems before in my entire life so I didn't think anything of it. It was absolutely delicious and I couldn't stop eating. He liked that I enjoyed it. As he was paying the bill, I started feeling sick but I agreed to go back to his house with him anyway. The second we got there, I knew I had to use the bathroom. The food didn't agree with me... at all. It wasn't food poisoning but it was as close to food poisoning as you could get. What's more embarrassing is apartment was so small. He heard everything that came out of me." Sarah, New York

7 He Was A Jerk

"I'm a waiter so I have this thing when it comes to how people treat waiters at restaurants. That's why when I went out with this guy, I knew instantly things weren't going to work out. From the second we sat down, he was downright rude to the server who was doing his best to make us happy. I forgave him, however, it only got worse from there. He sent every single one of his three course meals back claiming they weren't even edible. In reality, they were. I ordered the same things as him and thoroughly enjoyed them. At the end of the meal, he asked to speak to a manager and complained about everything. He even suggested the manager fire the server who had done absolutely nothing wrong. When he dropped me off at home, he asked if I wanted to go out again. Of course, I said no. I was so embarrassed to be sitting across from him the entire night." Allie, Nebraska

6 He Gave Awful Advice

"My friend set me up with a friend of hers. I had been single for a while so I took her up on the offer and met this guy. At the time, I was going through a hard time in my life. I was unhappy with both my professional life and my personal life. Because he made me feel comfortable, I told him about it. Of course, I wasn't asking for advice, I was only venting to him. Still, he felt the need to offer it and that's when the trouble started. When I told him I loved my job but didn't know if I wanted to do it forever, he told me to stop being such a wimp and quit already. When I told him I wanted to be in a relationship, he told me relationships are stupid and that I should just sleep around. It seemed like every "word of advice" that came out of his mouth was simply idiotic. That's not what made me mad, though. What made me mad was that he couldn't help but tell me his opinions when I was clear I just wanted to be listened to." Jillian, Florida

5 He Was Too Aggressive

"I met him on an online dating site. I knew from our messages that he had an aggressive personality but I'm fairly aggressive myself so I thought I could handle it. The second I saw him (for the first time, I might add), he practically grabbed me and kissed me as if we had been dating for five years. Then, throughout the dinner, he talked to me as if we were a couple that was engaged already. My mind was blown. I hardly knew this guy and he was talking about our future as if he knew what I wanted. Long story short, he didn't and he didn't even care. At the end of the night, he practically assumed I would be going home with him without even asking me what I wanted to do. I had to tell him that I didn't want to and direct him to my house instead of his. When I stopped returning his calls, he freaked out as if I owed him something. It was bizarre." Shirley, Connecticut

4 He Hardly Spoke

"I went to school with this guy. He was always quiet in class but he's super attractive. I thought, maybe he's just shy and needs a friend or something. So, I asked him out on a date. He said yes and we met at a bar one Friday night. I knew from the beginning, he might be awkward. What I didn't know, though, is exactly how awkward it would be. If I asked him a question, he answered in one word. He did absolutely nothing to push the conversation forward and there were periods of at least five minutes where neither of us spoke. It sounds harsh, but it was very similar to going on a date with a brick wall. He didn't even say goodbye at the end of the night, he just waved his hand. I still see him at school and as you can guess, we don't talk." Nicole, Texas

3 He Made Me Cry

"I met this guy at a coffee shop near my house. We were both locals and ran into each other all the time. When he asked me out, I agreed. We went to this really cool hipster place and sat in a quiet corner. One thing led to another and he basically started telling me his life story. Because I'm an open person, I appreciated how honest he was. That is until he got in the details of his past. As it turns out, he had a terrible childhood, faced illness as an adult, and then lost all of his money and lived on the street. By the end of his story, I was in tears. I felt so bad for everything that he went through. At first, I was embarrassed and then a little but uncomfortable because he had divulged so much. Luckily, he had a great sense of humor. We're still dating but my first date with him was literally the worst date I'd ever been on." Natalie, Hawaii

2 He Was A Misogynist

"This story is almost a bit too typical that it's almost embarrassing in itself. I wanted to get into better shape so I hired a personal trainer. From the very beginning, he was the best trainer I'd ever had. He pushed me to limits I didn't even know I could reach and I got in awesome shape. During our sessions, we'd always flirt so I wasn't surprised when he asked me out. What I was surprised about, though, is how inappropriate he was on the date. He was a complete misogynist. He told me about how women are lesser than men, that it's important I keep training because I have to work extra hard to be taken seriously and that if we ever did start dating, I would have to do everything he told me to do. I was so turned off that I freaked out. I couldn't help myself. I told him exactly how idiotic I thought he was and promised I'd never train with him again, let alone talk to him." Pam, Minnesota

1 He Got Way Too Drunk

"I met this guy at a bar. The first night I met him, we really hit it off. He was hilarious and I thought he was interesting so I gave him my number. The next day, he called and asked if I wanted to meet him at the same place for a drink. When I got there, I could tell he had been drinking so I tried my best to catch up with him. Now, I'm not a lightweight by any means but there's no way I could've ever consumed the same amount that he did. He couldn't even handle it himself. Midway through the night, he was slurring his words. By the end of the night, I had to practically carry him home. He was so drunk, he couldn't even manage to pay the bill. He called me the next day to apologize and I accepted it. He asked me out on another date only, this time, he suggested we get coffee instead." Shanell, New York

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