15 Worst Behaved Celebs Of 2007 (2 Who Never Lived That Year Down)

The press had a field-day in 2007 thanks to the troublesome antics of an assortment of celebrities. While it's true that each and every day presents a new opportunity for famous people to act poorly, it seems like there was something in the water back in 2007. Some of the most famous Hollywood downfalls took place then. Most of which the perpetrators were able to live down, although not without a frenzy of backlash as well as legal and financial consequences. However, a couple of celebrities have never been to shake the reputation that they made for themselves in 2007. So, let's dig into things, shall we? Without further ado, here are 15 of the worst behaved celebrities of 2007 and 2 who never lived that year down.

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17 Alec Baldwin Won The Phone Message Game... He Just Didn't Win over His Daughter


Even Alec Baldwin would admit that he has a temper. In recent years, he has gotten into a few altercations. But has always found his way out of it, mostly because he is otherwise immensely talented, intelligent, and charitable. But in 2007, he put all of his best qualities to the test when he left a raging voicemail for his then 11-year-old daughter, Ireland, calling her a "rude, thoughtless little pig". This was at the height of Baldwin's bitter separation from Kim Basinger who didn't encourage their daughter to chat with her father on the phone.

16 When Anna Nicole Smith's Party Stopped

The Things

Anna Nicole Smith was surely one of the most famous party girls to have come out of Hugh Hefner's company. However, her partying found a darker turn after a rocky 2006 when she lost her son just days after giving birth to her daughter. In February 2007, Nicole partied far too hard and found an end to her story. She was only 39. As sad as this was, we hope she's found peace.

15 Britney Spears Never Lived That 2007 Buzz-Cut Down


After some incredible partying, a separation, a stay at a facility, a downright awful performance at an award show, being deemed "unfit" to raise her boys, and shaving her head bald, there's just no way that Britney Spears will ever live 2007 down. Seriously, she was arguably the biggest in celebrity news that year and still hasn't lived it down. Although Spears has certainly cleaned up her act, she hasn't redeemed herself in the eyes of the public.

14 Nick Hogan And The Case Of The Reckless Driver


As of a few years ago, it seems like the entire world has finally forgotten about the Hogan family. So, we apologize for shedding light on them once more. Though we're just talking about the son, Nick, who was involved in a car crash in August 2007. This left Nick in bad condition, but nearly as bad as his friend John Graziano, who was also in the car. Nick was charged with a DUI and a third-degree felony.

13 Nicole Richie Found Rock-Bottom And The Peak Of Everest In Just One Year


Maybe 2007 was Nicole Richie's most important year. Not only was it the year when we heard the most about her, but it was also the last year that we did. Since 2007, the former Paris Hilton-pal has completely cleaned up her act and seems to have found peace. But this wasn't without a total downfall. After being a notorious party-girl, she was arrested in December 2006. After a fair share of legal issues, as well as having too much fun, she announced that she was pregnant. This is what turned her life around.

12 David Hasselhoff Liked Cars, Liquid Happiness... And Burgers, Apparently

The Things

Yes, the famous burger video came out in 2007. How can we possibly forget? Turns out, David Hasselhoff's children were so unhappy with their father's issues that they decided to film it and release it to the public in order to help him avoid clinging to the bottle. This act seemed to have worked for Hasselhoff who doesn't have any anger about it, or so he told Howard Stern. Since then, he's mostly had positive press.

11 Tom Brady Tackles His Hidden Little Love-Child


Mr. Squeaky Clean wasn't such a role-model back in 2007. We often forget that the birth of NFL superstar Tom Brady's first-child was with actress Bridget Moynahan during the time he was already with his next partner, Gisele Bundchen. Still, we have forgotten about this due to his current image and just how unbelievably talented this football player is.

10 Vanessa Hudgens Leaves Her Disney Channel Image WAY Behind


Boy, did High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens ever leave behind her clean-cut Disney image in 2007. She was the first major Disney celebrity to have had personal photos end up all over the internet. In recent years, almost everyone has endured this. But Hudgens was really the first through the door, meaning that she was scrutinized the hardest. On the plus side, her professional work has never been better since she left that sweet Gabriella Montez-image behind.

9 When Jamie-Lynn Spears Briefly Stole The Spotlight From Her Sister

Just Jared

Oh yes, we can't forget about Britney Spear's famous little sister, Jamie-Lynn. She made major headlines in 2007 after she announced that she was pregnant and keeping her child at the age of 16. This was during her pretty successful run on the clean-cut Zoey 101 on Nickelodeon, who, of course, cowardly parted ways with her once they found out. Although Jamie-Lynn hasn't really returned to the public eye, she certainly hasn't had to endure the scrutiny that her sister has. Hopefully, she's living a happy life with her family.

8 World, Meet Kim Kardashian... At Certain Angles

The Things

Cue the Darth Vader theme music... 2007 was the year we were introduced to Kim Kardashian. At least, we saw angles of her that we hadn't seen previously. Before 2007, she was merely one of Paris Hilton's floozy girlfriends who was constantly referred to as "the actress". But then she had a little video leaked onto the internet with her man of the hour, Ray J. Some say that Kim's mother orchestrated this to make her daughter famous. But that's just a rumor. Regardless, this private video is precisely what put Kim on a trajectory to utter stardom... Why? We still haven't the faintest clue.

7 Paris Hilton In The Only Big House She Didn't Want


Paris Hilton was always someone who spent time in big houses. After all, she's the heiress to the Hilton fortune. This is why she was able to get away with acting like a child well into her thirties. Time after time, Paris seemed to avoid harsh punishments for her antics. That is until 2007 when she was forced into "the big house", a place she almost certainly didn't want to be, despite actually smiling in her mug shot. However, she only spent 23 days in jail and basically got a slap on the wrist.

6 Turns Out, Heather Mills Wasn't So Innocent All Along


For the longest time, everyone was totally impressed with Heather Mills and the image she had created for herself. After all, she continued to model, even with a prosthetic limb and seemed to have a blissful marriage to former Beatle, Sir Paul McCartney. But, in 2007, once people started to say that she had posed for adult magazines, she went on the defensive. Turns out, she did. She lied. And she got into trouble for it.

5 A New Hugh Grant Scandal For A New Decade

The Things

Hugh Grant got into a lot of trouble in the 1990s when he was arrested for being with an adult worker in the back of his car. This bad boy image really harmed his private life, although he did continue to work. But 2007 brought a whole new issue for him. This happened after he was pictured with female university students. Grant clearly had two or three too many and ended up planting a smooch on one of them. Once again, he found himself in a firestorm of publicity.

4 Eddie Murphy Couldn't Deny His Spice-Girl Baby

The Talko

Hilarious comedian and talented actor Eddie Murphy sure have spent a lot of time away from the spotlight in recent years. But this can't be said for 2007 when he was forced to admit that he had impregnated Spice Girl, Mel B. The pair had briefly dated in 2006, shortly after Murphy's split from the mother of his first five kids. But once this news popped, Murphy had already moved on to other women who weren't so thrilled about this news.

3 Mischa Barton Almost Had A Marissa Cooper Ending IRL


Incredible public scrutiny is one of the reasons why The OC's Mischa Barton spiraled out of control. Although she has since taken responsibility for her partying days and being challenging to work with, we can't deny how outside factions influenced her.

A couple of years after Barton was spectacularly offed from the show that made her famous, she almost passed away in the exact same way. Luckily, she was arrested for a DUI and driving without a valid license. Perhaps, this is why she seems to have cleaned up her act.

2 Lindsay Lohan Will Never Live 2007 Down

The Things

We had to include Linsday Lohan... it was inevitable. After all, she is one of the most iconic trainwreck stories in Hollywood. Seriously, this woman had so much talented, it was ridiculous. Unfortunately, with the help fo her mother, she wasted it. 2007 was one of Lindsay's most colorful years. During the 12 months, she checked in and out of a facility numerous times and had two DUI incidents. She also had a really crazy Twitter feed, had a mysterious boyfriend, and regularly appeared in court. Yep, she has never lived this year down and probably never will.

1 Isaiah Washington Gets The Kick From Grey's Anatomy


If you watch the pretty atrocious CW show, The 100, you probably recognize Isaiah Washington. However, if you remember back to before 2007, you'd recognize him from Grey's Anatomy. After all, he was one of the main characters. But that ended after Washington endured intense scrutiny for some heartless comments he made about his co-star, T.R. Knight, a guy who prefers the company of men. Since Washington still gets consistent work, all seems to have been forgotten. And then man has apologized endlessly so... You be the judge, does he deserve our forgiveness?

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