15 Women Who Want To Be Pregnant Forever And 3 Who Don't

For many women, pregnancy is one of the greatest joys in life because it means they are going to bring another person into this world, and that's something that's not only remarkable but special. Some people love the experience so much they actually wish they could be pregnant forever, and they are trying to their best to ensure their goal becomes a reality by either getting their husband alone more often or offering their services as a surrogate.

Below are 15 confessions from women who love being pregnant for many different reasons, these include the way the pregnant woman's husband transforms into a complete angel and gives into her chocolate demands and offers up back rubs whenever need be. Or the woman dreams of having a baby in their belly forever because feeling it move inside of her is one of the most wonderful feelings you could ever experience.

And then, there are a few women on the other end of the spectrum, who find themselves terrified at the thought of being pregnant because pushing out a baby is no joke; nor is the back acne, the labor and the constant feeling of being in pain. Brace yourself, because it's not all pretty!

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18 She's Loving The Attention She's Getting

I'm not sure why it is this way, but people give pregnant women a lot of attention. There is a fascination around pregnancy and pregnant bellies and both men and women like to ask questions and sometimes even give the belly an unwanted rub -- if you're reading this and you're one of those people, never do that to a pregnant woman again.

But most of the attention is the good kind, and people tend to be very accommodating when they know someone is expecting, and perhaps that's why the woman behind this confession is loving her pregnancy so much. Even though she admits to usually hating attention, it was different when she was pregnant because she found herself loving it, and even after she's given birth she loves the way strangers pay her compliments on her newborn.

17 She Has A Plan To Ensure She's Always Got A Round Belly

Pregnancy is meant to be one of the most beautiful times in a woman’s life, after all, this is your chance to bring another person into the world and there is something truly remarkable about that. This woman admits to loving being pregnant, and while she didn’t go into too much detail about what it is she loves about it. She did admit her feelings about pregnancy are so strong that she actually would like to do it forever.

She even has a plan to make it a reality because apparently, she would like to not only continue having her own children but also become a surrogate for other couples. I can sort of understand why someone would love being pregnant once or twice, but for a whole lifetime? I'm puzzled!

16 She’s Already Gearing Up For Baby No. 2

I'm not going to pretend I have experienced the joys of pregnancy and motherhood because I haven't yet, although I am sure I would love to in the future, and when I do, I hope my experience is as wonderful as it is for this woman.

She's already a mother to one child but she misses the feeling of being pregnant so much she's already dreaming of the day when she can finally welcome her second little one into the world. Although, unlike some of the other women on this list, she's not dying to pop them out straight after each other because her confession states that she can't wait to try again in a “couple of years.” Hmmm, I don't know about that, because her wording certainly makes it sound as though she's not going to be able to wait quite that long.

15 Being Appreciated And Wanted Is Such A Bonus

Although pregnancy seems to be one of the most special times in a woman's life it's also an incredibly emotional experience and if you don't have a strong support system in place it must be hard to do it alone. There are a lot of single mothers who have raised their children without the help of a man, and credit to them for doing such a great job. It must be a lot easier when there is someone else there to dote on you and give you constant love; not to mention run your errands.

This woman is in her third trimester and it's made her appreciate her husband even more because he's really stepped up. Instead of treating her the same way he always does he has become more attentive and is even offering her back rubs, giving her kisses, and buying her things. But the most important thing of all is he has been reminding her how much he loves her. Awww! 

14 She Feels Amazing And It's So Special

Some women hate the way their bodies change during pregnancy and they can't wait for those long nine months to be over so they can get their old shape back -- it's a lot harder than you may think. But then there are women like the one behind this confession who is at the other end of the scale, and she absolutely loves being pregnant.

Actually, she thinks she's never looked better and feels absolutely amazing when she's pregnant, so amazing she wishes she could stay this way forever. I wish she'd gone into more detail about what makes her feel so great though: Could it be that her skin is glowing? Maybe she feels more feminine? Whatever the reason, it's nice to know there is a woman somewhere out there who is so happy.

13 It’s Such An Incredible, Joyful Feeling

I haven’t been pregnant, and I’m not at the stage where I am ready to be either, but this woman definitely makes the entire process sound very appealing. I do know enough about pregnancy to know not everyone has an easy pregnancy and some people suffer from various complications, but if you are lucky enough to be like this woman, then there is nothing not to like.

She wants to be pregnant forever because she is so overwhelmed by the ability to feel her baby kicking and punching inside her belly (it's growing inside her womb but you all know what I mean) and for this reason, she truly loves being pregnant. She even goes on to say it’s “such a joyful feeling” for her. Good for her!

12 Her Husband Really Loves Her Pregnancy Look

Your body goes through a lot of changes when you're pregnant, and even those who are not pregnant know all about these changes. Some women hate this about pregnancy -- remember the tough time Kim Kardashian had during her first pregnancy? She was so unhappy -- and would give anything to be able to fit into her skinny jeans again.

And then there are those who think that their pregnancy body is the greatest thing ever. Maybe they love getting new curves in all the right places, or maybe, like in this woman's case, her husband is totally smitten with her when she's pregnant.

She doesn't go into detail about what it is that her husband loves about her body, but she is happy about the attention she's getting and admits she wishes she could be pregnant forever.

11 For Her, Pregnancy Just Keeps Getting Better

We are all different and all of our bodies are different, so then it would make sense that no two pregnancies are the same. I'm sure there are many women reading this who did not enjoy every minute of their pregnancy, and even though they love their child they may not be wishing to be pregnant with another anytime soon.

However, this woman is one of the lucky ones because it seems as though all her pregnancies were not only easy, but each one just keeps getting better. She’s already on her fourth, and she’s loving every minute.She even claims to be living the dream!

I’m sure she has everything she's ever wanted, but she must also be a bit of a superwoman to be able to juggle all those children.

10 The Best Thing Is You’re Never Alone

Not sure what's so great about being pregnant? This woman is going to tell you!

When you can feel a little life move inside your belly it must be a truly remarkable thing, and this woman is so overwhelmed by this that she decided to share her happiness on Whisper. She wanted everyone to know when you’re pregnant you’re never alone because it’s like you always have a little buddy with you, and what could be more joyous than that?

It's a beautiful confession and a reminder while pregnancy is not always rosy, and there will be ups and downs, and rollercoasters of emotions, some days when you feel tired and then those where you feel so exhausted, but moments like being able to feel your baby move inside you make up for all of it.

9 Pregnancy Is Actually All She Wants From Life

Carrying a baby inside your stomach for nine months may seem like torture to some women, and there can be a lot of discomforts that come with pregnancy, including swelling, nausea, backache, and acne. However, at the end of the day for most women, this is worth it and they are willing to put their bodies through this change to get a child. And then there are women who love everything about being pregnant, and the person behind this confession is one of those women!

We all want different things from life, some of us want successful careers and others want to be able to let their creative juices flow, but some people are natural born mothers and would give anything to be able to give birth constantly. This woman is one of those people and she claims she'd be more than content to give birth throughout her life.

8 The Preggo Comfy Pants Are The Greatest

There is nothing better than getting home after a long day at work and putting on your most comfortable tracksuit pants, in fact, if I could live in these pants and society wouldn’t judge me there is a very good chance I would. That said, if you’re pregnant it’s perfectly acceptable to bring out the comfy pants with the stretchy waistline whenever you want, and this is the thing this woman appears to be enjoying the most about pregnancy.

It’s so freeing for her not to have to worry about what her stomach is looking like, and she can eat pretty much what she wants without having to count calories or worry about working out too hard at the gym. She also doesn’t have to squeeze herself into normal pants if she doesn’t want to, and this has been such a joy!

7 She’s Getting First Class Treatment

If you were on the fence about whether or not you wanted to have a baby, then this woman's confession may sway you because it turns out sometimes there are serious perks to becoming pregnant. And one of these perks is people tend to treat you like a queen.

She doesn't go into detail about the first class treatment she's been experiencing but it's nice to know there are still people in this world who are kind and considerate, because if she's being treated well then they are probably offering up their seat for her on the bus, holding the door for her, and her man is hopefully supplying chocolate and back rubs whenever she needs it. It's amazing how much the kindness of others can impact your overall experience.

6 They Are So Much Happier With A Baby In Her Belly

Would you change the way you look just to make your spouse happy? I think the answer to that question is actually the same for most people because in some ways we do alter our appearance to try and become more attractive and to hold the attention of our loved one. Whether it's a new haircut, working out more at the gym to become toned, or ensuring you always have nice nails and makeup. So, is what this woman wants really all that different?

According to the confession, this woman's husband loved the way her body looked when she was pregnant and he loved it so much she's now trying to think of ways to ensure she always has that figure. She doesn't want him to miss her pregnancy body, so she's even considering being a surrogate!

5 Oh, The Joys Of A Round Belly

I can't speak from experience, so I'm not sure I can say with certainty or complete denial that I would, or would not like to have a big round belly, but some women definitely find this preferable, as the woman behind this confession reveals.

I wish she had gone into more detail about what it is she loves about being pregnant because it would have given me insight into her confession, but as it is, there is very little to go on other than the fact that she enjoys having a belly. Perhaps, like other women on this list, she has a husband who is loving her new curves, or maybe she also enjoys feeling her baby move inside her stomach, whatever the reason, for her, pregnancy is a beautiful experience.

4 She's So Desperate To Be Preggo She's Wanting To Enlist Help

This woman has already experienced the joys of pregnancy and motherhood, but it seems that she is no longer with the father of the child because she's hoping to enlist the help of another man. His purpose would be to serve as the baby daddy because all she really wants is to expand her brood.

I'd like to remind this woman that there are many clinics set up around the country for this very purpose, and she doesn't need a stranger from Whisper to help her out when she can take her pick from a list of perfectly good donors. Still, the father of the child aside, it's quite remarkable to know that someone wants a baby so badly that they decided to share their feelings about it on an app in the hopes of getting an interested party to come onboard.

3 She Wants The Baby, But The Whole Pregnancy Part Is Not Fun

Having children is a rich and rewarding experience, or so I'm told, even if it can be an incredibly exhausting one. But in order have children, someone has to give birth to them, and although having little feet and laughter ringing throughout your house may be appealing, sometimes the whole pregnancy process is far from a dream come true.

This woman's confession is bleak in comparison to the aforementioned ones because she is absolutely terrified of giving birth. And it's not just the labor pains that both her, but everything else too, and she's gone on to make quite a comprehensive list which includes backache, acne, and stretch marks. She also notes that there are so many changes to your body during this period that she's pretty sure she can't handle it!

2 She Doesn’t Know How She’s Going To Do It Again

Pregnancy may be beautiful for some women but if you had an unpleasant experience then, of course, you’re going to be terrified of doing it again. This woman loves being a mom and she and her husband want a third child, but after enduring so many complications with her second pregnancy she feels “terrified” to try again.

She chose not to go into detail about what it was that was wrong with her pregnancy, which is perhaps because it was too personal to share, or maybe because she was working with a limited word count. What she did mention though was that she has shared her concerns with her husband, so he understands why she's hesitant to try again and what she's saying definitely seems like a legitimate reason not to be thrilled by the thought of another pregnancy.

1 The Thought Of Pushing Out The Baby Is Awful

It's interesting to see the two very different approaches to pregnancy, and while so many women rave about the experience and go so far as to say they wish they could be pregnant forever, these last few confessions give us a less-glamorous approach.

Remember watching videos of childbirth during health education? I won't lie and say that as a teenager the thought that went through my mind was "oh, what a beautiful and magical experience." It was more like "what the heck, I'm never doing that," and I think that the woman behind this confession still feels like that.

We've already established that with pregnancy comes with a lot of changes to a woman's body, and not all of those changes are enjoyable, but after nine long months of carrying a baby inside your womb there's still one final hurdle to go through, and for this woman, it's giving birth that is the worst experience of all.

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