15 Women Who Have Cried To Get What They Wanted

Most, if not all of us, have found ourselves in an unpleasant situation before, but it's how we react in this moment that really reveals a lot about our personalities. If you find yourself in an ugly or awkward situation, how do you react? Do you simply confront the problem head-on and resolve it this way, or are you more of a smooth talker who may sweet talk their way out of a problem? Then again, maybe neither of these reactions apply because the guaranteed way to achieve a successful result for you is simply to fake cry!

You’re probably shaking your head and insisting you’d never do that, but it turns out there are a lot of women who are experts at manipulating people, and all it takes is for them to shed a few tears. This behavior also appears to work in multiple situations, whether it’s to make a husband feel really bad, or hope he forgets the reason he’s mad in the first place, to get a bunch of free stuff, or to just cry their way out of an expensive fine. Below are 15 women who fake cried to get what they want, and you won’t believe how devious they are!

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15 Tears Pulled On The Cop's Heartstrings

Via Whisper.sh

What would you do if a cop pulled you over for an offense; would you accept that you did something wrong and pay the fine? Or would you try to sweet talk your way out of the situation to get a second chance? Turns out the woman behind this confession figured that the best thing for her to do was the second option, and she turned on the waterworks for maximum impact.

While she didn’t get out of the fine, she does claim that she received one that was drastically reduced, and she seems to be very pleased with the outcome. So pleased, that she thinks it’s perfectly OK to boast about her actions on Whisper. She even thinks it’s funny and is urging other people to share their run-ins with the law. No thanks!

14 She Has Found A Way To Get Free Things

Via Whisper.sh

Much like the woman in the confession above, this woman has also figured out she can get what she wants by crying, and she seems to be doing it in the most random places. I mean, how many of you reading this would go to a bar and start crying just so that the cute bartender would give you some attention, and maybe a few free drinks?

Doesn’t this seem like an incredibly desperate thing to do just to get what you want? But for this woman, it’s not, it’s a completely normal way to react when you want something and she claims that all women do it, so it's really normal behavior. I can say with certainty that I am not one of these women, but it would be very interesting to find out how other women feel about this?!

13 She’s Starting To Realize Her Actions Aren’t Normal

Via Whisper.sh

For most, shall I say, normal people, emotions come naturally; we don’t have to fake tears  -- although we have all fake laughed at someone to try not to hurt their feelings when they think their story is amusing -- but this woman is starting to realize that her actions are far from normal.

She claims that when she is in trouble she doesn’t feel bad or remorseful, rather she struggles to contain her laughter, and when something awful happens and she should be crying she knows that this is the required social reaction, but it just doesn’t come naturally. Instead, she finds herself fake crying to manipulate the situation. Is she as bad as these other women, or is she just trying to fit in? This is something you would have to determine for yourself.

12 Her Professor Felt Bad Enough To Help Her Out

Via Whisper.sh

College can be tough and it’s hard to meet deadlines when there is so much going on, I get this. I’ve been there, and there were many times when I wanted to freak out from frustration, or completely ignore my deadlines and get a nice cold beer instead. What I’m trying to say is we all deal with stressful situations differently, and for this woman, instead of trying to chat to her professor about her inability to meet her deadlines she decided the best option was to use tears.

The professor fell for her act and was kind enough to give her a new deadline, but the worst thing about this woman’s situation is that she decided to go online to reveal how proud she was of manipulating this professor. This is so not cool!

11 Is She A Bad Person For Fake Crying?

Via Whisper.sh

We all do bad things and there are times when we are not proud of our actions, I’d like to say that this is normal. But is crying to get what you want normal? Well, if these Whisper confessions tell us anything it’s that some women seem to think so.

I’m not saying all women cry to get what they want, but the woman behind this confession definitely falls into the group that does, however, there is a small silver lining when it comes to her confession, and that’s that she at least seems to feel guilty over her actions and realizes that what she has been doing is wrong. Then again, maybe just because she says she feels bad doesn’t necessarily mean she does because I would say the inclusion of “LOL” in her confession would suggest she's not losing sleep over her behavior.

10 Those Tears Got Her Sweet New Outfits

Via Whisper.sh

I have a fantastic mom, one who is willing to do whatever she can for her daughters and she's probably the most selfless and loving person I know. I would hope most moms are this way and that their children feel valued and loved, but I would also hope that most people would not want to take advantage of this love, especially not to get something superficial from it.

This woman uses her tears for one purpose, and that’s to get money from her mom because she has guilt-tripped her into feeling bad because she has nothing to wear on a night out. Most women can probably relate to this confession in some way; definitely not from the point of view that they manipulate their mother into buying them things, but rather that when you’re going out it can seem as though you have nothing to wear!

9 Some People Are So Devious, And They’re Proud Of It

Via Whisper.sh

The absolute worst part about confessions from women who use their tears to get what they want is their lack of remorse for their actions, and as I'm sure you've realized by this point on this list there are few confessions that express any sort of guilt. Actually, it’s quite the opposite, and these people appear to be impressed with their ability to manipulate others so easily. After all, they are choosing to boast about it on an anonymous app.

Is being a “low-key devious person” something that you should be proud of? Is toying with someone’s feelings just to get what you want perfectly OK? It seems these are questions with answers that are debatable because some think this is despicable behavior, and then others feel there's no harm if no one is getting hurt.

8 Tears Work Wanders In The Service Industry, Apparently

Via Whisper.sh

Working in the service industry is hard work, and it’s often thankless. You'd be amazed how many people treat you as if you are beneath them when you're serving them, believe me, I speak from experience and have had multiple shifts as a waitress during my college years.

I’m sure there have been more than a few times when a server has found themselves on the brink of tears because they are exhausted from dealing with rude, horrible people, but is it OK to fake cry when it was your mistake? This woman is of the opinion that it is because she claims to have messed up a customer’s order and when they confronted her about it she turned on the waterworks which resulted in the customer feeling awful. So awful, that they decided to keep their meal the way that it was.

7 Let’s Just Say She Was An Awful Child

Via Whisper.sh

As children, we often test the waters and push the boundaries between what's right and what's wrong, and no one is perfect. This is why we have parents who are there to correct and guide our behavior, but sometimes parents are tricked by devious children, and this woman was definitely one of those children. She claims to have fake cried so her brothers got in trouble. Harsh! 

As far back as I can remember, I never did this, but I have had experience first-hand with someone who used tears to get their brother in trouble and her mom always took her side, and never listened to the protests of anyone else. Why she never felt bad about it is really confusing to me, but maybe this woman can relate because even though she acknowledges that she was a mean kid, she still thinks it's funny.

6 Sometimes Pretending To Cry Makes Everything Better

Via Whisper.sh

Of all the confessions on this list, this is by far the most amusing because I’m pretty sure Justin Timberlake wasn’t encouraging women to fake cry to get what they want when he sang “Cry Me A River” back in 2002. I think what he was trying to say is that if you [the woman he was referring to in the song] cry, he doesn’t care because it’s too late, he’s moved on, and those tears are probably not even real.

But then again, lyrics are open to interpretation, and this lady feels as though Timberlake was really onto something because when you (fake) cry rivers you get whatever you want. She's found that the secret is to turn on the waterworks and then the situation is instantly solved. Thanks, JT, for making life so simple!

5 She’s Manipulating Her Boyfriend With Tears

Via Whisper.sh

Being in a relationship is not always easy, especially when you are fighting about something and you really want your boyfriend or girlfriend to see your point of view. Is this frustrating, of course, but should you be pretending to cry to get your partner to feel sorry for you, or to alter the outcome of the situation?

I'm unable to make a judgment about why this woman is crying because she chose not to go into any detail about what she wants from her relationship or why she has to resort to tears to get it. So, it could really be anything from her using tears just to put an end to a silly argument, to her wanting her man to give in and buy her the new dress she's been wanting. Sadly, we'll never know!

4 She’s Just Toying With People

Via Whisper.sh

The interesting thing about this confession is that it comes from someone who admits they are manipulative, but this personality trait does not seem to be something that bothers them. Actually, if anything, this woman seems to be rather proud of her ability to toy with people and the reason she finds she gets her way so often is that she is able to cry, whenever need be.

It's one thing to be so emotional that you are brought to tears and something quite different to force yourself to cry so that you can get your desired outcome. Also, I haven't tried this before, but I'm pretty sure crying on cue is a bit of a skill and this woman may do well to pursue a career in acting.

3 Sometimes, It’s The Only Way To Get Attention

Via Whisper.sh

Everyone wants attention because it's important to feel loved and appreciated, and the absolute worst thing is when you feel you're invisible and the world is just going on without you. But there is a difference between wanting attention, and then going to extreme lengths to get it on a regular basis, and I think it's safe to say that fake crying solely to get people's sympathy is probably not healthy.

This woman undoubtedly realizes that, but she still can't stop herself from letting the tears flow, the good thing is she's lucky enough to have a person in her life who is willing to be there to listen to all her woes. Let's just hope she doesn't end up being overly dramatic all the time and end up pushing her BFF away, too.

2 There’s An Ugly Reason For Her Tears

Via Whisper.sh

Every relationship has its ups and downs and it’s no fun when your spouse is mad at you, but then again, being mad is a pretty standard part of life and for most couples, it’s really not the end of the world. But if you really hated being in trouble, would you try anything to get out of it? And because this article is about women who cry to manipulate people, you can guess what the outcome of this scenario is, now can’t you!

Turns out this woman has found a way of getting her husband to forgive her, for whatever she may have done, and all she has to do is let the tears fall because this makes his heart instantly melt. This is all well and good, but is this the recipe for a lasting marriage?!

1 It's An Art, And She’s Still Working On It

Via Whisper.sh

And then we find a confession from a woman who really wants to work at fake crying, but unfortunately for her, it’s still going to take some practice. Her dilemma is that every time she finds herself in the situation where tears would be useful, she manages to get them in her eyes but they never fall down her face -- and we all know how much more effective it is if tears are falling down your cheeks.

So, what’s a girl to do, other than take to Whisper and ask for the help of some strangers who, like so many of the women in the confessions above, are able to cry on cue. I can’t say I feel bad for this person, unless she’s an actress and needs those tears for that reason, but if her statement proves anything it’s that fake crying takes some serious work!

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