15 Women Who Got The Sweetest Revenge On A Cheater

Being cheated on can be one of the most devastating situations that a woman can experience. The agonizing and stabbing pain of seeing your trust broken by the person you love can drive many women crazy. That's why it's no surprise that crimes are committed in this state, commonly known as "crimes of passion". After all, it does take a great deal of passion to go out of your way to seek revenge. But then again, you wouldn’t have loved that guy so much for you to feel so betrayed and subsequently get even. If you didn't love your partner so much, you probably wouldn't care that much if he cheated on you. Yes, your ego would be bruised, but your heart would be in a much worse state.

Cheaters are hated worldwide. They all suck! Which is why we all feel a sense of triumph when we read these juicy acts of revenge. We do have to hand it out to these ladies. They found a way of getting the ultimate revenge on their cheating partners. Although, some might have taken it a little bit too far, but, hey, who are we to judge, right? Would you do any of these things if your partner cheated on you?

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15 She Destroyed the Outside of His House

Via: Lost in Suburbia

“I was 15, so still pretty immature. I egged his house, stuck tampons to his outside walls, forked his lawn, and buried eggs in the yard.”

For a 15-year-old, what she did was impressive. Without a doubt, navigating around the mess she made to his house would have been challenging. Her style of revenge may seem OTT, but if you consider her age and the transgression she experienced, you could say that her method is relatively harmless compared to the others on this list. The forked grass will grow again, his house can be cleaned, and the smelly and buried rotten eggs could be washed off. The smell of eggs, in particular, was a nice touch on her part. The fact that it would take a while for the smell to wear off would serve not only as a reminder of what she did but also what caused her to get revenge in the first place. And the tampons on his walls were the icing on the cake.

14 She Made Him Fail His Bar Exam

Via: Dónde Ir

“When my boyfriend cheated on me, I sent a mariachi band to play at his house… From 4 to 6 in the morning the day he was taking The Bar exam. He failed it.”

There’s nothing better than making your ex suffer in some way after making you suffer. But if he doesn’t love you anymore and dared to cheat on you, how can you make him suffer? Well…. By taking away something that he deeply desires, like his eligibility to practice law.

There’s no long-term damage, just some very deep frustration that only time and another test can fix. Besides, should a cheater really be practicing law? If he can’t practice good ethics in his personal life, then how could he possibly have ethics in his professional life? If anything, this girl is saving the world from a lousy lawyer who would very likely play devil’s advocate.

13 Poison Ivy in His Undies

Via: The latest Tainui

“My husband cheated on me. So I rubbed his underwear in Poison Ivy to make him think he had herpes.”

Nothing like a good fright to show your cheating spouse what can happen when he’s sleeping around. We all know that getting an STD while sleeping around is very likely, especially when there’s no protection. Cheating spouses forget that they can transmit these horrible diseases to their faithful partners or spouses (or maybe even their mistresses).This woman actually let him off easy. Hopefully, it’s enough to make him think twice before removing his underwear for another lady. If not, then let’s hope that she kicked his sore butt out of the house. The next time he cheats, he would likely catch something and pass it on to her, in which case the gloves are off and it’s a full on war.

12 She Tricked Him into Getting a Tattoo

Via: News.com.au

“My boyfriend cheated on me so I convinced him to get matching tattoos. He went first and I went home.”

What a fantastic way to get retribution! Being cheated on can leave a deep scar in your heart, which is something guys rarely acknowledge or take into account. In a way, breaking someone’s hard could be considered emotional abuse. The sad thing is that in most cases, guys get off the hook pretty easily by leaving their partner behind. When a partner cheats, they break her heart. Shouldn’t they be constantly reminded of this?

This woman did just that. She made sure he had a permanent reminder of what he did. But you have to hand it out to her, it took patience and a lot of composure to pretend like everything was good between them, only to then convince him of getting such a permanent mark, like getting matching tattoos.

11 She Became His Divorce Lawyer

“Three and half years ago, my ex-fiancé left me and married the other woman. I graduated as a lawyer and she is my client in their divorce.

Never doubt karma!”

This happy story shows us how a woman can overcome the treason of a cheating partner, build an amazing career, become super successful, and then become a witness to the powerful laws of karma. Out of all the clients in all the world, it’s the same woman her ex fiancé left her with that walked in her firm. I guess it must have been nice for this hot-shot lawyer to have a hand in legally ending her ex-fiancé’s marriage. What’s even better is that she got to hear all the juicy details of what ended their marriage. What are the chances she'd know all this without relying on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media? She definitely got the last laugh and made a few bucks in the process.

10 She Crashed His Wedding

We don’t really know what exactly happened, but if you watch this video, you can get a pretty clear idea. So here is how it goes: Guy was engaged to get married, but decides to spend his last night as a “free” man with another woman. The next morning, the guy left his hookup early to attend his wedding, but never, in a million years, did he imagine that his hookup or lover (we don’t really know that much) would crash his wedding unexpectedly.

What makes this video so much better is the shock in the guests’ faces and voices. There they are, all filming the glorious moment in which people close to them are joining their lives together forever. Then comes this woman storming into the silent church, clapping and calmly saying something along the lines of, “So this is why you walked out of my house this morning?” The groom is left petrified and the woman filming decides to stop. Quite a revenge, ruining the guy’s wedding. Again we have to hand it out to her for having the guts to pull off such a scene.

9 She Cut Off His Member. TWICE

Via: The Seasonal Gourmet

A very foolish man in China thought it would be a good idea to send his lover a steamy email from his wife’s phone. However, the big mistake he made is he forgot to log off. Needless to say, his very angry wife sees the email and completely loses it. She goes to the kitchen, grabs the shears, and cuts her husband’s member off.

Her husband, Fan Lung, is rushed to the hospital where his penis is sewn back on. While he’s in recovery, his wife, Feng, sneaks into his recovery room and cuts his penis off AGAIN. She then proceeds to throw it out the window where it is now lost forever. The police and doctors looked for Lung’s penis on the street, but it is presumed that it must have been picked up by stray dog or cat. Needless to say, they didn’t get back together.

8 Vandalizing His Very Expensive Car

Via: Crave Online

It’s not called revenge if you don’t do something that will hurt the other person. The only purpose of revenge is handing over some sort of pain or discomfort, to show the cheating partner how deep their actions have hurt you.

When you want to extract revenge, ideally you’d want to hit hard in a way that gives the cheater an idea of what he’s put you through. This woman found exactly where to hit her boyfriend/husband. By vandalizing his very expensive Range Rover with graffiti saying, “Cheater,” and, “Hope she was worth it.” We’re pretty certain that if it was a one-night stand, it certainly wasn’t worth a paint job for his car. But then again, guys will go to unimaginable lengths for sex. Like risking their health, their family, and of course…. their cars. Maybe he saw this one coming. Or maybe he didn’t. But either way, that graffiti paint won’t come off easily.

7 Penis Glued to Right Leg

Via: Crave Online

These are not the faces of criminals. These are the faces of women who were all being cheated on with each other by one man. Yes! Tracy Hood-Davis was married to Donessa Davis, but then she found out her husband has been cheating on her with five different women. She went on to find three of them, who didn’t know that her husband was married. All four women came up with a plan to make him pay for his treason to all of them. They all thought they were the only woman in his life, which infuriated them all.

So…. One of the mistresses phoned Davis and told him she had prepared a massage for him in a motel. Once there, Davis agreed to be tied and blindfolded. When the blindfold was removed he saw all four ladies standing in front of him. They decided to superglue his penis to his right leg. Then the women left with his wallet and car. Revenge tastes even better when you have company to share it with.

6 She Let the Whole Town Know

Via: The Sun
Via: Pinterest

Linda was not a happy woman when she found out that her partner, Graham, had been cheating. Apparently, she found out because Graham was stupid enough to leave his iFling account open. Most importantly, Linda had a few messages to give to Graham, but apparently she wanted to make it really public. So she invested some money in printing hundreds of posters to tape around the city of Warwick, telling the world what happened.

In one of the posters it is revealed how she found out about the cheating (however we don’t know who Emma is, maybe she is their child?). On the second poster, we can see that Linda is very angry. So much so that she’s thrown his keys in the canal, changed the locks, and maxed out the credit cards. So it seems Graham is broke and homeless. And all this happened during the New Year season. What a way of starting the year, huh? One thing is for sure, news of her revenge didn’t just stay in Warwick, now the whole world knows what kind of a scumbag Graham is.

5 She Lost Weight and Got Smoking Hot

Via: People

When Betsy Ayala found out her husband had been cheating on her, she wanted revenge, but she didn’t know how to achieve it. She was heartbroken, not only because her husband was cheating on her, but because, in the private conversations her husband had with his mistress, she discovered that her husband humiliated her by calling her a “fat f**k” and “a cow”.

So…. Instead of drowning her pain with ice cream and nachos, she drowned her pain in Zumba classes and the reps in the gym. She ended up losing 103 pounds. The end result made her look absolutely stunning. Not only that, but she got her confidence back and felt a lot better about herself. We’re hoping that since this happened, she has managed to keep the weight off and hopefully has landed an awesome new guy. And when her ex sees her now, he’d eat his heart out for sure.

4 She Made It Very Visible

Via: http://blog.relationshipsurgery.com

You know how most people drive through billboards without noticing what exactly it is that’s being advertised? Well… this billboard was hard not to miss at all. Not only was it in bright red, but it was from an ex-loving wife who wanted the world to see just how some things are priceless, and yes, that includes the power that a Nikon camera can have when you’re trying to catch your husband’s cheating escapades.

Maybe she didn’t want to have direct contact with him to let him know that he needed to move out, and technically this was her way of sending him a message. But instead of sending the image to his phone, she decided to make it a bit more public. It’s also perfectly reasonable that she didn’t want to spend her money on the billboard, so what better way than sending the message across by taking money out of their investment account? He should pay for it as well.

3 She Cleared Out Their Bank Account

Via: ViralNova

When your spouse is cheating, it is only natural to let the world know. You want to do a good deed for the world and let them know what kind of person that man he is, which is what this heart-broken wife did. She decided to leave him a message on his car for everyone else to see. The best part about this message is the image ending up on the Internet. Now, her message wasn’t just read by whoever passed by that parking lot, the Internet has made it possible for everyone else to read.

She even took a sweeter revenge by clearing out their joint bank account. After all, it seems like she’s keeping the kids, so it’s necessary for her to have money to support their children. Besides, if Dave had access to the money, he would probably just spend it on his girlfriend. Good for this woman for taking matters into her own hands. Let’s hope that she bought something pretty for herself with the cash. She sure deserves it.

2 Goodbye Electronics

Via: The Things.com

What better way than to get revenge against your cheating partner than by destroying the electronic devices that he uses to communicate with his mistress? Of course, this doesn’t stop them from seeing each other, nor does it prevent a cheating partner from looking out for more women, but, hey, it’s a very expensive way of getting back at him.

Apple products are very expensive, but above all, they’re not immune to damage caused by water, so you can be sure that his products are lost forever. What makes this revenge even better is that if he didn’t backup important files and photos, then they’re lost forever. That would be a double win for this woman. If some things cannot be fixed, like a broken heart, then wouldn’t it be fair to break some of his things? He actually has it easy, because money can replace those items, but there’s not enough money to mend a broken heart or to regain trust.

1 Let the World Know What He Did

Via: TheThing.com

Now this is a husband/boyfriend who knows that what he did is wrong and is willing to take responsibility for his actions. Being cheated on can be extremely humiliating, so wouldn’t it be fair for the cheating partner to go through the same?

Well…. This woman found the perfect way of achieving that. By making him stand there with his face visible to the world and holding a sign indicating what he did. In most scenarios of cheating, we’ve probably found out the name of these cheaters, but really don’t know what they look like. A picture is important to warn other women of what to expect from such a guy in case they ever run into him, of course. But something like a database of cheaters would be amazing, right? That way when you’re dating someone you can look in the database and see if his name is there. Good for this lady for shaming her guy for what he did.

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