15 Women Who Didn't Make It Out Of A First Date Alive

If you’ve ever asked a single person about their dating life, chances are, you’ve heard several horror stories about bad dates that they’ve gone on. It seems that there is always at least one first date story that’s about a terrible experience of some kind. For some, it might have been a boring person or a personality that they didn’t mesh well with. For others, a bad first date might have involved some strange or inappropriate behaviour. Unfortunately for the women you’re about to read up on, they didn’t even make it past their date to be able to tell their story, because these women were murdered.

A lot of the time, people are told these stories because they serve as terrifying cautionary tales. The dating scene isn’t just rough at times — it can also be deadly. This is why it’s so important to try and take precautionary measures when you’re dating, especially if you’re getting involved with strangers online, since these stories aren’t just here to scare you into being more careful — they’re real-life events that happened to different women around the world, and continue to happen every day. The saying, “love hurts” definitely applies to these women.

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15 Katie Locke Met Her Killer On Dating Site ‘Plenty Of Fish’

via BBC

Katie Locke was a 23 year-old teacher. She was active on the online dating site, ‘Plenty of Fish,’ and that’s where she met 26 year-old Carl Langdell. Langdell told Locke that he had his own law firm, but that wasn’t true. In reality, Langdell had actually spent two years in various psychiatric hospitals, because he suffered from mental illness. He’d even told a nurse about some of the violent acts he wanted to commit.

In 2015, when the two agreed to meet on their first date, Langdell decided to act on his violent fantasies, and so he killed Locke. After he killed Locke by strangling her, he proceeded to have intimate relations with her corpse, but not before taking photos of her lifeless body using his iPhone.

14 Kristina Medvedeva Was Found In A Lake

via news.com

A 22 year-old woman named Kristina Medvedeva was simply trying to find love. She had recently moved to a new place from her home town, and was always active on social media and dating websites. Some of her social media accounts listed that she was “actively looking” for a relationship. In 2016, she went on a date with a stranger who she’d met online, and she was never seen alive again.

Medvedeva’s mutilated body was discovered with her head almost entirely severed, police said, and they suspect that the person she met for a date is responsible for her murder. However, authorities have remained tight-lipped about whether they have been able to track down the man Medvedeva was allegedly with on the day of her murder from her Internet history.

13 Mina El Houari Was Buried Alive

via Offthegridnews.com

Imagine being an undiagnosed diabetic and passing out suddenly — and on your first date with a guy, no less. Now, imagine that instead of making sure you’re okay and calling an ambulance, your date decides to bury you instead. This is exactly what happened to 25 year-old Mina El Houari. It seems that her date, a man she’d met online thought that she’d basically dropped dead during their date and decided to bury her in his backyard. However, El Houari was still very much alive, and would later die of suffocation, due to being buried alive by someone who apparently didn’t know how to check for a pulse. Now, this case raises a lot of questions. For instance, why would you simply decide to bury someone who you thought was dead —in your backyard, no less— instead of calling the authorities?

12 Warriena Wright Literally Fell For Her Date

via Evening Standard

The case of Warriena Wright and Gable Tostee is a strange and chilling one. The two met on the dating app, Tinder, and while the two were in Tostee’s apartment some pretty odd things started happening. First of all, almost three hours of their encounter in his apartment was audio-recorded by Tostee. The two can be heard talking about everything from Greek mythology, to having more drinks. It also appeared that Wright was being repeatedly violent towards Tostee. Their encounter eventually came to a head when Tostee began asking Wright to leave, because he’d had of her “beating him up.” Later, when she refused to leave, he locked her out of his apartment by forcing her onto the balcony and locking the door. While apparently trying to escape, Wright fell to her death.

11 Nicole White Was Never Seen Alive After Her Date

via Crimefeed

This story is truly horrifying, as there doesn’t seem to be any context to the violence that occurred. In 2015, Nicole White, a 26 year-old mother of two young children, met Jonathan Daniel Harris, a man who she’d been speaking to on an online dating site. She never returned home from her date with Harris.

According to reports, White and Harris’ date ended at a local bar, but that the two left together afterwards, and then the nightmare truly began. White died from being stomped to death, and was then wrapped in a tarp and rolled down a hill. White’s body was found two weeks after she was reported missing by her mother, and unfortunately, it’s likely that she was killed on the night of that fateful first date.

10 Sharon Siermans Was Killed Because She Didn’t Want A Second Date

The Courier

When 29 year-old Sharon Siermans met 30 year-old Jason John Dinsley, she had no idea that he was a convicted rap*st out on parole, and living with a girlfriend. The two met on an online dating site, and met after exchanging frequent text messages. However, Siermans ended the date early because (she told friends later) she thought that Dinsley was filthy, and that she was embarrassed to be seen with him. This rejection did not sit well with Dinsley. While he let her go after that first date, he broke into Sierman’s home shortly after their date and proceeded to beat her with a cricket bat. When authorities asked him how many times he hit Siermans, Dinsley said he didn’t know, but that “he didn’t stop” hitting her. Dinsley was charged with murder, attempted r*pe, and aggravated burglary.

9 Usha Patel Was Murdered While Her Son Was Asleep In The Next Room

via Mirror

A 44 year-old woman named Usha Patel met 35 year-old Miles Donnelly through an online dating site. They spoke online for several months before agreeing to meet. However, not only had they agreed to meet, but the two also decided to get busy as well.

They met at Patel’s home, where her five year-old son was asleep. The two got undressed, and then Donnelly attacked. In an alleged druken rage, Donnelly strangled Patel, punched her, and stabbed her 16 times, killing her. Patel’s lifeless body was discovered the next day by her father and son, among alcohol bottles. It just goes to show that even if you decide to try and get to know someone who you’ve met online before meeting them in person, you really can’t tell what could possibly happen. It’s a chilling reminder to be careful and wary of the strangers you interact with.

8 Elaine O’Hara Was Taken Advantage Of

Irish Mirror

Elaine O’Hara was in a relationship with a man named Graham Dwyer for a number of years, before they broke up. The two met on an online dating site, and struck up a “slave and master” relationship, where Dwyer would control O’Hara, tell her how to act, what to do, and make decisions for her. O’Hara was mentally ill and had threatened to kill herself before, and Dwyer was a sadist who pushed to have knives introduced as part of their bedroom rituals.

While the two broke up at some point, they eventually reconciled, even though O’Hara said she was afraid of Dwyer. She apparently tried to tell various people in her circle of friends and family about the details of her relationship, often leaving out key details. However, when they did reconcile, Dwyer killed O’Hara like he’d threatened to in the past, and left her body atop a mountain.

7 Leigh Swanson Became Part Of A Murder Suicide

via WNEM.com

In 2012, a woman named Leigh Swanson met a man named Steven Michael Fabi on a social networking site. The two began to talk, and eventually agreed to meet in person for a date. On November 16th, Swanson left her home to go on her date with Fabi, and on November 18th, she called her mother to let her know that she was okay, and that she would be returning home at around 3pm that day. However, she was never seen by her mother again. Once she was reported missing, police went to Fabi’s home to question him about his knowledge of Swanson’s whereabouts. He killed himself as officers approached him home, so police never got a change to ask him about Swanson and why he would want to harm her.

6 Ashley Pegram Never Made It Home From Her Date

via Crimefeed

People are often warned about the dangers of online dating, and it’s because of cases like this. In 2015, a 28 year-old woman and mother of three, named Ashley Pegram went on a date with a man (30-year-old Edward Bonilla) who she’d met on a dating app called Meet Me. To this day, no one really knows exactly what happened on their date. However, people do know that Pegram never made it back home that night.

During the investigation of her disappearance, Bonilla was interrogated, and while he denied any involvement in her disappearance, the authorities persisted, and they eventually found blood on him that belonged to Pegram. He was charged with murder, and when police released a statement about her case, they said that Pegram died of “homicidal violence.”

5 Tori Pennington Was Brutally Murdered

via Crimefeed

When police say that a crime scene was one of the most horrific they’ve ever seen, you know that it’s got to be really really terrifying. According to reports, 32 year-old Tori Pennington was strangled to death in her home, while her two young sons were in the house, sleeping.

It seems she’d invited a man named Dustin Kendrick to her home, not knowing that he was a convicted killer. 35 year-old Kendrick and Pennington met through an online dating site, and were speaking for a while before they agreed to meet in person. Unfortunately, the morning after Pennington agreed to meet Kendrick at her house, her sons found her body, lying face-down, wearing nothing but socks, and with something wrapped around her neck. Kendrick is now serving a life sentence in prison, with no chance for parole.

4 Kate Beagley’s First Date Proved To Be Lethal

via Mirror.co.uk

Senseless violence is always a terrifying thing to think about, and ever more so when it happens at a time where you could potentially be meeting the love of your life. A 32 year-old woman named Kate Beagley was brutally attacked by a man she was on a date with, and there was really no reason for it. According to reports, Beagley and 27 year-old Karl Taylor met at a club and agreed to meet at a later time for a date. When the two were on their date, Taylor pulled out a carving knife while the two were chatting on a bench and attacked Beagley. She was stabbed over 30 times in her face and neck, and her body was dumped in the woods. Taylor was sentenced to a minimum of 30 years in prison for his crime.

3 Lorraine Long Was Looking For Love After Her Husband Passed Away

via ABC15

When people we love pass away, it can be very difficult to move on with our lives. However, over time, people who have experienced the loss of a loved one, particularly a partner or a spouse are often told to try and move on, perhaps even to go out and find a companion to spend their time with. For 62 year old Lorraine Long, that’s exactly what she was trying to do — simply find love again, after the death of her husband. Unfortunately for Long, her search would come to a tragic end.

She met 57-year-old Robert Wiesner online, and while their relationship seemed to be good at first, in 2010, Wiesner abducted Long, shot and killed her. He was charged with second-degree murder, and is serving 22 years.

2 Lydia Nyaboke Met Her Killer On Facebook

via Nairobi News

Social networking sites like Facebook are supposed to bring people together. Sites like Facebook connect friends and family to each other and make keeping in touch easy, even from across the globe. However, some people use sites like this with sinister motives in mind, and the results can be pretty devastating.

Lydia Nyaboke’s story would end tragically after she agreed to meet a man she’d met and had been speaking to on Facebook for a real-life date. Her friends and family knew that she was meeting Nyakina, because she’d spoken about him to them before. After Nyaboke met with Richard Nyakina, she was never seen alive again. According to reports, Nyakina attacked Nyaboke, suffocating her with her own clothing, and killing her. He then got rid of her body, but would later lead the authorities to where he’d hidden her remains.

1 Jette Jacobs Was Conned And Killed

via Daily Mail

Four years before she died, 67 year-old Jette Jacobs met a man online. He said his name was Jesse Orowo Omokoh. The two struck up an online relationship, as Jacobs lived in Australia, and Omokoh lived in South Africa. Over those four years, Jacobs sent Omokoh over $65,000. Eventually, the two set a date to meet, and while she was urged by her family to end things with Omokoh, Jacobs flew to him in the hopes that she’d found love. Unfortunately, her story doesn’t have a happy ending. Jacobs was found in a rented villa in South Africa with all of her money, credit cards, jewellery, laptop computer and other personal items gone. Jacobs had become a widow shortly before meeting Omokoh online, and was just hoping to find love and companionship once again.

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