15 Women Share Their Secrets About Their "Perfect" Relationships (Whisper)

Everyone knows when two people are in love. They just have that air about them. Everyone also knows about that one couple where everything seems perfect - they never fight, never have any trouble deciding where to eat or what to watch, and they're perpetually happy. While these couples tend to make us jealous or, if you're a bit of a pessimist, they make you want to gag, the truth is nothing is perfect. She may always look ready for a nice night out on the town and he might always know what to say to sound super smooth, but the fact is there's a deep dark underbelly of secret issues the world never gets to see.

What makes the perfect couple and what breaks them? There are plenty of men and women sharing their secret horror stories all over the internet and they all seem to agree on one thing: How their relationships appear are significantly more important than showing evidence of what their relationships are really like. They all want people to believe they're unshakable, but the reality is a little less pretty than that. To prove it, here are fifteen of the dirtiest secrets hiding behind the fake smiles those perfect couples like to put on:

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15 What's This "Perfect" Couple's Greatest Secret?


So that crazy goo-goo-eyed couple is actually all an act? You don't say! Too bad. Sometimes all that matters to people is how their relationship looks, not necessarily how their relationship is progressing. The bottom line is these two people thought they could get away with cheating, they were both caught in the act, and somehow they would rather say nothing about the awkward encounters than come right out and admit that maybe, just maybe, they don't actually have a great relationship and perhaps they should just break up with each other. What other conclusion can a person come to when they go as far as cheating, and their significant other does the same? Are they insane to stay together? Not necessarily. Just like their relationship, maybe their version of a good couple means they only share in the good and keep the darkness stowed safely away.

14 Dump Him


If he's never there for her, why does she stay? Sometimes people stay because they like being the envy of their friends and family. Sometimes they stay simply because they don't know how to break up with the other person, or they're afraid to be confrontational in any way. Regardless of her reason, it's obvious this guy has got to go. If he doesn't care enough to stick around when she really needs him, then he isn't the guy for her. If he truly cared about her at all, he'd be there and make sure she's doing alright. A lot of people misunderstand what a romantic relationship is supposed to be. If you're going to get romantically involved with someone, they've got to give you everything a regular friend would - love, support, time, attention - and more - physical contact, special treatment, butterflies in your stomach. This guy obviously can't. Dump him!

13 Thrill Is Gone...


Let's see if we're understanding this properly. You hate him, he hates you, but you're the dream couple everyone wishes they could have? Okay, let's rewind a bit. If you're both willing to play the part when you're in public, but drop the act as soon as you're out of sight and earshot, then that isn't really a romantic relationship, is it? It sounds more like a business relationship, where both parties agree to do this and that so long as there's an audience, but as soon as the curtain closes, everyone resumes their normal positions and does their own thing. Maybe this couple got along really well once, but that's obviously played out. They should do themselves a favor and just break up already.

12 Super Fake


No one likes being alone and that's exactly what this girl is. Guys, girls, if you're going to date a gamer, understand that they're going to want to spend a certain amount of time alone on their console, PC, phone, whatever, which means you can either join them in their gaming or leave them alone. This girl obviously doesn't want to join her man, or maybe he's playing single-player games, and instead of finding her own hobby or working something out with him like a little "us" time every day, she just accepts that he's going to ignore her and she's got to deal with it, or complain about it on Whisper. What this girl needs to do is decide whether she wants to stay with him, or whether she wants to get out. Honestly, if he loves her, he'll work out a schedule that suits them both.

11 It's All About How You Look


Looks are always more important than substance, right? Not really, but it seems this person believes it is. Why else would she be considering how to save face when breaking up with a guy who cheated on her? Not only that, but she's waited a month to do it already! The longer she waits, the more likely he is to be the one who breaks up with her, which will make her look even worse than she does now. Ladies, gentlemen, when your significant other cheats on you, the best thing to do is confront them, break up with them, throw all their crap out onto the street, and spread the word that so-and-so is a liar and a cheater and you don't want anything to do with them anymore. That makes you save face, outs them as the bad guy, and there's no room for shame/embarrassment.

10 Who Cares What Family Thinks?


The first thing that comes to mind is "If he's trying to pull you away from your family, why are you still with him?" The second thing to come to mind is "So do something about it." The guys who appear perfect are always the ones with the deep dark secrets. Why is he trying to pull this girl away from her family? That's something a serial killer would do. It's like he's trying to get her away from people who can help her so once she's under his thumb, she's stuck there forever! Honestly, that's probably not what's happening here, but that doesn't mean it isn't possible! Run girl, run! Get away from him and find yourself a man who values family, his and yours!

9 Just Smile And Nod, Like A Good Little Robot


Nothing says "I love you" like telling your significant other he or she isn't allowed to talk while in the presence of certain people. At least this girl knows her value enough to break up with him! On one hand, if all the guy cares about is looking good in front of his friends, then in a twisted way, she should be proud to look good enough to stand by his side. In a more realistic, less messed up kind of way, she should be proud to ditch his worthless butt! Here are a few great pieces of advice: If he is ashamed of you, leave him! If he tries to control you, leave him! If he thinks he can get away with telling you when you can or cannot do something as simple as speaking, LEAVE HIM!

8 Habits Are Hard To Break


It's easy to think people like this are crazy. Who wouldn't be a little crazy to stay with someone just because they've been together so long? Unless you've actually been through it, it's tough to understand everything that goes with being with someone for a while. There's the dependency, the fear of being alone, the wondering if you'll be able to find someone else, then there are the thoughts that do the most damage: "Am I happy enough with this person?" "Do I deserve to be happier than I am now?" "What if this is as good as it gets and I'm about to throw it all away?" Even if you don't get it, this girl's reason to stay with her boyfriend is as real as it gets. Let's hope she figures out how to move on soon.

7 What Happens If It Escalates?


That's right people, that couple you thought was so perfect actually has a deep, dark secret! He gets wasted every night. Normally when someone becomes an alcoholic they have someone who cares enough about them to mention they should probably lay off the juice. Maybe this girl tried but her man wants to get hammered every night instead. She doesn't have anyone to turn to because holy crap, someone might judge her! Sound a little selfish to you? We definitely think so too. Rather than spending so much time concerned with how her relationship looks, she needs to grow up and get her man some much-needed help! He's slowly killing himself but God forbid she get judged too. Tsk tsk. What kind of messed up relationship do these two have?

6 Looks Can Be Deceiving


There are so many questions we need answered!! Does "the whole time" mean even when you were dating your poor husband? Does he know about your side piece? Are those kids from your husband or your lover? Why not just marry your lover? What's going on here!? This is one of the times we wish Whisper let you explain your entire situation. This couple probably has a cute little house complete with a white picket fence and looks like the most adjusted, loving, and perfect family on the block. Maybe one day a neighbor, friend, or family member will run into her as she's leaving some sleazy hotel with her lover and the whole illusion will be shattered, but maybe not. This piece of work is definitely living on the edge!

5 Tsk Tsk


We've got a klepto ladies and gentleman! Keep an eye on your purses and wallets because this lady is in it to win it. The perfect relationship is like a perfect business. The perfect business would never condone stealing by its employees, nor would the perfect relationship involve jail time and bail money for one person's indiscretions. Look people, if you steal, you get caught (eventually) and you'll find yourself in the same place as this crazy lady, who got caught twice and is likely going to continue her streak of taking things that don't belong to her, which will only lead to her being arrested again. Learn from her and don't take what isn't yours. Also, if you're dating someone like her, leave their bum butts behind. You don't need that kind of drama in your life.

4 It's Tough Keeping Quiet About An Open Relationship


When you think of two people in a perfect relationship, the first thing that comes to mind is loyalty. Despite that, this couple seems to believe that the perfect relationship is one in which they are allowed to have romantic connections with other people as well as each other. How do they stay together? What happens if they fall for one person and want to drop all the rest? Perhaps therein lies the controversy and danger-based high when people decide to have open relationships. After all, loyalty only lets you spend time with one person at a time and you usually have to invest a few years before realizing you want someone better. Why not try an open relationship, where you can have your cake and eat it too?

3 Whoa


If cops have to get involved, we have to wonder what this girl means when she says "fight." Are they screaming at each other in an apartment building so the neighbors make sound complaints? Are they smashing furniture and busting holes into the walls and doors? Or are things getting physical? Regardless, any kind of fight that compels neighbors to call the cops can't be a good one. People fight, sure, and they disagree, okay, but at what point must one stop and really consider whether an escalated argument is worth chancing a visit from the local authorities? On top of that, at what point is a relationship so far gone that the arguments are no longer worth the good times? Ladies, when you're with your men, remember that he isn't worth staying with if he can't make you smile more often than he makes you cry.

2 Boy Needs To Calm Down


This girl must really be in love because no man should ever risk his home and credit just so he can gamble! Too few people recognize that a gambling man or woman usually means that sooner or later, they're going to be penniless and suddenly it's up to someone else to bail them out. Rather than simply paying for things with her credit card, if this girl wants to stay with him, she's going to need to break his habit with a little tough love. She needs to get her own checking account and she needs to get his checks direct deposited to that account. By the time they catch up on bills and she pays off her debt, he should be used to not gambling anymore. Worst case scenario is he doesn't agree and wants out of the relationship, which is actually a blessing for her.

1 The Only Illusion Here Is You Thinking This Will Work


Notice she didn't say she loves him and wants to be with him anyway, she basically said she just wants to keep up appearances. In situations like this, it's hard to blame only one party for a failing relationship. He's cheating, which means he obviously isn't satisfied in his current relationship. It's wrong of him to do, but she's to blame for sticking with him regardless. If she lets her man cheat on her, then he's going to keep cheating on her. He doesn't even try to hide it if he's not bothering to come home at night and she's obviously not going to retaliate, lest her perfect marriage image shatter. Talk about messed up relationships. It would seem there's no such think as a perfect marriage.

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