15 Women Reveal Their Pregnancy Stories

When a character in the movies is pregnant, the whole experience is usually played for laughs. She gets weird AF cravings, treats her husband or boyfriend like dirt, and is generally a monster. It's like the expecting a baby version of a Bridezilla.

While life is not usually like the movies, the truth is that being pregnant is not always a walk in the park for a lot of women, and a lot of really strange things can happen. If we haven't experienced the weird and wonderful world of pregnancy yet, maybe we have an older sister or friend who has, and they have shared all kinds of stories with us. Maybe we thought that they were exaggerating or just being really dramatic and figured that nothing like that could really occur. Well, as it turns out, the pregnancy weirdness is super real and happens to a lot of people. Thanks to the Whisper app, we can find out all kinds of things that really happen when you've got a bun in the oven, and none of them are things that we would expect. Get ready to be shocked. Read on to find out 15 Whisper confessions about the truly eye-opening things that happen during pregnancy!

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15 It's Guaranteed

Okay, so peeing yourself while giving birth to your baby is probably not something that you think would happen. It sounds absolutely terrifying and like something out of a comedy that you would watch and think, "Yeah right. Not a chance."

According to this Whisper confession, this is a thing, and you can pee yourself in all kinds of situations and places when you're expecting a baby. And, yes, you could pee a bit during the labor process. If that doesn't scare you off from procreating, not sure what would. Just kidding. Babies are amazing and it's pretty magical to create your own family. But if you don't think that peeing yourself sounds like much fun, you're not alone there. It's a side effect of pregnancy that a lot of women would probably want to opt out of.

14 Cramping Your Style

Oh man. This Whisper confession tells us all something that we definitely don't want to hear: that even if we got pregnant and didn't get our period for nine months, we might still get cramps.

Seriously?! Why?! Okay, so it does make some kind of sense that we would get period-like cramps during pregnancy since things are happening in that general area. It's just not something that we would expect and definitely fits into the whole "eye-opening" category. At least now we know and are prepared because finding this out without any prior notice would honestly suck. And we would complain way too much. Sure, we might still complain if this happens to us, because this sounds like a totally miserable experience. But maybe knowing about it beforehand will help.

13 Christmas Cravings

Do people even crave eggnog? Sure, it's something that most of us enjoy drinking over the holidays, but maybe that's just thanks to nostalgia or family tradition. Sometimes we do things that we've always done without even thinking twice about it.

No doubt about it, craving eggnog while you've got a bun in the oven is for sure kind of strange. Is it even safe to drink when you're pregnant?! Not sure about that. It seems like it might not be. Also, if you're not adding liquor to it (which of course you wouldn't if you were pregnant), it doesn't seem like there would be any point to drinking it or even craving it. Just a thought. But clearly this woman's craving was out of control and she needed some ASAP.

12 Horror Story

Apparently, this woman's baby was super into horror movies, and also, he or she was going to be a vegan.

All jokes aside, not being able to eat meat while you're pregnant does sound kind of awful, especially if you're someone who enjoys a nice steak or burger. It also doesn't seem great to dream about demons. Nope, that definitely doesn't sound like a very enjoyable experience. It's good to know, though, that we might have really scary and strange dreams if we ever get pregnant. We might think that we would only have good dreams since everything would be all rainbows and butterflies in our world and we would be so psyched to be having a baby, but of course, being pregnant is full of fear and anxiety and that explains the nightmares.

11 Anger Issues

Ouch. We would hate to have been in this woman's line of fire when she was in a bad mood at work...

Pregnancy hormones are often poked fun at, especially in movies and on television, but according to this Whisper confession, they are all too real. Good to know. We might be tempted to think that people are just acting nuts and blaming it on the fact that they're carrying a baby because come on, it's a pretty iron-clad excuse. But based on this Whisper confession, pregnancy hormones sound totally real and legit, so we're going to say that they're a thing. It sounds like a very rough, dramatic experience, and it sounds like we could be really mean at the drop of a hat.

10 Hair, Hair Everywhere

Being a girl means having hair in places that we just don't think that hair should ever be. A lot of us have dealt with bushy eyebrows or weird arm hair, and let's not even talk about facial hair. It's just gross and unpleasant and not something that we want to focus on (and might give some of us major junior high or high school flashbacks).

This woman says that she grew a ton of hair on her stomach during her pregnancy, and, well, that's just not something that we want to happen to us. We probably can't think of something that we would want to happen less. Is there a way to stop that from occurring or is it just a symptom of pregnancy that happens to everyone? We really, really want (no, need) to know.

9 Onion Pizza

Onions are not really high on our list of favorite foods. A lot of people hate onions because, well, they don't have much of a selling point. They can be super bitter and don't always seem super necessary in recipes. Pizza with onions doesn't sound like the greatest meal, and that's with the typical cheese.

This woman woke up at 4:30 in the morning during her pregnancy and wanted a pizza with onions. But literally with only onions on it. As in absolutely nothing else. We would never expect to have such a crazy random pregnancy craving, so this has really opened our eyes to what is possible. Most of us are probably wondering what we're going to crave when it's our time to have a baby. The sky seems to be the limit.

8 Not Much Fun

Toothpaste is kind of an important thing. You need to brush your teeth, after all, because personal hygiene is pretty key. But if you're grossed out and feel sick every time you brush your teeth or even get near your tube of toothpaste, that doesn't sound like the best experience.

Apparently, the smell of toothpaste can make us feel pretty sick when we're pregnant, so this is another lovely and wonderful pregnancy thing that we had no idea about and that is really opening up our minds. Now we can look forward to feeling nauseous when we're going to brush our teeth twice a day. That sounds very pleasant. Does this mean that this woman stopped brushing her teeth during her pregnancy?! We really hope not...

7 Um, Okay

At least this woman totally understands how silly and ridiculous this sounds. It would be a lot worse if she had no clue and thought that she was being perfectly normal.

It's also a bit funny that she could even tell that someone moved her lunch two inches. That's a very specific thing to say. But, hey, maybe she's a very organized, practical person and is a math person as well. That would make sense. People like to poke fun at pregnant women because they claim they cry all the time. We might think that this sounds crazy and impossible, but thanks to this Whisper confession, it does seem to be a thing that happens. Great. One more awesome thing to look forward to if we get pregnant...

6 All Sweet, No Sour

One pregnancy joke that is pretty classic (and also kind of overplayed at this point) is that pregnant woman can eat anything that they want in large amounts. That food, of course, is usually sweet and falls into the category of junk food.

For this woman, everything must have tasted super sweet to her because when she was pregnant, she couldn't taste sour foods. As in she literally lost her sour tooth (if such a thing exists, which it should because there should totally be a name for it). She asked in her Whisper confession if other women went through that too, and it seems like it's probably more common than we think. It's probably just not a pregnancy symptom that we ever hear about.

5 Got Milk?!

Okay, now we're totally freaking out because as it turns out, pregnancy symptoms can last so long that we can experience them even when we're not pregnant anymore. Say what?!

How is this fair?! Yeah, we get that life isn't fair and that things happen that we're not exactly thrilled about, but still. This seems excessive. It's apparently not enough to struggle and suffer through pregnancy -- now we have to worry about dealing with this stuff post-pregnancy. Wait, did this woman say that she had milk for two years? Two? That's definitely not something that we can handle. Let's just pretend that we never read this confession. That sounds like a much better idea than worrying about something that sounds so crazy, we don't even want to believe it.

4 The Stuff Of Nightmares

If any of us have experienced sleepwalking before, we can say that it was a scary thing to go through. If we haven't, we can only imagine how weird and awful it is. Maybe we have friends or family members who have experienced this and shared stories with us.

We most likely had no idea that you could start sleepwalking during your pregnancy. Why does this happen? Is it related to some anxiety and nerves around having a baby and the whole fear of the unknown thing? That would seem pretty logical... but even if it makes sense, it's still pretty scary. And it's not a thing that we want to go through if we decide to have kids. No thank you. We would rather sleep through the night and have a normal experience.

3 Super Strange

Oh yes, the old mangos with mayo craving. Wait, what? Have we ever heard of this combination before?

Let's go with no because this is one strange craving. The fact that a pregnant woman craved it honestly doesn't make it any more normal because it seems really weird even for someone who is carrying a baby. It also sounds absolutely and completely disgusting. We do have to admit that. A lot of people totally hate mayo and will never eat it, and mangos can be kind of a strong-tasting fruit. The combo just doesn't sound appetizing. We would even say that craving pizza and mayo would make sense, or literally anything but a mango. We're seriously confused about pregnancy cravings. They're almost scary, they're so out of the blue.

2 Literally Allergic

Can you be allergic to being pregnant? Before we read this Whisper confession, we might have been all, "No way, that sounds like something out of a science-fiction movie." But apparently this is a thing... or at least it happened to one pregnant woman. So maybe it's more common than we realized.

The body works in mysterious ways sometimes and can seem to have a mind of its own, which, okay, does sound like a science fiction story. We can't even begin to imagine how much it would suck to get hives during a pregnancy. It seems like this would be the icing on the cake of the worst symptoms ever because you're already so uncomfortable during those nine months. So what do we think? Are we ready to have babies?!

1 Baby Bunny

Pregnancy cravings are supposedly super weird and can literally be anything. And they are usually the most random combinations that you could think of. It seems like a lot of pregnant women crave things that they would never otherwise eat, and it just proves that people can be super creative during this time of their life.

This woman confessed on Whisper that she craved ice and lettuce during her pregnancy, which is pretty hilarious. She probably felt kind of silly telling her husband about that, but honestly, she should have no shame in her pregnancy craving game. This might be random but there are probably so many weirder cravings out there. Still, though, craving lettuce? What about a cheeseburger with tons of bacon? That would be a much more delicious idea. Just saying.

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