15 Women Reveal Their Postpartum Life

Having a newborn baby is such a miracle. After carrying the child for months and going through the full labor and delivery process, most people believe that the hard work is over. For any parent who has a newborn, they know that this is not necessarily true. Postpartum life is an adjustment. Not only is there now a new life to take care of, but there are also a lot of changes happening that are out of a mother’s control. Most women are not prepared for postpartum life’s twists and turns.

Some brave new moms took to Whisper to get real about postpartum life. They let the truth flow out of them to help other new parents know what to expect after they bring a new little one into the world. Postpartum life can be tough and unsettling, but it can also be a relief to no longer be pregnant. Some of the confessions can be considered as shocking. These things may not be discussed by doctors or during birthing classes, making some moms feel blindsided by the new information. Read these new mama’s confessions and see if you are prepared for postpartum life or if you experienced similar things.

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15 Afraid Of Baby Being Taken

Via: Whisper

Postpartum depression was a taboo topic for a while. Many mothers experienced it in silence. Postpartum depression can make mothers feel as though they may not love their babies or that they are not good enough for their babies.

Between the hormone adjustment and everything a mother endures during pregnancy, it is no wonder these feelings are experienced. It is important to get help for postpartum depression so a mom can start feeling better.

Keeping your depression in the dark out of fear will only strengthen it. People with postpartum depression do not automatically have to give up their babies. They can get treatment, talk with others who can relate and can get to a manageable level to be able to be the best mommy possible. It is time to break the stigma!

14 Changing Things Up, Down Below

Pushing out a baby is a lot of work. It can take a toll on the entire body. Many doctors and nurses advise new moms not to look “down there” after giving birth, as it can look a little scary. This brave soul took a peek at her lady parts and saw what a mess they were right after birth. To be fair, think of it as pushing a kiwi out of a straw.

It takes a little time to heal. This mother felt so uncomfortable with her body after giving birth that she was considering getting alterations on her labia to get things back to normal. Chances are, everything will return to normal after a few weeks. If someone has a baby after having certain reconstructions done, then childbirth will actually counteract said reconstructions.

13 Stretch Marks Are Earned Battle Scars

Via: Whisper

Mothers-to-be often become familiar with cocoa butter and coconut oil to help try to prevent stretch marks. During pregnancy, skin stretches out beyond what it is used to as the tummy expands to accommodate the baby. This creates lines on the skin that act as scars and resemble tiger or zebra stripes. Some mothers are embarrassed by these marks on their skin, as it makes their complexion feel like it is not clear.

This mother feels as though she earned these tiger stripes as battle scars. Embracing these new scars is a great way to practice body positivity. Sometimes, stretch marks fade and blend in with the skin more. It is a beautiful reminder to what a woman endures during pregnancy. For the moms who cannot embrace it, there are ways to help them fade.

12 Finally Able To Go To The Bathroom

Via: Whisper

While everything after birth is imagined to be rainbows and sunshine, there are elements that can really cause mothers a lot of distress. Postpartum is a wonderful reminder not to take everyday things for granted. One of those things is the act of going to the bathroom without there being any pain.

Between the stitches that some mothers have to the healing that is occurring down below, it can make going to the bathroom really difficult and painful. The pressure from bowel movements and the stinging from urinating can make bathroom time absolutely dreadful. This mother took a little over a week to be able to go potty pain-free. Wet wipes and perineum bottles will be a mother’s best friend for postpartum bathroom trips. Healing takes time.

11 That Was A Mess

Giving birth can be a messy ordeal. In most cases, the doctors and nurses are able to clean up before the mother really gets to notice all of the blood and bodily fluids that are associated with birth. Once the new parents get home, they are on their own.

Many mothers think that they only have to use the mommy diapers while they are in the hospital. Most moms need the heavy pads and mesh underwear once they are home as well, or else they face a situation like this mother did.

There is a lot of blood that gets released as a result of the birthing process and broken blood vessels. This can create the Red Sea without the proper preparation. Knowing how to remove blood from fabrics would be a great skill.

10 I Refuse To Number Two

Via: Whisper

After pushing a baby out of her body, most mothers shudder at the thought of trying to push anything else out. In most cases, hospitals will not let you leave until you have gone number one and two. This mother was not having it. Her birthing process must have been a difficult one with a lot of pushing. The thought of even trying to expel fecal matter was not on this mother’s priority list.

If she could, she would have kept it in for the rest of her life. Holding in feces for that long can be dangerous for a person’s health and can lead to severe infection. We know it is a scary thought, but after pushing a multi-pound baby, this will be a cake walk for moms!

9 Love Me Harder

Via: Whisper

After giving birth to a baby, emotions and hormones are running rampant through a new mother’s body. This can cause sporadic crying, extreme happiness, exhaustion and bursts of anger. This mother was getting all the feels after having her little one. She felt embarrassed about craving love, attention and devotion from her husband.

Unfortunately for this new mother, she felt ashamed and did not want to be open and honest with her husband about her needs. It is important for new mothers to communicate all of their feelings. This can help relieve some of the negative emotions that may be building up and can help create a supportive environment. While everyone will be cooing over the new baby, it is important to show mama some love during this time, too!

8 You Have Got Me In Stitches

Via: Whisper

Stitches can be one of the freakiest parts about having a baby. Thinking about having everything tied together with a string is a little intimidating. This is to help the healing process and to correct any tearing that may have happened.

If the perineum tears, which is the area between the vagina and the anus, it needs to be stitched. This means that everything down there is tighter and is all connected, but as a somewhat open wound. This can make going to the bathroom incredibly scary and painful.

Some doctors stitch everything really tightly, which can make the bathroom process a little more difficult. Generally, stool softeners can help this be less painful. Some people remember everything surrounding the stitches to be more painful than birth.

7 Hold In That Sneeze

Via: Whisper

When people, particularly mothers, laugh hard, they often joke that they are about to pee their pants. This is not necessarily a joke and can be a very real thing. After having a baby, many mothers lose some of the control of their bladder. This means anything with extreme force, such as coughing or sneezing, can cause a mother to dribble a little bit.

Doctors may recommend doing Kegel exercises to help minimize this risk. Instead of having to run to the ladies’ room or to run home to get new clothes, moms turn to light panty liners to catch these dribbles. While most women do not want to permanently wear a pad, it can improve over time. A doctor should be consulted with if it becomes a significant issue.

6 My Feet Are Made For Walking

Via: Whisper

Pregnant women know what a challenge having a big belly can be. From not being able to tie their own shoes to not being able to shave their legs, a belly can really get in the way of everyday life. It can be frustrating to need help to put shoes on or to paint toenails.

This can make some mothers upset, as it can make them feel as though they are fat, despite it being mainly baby. This mama got the first glimpse of her feet after having her baby and was incredibly excited.

Not only did that mean the size of her belly was going down, but it also meant she would be gaining some of her independence back. This is just one more thing that people take for granted before getting pregnant.

5 Hanky Panky Breaky Heart

Via: Whisper

After having a baby, doctors recommend fully healing before engaging in intimate relations again. This can be anywhere from six weeks or longer, depending on the extent of the damage done while giving birth.

Despite being given the go-ahead to get down to business, some mothers will not feel up to having 'bedroom' time for a little while after birth. They may not feel comfortable with their bodies or may be too tired from caring for the child every day to take the time to do this.

This mother had the unfortunate experience of still experiencing pain. She may be experiencing excessive dryness or may have had more injuries to heal from after having the baby. Painful intercourse should be mentioned to a physician so they can find the source of the issue.

4 Lost All Dignity

Via: Whisper

Some mothers go into labor expecting it to follow their birth plan. Some mothers even go to the extremes of having their hair and makeup done so they look good for pictures once the baby is born. What these people may not be considering is that labor can go different ways. Epidurals and labor pains can cause the unthinkable to happen.

A mother may lose all control of her bodily functions, even projecting some bodily fluids onto doctors and nurses. There is no coming back from this. Once this happens, mothers may feel like they have lost all of their dignity. In reality, they are just changing their standards. While there is no dignified way to vomit on a doctor, how you react after is what keeps your dignity intact, even if you are faking it.

3 Number One Or Face The Consequences

Via: Whisper

Having to go to the bathroom in any way, shape or form can be intimidating after giving birth. It is a necessity in order to get sent home from the hospital, as they have to make sure that all of the mother’s systems are functioning properly.

Of course, urinating can sting incredibly bad, as that is right near the area that has to do the most healing. The consequences for not urinating are worse than the stinging. If a mother does not urinate in the allotted time, the hospital will insert a catheter.

No one wants to be connected to another catheter, especially if they just had one from an epidural. It is important to go to the bathroom when the urge is felt to get it over and done with.

2 C-Section Blues

Via: Whisper

Mothers who have to have a Cesarean section instead of delivering vaginally may feel ashamed that they had to take the “easy way out” as some rude people refer to it. Having a surgery that requires the organs to be moved around and sliced into to remove a baby is not an easy feat!

These mothers have a longer recovery period due to the incision that was made in their abdomen. Just when they start to heal, they have to get the staples removed, which is a whole other level of pain.

Some mothers who have C-sections done feel as though they have had to endure more than regular mothers and that they have more pain. It certainly is not a competition, but both have their downfalls!

1 When Will Pregnancy Stop Again

Via: Whisper

Postpartum, many mothers expect that they will start feeling like themselves again. They are no longer home to a baby and get to do more of the things that they enjoyed before. What some mothers do not realize is that their body may still think it is pregnant well after the baby is delivered.

Hormones can make the body do crazy things and can trick the mind. Some mothers will still have pregnancy brain and will have the same temperament that they did while carrying the baby. Once the hormones calm down, they may return back to their original state, which will require adapting all over again. Until then, expect to feel pregnant for what could be multiple months! At least you can blame any odd behavior on the hormones.

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