15 Women Reveal How They Got Pregnant

Most of us have heard stories of women manipulating their boyfriends into having a baby. Sometimes, this includes guilt-tripping the guy. Other times, it means lying about taking birth control. Gals also poke holes in condoms and get away with it.

Obviously, most women who do this would try to keep it under the radar. It’s not necessarily something to brag about, and some might have regrets after they think it over. Unfortunately, it’s probably a little bit too late. By the time the women really think about what they have done, the pregnancy has already begun.

We feel especially bad for the guys who have to put up with this. If their relationship is struggling so terribly that the women can’t even talk to their boyfriends about having a child, there are bound to be even more issues. In most cases, the men might not ever find out.

If a boyfriend discovers the truth, the relationship is often doomed. If he somehow happens to be more understanding, there are still going to be lots of arguments. We can only hope that everything works out fine in the end.

The whole situation is usually pretty messed up and generally complicates the relationship even further. Here are some of the best Whisper confessions about the whole manipulation situation!

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15 Not The Best Form Of Revenge

Via: Whisper

Getting revenge is a natural reaction to someone hurting us. We want to hit them back as hard as they hit us. In today’s times, there are too many people who are willing to take the revenge further than it needs to go. Sometimes this vengeance is unnecessarily harsh. It can result in failed relationships and lots of emotional distress.

This lady is one of those who took it much further than it needed to go. She probably should have spent some time talking things out with her husband before resorting to getting pregnant. Then she goes on to make it worse by including his insecurities.

We are beginning to think that she is the type of person who would admit that she had manipulated him as a way to get back at him.

14 Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures—Or Something Like That

Via: Whisper

While she didn’t really manipulate her boyfriend into getting her pregnant, she’s dancing along those lines. She didn’t want her boyfriend to go somewhere, so she pretended to be pregnant. First, we would like to know what she had against him going to a housewarming party. Second, she had to realize that he would eventually find out the entire thing was a decoy to keep him from hanging out with his pals.

With the big lie she decided to tell her boyfriend under her belt, there’s no reason she wouldn’t take it one step further. If she ends up really getting pregnant, that means that she has even more control over this guy. It’s not a great plan, so we are hopeful that she will cut the dishonesty out right here.

13 Confessions From A Mistress

Via: Whisper

Sometimes life just gets too complicated to handle. From work and family life to relationships and finances, there’s a lot to take in all at once. It often leads to us making impulse decisions that we think will resolve our problems. We aren’t sure if this lady was trying to remedy anything, but she definitely didn’t end up doing so.

The first problem is that she agreed to being this guy’s mistress. Then she went out of her way to get knocked up—which we’re assuming was not with his knowledge. Now she’s due in just one month and is losing feelings for the guy. Yikes! This is one sticky situation, and we don’t have any advice for how she should fix it. It might even result in that poor guy losing his relationship and his mistress within the same nine-month period.

12 Just A Little Suspicious

Via: Whisper

What this woman is really trying to say is that she planned her pregnancy and doesn’t want to admit it. We’re guessing that she now feels bad about it and wants to reassure herself. She’s likely trying to convince her boyfriend—and herself—of the same thing, too. If she truly knew she was ovulating and wasn’t planning on having a baby, she would have been more cautious. At least, we would pray that she would be careful. No matter how badly she wanted a baby, she needed to run it by her man before taking matters into her own hands.

Needless to say, we aren’t sure that we believe this lady. We get that she might have been shocked when she actually ended up pregnant, but this all seems too planned out to be a surprise. We hope that her dude isn’t buying this story, but there’s a chance he is.

11 The Classic Move

Via: Whisper

While there are definitely some complex stories that could be conjured up on the topic of gals manipulating their boyfriends into getting them pregnant, this one is the most common. It sometimes works, simply because men are poorly educated on women’s health or because they just trust their wives or girlfriends to handle the pill side of things.

There is one classic storyline that is used nearly every time. They blame it on their birth control not working. They might also lie to their boyfriends straight up. These girls just say that they took their birth control when they really didn’t. The woman in this confession chose to take the easy way out. It may be a challenge to come up with another believable story. We wonder if this worked out for her!

10 A Permanent Secret

Via: Whisper

We wish there were some statistics about boyfriend manipulation and how often the men involved actually find out the truth. It makes us wonder how many “surprise” babies were planned by the mother. It’s hard to guess how often the truth surfaces. How many women are going to admit their wrongdoings like that?

Whether or not men usually discover what really went down, this lady seems to think that that is highly unlikely. While she may get lucky and walk out of this mess with her boyfriend and her baby, there’s a chance she will get caught.

From the looks of it, she’s attempting to keep this a secret for as long as she possibly can. She seems pretty confident that this will work out to her benefit, too. We’ll see how this works out for her and her baby daddy.

9 At Least She Feels Bad

Via: Whisper

After women get their hopes up about having a baby, it can be impossible for them to get over it. There are a lot of emotions tied to those dreams. We don’t always make the best choices when we are under a lot of stress or pressure.

This woman clearly had some leftover feelings that she just didn’t know how to cope with. Whisper confessions are often too vague and short to tell, but we want to know if she even told her husband she was ready to try to have a baby before she took matters into her own hands.

What’s different about this confession when compared to most of the others is that this mom actually feels guilty about sneaking behind her husband’s back to get pregnant. She made the mistake, and she realizes that.

8 Assuming Responsibilities

Via: Whisper

One reason that we all feel bad for surprised, manipulated baby daddies is that they are forced right into this. They don’t have much of a say once the deed is done without their knowledge. The worst part of this is that the dads are then expected to care for the child. Naturally, dads should be taking responsibility for their kiddos no matter what. It’s just less fair when it’s not what they signed up for.

The good thing about this confession is that this lady doesn’t expect her boyfriend to stick around and provide for her and the baby. He will have some pressure from his parents and others to do so. In the end though, it’s up to him. It’s definitely an odd situation, but this girlfriend is being reasonable with her expectations.

7 This Awkward Situation

Via: Whisper

This one gave us a good laugh. While it’s totally awkward for the chick and the guy, too, she never had any idea that she would see him again. In reality, he probably doesn’t know that it’s his baby and just assumes that she sleeps around a lot. It was probably not the best decision to get pregnant from a one-night stand on purpose, but she likely assumed it wouldn’t be a big deal. Who would have thought?

Hopefully, they work in different parts of the office so they don’t come into contact too often. If they do, the one-night stand might be brought up. That could lead to a whole new problem. He might have a chance at finding out then, unless she decides to be dishonest about that, too.

6 Family Drama Is About To Go Down

Via: Whisper

All families have their issues. All too often, these problems can involve little disputes with other members of the family. It’s generally uncomfortable for everyone who is involved. Luckily, some of this can be resolved pretty quickly. Some of these problems aren’t so little though, including this one. This drama likely won’t blow over easily.

This confession is from a soon-to-be sister-in-law to a manipulative girl. She worked her way into not only a pregnancy but an engagement, too. Because that simply isn’t enough, there are more issues within the family, especially with the new mom-to-be. Unfortunately, it looks like this family is falling apart. We have a feeling someone won’t be receiving an invite to holiday get-togethers anymore. Not to mention, that baby is going to be born into one crazy family!

5 This Unfortunate Coping Strategy

It’s so sad to think about how challenging this situation has got to be. This woman wants nothing more than to have another baby. She’s probably had a pretty hard time dealing with the whole loss, and she may not know how to cope with it properly.

To make matters worse, her boyfriend is aware that she would like to have a baby. There’s got to be something going on if the two can’t come to terms on this. Perhaps the weight of that loss is just too much to bear. It’s likely. We wish that this girl wouldn’t have to resort to getting pregnant without her boyfriend being willing to work with her. She probably isn’t going about it in the best way, but it isn’t totally her fault.

4 Putting It All On The Line

Via: Whisper

We aren’t saying that it’s a bad thing that this girl wants a baby. It’s a natural feeling, and she shouldn’t really be ashamed of that. It’s also necessary to say that we think that her fiancé should be more important than her hopes of a baby or vice versa.

Basically, it looks like she’s ready to give up everything—including her relationship with her fiancé—to have a baby when they might not be ready to. We think that this is a pretty bad choice considering the fact that she could probably talk with him and come up with their family plans together. This collaboration could easily save their relationship.

Nonetheless, this girl is showing us that she thinks she knows what she’s doing as far as this situation is concerned. We just know that she’s ready to lose it all for this baby.

3 On The Verge

Luckily, this girl hasn’t actually acted on her plans so far—at least we hope not. That easily makes her a little bit better than the rest of the ladies on this list. Still, she’s thought about doing it, and we don’t think that there’s much that could stop her from actually acting on these thoughts.

We would hope that she’d end up talking to her new boyfriend before trying to get pregnant with his kid. For all she knows, he might actually want to have a baby, too. It would probably be worth it to ask in order to avoid some trust issues from the start of this relationship.

Regardless of what she ends up doing, it seems like she at least gave this a little bit of thought and considered the relationship’s length before acting on it.

2 Not A Good Idea

Via: Whisper

This is one of the most basic confessions about the topic. She simply mentions her plans to get pregnant and how he’s unknowingly involved in it. Many of us will agree that this just isn’t a good idea on her part. It probably isn’t going to end well for anyone involved—including that baby.

Additionally, she ought to dig a little deeper and devise a plan if she actually wants to go through with this. We can imagine this chick getting caught pretty quickly. We aren’t here to help her become a better sneak—especially against her boyfriend. It really isn’t fair to him. We just think she needs to figure something out if she wants to get away with it. Maybe it’s for the best that her plan is so simple.

1 We Aren’t Quite Sure What This Is

Via: Whisper

This is a mess in a whole different category than the rest. It’s effortlessly the most complicated situation to make this list. There are lots of things wrong with the whole deal. First, she’s cheating on her husband. Cheating should always be a big no-no matter what. Second, she tried to have a kid with the guy she was cheating with. That’s way more than a date or hooking up.

We think that there were other steps to be taken before cheating in the hopes of conceiving. For example, she could have talked to her husband about finding a donor instead of seeking one out without his knowledge. That’s the least we would expect her to do, especially when we see how bad this got. Maybe it’s best if she doesn’t get pregnant for a while.

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