15 Ladies Responsible For Helping Women Get Their Dream Figures

For many of us, it’s a common refrain – “I’ll start tomorrow!” We may not be totally happy with our bodies, or might just want to become more active, but it’s sometimes tough to find the motivation to squeeze in a workout amongst all the other tasks that need to be accomplished in a day. When we finally find the motivation after a long day of work, we lace up our running shoes, toss the gym bag in the car, and head over to the gym. Then, we step inside, and stop.

What now?

For many women, even if you can find the motivation to start working out, you might not know what exactly to do to achieve your physique goals. How do you built that Kim Kardashian booty? How can you tone up your arms, Michelle Obama style? How can you get the abs of Britney Spears circa 1999? We all know what we want to change, but unless you’re a personal trainer or really knowledgeable about fitness, many of us simply don’t know how to achieve those goals. That’s where ladies like the 15 foxes on this list come in.

The 15 female personal trainers on this list all have incredible bodies. However, more importantly, they’re able to help other women get fantastic bodies. From transformation shots of clients posted on their Instagram accounts to testimonials on their websites, these ladies will whip your butt into shape. If you decide to embark on one of their programs, you might not thank them when you’re drenched in sweat halfway through the workout, but you’ll definitely thank them when you’re rocking that crop top and feeling totally fabulous.

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15 Chalene Johnson

via: amazon.com

Bubbly blonde fitness guru Chalene Johnson got her start almost accidentally – she simply taught fitness classes on the side while she was pursuing a law degree. Soon, her classes were getting more and more popular, and eventually she switched from the field of law to the field of fitness, founding a personal training company that basically taught other trainers how to bring their A game during classes. She continued in the fitness class world, founding TurboKick, an addicting mix of hip-hop, kickboxing, and anaerobic drills. She’s created countless classes that you may very well have taken sometime at your gym, and she’s responsible for shaping the bodies of women across the world.

14 Jeannette Jenkins

via: youtube.com

This badass businesswoman with the killer body is the founder and president of The Hollywood Trainer, and the accompanying books and DVDs. She’s trained countless celebrities, including singer Kelly Rowland – who was so thrilled with Jenkins’ methods that she began to collaborate with her, and the duo released Bikini Bootcamp, Cardio Kickboxing & Sexy Abs with Kelly Rowland, as well as Sexy Abs Cardio Sculpt. Jenkins is also a featured trainer on the Nike Training Club App (you know the one – you’ve probably downloaded it in a get-fit attempt before!), a regular health and fitness blogger for The Huffington Post, and frequently lends her expertise to television shows across all the major networks.

13 Ashley Borden

via: youtube.com

Ashley Borden battled an eating disorder throughout her teenage years, and when she managed to find recovery and engage in the fitness industry, she began spreading her expertise and passion to clients. Soon, thanks to her skill, her roster was filled with clients including Reese Witherspoon, Mandy Moore, Ryan Gosling, and Nick Swisher. Her training techniques and tips are a staple for women’s magazines including InStyle, Elle, Allure, Shape, Women’s Health and more. If you’re not able to make it down to Los Angeles for an in-person training session, or to one of her luxury fitness retreats, don’t worry – over the years, Borden has released a book and several training DVDs, so you can enjoy her expertise in the comfort of your living room.

12 Sarah Dussault

via: thevoiceofdowntownboston.com

Once upon a time, most big name personal trainers got their start by taking on clients in gyms and leading exercise classes before making enough of a name to go out on their own. In the age of technology, things are a little different – Boston babe Sarah Dussault began blogging about health and fitness, and posting videos including workouts, healthy eating tips, and more, to YouTube. Her followers loved her approachable style and positive attitude, and she was soon able to turn health and fitness blogging into her full time job with her channel and site, Sarah Fit.

11 Tracy Anderson

via: petra.de

You’ve probably heard of Tracy Anderson before, and if not, here’s a clue – she’s the teeny tiny blonde who’s frequently seen accompanying Gwyneth Paltrow. Ringing a bell? She’s worked with tons of A-List celebrities, and though she’s been in the business for quite awhile, she’s still one of the first go-tos when any publication or show needs some fitness expertise. Anderson has released several DVDs, which means you can get your butt whipped into shape by her right at home. She may be tiny, but she packs a whole lot of health and fitness knowledge into her petite frame. Plus, come on – who doesn’t want a body like Gwyneth?

10 Christine Hronec

via: pinstopin.com

This smart cookie has her hand in pretty much all aspects of the fitness industry. Hronec, who has a B.S. and M.S. in chemical and biological engineering, began her career in the field of engineering, eventually moving to focus on health based sciences. Her training led her to become the co-owner and food scientist of supplement manufacturing company Muscle Gauge Nutrition. And, creating a good supplement isn’t enough – you have to teach people how to effectively use it, right? Well, Hronec, who is a bikini competitor herself, also founded Gauge Girl Training, an online meal planning, training, and coaching service that will help you achieve any fitness goal you desire.

9 Cassey Ho

via: entrepreneur.com

If you get the majority of your fitspiration and free workout videos on YouTube, there’s a good chance that you know exactly who Cassey Ho is. Ho became infamous for her POP Pilates workouts, which were inspired after she was looking to incorporate some fun pop music into her already beloved pilates classes. A few years after she started teaching, a move across the country prompted her to make an instructional video for her former students before she left – and the rest, as they say, is history. Her perky attitude and perma-smile have kept women coming back for video after video.

8 Nikki Blackketter


Nikki Blackketter proves that you don’t always need to be a certified personal trainer who has been working in the industry for years to become successful and start inspiring women to be their best selves. Blackketter’s first client was herself, and she transformed her body from slim with very little muscle definition, to a ripped and gorgeous athlete. She documented her fitness journey extensively on social media, and the followers started adding up. Soon, she began working with brands to endorse supplements, create athletic apparel, and more. If you want that Nikki Blackketter body, you can go to the source herself – she offers online training plans, from a simple workout plan to help you reach your goals to a thorough 12 week guide for a total transformation.

7 Karen Ficarelli

via: flickr.com

Trainer Karen Ficarelli is all about girl power – she is the author, founder, and creator of Fitness4Her, a website that’s completely geared towards female audiences and women’s fitness. Basically, this blonde bombshell – who is also a multi-certified fitness trainer, fitness model, Pilates instructor, and more – will help you get the body you’ve been dreaming of. From diet tips to killer recipes to exercise tools, Ficarelli can help you with every step of your fitness journey. Plus, for all the moms out there, she proves that you can still have an amazing body after baby.

6 Jackie Warner

via: dailymotion.com

There are countless personal trainers trying to make it in the fitness industry; they’re pretty much a dime a dozen, so it’s tough to stand out from the crowd, but Jackie Warner definitely has. Moving from Ohio to Los Angeles at 18, she dabbled in countless fields before finally landing on the world of health and fitness. She found an inner strength and became passionate about helping others find the same energy and happiness in their own lives. She has five DVDs, three books, literally hundreds of articles and media appearances, two television shows… this lady knows her way around the fitness industry, and there are countless ways you can benefit from her expertise.

5 Jen Heward

via: youtube.com

When you think of a fitness model and gym owner in California, chances are your mind immediately envisions a bubbly, constantly smiling blonde bombshell with a positive attitude and killer curves. Well – that’s basically Jen Heward. Heward struggled with her weight in her late teens and early twenties, and after deciding to make a positive change, immediately got hooked on fitness. Now, Heward and her fiancé own a gym in Auburn, California by the name of Life Altering Fitness. She is a fitness model and brand ambassador, and you can learn all her tips and tricks through the training plans she offers on her website, as well as through her YouTube videos.

4 Jillian Michaels

via: parade.com

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past decade, you know who Jillian Michaels is. Michaels rose to pop culture fame as that screaming, scary trainer on weight loss reality show The Biggest Loser. While her methods for the show were definitely extreme, she has a wealth of knowledge after over 20 years in the fitness industry, and has created an empire for herself. From television shows to best-selling books and DVDs to apps and websites, you can easily get trained by Jillian by picking up several of her products. That’s right, ladies – you too can get yelled at by Jillian Michaels in the comfort of your own living room. She’ll make you feel bad about half-assing that last rep, but hey – that’s what you need if you want to kick your butt into shape.

3 Katrina Scott

via: toneitup.com

Katrina Scott – formerly Hodgson – is one half of the fabulous Tone It Up team. She was her own first success story – though she was a personal trainer, her constant focus on clients rather than herself led her to put on a few more pounds than she would have liked. She managed to shed more than 25 pounds earlier in her career, and was inspired to help other women make the same types of changes. The Tone It Up empire was built on the famed Nutrition Plan and videos, where you can drink delicious ‘Bombshell Spell’ wake-up beverages before doing your morning booty call. Trust us – those Malibooty routines will kick your butt.

2 Karena Dawn

via: youtube.com

Karena Dawn, the other half of the fab Tone It Up team, got her start as a personal trainer, triathlon competitor, and fitness model. She eventually ran into fellow trainer Karena Hodgson and the two instantly clicked, going on to found their ultra-successful fitness empire. If the typical workout videos aren’t your thing, don’t worry – with Karena, you can get your daily work out in and feel like you’re on the beach (quite literally – a huge portion of their videos are filmed on the beach, with the water lapping at the shore nearby). From their recently released book to the countless videos and recipes on their website, becoming a member of the Tone It Up community is a great way to kickstart your fitness goals.

1 Kayla Itsines

via: twitter.com

How on earth did a random personal trainer from Australia become such an international sensation? Who knows – but, without a doubt, Kayla Itsines did. She went from a normal trainer to a household name thanks to the transformation shots that she posted to her social media accounts – soon, every girl wanted to know how they could get that Kayla body transformation. So, she came out with the Bikini Body Guide – a 12 week training program and meal plan that would help women take their fitness to the next level. Her workout routine is deceptively simple – the series of circuit training routines might look easy to do, but trust us, they’re not.

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