15 Women Confess What They've NEVER Told A Soul…Until Now

We all have deep dark secrets we lock away, intent to never allow anyone else to ever discover what we've done, what we think or how we handled certain situations. Sometimes we struggle with hiding our secrets and other times we keep them close simply because if anyone else discovered them, we would be ruined in one way or another. It takes a lot of trust and courage for a person to share their secrets- especially when the secretes are unpopular viewpoints, looked down on or have the power to affect others.

If you had a secret and someone offered you a chance to share it with the world with complete anonymity, would you share it? The Whisper app became popular for just that reason - people all around the world have been holding back their darkest secrets. Sharing those secrets is the key to lifting some of the weight off their shoulders, so they took to the internet's world of anonymity and began sharing everything they could! After all, no one will ever know who posted it anyway, so what's the harm, right? Here are fifteen of the most amazing secrets women have been keeping for years, secrets they swore they would never tell a soul - until now.

15 Calm Down Girl!


When "Baby Fever" hits, it tends to hit hard. She may not be trying to get pregnant, but her mind is moving a lot faster than her body. To purchase so many baby items in secret is an obvious indication she has a problem. The solution? Probably talking to her husband about her love for baby stuff. Another great alternative is babysitting a few bratty kids who were raised without hearing the word "no." Little else gets rid of a person's desire to have children than to have to spend time around rambunctious ones who don't listen to or respect adults. Alternatively, at the very least, when she and her husband are ready to try for a child, they'll already have a few of the basics!

14 Please Lady...Wash Your Freaking Bras!


Wash. Your. Bras. You. Filthy. Disgusting. Woman. Why don't women wash their bras!? There's absolutely no reason to avoid washing an article of clothing that habitually gets sweaty and gross. There are even special little laundry bags you can place your bras and other delicates into specifically to protect them from possible damage in a standard washing machine! Why would you wash your socks but not your bras!? And what kind of lazy person is willing to shell out hundreds of dollars every year by replacing perfectly good bras that only need a simple wash or two? She'd better keep this secret because once people learn the truth, the'll see her in an entirely different light - and not the kind of light she wants to be in the center of!

13 You Did What!?


This woman's secret carries forever consequences. What if that young couple was going to give up their child for adoption anyway? What if the child who survived has severe hereditary complications later in life? What if the couple raises the child as their own and one day discovers the truth on their own? What if the single mother has people in her life who would have been willing to keep the child and raise it with love and care? There are so many reasons, especially legally, that prohibit nurses from making calls like these specifically because they are morally and ethically wrong. Most people make decisions like these with good intentions, but switching babies isn't something she had the right to do. If anyone discovers the truth, she can lose her job and will likely be taken to court, maybe even do some jail time.

12 This Must Happen Much More Than We Think


She's obviously not that sorry if she's having to go to Whisper to apologize! Part of a waitress' job is ensuring the food customers receive is up to food safety regulations. She made a mistake and she should have owned up to it. The chefs may have been upset with her but remaking food is better than giving your germs to an unsuspecting customer! Too few people consider the possibility of customers who are less than healthy. Some look absolutely fine but are the recipients of organ donations, meaning their immune systems are at about the same level as a newborn's or an elderly person's. By giving the food over anyway, this waitress put the customer, and anyone the customer may share their food with, at risk. It may seem like a simple disgusting matter, but it can have real complications. Shame on her.

11 You Have To Let It Go


It's difficult to imagine what it must be like to have another person growing inside you. It's even harder to imagine what it must be like to carry a child to full term, give birth, then immediately hand it off to its real parents. You cared for it for nine months and felt its little kicks, but none of it means anything because he or she was never yours to begin with. It's so strange to consider but how can a woman carry a child and not get emotionally attached to it? While it makes sense for this surrogate to want to keep the child, it's a sad truth that she won't be able to. That pain she feels is just part of the job she signed up for when she agreed to surrogate. Maybe she'll find joy in a child she can keep for herself one day.

10 So Super Sad!


Everyone handles situations differently. While one high school student would be happy to learn she won't be a young mother, another might feel like her life is falling apart. This couple happened to be one of the few who grow up and get married, however, the wife is holding onto a horrible secret. She can never tell her husband - or anyone else who might accidentally say anything to tip him off. Holding this kind of pain all alone can eat away at a person. Thankfully, she was able to share it with the world via Whisper. It isn't likely, but perhaps one day she will be able to tell her husband the truth. Until then, at least she can live her life knowing there are some of us out here sending positive vibes her way and standing strong by her side.

9 No Wonder You Keep Quiet


The same event can happen to two different people and they will recall the incident in entirely different lights. This woman had no qualms with getting an abortion - something that was and likely always will remain controversial. Most people insist abortions are difficult decisions with serious emotional ramifications. To claim you are fine with the procedure is often viewed as being negative. People make several assumptions about people who get abortions and they make even more negative assumptions from people who admit they don't feel a sense of regret afterward. This woman's secret is likely protecting her from endless judgement from friends and family who will never understand life from her point of view. Whether she made the "right" or "wrong" decision is irrelevant - it's her secret to keep or to share with whomever she wants whenever she chooses.

8 Definitely Keep This A Secret


Not everyone is looking for a permanent relationship built on mutual love and monogamy. Some people are content with more of a friends-with-benefits situation where love doesn't play a part. In fact, this woman is physically involved with a man who remains romantically involved with his wife or girlfriend. Why she chooses to be with someone who is emotionally involved with someone else does pose several questions, but that's why she has to keep it a secret. She knows she is hurting a relationship by being with him but she doesn't care. In fact, she loves it. Knowing no one else will support her relationship is likely the reason she has to stay silent - but at least the internet knows, leaving her slightly less burdened with her dirty little secret.

7 That's Just Pathetic


Why are some people so vindictive in their relationships? What did her ex do to make her want to ruin his reputation - and really, even if she was pregnant, would she really be making him look bad for wanting out of an obviously dysfunctional relationship? There's so much wrong with this Whisper and with her relationship that we don't even know where to start. She's messed up for faking a pregnancy purely to make someone else look bad that anyone who discovers the truth will immediately see her for what she truly is - a lying brat with separation issues. If she's smart, she'll never admit the truth to anyone in her life. It's bad enough she shared it with the internet, but hopefully all the hateful responses taught her a lesson.

6 What The Heck!?


Where to even start with this one. If you marry someone and you have a problem with how much money they make, you should talk it out right away. If you feel your spouse doesn't deserve an equal share of what you bring to the relationship, you need to exit said relationship because it's doomed from the start. We don't know if her husband refuses to get a better job or if he has a job at all - all we know is she is resentful of his low income and has decided to withhold a substantial amount of money from him out of spite. To say your spouse doesn't deserve to share in your financial contributions is possibly one of the most selfish things anyone can ever say. Even if he takes advantage of her, it is better to leave him than to live with an unnecessary secret.

5 Good Luck Getting A Job


They say cheaters never prosper and it's absolutely true! If she completes her degree and gets that piece of paper, she'd better be able to back it up! Even if she is lucky enough to land a job, guaranteed they will fire her if she doesn't understand what she's doing or how to find out how to complete the job according to its specifications. Very rarely does a person skate by in a new job when they're expected to be knowledgeable about a topic they really know nothing about. People like this woman are the type to brag about their "accomplishment" when really all they did was lie. From beginning to end, she lied about something most people spend years of hard work and financial distress to achieve. She doesn't deserve that degree and she doesn't deserve to be acknowledged for an achievement she didn't truly earn.

4 You Poor Thing!


We all struggle with sweaty pits come the summer season, but what about the poor women who do everything they can and still suffer the foul odor of sweat and must? Sometimes it's the result of a medical condition and sometimes it's simply hereditary - regardless of her specific situation, this woman is dealing with some pretty serious embarrassment. Some people have been known to carry wet wipes and extra deodorant sticks specifically to deal with this situation but perhaps these quick fixes aren't enough. We definitely feel for her and understand how horrible that must be! With sweaty, stinky pits, comes awkward social interactions. Hopefully she decides enough is enough and goes to visit her doctor. Maybe there's something they can do to help her out and live a more normal life.

3 Me-ow!


It's true - people don't like seeing older women with younger men. In fact, most people don't like seeing older men with younger women either. There is always an assumption that the older person is offering the younger person some kind of financial incentive, which is a sad supposition but is too often the heart of the relationship. As a cougar, she understands her relationships are frowned upon and is therefore bound to secrecy. Nothing she says or does can change society's views on the interesting relationship, but she can take a stand and ignore how people respond. We don't know if she is choosing to remain silent to save herself the headache of dealing with everyone's opinions or if she is keeping the secret because she truly is ashamed - regardless of reason, at least she's having a fun time!

2 There Are Programs To Help With That


When money is tight, people tend to take extreme measures, but if your family is struggling to put food on the table, it's time to visit food banks, learn how to make affordable meals out of cheap ingredients, or invite yourself over to family and friends' places around dinner time. No one should have to go hungry just so they can pay a few bills. This mother understands the importance of feeding her husband and child, but at what cost to herself? Hopefully she opens her eyes and realizes there are ways to avoid starvation, even if it is temporary. There is absolutely no excuse for anyone to skip meals in first world countries. There are multiple programs to help keep hunger at bay. Fingers crossed she looks into them soon.

1 Just Stop


Sometimes the thrill of doing something wrong is what makes people want to continue their poor choices and behaviors. Why else would rich celebrities attempt to steal cheap clothing from their local malls? This teacher wants the world to know that she's having plenty of fun with her students and is running the risk of being caught and severely punished. If she is fired from her job for illicit relationships with students, she will never be able to teach anywhere else ever again. We don't know how old she is, but let's hope she's a college professor who sleeps with her very legal male students. If not, then this secret just got a whole lot darker. Maybe if she gets into a close call she'll understand the gravity of her situation and she'll stop bragging about it and just settle down instead.

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