15 Women Confess The Names They Associate With The People In Their Lives

There’s only so much we’ll put up with, right, ladies? Those people who have broken our hearts, hurt our heads and made us regret our life choices are better off out of our lives than in (so we think). Sometimes it’s not enough to burn the bridges with those poisonous people, though. You have to actually get rid of everyone who reminds you of them, including those innocent people who have the same name as those painful individuals.

Remember when things were simple? All you had to do was block a phone number to keep people out. Nowadays, you have to go through several social mediums and accounts to block them from everything! There’s so much effort involved in actually blocking people from our lives that it almost doesn’t seem worth it. Trust us, though: getting rid of toxic people is the best. Taking preventative measures is also a good idea, though these people have gone a step further. They’re covering their bases by keeping anyone who shares the same name as their enemies out of their lives. We admire the determination and the safety measures. Some of these stories are so bad that we totally think the victims are better off playing safe than sorry.

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15 Is It Really The Name? Or Just The Memories That Are Bad?


There’s always this thrill that comes with meeting someone incredible, whether it’s online or in person. You think about them all the time, and the technology that connects you to them all of a sudden becomes even more addictive than it was before. You can’t seem to stop yourself from checking their accounts, staying logged in to that game, and keeping your phone on all night (just in case they message you). It sucks when something gets in the way, like a cursed name. Whether or not it actually is cursed is up in the air. We do believe names have power, but we don’t necessarily believe that that’s what’s going on with this girl. We think she just has some bad memories associated with Laura; it’s too bad she lost out on a soulmate because of it.

14 "Angel" Is Even In Her Name! Too Bad She's Anything But...


There’s no angels in this situation, especially when you not only end up losing a boyfriend, but also a best friend AND potentially a brother! And all because of one person! Ladies, when we say that you should become friends with your friends significant others, this is not the type of closeness we mean. There are definitely some lines that were crossed here, including the unspoken rule of never hooking up with your best friend’s siblings. If you talk about it first, sure. Love can come from anywhere. But it’s not the type of line that you just cross willy-nilly. Adding insult to injury by getting involved with your friend’s boyfriend too? That’s not what we would expect from someone with the word "Angel" in their name! What a shame that one person caused so much pain.

13 You Never Get Over Your First...


Sigh… Jeremy, how could you? You really hurt this little fourth-grade girl here. So much so that she’s posting about it on an anonymous confession site several years later (we assume). We highly doubt that a fourth grader is writing Whisper confessions, which means Jeremy scared this lady so badly that she’s had to revisit it and confess her pain to the boundless land of the internet. While we’re not sure if she’s actually seriously hurt or just making fun of it, it’s still a universal story. While we’ve moved on from reading time and sitting beside each other, there are still guys out there who’ll kiss us and never talk to us again. 4th grade was an early time to learn this lesson though. And it’s all Jeremy’s fault. No wonder she won’t talk to another Jeremy!

12 She Couldn't Tell This Future Even With A Crystal Ball


How dare Crystal steal her friend’s husband. While we don’t know exactly how close she and Crystal were to start with, it seems like they were at least close enough to know each other’s partners. Or, rather, for Crystal to know this confessor’s partner. While sometimes there are warning signs that you can see when two people start to cheat on each other, other times there are not. This seems like one of the times that there wasn’t, as it sounds like Crystal really blindsided her when she stole her husband. We’re shocked that she’s not out getting revenge on the two of them rather than writing anonymous confessions about it. Oh well; everyone has their own coping methods. We definitely know she won’t trust another crystal again though!

11 Unfortunately, This Is One Of The Most Common Names


This is so sad. She says that her bully’s name “is” Sara, not “was” Sara. This leads us to believe that she’s currently in the thick of being bullied, which sucks. Girl, if you’re reading this, you need to make sure Sara is stopped. Talk to a teacher, counselor, or even the police. Anyone who’ll ensure than you stay safe while dealing with this situation. Not to mention the fact that Sara is a pretty common name. If she’s going to try and write off every Sara or Sarah that comes into her life, she’s going to have a pretty lonely world ahead of her. While the popularity of it comes and goes, there’s almost always another girl being born named Sara/Sarah. It’ll never stop! Keep yourself safe and get some help, before you’re cutting out more Sara’s than just her.

10 The Hunter Becomes The Hunted


One of the classic reasons to dislike a name is having your heart broken. Ladies, how many of us refuse to date someone just because their name is similar to someone that broke your heart once? We know that we’ve had one or two like that, even though it’s not exactly fair to the ones who haven’t ended up breaking our hearts. Hunter is the worst name for it, too! We often do feel a little shot through the heart when things don’t work out in a relationship. The desire for revenge can creep in, especially if we feel that we’re owed something: an apology, or some sort of relief from the pain. This is where Hunter could become the Hunted. We’ll stop at nothing to get an apology, even if it means hating every Hunter that crosses our paths.

9 How Darren He Do This To Her


Good parenting, Mama! We support her teaching her daughter the right and wrong ways to be treated in a relationship. While it’s not so much the name that’s important, it’s important to recognize the fact that not paying child support is a bad message to send to the family. Mama taught her girl well, and hopefully, she knows to only give her heart to someone that will treat her well. There’s also the fact that she’s going to grow up with a hatred of the name Darren, which isn’t the worst. What kind of name is Darren, anyway? That’s the kind of name you don’t hear often anymore, and we’re glad. It’s not all that musical, and it’s definitely not meaningful enough to have any sort of value outside of sentimental value. To us, anyway. Maybe the Darrens of the world feel differently, but we wouldn’t know.

8 10 Years Is A Little Long To Hold That Grudge...


Maybe this confession seems really important and heartfelt to the girl who wrote it, but we don’t really get why it’s so necessary to talk about it now. Why hold this kind of grudge? Maybe she’s an actress or trying to pick up work in the movies. Regardless of what she thinks about the importance of this confession, it’s not coming across. Ten years is a long time to be bitter about something that happened in high school, especially with something as unimportant as the high school musical. So what if she got the lead? As an actress, you should know that there’s always going to be another part, and another opportunity to play that part. Especially if it’s been ten years since you got that rejection… Just let it go! Not all Taryns are leading ladies.

7 How Could A Parent Forget Their Child's Birthday?


Maybe she got all the attention because her name is so weird. Aislin is a unique name and is usually given to quite the unique person. It’s hard when that person is in your family, and especially when it’s someone you’re close to, like a sister. There’s a special bond that sisters have which is hard to destroy… Unless your sister overshadows you in every single way. This is a possibility when it comes to what happened here in their lives. No doubt something big must have gone down to keep her from being remembered. Aislin must have been a revelation, while our mystery confessor was all forgotten. Hopefully, this didn’t destroy the relationship with the rest of her family, though it is a possibility. Pain like this doesn’t go away easily.

6 Not Every Dad-Named Dude Is A Dud, You Know


WOAH! Now, this is going a little far. The best candidate for the job should be hired, and if you have a prejudice or preconception that’s going to get in the way of picking that fairly, you shouldn’t be allowed to pick. Something like your candidate having the same name as your dad is definitely not grounds to choose someone else for the job. They could have been the best fit for the company ever! They could have been the most skilled and/or the best equipped to do the job. Unfortunately, this woman let her assumptions come into play and refused to hire the guy because he had the same name as her dad. Talk about some bad memories. Things must have been really bad growing up for her to pull something like this.

5 The Real Question: How Does She Feel About Bobs?


There are lots of old grudges on this list, which is surprising. When we set out on our mission to identify 15 names women associate with terrible people in their lives, we didn’t think that we’d run into so many long-held childhood grievances like this one. Not to mention the fact that we’re really unsure how this teacher named “Rob” actually managed to fail these kids in 5th grade. Were they all held back? Was this before the days of middle school? Maybe this woman means that they just had a really bad parent-teacher interview. Whatever it was, and however long ago it was, it was obviously bad enough for her to cancel any and all interactions with Robs, Bobs, and Roberts, and any other variations on the name!

4 The Rumor Mill Just Runs And Runs, And Carmens Are At The Top


This is the worst. Don’t you just hate it when you share something you love with someone and they ruin it? It’s even worse when it’s a name of your potential future child. While we don’t know if she ever would have even had kids, or if she was thinking of the name Carmen for them, it seems like that was the direction she was going… Until the rumor mill started churning out vicious rumors about our confessor. Who knows what nasty stuff Carmen started. All we know is that our lady doesn’t like it one bit. In fact, she’s probably never going to like the name Carmen again! We imagine this happened during high school, which is rough. Even though the rumors don’t follow you into the real world, her hatred of the name certainly does. Thanks, Carmen.

3 At Least "Tomas" Isn't All That Common... Right?


You’ve heard the name Thomas before, but Tomas is a unique variation. Shortened to Tom or Thom, it’s less common than it used to be (especially since the tank engine tainted everyone’s perception of the name). It’s no surprise that this woman wants to keep all Tomas and Tomas variants out of her life. Not only did he cheat on her, but he cheated on her three times. That’s terrible! Anyone who cheats on you more than once deserves to be kicked to the curb. We hate people who take advantage of others, especially vulnerable women. We need to stick together and fight back against the mistreatment of women. This girl is starting by blocking all Tomas’s out of her life. Maybe it’s a little intense, but it’s a strong place to start.

2 And Sometimes... You Just Don't Trust Someone


Sometimes there’s no rhyme or reason as to why people dislike or distrust a name. While we believe that there’s usually more to a person than their name suggests, we totally understand people who write off others on the basis of their name. Especially when it’s something like Carter. Carter sounds like the kind of guy that’s still doing frosted tips and Hawaiian shirts in 2018 and is NOT apologizing for it. He’s the kind of guy that carries one of those tiny skateboards and only rides it down the college hallways. We totally understand our confessor’s hatred of this name, though we hope she gives a nice Carter a chance before instantly writing him off… You never know! Don’t judge a book by its cover, as the saying goes.

1 Anyone With A "Weird" Name Will Feel These Feels


Oh man! Talk about awkward. While we set out to find women whose lives were ruined by other names, this confession is all about how much she hates her own name. That’s so sad! Your name is a part of you, and you shouldn’t hate it… No matter how weird it is. Maybe, if she’s really upset about it, she’ll change it one day. We certainly hope she doesn’t, as Aydin is actually a really cool name. It’s uncommon, but it’s gorgeous. Not to mention how it goes against conventional spelling and conventional gendering of the name itself. While Aydin might not be happy to carry such a name, we’re pleased that her parents were forward-thinkers to give her such a cool name. And to any Starbucks employees out there, take note: There’s more than one way to spell Aydin!

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