15 Women Admit The Craziest Things They've Done For Love

Doing crazy things for love is nothing new. As a matter of fact, you’ve probably pulled some crazy stunts in the name of love yourself. We’re not surprised. We’ve pulled some of our own. Love cannot be taught and it can only be learned with hands on experience; that’s why taking extreme measures is often times necessary. If we don’t dive in, how are we gonna learn to swim in the sea of love? And there are so many different types of love out there, too. Just being prepared for one does not mean we’re ready for the next one or the next one after that. Love is so fickle, it gets us diving deep and diving without a life jacket or a plan, sometimes we don’t even know how to swim. That’s the craziness love brings. Beyoncé even knows what’s up –her crazy in love song has us all jumping up and down. Why? Because we know how far we can go when it comes to love and we know how far love can take us if we let it. Don’t hold back, don’t be apprehensive –keep doing crazy things for love as long as you're safe and smart about it. We live only once and we might as well try all the love that life has to offer. Before you start reading, ask yourself what’s the craziest things you’ve done for love? And if you can’t think of anything, then it might be high time that you push beyond your boundaries and do something drastic –all in the name of love. The following are stories from real women we interviewed who took the leap, and did something crazy in the name of love.

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15 Went under the knife

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Gabriella had always considered herself quite beautiful and never even considered going under the knife, at least not before she hit middle age, but life is never so certain, as she quickly learned. Her boyfriend at the time was really into breasts and while Gabriella had a decent B-cup, her boyfriend favored more than a handful. At first, she denied his request, but discovered that their relationship was going nowhere unless she decided to enhance her chest. She consulted friends and family. And at the end of the day and for the sake of love, she found a breast augmentation that would suit her and him. The day of the surgery, she panicked and nearly ran out of the clinic, but once the surgery was over she was relieved; their relationship developed, too. Within a year, Gabriella was engaged and her husband has never been happier with her decision nor has she. Not for one second does she regret going under the knife for love. She only hopes that her husband would be willing to go to great lengths for her should the situation arise.

14 Took the plunge

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Paula is not what one might call a spontaneous person, actually she has always hated last minute plans or plans that change at the last minute. She prefers to have everything in order and all i’s dotted and t’s crossed. Paula might be considered uptight. She never minded this title until she met the love of her life who was the complete opposite to her. It came as quiet a surprise when she realized the old saying of “opposites attract” rang true for her. At first, they laughed about their differences, but at some point they noticed that it got in the way of the progression of their blossoming love. Her desire was not to break up, but rather push herself to the limits. Paula decided to take love into her own hands and bungee jump for love. It was a huge risk and would, she thought, prove to him that she could be more adventurous. She had her plunge video taped; he fell head over heels for her once he saw how dedicated she was. Unfortunately, the relationship didn’t last because the guy wasn’t willing to plunge into a little bit of structure for the sake of the relationship and they went their separate ways. But Paula learned so much about herself and wouldn’t change what she did for the world.

13 Traveled around the world

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Porsha has always been a sucker for love. She’s gone to great lengths to not just keep her partner, but to keep her partner happy. When she notices that things are slipping between her and her partner, she’s quick to get back on the horse and ride it out or at least give it her all; Porsha is not a quitter and will never let anyone tell her “no”. So when her partner, of two years, got the offer she’d been waiting for –the dream job in Asia, Porsha’s heart sunk. They were not completely committed to each other, but they were surely feeling the vibes. Porsha’s partner suggested she think about moving, but really think about it. After all, Porsha did have a very comfortable life in the states with a good job, friends, and family all nearby. However, Porsha did not want to be comfortable, she wanted to be in love. Without really planning and without having ever left the country, let alone the state in which she was born, Porsha hopped on a plane and headed to where the love of her life waited. Porsha has never regretted it, although the trip itself nearly gave her a heart attack.

12 Scarred for life

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Rumi isn’t what most consider a normal chick. She’s been drawn to the alternative lifestyle since she can remember, her first piercing was at fourteen and her first tattoo at sixteen. Her taste in men has also been rather alternative; her proclivity is to date the rocker, the rebel, the artist. While most of her exes were musicians, she had never really been too crazy about their lifestyle because it was too flashy and inconsistent. She preferred artists. So when she started dating a tattoo artist, she saw both the artistic and alternative side mixing together perfectly. This story is not about Rumi getting his name tattooed on her body, nope, sorry. But it is about her declaring her love for him in the form of scarification. He never asked her to do it, but she knew that he had been studying to move into scarifications and body modifications. When she presented him with her arm, branded with his initials, he almost cried. Afterwards, he was so moved that he had her initials branded into his arm, too. And the two, have since, lived happily ever after.

11 Took things to the calorie limit

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Celeste never had a problem with her body, well, at least not in a major way. While at times she did try to lose weight now and again, she never took things to the extreme. Celeste is not a tiny girl, she’s not even skinny; she’s average with a little extra cushion for the pushin'. She’d never had a complaint from any guy about her weight until she met this rich businessman. He treated her well, so to speak; took her to high class events, restaurants, and on vacations. He seemed to really be crazy for her and their love life never lacked any passion. However, Celeste did notice that as time went on, he liked to order her meals or suggest meals or diet plans for her. He even hired a personal trainer for her. She says he never called her fat, but he was hinting at it all the time. At some point, when she was really deep into the relationship, he mentioned how women got their jaws wired shut to lose weight. Of course, Celeste falls for this gimmick and gets her jaw wired shut, not because she thinks she should lose weight, but because this control freak thinks she should. This was be the last thing she did for this man and has since learned a lesson –she’s beautiful just the way she is. And that food is amazing and should be enjoyed frequently.

10 A stint with that voyeuristic life

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Leigh is adventurous, always has been, always will be. But even the most adventurous person has limits, right? Leigh learned her lesson the hard way, quite literally. Leigh became involved with a guy she met at a very risky BDSM party. At first, it was a friendship that turned into some mutual sharing and mutual playing that would spiral into a full-fledged coupledom. Leigh was hip to the fact that her partner liked to be watched, but that he always liked to be a voyeur. One of his fantasies was to hide in a dark room, perhaps in a closet or behind a curtain, and watch his partner with another. At first, Leigh was really not sure about the idea because while she was very into sexual exploration, she wasn’t sure that she was interested in sharing herself with another. Finally, she acquiesced and gave in and to her great surprise, she enjoyed it so much that she decided she wanted to be the watcher and not the watched. Since then, she’s gotten into other things, and has left behind her voyeuristic life, but does not regret having been watched or watching others while in very intimate settings. She says, if anything, it’s added an element to her life, not just sexually, that she cannot deny nor would she ever want to.

9 A love spell like no other

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Monique is a born witch. What she has learned about witchcraft has been passed down from her mother and her mother’s mother. She never practiced black witchcraft despite being tempted to do so on several occasions. That is until she ran into the man of her dreams. While they seemed like they would be a perfect match, something was preventing them from being together. That’s when Monique decided to take matters into her own hands. She will not disclose her love spell, but she will say that it was a series of spells done over a few months and that most of the ingredients came directly from her own body. When she decided she had to have him, she was willing to take the powers of the universe and use them for her own benefit. She considers using magic in this way, a selfish and perhaps shallow way, to be black magic. After the spell ran its course and she let the energies work for her, she discovered that he suddenly, and without warning, became very attracted to her. Long story short, he began to stalk her and instead of getting a lover, Monique got an obsessed lover. She had to undo the love spell which took twice as long as the original love spell, but the spell was broken and he has since been unbound and set free from her love chains.

8 Handed over all passwords

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Nancy knows that having some privacy between partners is okay. She really values her alone time and gives the same respect to her partner. When she met her partner, she was certain that they shared these same ideas about space and respect in the relationship. However, that was not the case and Nancy says she was tricked by a pretty face and sweet lies. Before Nancy knew it, her partner became controlling, possessive, and even passive-aggressive. Nancy was in love, but also afraid. She wanted to help eliminate any doubts from her partner and thus handed over her rights to most things; this meant all her passwords to all her email and social media accounts. After all, Nancy figured she had nothing to hide, so what would be the big deal. Little did Nancy know that her partner also suffered from low self-esteem and even friendships posed a threat. In handing over her passwords, she thought she was proving to her partner how open and honest she was being. Now Nancy knows better. While she handed over her passwords with good intentions, she should have realized that anyone who is that insecure won’t be satisfied with a few passwords and the ability to snoop.

7 A controlled diet of only the finest

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Cynthia has had exclusive tastes since she can remember. She has always been drawn to high class things and enjoys being spoiled. All of her boyfriends have been well-off and provided her with a very comfortable life. She is grateful to have been so fortunate. But with money comes idiosyncrasy; as each successful man she’s dated has had some fetish or another. She doesn’t mind actually, because she learns more about life, love, and herself. However, once she was pushed to her limit. One of these guys was into food, like beyond foodie, like new level food stuff. He only ate aphrodisiacs and didn’t care if that meant he lacked some nutrients or minerals. For him, it was the food of the gods and goddesses or nothing at all. He demanded that she stuck to the same diet and had her monitored to ensure that she stuck to his regimen. Cynthia says at first it was sexy and they had more fun than she’s ever had in the bedroom; it spiced things up for sure. But then, it got old and she started craving other foods. If she broke the diet that meant she was breaking up with him. She lasted almost six months before she caved.

6 Took off more than just clothing

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Tabatha enjoys pleasing her men, she’s what one might call a submissive. That term is new to her, but since learning about it, it’s one hundred percent a part of her vocabulary and she even uses it in her love life pursuits to let people know what she’s all about. Tabatha never realized she was a submissive, so for years, she struggled to identify why she liked to be treated in certain ways and she feared being judged for it. Eventually, she learned that being a submissive does not mean that she disrespects herself and it’s no one’s business but her own. So there. When she got into her first dom-sub partnership, she was asked to do all sorts of things and she did all of them even though she was afraid, nervous, and timid. She admits that she loved her first master very much and was willing to go to any length to satisfy. So when her master asked her shave off her navel length hair in its entirety, she didn’t question it at all. She handed over her hair and her heart to her master and doesn’t regret doing it. Tabatha is proud of the strides she’s taken in love and continues to grow in her slave position.

5 Set up the dream life

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Jaqueline is a romantic. Anything for love, she says. And when she says it, she means it. She’s gone to the end of the earth and back for some of her exes and would do it all over again just to have the chance to experience a deep connection with love and devotion. When Jaqueline fell hard for a guy from the rough side of the tracks, she knew that if she was going to make things work, it would be all by her doing because her man lacked a great deal of knowledge and resources. Jaqueline didn’t mind, she’s a giver and a sacrificer. Her man wanted to leave his town and live the good life, get away, start again, have stability and financial security, have a job and a woman at home cooking for him. Jaqueline took her man from one country to the next; she had gotten the apartment, set him up with a job, kept the house tidy, and waited on her man hand and foot. This worked well for several months until Jaqueline realized that he had used her to escape some criminal charges back home. The authorities eventually found him and Jaqueline has not contacted him since. Even with all she did for love it wasn’t enough against the law.

4 Return to a clean slate

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Bethany fell in love with a control freak. This means everything was on his terms. This means everything had a schedule and a timetable and a right and wrong way and had to be perfect. Bethany admits that at first she found it difficult to live with, but she recognizes beauty in this type of lifestyle. What Bethany failed to mention is that her man was also a religious zealot and would not accept a tainted woman. This is not abnormal for men of his faith, to demand a clean woman, but for Bethany, it was bizarre. However, she learned about how women could prove their love for their future husbands by proving they were still intact; a doctor would stick in a new hymen and on the wedding night the woman would bleed. She went to one of these doctors and returned to a pure state that would satisfy her man. He was fooled by the procedure. And so was she. She realized that all she had done was lie to him and to herself. While she was trying to preserve her dignity, she only wanted to live true to herself and her values. She has since fled the marriage.

3 Left everything and everyone behind

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Frances had everything she has ever wanted. Her life would be considered perfect by some standards. She never lacked anything and had more than she had even thought possible. The way she imagined her future was limitless because the life she had been blessed with allotted her that privilege. Frances is grateful, no doubt. And she was even more grateful when the love of her life found her sitting on a park bench on a rainy spring day. He had stopped to talk to her because she was reading a book by his favorite writer, a rather obscure writer at that. He had to know more about her. And she, eventually, had to know more about him. They grew into a couple almost overnight. When he asked her to help live out his dream of giving back to community, leaving all their worldly possessions behind, and helping those in need, she was so scared that she denied him immediately. While she loved how it all sounded and looked (on paper), she wasn’t sure how to live it. The day he left, she realized she had to jump into it. On the spot, she bought a ticket and hopped on the same flight. She literally, for over a decade, left everything behind, and all for the sake of compassion and a man that taught her how to live that lesson.

2 Brought the babes to him

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Lacey fell in love with a dog. Some might say he had particular tastes, but others would just call him a cheat. Lacey realized early on in their relationship that her man was addicted to sex, but not only sex with her, but with other women. He told her it was natural and to deny men of their primal needs would be cruel and unjust. He convinced her that she should be intimate with him when he desired her and that if he desired another, on any occasion, she would have to accept it. Lacey was a young thing at the time and fell for the trap. She fell so hard that at one point he had even manipulated her into thinking that bringing home other girls was normal. Lacey was naïve, but she, despite being brainwashed, had a little brain left in her. She told him that if this were to continue she had one rule, that she would pick the women and bring them home to him. He liked the idea and agreed. Lacey tried to select women who had been tested and who were very educated about intimacy and open relationships. While Lacey tried her best, she failed. She was not honest with herself about how the set up made her feel. When she left the relationship, she instantly became ten pounds lighter.

1 Dabbled in striptease

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Beatrice is no sex kitten, at least not according to her standards. She’s curvy, sure, but she likes to dress in plain clothes and rarely dons makeup. Perhaps this is what added such spark to her alter-ego whom she developed while in a relationship with a guy who was obsessed with strippers. Beatrice, without ever having danced in public or stepped on a stage, became a stripper for the love of her man. He had taken her to strip clubs early in their relationship and she didn’t mind. After all, they were a fun place to drink and hang out, talk to attractive women, and admire the female form. Beatrice would consider herself bisexual. It was exciting for her to watch other women as much as it was for her man. But when he asked her to step up and get on the stage, Beatrice had to step back. With some sweet talk and champagne, she gave in and got up on stage and got hooked. She started working at that very strip club they frequented until she got tired of the novelty. They broke up, but now Beatrice has a side hustle should she come up short on rent or bills.

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