15 Whisper Confessions Of What Men Really Want In A Relationship

Everyone has a dream of what their ideal relationship will be. Some think long and hard about what that person would be like. They start listing all of the traits they look for in a romantic partner, both physical and mental. It's easy to get caught up in this and create a "prince charming" or a dream girl that you actually have no hope in ever finding. But one of the best parts about life is dreaming about things that might one day come true. If you don't actually set goals for yourself, you'll never come close to achieving them.

While women know what they want from their dream guy, they're often completely mystified about what men want. It's one of the oldest problems with dating - we just have no idea how the opposite sex thinks. But online confessions are now giving us some pretty amazing insight into what men look for in a relationship, and Whisper is a great site for that. Tons of guys have made confessions about what their dream girl would be like, and you might actually be surprised at the things that they say. Ready for a look inside the mind of an average guy? Read on to find out...

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15 That Awkward Nerdy Girl


Sometimes, girls might be a little surprised at what guys actually want from a relationship. For instance, many women out there might be under the impression that guys want that perfect, outgoing, hot girl with an amazing body. You know the type. The cheerleader or the "popular girl" that everyone loves. While this is true in many cases, a huge majority of guys just aren't attracted to that at all. Instead, these guys actually prefer the exact opposite.

As this guy admits, his dream girl is actually the cute, shy nerdy girl that everyone ignores. This might seem like a surprise, but honestly there's a lot to love from these types of girls. Usually they're very intelligent, and are very down to Earth and non-judgmental. In addition, it's usually he guys who are nerdy themselves who are looking for this type of girl. Sure, opposites attract, but you might be surprised to find that your dream man has been looking at you the whole time.

14 Treat Her Like A Queen


Nice guys finish last. Or at least that's how the saying goes. But there are tons of guys out there who want nothing more than to treat a woman nicely. Too often, girls get kind of weirded out by this. And it's true that sometimes guys can come on too strong with the whole "supreme gentleman" thing. There's a whole army of white knights out there who take things way too far. But there is something to be said about chivalry and treated a girl well.

This one guy admits that all he wants is to find a girl who is okay with being treated like a queen. Mos girls would love to be treated like this, so why can't he find a date? The truth is that some girls are actually more attracted to guys who are more casual and less "gentlemanly." They don't want to actually dive headfirst into a relationship where everything is taken so seriously. But this guy is definitely looking for an opportunity to treat a woman well.

13 She Loves Cars


In many cases, a relationship works really well if the two people have similar interests. That's actually how a lot of people meet in the first place. They might be going to some event about their shared hobby or passion, and immediately hit it off. Having a shared interest ensures that you always have something in common, so it's no surprise that a lot of guys are looking for girls who are passionate about the same things. But this isn't always easy.

Guys and girls are usually interested in very different things, and a girl who loves cars for example might not be that easy to find. But that's exactly what this guy is looking for, and he admits that this would be his dream girl. He also admits that he wants a girl with a great butt, which kind of diminishes the sincerity of the earlier statement... But hey, that's what is going through a typical guy's head, and at least he's being honest about what he wants.

12 She Doesn't Judge


When the relationship first starts, it's easy to be the kindest, most loving person in the world. But when that relationship progresses, and that initial spark is lost, it's also easy to slip into some pretty nasty habits. Before you know it, you're judging each other, taking each other for granted and being mean to each other. It takes a true loving relationship to ensure that you're always going to be there for each other, no matter what. Easier said than done.

This guy's dream girl is not someone with an amazing body or a particular hair color, it's just someone who has a great personality. To be more specific, he's looking for a girl who doesn't judge him. The only physical trait he wants from his dream girl is a great smile, which is really sweet. In addition, he promises that he will spoil the girl and be the best person he can be for her. Guys like this might be rare, but you never know until you try.

11 Personality Is Important


We've already talked about guys who are looking for girls with great personality. And this might have been somewhat of a surprise to you. After all, most of us assume that guys are only concerned with physical beauty, curves, and overall hotness. But any wise guy out there understands that without a real emotional bond, the relationship just won't last. That's why a lot of guys with some experience under their belt are searching for personality rather than looks.

This particular guy starts off his Whisper confession by admitting that he has a thing for short hair. This might surprise a lot of you as well. Most guys are actually turned off by short hair, because they think it makes women look too masculine. But this guy's tastes are very specific, and he's looking for that in a woman. In addition, he admits that even without short hair, the number one thing he's looking for in a woman is a top class personality.

10 He Wants A Best Friend


Tons of wedding speeches start off with something along the lines of "I'm so happy I married my best friend." And that's really the best thing you can hope for. Not many people understand this, but those that do know that they've found what some people search their entire lives for. Being best friends with the person you're in a relationship with ensures that you're always going to be open and honest with them, and you'll never fear judgement from them.

This guy on Whisper fully understands this important fact, and he admits that he's looking for that exact type of relationship. He uses the example of the characters Lily and Marshall from How I Met Your Mother. These two characters are best friends and that's exactly why their relationship is so strong. He wants a relationship just like this, and you can't really blame him. There aren't many guys out there who understand this, but this guy is one of them.

9 Petite And Funny


Some guys have a very specific idea of what they want in a woman. And that's not really a bad thing. When it comes to relationships, it's good to be picky. Knowing what you want is half the battle. If you don't know what kind of person is right for you, you're always going to struggle to find the right partner. But if you've built up a clear picture of who you want, complete with all the little details, you're going to know when you finally meet that person.

This guy on Whisper has some very specific tastes when it comes to his dream girl, and even he understands that it's going to be hard to find that special person. But hey, a guy can dream, right? To summarize, this guy wants a petite ex-military girl who loves to shoot, ride motorcycles, and has a great career. That's a lot of details, but he'd probably be fine with at least a few of those things crossed off the list. But you never know - maybe he'll find that exact girl.

8 Outdoorsy Type


Even if guys have built up a very specific list of traits they're looking for in a girl, they might be surprised to find that it's not that hard to find a girl who has all of them. After all, as long as those traits are limited to interests and passions, people are pretty similar. And more and more girls are taking part in passions that were previously considered "guy things," like video games, athletics, and outdoor adventuring. So it never hurts to build up a list of things you're looking for.

This guy's dream girl is almost the exact opposite of the Whisper confession above. Instead of being an ex-military girl who loves guns, this girl is a hippie treehugger who loves video games. This just goes to show how different guys are in terms of what they're looking for in women, and there really isn't that typical girl that every man wants. They all want something different, which is probably good news for all those girls out there who feel like they don't fit in.

7 Being Able to Laugh Together


There are many signs that a relationship is a good one, but laughter might just be the most obvious. Tons of women are attracted to funny guys, and vice versa. This makes total sense. Being able to joke and laugh is a sign of confidence and happiness, and it's always a joy to be around those people. When you're laughing with someone, you immediately feel a bond with them, even if you're not in a relationship with them. Laughter really brings people together.

So when this guy states that laughter is the most important thing in a relationship, we can't disagree. He's totally right, and this guy definitely has the right idea when it comes to what he's looking for in a relationship. If he can find that girl that he can laugh with, he's almost certain to have a loving, fulfilling relationship. Being able to laugh together means that even when things are looking grim, you'll still find a way to make things work.

6 He Likes Married Women


Some people are just doomed to have terrible relationships. It usually has nothing to do with luck or fate, but more to do with how they go about looking for a partner. They might just be looking for the wrong people. Men and women all over the world are guilty of purposely seeking out people that they know will harm them, and a vicious cycle continues in their life. It's hard to actually get people to change, but hopefully they'll understand that they have to start looking for different kinds of people.

This guy admits that the best relationships he's ever had have been with married women. This is pretty tragic, and you can almost feel the sadness from reading the text alone. For some reason, he's got into a habit of seeking out married women, and these relationships are inevitably doomed to fail. There's something about being with married women he loves. Maybe it's that "forbidden fruit" feeling. Either way, this guy's dream girl is definitely not going to help his life...

5 Intelligence


Intelligence is becoming one of the most sought after traits when it comes to relationships. After all, it's our intelligence that separates us from other animals, and this has enabled us to evolve to the state that we're currently at. Other female animals might favor males who are stronger and better at fighting. But human females tend to prefer men who display intelligence more than anything. Intelligence is what allows us to be successful in this world, not physical strength.

But it's not always women who look for intelligence in men. Guys are also starting to favor intelligent women more and more. This guy on Whisper, for example, admits that his dream girl is an intelligent one. Men want intelligent women so that they can have interesting conversations with them and bond with them on a deeper level. Of course, he also admits that he wants a girl who is kinky, so maybe intelligence isn't all he cares about...

4 Open-Minded


Being open-minded is a great trait, not just in a relationship but for life in general. It's always great to be willing to try new things, and that adventurous spirit can make life all the more exciting. But when you're in a relationship, sometimes it can be a real drag when your partner just doesn't want to try the crazy, adventurous things that you're interested in. It can really feel like you're being held back, and that's why it's great to be in a relationship with someone who's open-minded and adventurous.

And that's exactly what this guy is looking for when it comes to his dream girl. Honestly, he probably won't have to look too far to find a girl like that, because tons of girls have that adventurous spirit. Pretty much all people want to get the most out of their lives, and being open-minded and adventurous is the best way to do that. Girls might love a guy who is willing to take them on adventures, so if he ever finds his dream girl, it could be a match made in heaven.

3 Freckles And Smiles


Sometimes guys really are just looking for specific physical qualities rather than a great personality. And you can't really fault them too much for that. After all, people do have their "types," and sometimes you just can't resist people who have certain physical traits. Sometimes you might not even be aware that you have a "type" until you look back on all the people you've dated or had crushes on, and realized that they all have black hair, or are a certain height, or something like that.

This guy admits that there's one thing that drives him wild when it comes to girls: freckles and a great smile. While seeking out specific physical traits might seem kind of vain, there's something kind of cute about this guy's Whisper confession. It's not like he's looking for big boobs or a nice butt. He's looking for a physical trait that has beauty beyond "hotness." And although freckles are pretty rare these days, we hope he finds them.

2 A Girl Who Loves To Cuddle


Cuddling is definitely one of the most underrated things about being in a relationship. Although girls are often the ones who love cuddling the most, some guys love the sensation as well. Some men just want to be physically intimate, and have no interest in cuddling before or after, but a few know that there's nothing better than a good cuddle. It really helps you realize that there's more to your relationship than just making love, and couples should definitely do more of it.

This guy admits that he is one of those guys who loves to cuddle. In his Whisper confession, he states that his ideal woman is someone who loves to cuddle, and you have to applaud him for that. He also states that his dream girl is a thick southern girl that drives a truck, and although that's a little specific, we're sure that he will one day find a girl just like that. Cuddling should definitely be listed as a relationship goal more often.

1 He Misses His Ex


Sometimes, our dream partner has already come and gone. We spend the rest of our lives trying to find someone who will stack up to this person, and we're lucky if we find anyone even close. This is a sad thing, but it does happen. It's really hard when we break up with our dream partner, because then we're constantly comparing other people to this standard that is pretty much unbeatable. Many people have experienced this sensation, and it really does suck.

This guy admits that his dream girl was actually his ex. He misses her so much, and it breaks our heart to hear the reasons why. He confesses on Whisper that he didn't date her because of her physical beauty, but rather her character and personality, not to mention her accent which made him "melt." We're not sure whether who dumped who, but we'd like to hope he didn't break up with her. Because that would be a decision that he he would probably regret for the rest of his life.


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