15 Whisper Confessions Husbands Pray Their Wives Will Never Read

Marriage is hard, that's why there is a 50 percent divorce rate. When you have to see some day in and day out you are going to get frustrated and annoyed. And that is why it is a commitment. You are committed to choosing this person every day and doing what you everything you can to build and sustain the relationship. And a lot of people can't do it, it is just too much of a commitment for them. And if you thought cheating was the worst thing you can do to your partner in a relationship, just read these confessions from husbands and you will see cheating is the least of it. But they do all have one thing in common, betrayal. And just remember when you read these secrets and are left feeling unsettled, as far as we know these guys are still with their wives who have no idea about the dark secrets they are hiding from them.

You may also ask yourself why these guys bothered getting married if it is so hard for them to do be a good and faithful husband. Seems simple enough to just not do it if you don't really want too, but people succumb to social ideals like marriage. So the next time you get into a fight with your significant other over something silly, just remember it could be much much worse. Oh to be a fly on the wall when their wives found out their secrets. And remember, you're as sick as your secrets.

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15 Pretty Sure You Had Other Options Before Resorting To That One


These days it is very common for couples to go through fertility issues and everyone deals with it differently. It is a very personal and sensitive situation. Normally couples go to their doctor and discuss their options together, like IVF or adoption. We normal couple do this. For some reason, when this couple hit a fertility hiccup the husband though that the best thing to do is to just impregnate someone else. It would even be better if he left, saying this is just something he couldn't deal with and found someone else to impregnate. But why lie? It's not like he will be able to claim the child without her finding out. The mind of a cheater does some interesting mental gymnastics. We just hope he still gets stuck paying child support and alimony when his wife finds out.

14 Tell Her! You Can Go Shopping Together


This is a big part of his personality that he is hiding from her. Unfortunately, it is totally her prerogative to not take it well and decide that this marriage is not working out for her. But that does not  him a good enough reason to not tell his wife about his cross-dressing tendencies. And there is a really good chance that while she may struggle with it at first, she will come around and realize that this is not a big enough deal for her to leave him over. After all, now they can go shopping together and talk fashion. Maybe even share clothes depending on their respective sizes. They can cuddle up on the couch and flip through the Victoria Secret catalogue and pick cute stuff out together!

13 Putting A Different Twist On In-Law

When you get married often your parters family becomes like your family, which just adds an extra layer of weirdness to this secret that is already pretty weird. Remember when we told you that some of these secrets are so much worse than cheating? This is one of them. The layers of wrong run deep with this situation and the kind of trauma his wife would feel if she knew this was happening. And one has to wonder how it even started, who made the first move, how do they justify it themselves to keep doing it?! Can you imagine you just find out that your partner is cheating on you, and that is devastating enough and then you find out it is with your parents. That is even to send someone to the psych ward. Who can you trust if not your parents.

12 What Size Is This Guy That He Isn't Stretching Her Stuff?


If you haven't realized by now, men can be totally into cross-dressing and wearing female clothes and still be totally straight. The psychology behind it would be interesting to delve into, but that is not what we are here for today. You have to wonder what size this guy is and how he doesn't end up stretching her lingerie. When she finds out, which she probably will she might end up being more upset he ruined some of her expensive lingerie rather than the fact that he is wearing her intimates. Buy your own dude! Go out and invest in some nice well fitting lingerie and maybe you should also tell your wife. What kind of situation would your rather deal with? Finding out your husband is cheating on your or is wearing your lingerie when you go to work?

11 Someone Needs To Call The Cops - This Is Way Too Dark


Just when you did not think it could get much worse than your husband sleeping with your parents, this guy comes into the game. Since he is hurting an innocent life, this is probably the worst one on the list. And you have to imagine someone who is willing to put his wife and his baby in danger while it is in-utero probably should not be around said baby when it is finally born. This is how tragedies happen, and we hope for all people involved that she got away from him and realized what was happening. This is truly a scary thing to do and the wife and baby are not safe around this guy, who clearly has some really deep psychological issues. Hopefully by now she has gotten away from him.

10 Why Is There Always Something With The Best Friend?


Unfortunately the story where the husband and the best friend end up hooking at the least, or running away together at the most is not all that uncommon. Even though it is two of the closet people to you who are supposed to have your 100%, it happens. There are a lot of reasons as to why, one of them being that they just end up spending a lot of time together.This is probably one of the most devastating betrayals that can happen. You don't have your bestie to make you feel better like your normally would and you don't have your husband either. Your biggest support systems are gone. And this one still is not as bad as the guy sleeping with his in-laws!

9 Well Thats Sweet - Wait What?


Well this is sweet, a husband can't wait to be a father. Oh, it's on Whisper so of course it had to take some dark and strange turn. It would not be a confession after all, or at least not a super juicy one. If you think this is a one off guy who secretly has this desire, you would be wrong. There is a niche of men who actively wish for their wives to be impregnated by another man, probably while they are watching the deed be done. And yes this is a real thing that happens, some women out there will agree to it. And all we can think about this situation is poor kid, how do you even begin to explain that. Seems like an incredibly selfish thing to do. And just weird and not very intelligent.

8 Some People Get Excited By Having Clean Sheets Or Warm Laundry - Not This Guy


These secrets just keep getting juicer and juicer. You probably thought that we could not get much darker or weirder than the ones we have shown you already, but as you can see that is an incorrect assumption. We're gonna be honest though, we don't whats sadder. Her husbands affairs with men or the fact that a married couple is living with roommates. We all have our things, but hopefully your thing is nothing something like this that will devastate another person and can even harm their health. Where is he doing this in the house? Is it in the same room as her? Is she that heavy of a sleeper? And it kind of sound like this guy wants to get caught, and he probably will if he hasn't been already.

7 Sure, Blame It On Your Wife


Some people are professional victims and can never take responsibility for anything in their life. This guy is one of those people. Why did you marry someone when you were in-love with someone else? You are an adult that is responsible for your actions, this is not some child-bride situation where you had no choice in the matter. And that kind of daily resentment is going to give him cancer. Folks, be honest with yourself and the people in your life and that way you end up a lot happier, and end up hurting a lot less people. This guy sounds like a piece of work. How do you even end up with someone that supposedly pushed the love of your life out? You would think that would be kind of a turn off.

6 This Is A Harsh One But Also Valid


It's important to commit to someone whom you share similar values and outlooks with. From the smallest  to biggest things, this can really help sustain a relationship in the long term. So things like maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle are pretty important to agree on. Even if it comes across as shallow, if maintaining your looks is important to you you are going to want that from your partner and if you are honest about it you will all end up happier. Some people let themselves go, and others don't. If it's important to you that your partner maintains their attractiveness than find one who will! This is hardly the most explosive secret on the list, but it doesn't sound like a happy life to live.

5 We Want To Know What Happened Next!


Oh man if you are going to tell us the start of the juicy secret, you have to tell us the end! Although we feel like it is safe to guess what happened when his sister-in-law came around for a visit. This is similar to the secret about the husband who has a thing for his wife best friend. This kind of thing happens all the time! People who are around each other a lot will usually end up being attracted to one another at some point, you can Google that its a social phenomenon! Does this mean you just can't let your husband hang out with anyone too consistently? Maybe. But also open lines of communication and being really committed to one another will prevent this kind of thing. Oh and being a decent person that doesn't want to hurt people they love.

4 If You Had Pulled Out You Would Haven't To Worry About Pulling It Off - Or Just Not Been A Cheater


Let us tell you how you are going to pull this off, you aren't. And when the flood waters rise and the gates open the guy will have a world of hurt to deal with. His wife will leave him and still expect him to pay alimony and child support, as she should. His other baby mama is also going to want child support as well. So because of his choices in life, he is going to end up sad and alone giving up his entire paycheque to other people. And his kids will probably grow up to hate him because lets be honest, look what he did to their mothers. Of course we can't be a hundred percent sure that things will go down exactly like his, we sure hope so because he deserves it.

3 Newsflash, No You Don't


We love Blink 182 and their song Stay Together For the Kids but we actually really disagree with the message. Kids will be happy if they have happy parents, not parents who are trying together and barely tolerating each other for their kids sake. The kids just end up growing up in a cold home full of resentment and even anger at times. It is very difficult to share your life with someone as partner that you do not want to be with, it is cruel to force yourself to do that! So even though this guy thinks he is doing the right and noble thing by staying by his wife because she had their child, he needs to leave. It may not seem like the right choice in the short term, but it definitely is in the long term.

2 SnapChat Is One Of The Best Things To Happen To Cheaters In Years


It seriously is. How many stories have you heard now about people using SnapChat to cheat? It's perfect because it deletes the evidence within seconds! Cheaters usually have to worry os much about covering their tracks and destroying any evidence that could lead to them being discovered as the dirt bags they are. But with SnapChat you don't have to worry about all that! This is hardly the worst secret on the list but it is disappointing. And again, why be married if you want to slash are going to cheat? All we can hope for this situation is that he either comes clean to his wife, or she finds out and leaves him. It's not cool to make someone live a lie, and by cheating on his wife even if its just online he is making her live a lie.

1 At Least This One Isn't About Cheating, It's Just Kind Of Freaky


Ugh, finally a little break from all the cheating and the even weirder cheating. Although the more we look at this secret and think about it, it's pretty strange. We are going to go out on a limb and assume it is because he wishes he could had total power over his wife and could control her every thought and move. So yea, things are kind of creepy here. We all wish our partners would just do what we say sometimes without arguing, but we rarely go so far as to wish we have totally control over their brains. Or maybe this guy just has an overactive imagination and likes Sci-fi. We would love to see his wife reaction if he ever told her his deep dark secret, how would you react?

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