15 Whisper Confessions From Women Who Wished They Never Downloaded Tinder

Tinder is getting more and more popular every day, and it's easy to see the appeal. From the comfort of your home, you can see all the singles in your area, and you can scroll through them and choose ones that you want to date. True, it's a little hit or miss, but there's no denying that it saves you a lot of time, and it's also really efficient at getting you matched with the right people. It works by a complex algorithm that has been honed and perfected over many years. Many people find exactly what they're looking for on Tinder, whether that's a casual hookup or a serious relationship.

But things on Tinder don't always go exactly as planned. There's tons of horror stories from women who have had extremely bad experiences on Tinder, and many of them come forward and post these confessions on sites like Whisper. As many of them admit, they probably would have been better off if they had never even downloaded the app. Some of them lost their friends, some of them got extremely annoyed by guys online, and some met people that really hurt them. These stories will make you think twice about using the famous dating app...

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15 Her Cousin Keeps Creeping


Tinder might sound like fun at the beginning, but it can quickly become a total nuisance. Most girls who use this app know that getting pestered and harassed by creepy guys is just part and parcel of using a dating app such as Tinder. For many, it can get so overwhelming and annoying that they just delete the app altogether. And you really can't blame them. Tinder is supposed to be a way to meet real singles, not get pestered and cyber-bullied until you delete the app.

This girl knows all too well the horrors of using Tinder. Not only was she getting pestered and harassed by guys online at 2:30 AM, but that guy who was pestering her actually turned out to be her cousin. And he was actually trying to sleep with her! You can bet she deleted this app extremely quickly when she saw who was messaging her...

14 Guys Are Pathetic On Tinder


Tinder has a reputation for being a place people go when they can't actually meet people in real life. Although this reputation is perhaps a bit unfair, it's clear that many people think that Tinder is "the bottom of the barrel" in terms of potential partners. Online dating is becoming more and more acceptable in today's world, but there are still people on apps like Tinder who are just plain pathetic.

One girl admits that she's thinking about ditching Tinder because of all the pathetic, desperate guys. She says that even when she says no to certain guys on Tinder when she's asked out, they still come crawling back to ask her out yet again. She calls them pathetic, and it's hard to argue with her evaluation...

13 When You Get Ghosted On Tinder...


While some girls often find themselves rejecting guys on Tinder, the opposite can also be true. Some girls find themselves on the other end of the equation, as guys are rejecting them like crazy. These girls can go through some pretty intense emotional trauma as a result, as they feel like they're just not good enough for guys out there. Tinder can be pretty harsh, and guys can be brutal in the way that they reject girls who they see as beneath them.

But what's arguable worse is when guys give you the silent treatment. You might message them a couple times, and they just don't respond. This can be even more hurtful than getting a mean rejection message, and it's actually pretty common on Tinder. This is exactly what one woman is going through with Tinder, and she's pretty close to deleting it.

12 The Trouble With Dating In 2017


In today's world, we are much more comfortable with interacting in the virtual world than in the physical world. Most people today actually prefer to text rather than have a face-to-face conversation, and this is a pretty sad fact. Our social skills are slowly dwindling, and it's clear that we need to fix it soon or we'll just become a bunch of robots who are glued to our screens. This also applies to the dating world, where people are becoming increasingly reliant on social media and apps to talk to their crushes rather than talking to them in person.

That's exactly what this woman experienced with Tinder, and it's driving her crazy. Believe it or not, no guys actually approach her in real life - but when she logs on to Tinder or social media, guys are all over her. She's racking her mind trying to figure out why this is happening, but in truth this is just part of dating in 2017.

11 Tinder Doesn't Quit


Tinder actually works using a very complex algorithm, and a lot of thought has gone into making it an efficient dating app. People have actually found ways to "hack" Tinder, and can do certain things to improve their rating, pushing them up to the top of the "top singles," and increasing their chances of matching with the hottest singles. In this way, even the most lackluster and unattractive guys can get matched with you, leaving you scratching your head.

But Tinder isn't perfect, and there are some weird things that this algorithm allows from time to time. One girl admits that she's regretting downloading the app, because so many of guys she's previously rejected are being "recycled" and suggested to her time and time again. What Tinder doesn't understand is that she's not going to lower her standards, no matter how often Tinder suggests them.

10 When You See People You Know On Tinder...


Throughout the existence of the app, there has always been the sense that it should be kept a secret. Tinder is the kind of thing you generally don't tell people, especially family members. Again, it's kind of looked down upon, and most people who are really into Tinder keep it on the down low. But as more and more people are joining the app, the possibility of running into people you know gets even greater. And that can lead to some embarrassing situations.

One girl is actually considering deleting the app entirely, because she hates seeing people she knows on Tinder. For her, this destroys the fun of using Tinder entirely. And it's also potentially embarrassing, as she's just looking for a casual hookup and she doesn't want people to know.

9 Guys Can Get Way Too Sassy


The internet can be a pretty volatile place, and we've all run into some pretty annoying trolls on the web. Like any app, Tinder is full of guys who get a huge attitude on Tinder, and think they're way more important than they actually are. When flirting, confidence is always important, but there's a line that many guys cross. And this can easily become super annoying and off-putting. Obviously, these guys have a hard time finding a date.

One girl says that she's almost regretting downloading Tinder because of all those sassy guys who give her so much attitude. All she ever did was fail to remember who they were, but they get so offended that they start attacking her. As she explains, it's not her fault that she can't remember them all!

8 Tinder Can Cause Paranoia


Tinder is also famous for making people seriously paranoid and anxious at times. You might think that online dating would be less stressful than doing it in person, but this isn't always the case. Many times, people on Tinder get overwhelmed with stress and anxiety after worrying about the people they get matched with. This is because you don't really get a sense of who that person is. It could be the guy of your dreams, or it could be some total jerk. Alternatively, the guy might not even be real. Do you get your hopes up only to have them crushed? It's a dilemma that many girls find themselves in.

One girl admits that she's going crazy over a guy that she just got matched with. Dating shouldn't be this stressful, but she's getting really paranoid. He says that he thinks she's beautiful... But he's only seen her pictures. She's worried he won't like her in real life, and she's seriously considering deleting the app altogether.

7 Tinder Is Full Of Bots


Those of you that are familiar with Tinder might also be aware that there are a few bots out there. Bots are basically just fake profiles that aren't real people. Instead, it's some automated response that's trying to get you to sign up for some stupid website or follow some page on Instagram. It's never fun finding out some cute guy you got matched with isn't even real, and it's clear that this is an issue that Tinder needs to address.

One girl is about to delete Tinder after being matched with tons of different bots. The worst part is that she always gets super excited about getting matched with guys, which makes the realization that they're not even real even more crushing. It's clear that she's at a point where she's actually regretting ever downloading Tinder.

6 When Your Pics Are Too Outdated...


Tinder is also famous for being a little disingenuous. Anyone who uses the app knows that the most important thing is definitely your profile, and your profile pictures are what's going to get guys interested. You want to put your hottest and most attractive pictures up there if you want to get tons of matches. But many Tinder users have found out the hard way that some users aren't entirely honest when it comes to their pictures. So many people out there put up fake, misleading, or outdated pictures.

One woman admits that she's actually guilty of doing this on Tinder, and she's now seriously regretting her decision. That's because a super cute guy is interested in her on Tinder, but all her photos are old, from a time when she was 20 pounds lighter! She's dreading the moment when she actually meets him, and it's safe to say she now wishes she never downloaded the app!

5 Guys Just Want To Hook Up

We've already talked about some girls who only want to hook up. There's nothing wrong with that, but there are girls out there who seem to be looking for a long-term, semi-serious relationship. There are guys out there who want the same thing, but it can be hard to actually find them on Tinder. Tons of guys just want to hook up, with no strings attached. Girls can try to make it clear that they want serious relationships, but they run the risk of getting rejected as a result.

This one girl is feeling pretty alone after she downloaded Tinder. She wrote "looking for a relationship" on her profile, and she's noticing that guys are unmatching her and basically just ignoring her. It's clear that they're all looking for casual hookups, and they want nothing to do with her.

4 She Wants The Old Tinder Back


Of course, some girls aren't actually that annoyed by the fact that tons of guys want to hook up. In fact, that was the whole reason they signed up for the app! We can't judge girls who want a quick and easy way to meet single guys for casual meetups. Some girls are just too busy with work to form a lasting relationship, so Tinder is the only way they can meet people. But Tinder has actually changed quite a bit since it first was created, and it's now being geared more towards long-term relationships rather than one night stands.

This one girl went on Whisper to confess that she actually hates the new Tinder, and wants the old app back. All she wants is casual hookups, and she keeps finding guys who want long-term relationships. She's not ready for that, and because she's not getting what she needs from the app, it's safe to say that she wishes she never downloaded it.

3 How To Make All Your Friends Hate You


Many women use Tinder seriously, but many just download it as a joke, or out of curiosity. Some even use Tinder to find platonic friends, which is definitely not what the app was designed for. But sometimes, it can be fun to download the app and see what all the hype is about, even if you have no intention of actually going on dates with the people you get matched with. People on Tinder might not take too kindly to this approach, but you're totally justified in doing it.

A girl and her group of friends decided they wanted to try Tinder as as joke, and then compare their results with each other.  Well, as it turned out, this proved to be a very bad idea. She actually lost all her friends. Why? Because guys loved her, and couldn't stop messaging her - while no guys showed any interest in her friends. Now she's regretting ever downloading the app!

2 People Judge You For Using Tinder


We've talked previously about how people get judged for using Tinder. It's still looked down upon in today's society, although things are slowly changing. Even though people are becoming more accepting of online dating in today's world, there are still some opinions which never seem to go away. Some believe that the only people who use Tinder are people who just want to look for casual hookups, which just isn't true. Other people believe that the only people who use Tinder are those who don't have any luck flirting in real life, which again is totally false.

Many people have met the love of their lives on Tinder, and these have evolved into stable, amazing relationships. One of these people is this girl, who admits she met her long-term boyfriend on the dating app. But it's not all good news. She confesses that people judge her whenever she tells them that she met her boyfriend on Tinder. These people just don't understand that it's possible to find great people on Tinder. Still, she just can't help wondering what it would have been like if she had met him real life, and not online.

1 She Wishes She Never Met Him


We've all been in situation before where we just wish we'd never met someone. After the relationship is over, we're left feeling scarred and traumatized, and those memories never fade away. Although most of us are able to move on from these terrible relationships, it's always there in the back of our minds. Most of us wish we could somehow delete the memory of that ever happening, or go back in time and make sure we never crossed paths with that person.

That's exactly what this girl was thinking when she wrote this confession, and we can really sense her pain and suffering. And who was to blame? None other than our favorite app, Tinder. She actually wished she never downloaded the app, because that was what led her to meet the man that pretty much ruined her life.


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