15 Whisper Confessions From Real Men Disclosing What They Hate About Women

Every individual has positive and negative qualities but there are some qualities that tend to be associated with people of the opposite gender. What do I mean by this? Women are often thought of as overly emotional, jealous, and have a tendency to nag, while men are considered to be manipulative, callous and unfaithful, and while these are unfair assumptions, there are legitimate concerns and dislikes that men and women have about each other.

There are many things that women do not like about men. But there are also certain things that women do that absolutely infuriate men, and some of these men have decided that it’s time to share their frustrations. And what better place to do that, than on an anonymous platform like Whisper where they can get no backlash?

Turns out that men not only hate a woman’s indecisiveness about what she wants to eat, but the fact that they then have to share their food with her, and then there are men who feel as though women are materialistic and judgemental. But that’s not even scratching the surface of what annoys men! Below are 15 confessions from real men about what they hate about women.

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15 They Always Eat Your Food

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One of the things that really bugs men about women is their indecisiveness when it comes to food, and there have been countless memes and jokes about this. And I think it’s safe to say, as I woman I too am guilty of this at times, but the guy behind this confession doesn’t just get annoyed with women who can’t decide what to eat, rather he gets annoyed by them because they apparently eat his food.

When he goes through the drive-thru the women he is with often say they aren’t hungry and don’t order any food, but then when he gets his food, they think it looks delicious, and end up eating most of it. Lesson to be learned here: Guys, order more food, that way your girlfriend can snack. And ladies, if you’re hungry don’t be ashamed to admit it.

14  The Toilet Seat Issue

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Something that really annoys women about men is when they don’t put the toilet seat down (and if you are going to use the loo in the middle of the night there is a chance that you won’t realize it’s up and fall in). But it turns out that there are a lot of men who find having to constantly put the toilet seat down to be as annoying, and according to the man behind this confession his reasoning for not doing it is all down to equality.

He claims that if women truly want equality then he shouldn’t be expected to put the toilet seat down because he has to pick it up again. So, his argument is simple: If he has to put the toilet seat up, then why can’t a woman put the toilet seat down again?

13 Nice Guys Always Finish Last

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Another thing that men apparently hate about women is how they want the bad guy and tend to neglect the good guy who is wanting to treat them right. And this guy seems to think of himself as an upstanding citizen who is so tired of being overlooked by women because he is not handsome enough, or because he is sweet.

Maybe it’s true that women like a man that is a bit of a challenge, but then again the same can be said for men, can it not? No one really wants to be with someone who is overly interested in them. And despite feeling let down by women, this man claims to not be mad and is rather accepting it for what it is.

12 Nagging Gets A Bit Much

Via Whisper.sh

No one likes to be asked something a thousand times!

If someone doesn’t do what you want them to do, should you keep asking? If you repeat something maybe your message will eventually get through and the desired action will be achieved? No, don’t do it, because apparently nagging is something that men hate.

This guy feels so annoyed by constantly being nagged to do things that he decided to take to Whisper in the hopes that the women of the world would realize their actions and alter them. And it turns out he’s not just speaking about himself, but about men in general because his statement reads that something "men" don’t like about women is their nagging. Um, OK! You’re hardly perfect yourself, honey, or you wouldn’t need to take to an anonymous app to vent.

11 Is A Car Really That Important, Ladies?

Via Whisper.sh

There are certain qualities that make people desirable, and while it’s always a plus if they don’t live at home, having a car is definitely not something someone should be expected to have, at least in the opinion of this man. However, it seems that some women only want a man who can drive, and has a car -- because taking public transport is the pits.

This man hates how women place value on possessions and he seems to think that they are very materialistic. His biggest criticism is that women apparently want a man with a car, and it seems as though he doesn’t have one, but then again, neither do they. And the perceived double standards for men and women are getting to be too much for this guy!

10 Women Are Way More Judgy Than Men

Via Whisper.sh

Closely linked to the confession above, in which a man claimed that he found that women judged men on what they have and how many possessions are in their name, this guy has also noted a problem with women and how judgy they are.

Apparently, women are so much more judgemental than men could ever be, and he claims this to be a fact, although he hasn’t provided any evidence to suggest why or how. He also doesn’t go into more detail about what exactly he has experienced when it comes to women judging him. That said, he does think that men are more laidback.

I’d like to point out that since this confession comes from a man, it does seem to be biased, doesn't it?

9 They Think They Need To Show Off Their Body

Via Whisper.sh

Women are allowed to show off their bodies and wear whatever they want, and they should not receive criticism for it. However, just because a woman has a right to wear what she wants, that doesn't necessarily mean that men like that she's chosen to show off her body. Well, at least that is the way this man feels.

And he feels so strongly about it, that he’s taken to Whisper to let the women of the world know that he doesn’t like it when they “show almost everything their body has” because he deems this to be classless. Surprisingly though, this seems to be because he hates the vulgar comments from men about a woman’s body that usually come about because of what she’s wearing.

8 When It Comes To Dating Women Have Double Standards

Via Whisper.sh

Do women have different standards when it comes to dating? Is there a difference between wanting to be with someone who you think you deserve and setting standards for yourself, and then being shallow? According to this man, if a woman dates a man and has certain standards, then she is congratulated and praised by other women. However, if a man is picky about dating women and has “standards” then he is reportedly shallow.

I don’t know exactly what standards this man is referring to and whether he is talking about dating someone based on their looks or something more, so I can’t judge his comments. But do you think there is a double standard for men and women? This is something you need to decide!

7 Makeup Is Not A Real Representation

Via Whisper.sh

Makeup highlights your best features and you look so much better with it, this is the message cosmetic companies want us to believe.  Yet it seems that men don’t necessarily think the same way as women on this point. While some men just prefer women when they are naturally beautiful or don’t like having to smooch their girlfriend and then get lipstick smudged all over their face, this man’s confession highlights something different, and according to him, makeup can be deceiving.

He dislikes makeup because he dated a woman for three months and never saw her without a full face, and then, when he did see her, he felt as though she had been wearing a “mask” because she didn’t look anything like how she did when she had makeup on. Dang! 

6 The Constant Drama And Games Is Draining

Via Whisper.sh

Men hate mind games! That’s what this man wants women to know.

In relationships, people are known to play games, at least those who aren’t mature, and it seems as though this guy has experienced this one too many times because he is so over the drama and mind games. He now claims to be on a search for a “real” woman, because he is at the breaking point when it comes to having to deal with petty, immature issues.

Although this man gives no details about the “games” that he has reportedly been subjected to, he does seem to suggest that he has no time for them and is so over the high-school-like drama. Instead, he’s working hard and has his life on track.

5 Their Lack Of Self Confidence

Via Whisper.sh

Even in the 21st Century, women struggle with self-love and acceptance, which is why in recent years so much emphasis has been placed on body confidence. Part of this is because of Hollywood and the standards of beauty that the entertainment industry sets, but is it time women stop being so overly critical of themselves and each other?

Yes! At least according to this man, who has confessed that one of the things he hates the most about women is their lack of self-confidence, and he questions why women can’t just love themselves?! He then goes on to state that there is a person out there for everyone, someone who will be willing to love you for you, flaws and all, and he is so right.

4 They Play The Victim Card

Via Whisper.sh

Are women guilty of playing the victim card to get out of an uncomfortable situation? It’s no secret that there is inequality in the world with regards to gender, and it’s well-known that women are paid less than men, but that’s not all. That said, do some women play into this, and do women pretend to be the victims to deflect blame?

You’ll have to decide this for yourself, but according to this guy, he hates that women play the victim card, but then at the same time expect to be treated seriously. He chose not to go into detail about what exactly he is referring to when he claims women play the "victim," but it’s clear that he thinks there are double standards for men and women in some situations.

3 Baby Talk Is So Not Hot

Via Whisper.sh

I’ve never understood the appeal of a man or woman speaking or acting like a baby, but apparently, some people think it’s adorable, or they may have thought that until they saw this confession from a man who was in desperate need to vent. And his confession may serve as a wake-up call for a lot of women.

This man dislikes baby talk and would prefer to be with a woman who doesn’t speak to him as if he’s a toddler, or use weird pet names behind closed doors. And he makes a good point: He doesn’t want to feel as though he’s dating a child, even if he likes younger women he wants one who is strong, independent, and as put off by baby talk as he is.

2 It's Time To Stop Focusing On Looks

Via Whisper.sh

You want to be with a partner who you are attracted to, and the physical aspect of a relationship is important. When it comes to passion, it’s obviously made a lot easier if you’re attracted to the person that you’re with, but that’s not the most important thing about a partner. What is, is finding someone who will respect you, and understands you, and this man feels that while he is capable of doing the latter, women won’t give him a chance because they’re too shallow.

Men, like this man, feel as though women place too much importance on the physical appearance of someone, and then neglect their other qualities. Are women guilty of choosing a good-looking man who doesn’t necessarily treat them well, over an average-looking guy who could be the best thing that ever happened to them?

1 Women Can Be Cold Hearted Creatures

Via Whisper.sh

Men get a bad reputation for playing mind games, for being manipulative, and for showing less emotion than women, but that’s not really a fair judgment, is it? This man has a bone to pick with the idea that women are not cold, and he has decided to take to Whisper to share his views about how women are shallow and heartless, and he’s definitely not holding back on the emotion.

I think it’s safe to say that this guy has had his heart broken recently because he seems to be very cynical about love and relationships, and this is made evident by his description of how if you expect anything more from women than his previous negative statements, then you are bound to be disappointed.

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