15 Whisper Confessions From People Who Stole A Spouse

It’s bad enough when you lose a spouse, but image your relationship being dragged in the mud even further by someone who doesn’t have the guts to even fess up to who they are. Yeah, pretty weak sauce, am I right? When scouring through online confessions, we came across a number of these disclosures—people who stole a spouse from a seemingly close friend then had the audacity of posting the situation online while acting like they were so big and bad about it. In all reality, it comes off as spineless, but I suppose you can give them their little time in the sun.

When examining the situation closer, you just wonder if the shoe was on the other foot if they would like this situation happening to them. A relationship is an intimate thing, and these confessions make marriage look like a joke in all reality. It’s not funny or cool to destroy something that means so much to someone else. Even if it is going to end, let it end on their terms before you start destroying the world around them. We found some of the most vile homewrecker Whisper confessions for you to check out and make your own judgments about.


15 Feeling Bad Yet Still Moving Forward

No, you don’t feel bad. You’re just saying that because you want to make yourself sound like a better person than you really are, which is not a good person at all. You could have backed off and let these two people work out their issues, instead, you decided to sink your claws into one of your friend's spouse and marry them no less. Then you have the AUDACITY to say that you feel bad about it? No. At least fess up to being a horrible human being because you are.

It’s one thing to go after what you want, but to then turn around and act like the victim makes you look like a real douche. You obviously don’t care about this situation, but you want people to jump on your team because you know you screwed up. You’re an awful person.

14 Somebody Call The Maury Show!


Woah, boy. What a sticky situation you got yourself into buddy. What are you going to do if this kid ends up looking just like you? Are you just going to tell your friend it’s a coincidence? Good luck pulling that one off. I’d say that one isn’t going to fly. Plus, how do you know it’s your child? If this guy thinks it’s his child, obviously he’s having some time behind closed doors with his wife too. Sounds like you’re a little cocky.

Also, you should probably come clean on this one if it is your child because you are single-handedly ruining a family here and that is weak sauce. In fact, how do you go to sleep at night knowing that you did this to your friend? What kind of a person are you? Obviously not a good one.

13 Reassured That You Can Continue Being A Douche

You suck. There’s no other way around this. Just like the previous person, you are the worst kind of “friend” around. In fact, how dare you even call this person your friend because you caused the ultimate betrayal and don’t even feel bad about it. You don’t deserve to call him your friend. You are totally vile and despicable.

You’re telling me that there wasn’t any other person that you could find that wasn’t linked to one of your friends to hook up with? I find it hard to believe if the answer is no. People like you make it hard for people to trust anyone really, you’re a big reason why there are so many trust issues out there. Oh, but she makes you feel good, thank goodness you selfishly get your way and all ends well for you. Again, you suck.

12 Can Someone Say, "Morals In The Garbage"?


You probably are all proud of yourself because you “got away with it,” but in all reality, everyone that now knows about this is judging you and rightfully so. It’s a shame that people like you aren’t forced to admit actions like this so everyone else could be on the lookout for you because it’s pretty vile. No one should be friends with you and no one should ever trust you.

11 Maybe Think This One Over...

So…be prepared for a nice hit in the old pie hole. Sure, it is the right thing to do, but your ex-friend still isn’t going to look at this as a situation he’s going to easily overlook. He is not going to be happy. I guess you really have to soul search on this one. Are you telling him for the right reasons or are you just trying to get back at him for something?

If you’re trying to stir up some drama, it’s probably not the best idea to tell him because you’re just going to start a fight and that fight is going to continue. If you are telling him to clear the air and do the right thing, then you should be honest and get it off your chest. You’d want to know the truth, right?

10 'Gettin' Busy' While The Spouse Is Busy


But, her spouse was literally in the house with you. The risk here is just phenomenal, but I guess she didn’t care. How does one start hating their spouse that much that they have to destroy their lives in that big of a way? What if you would have gotten caught? You should have been the voice of reason here and said no. This whole situation was just plain wrong.

On the other hand, this husband must be clueless because this was literally going on right under his nose. Maybe this is why she pulled this stunt to begin with. The attention. Regardless, I can’t even wrap my head around this. There are so many ways you can cheat on your spouse and not be so obvious. This whole situation leaves me completely speechless.

9 Can't Imagine The Sentiment Here

Okay, what exactly did you expect to happen here? “Oh, I’m going to sleep with your spouse and we’re all going to be best friends for life afterward?” Yeah, not so much. You’ll be lucky if you escape this situation without a punch in the face to be quite honest. Why would you ever expect to get along with the person whose spouse you stole? That is just blatant stupidity!

The only thing you could say that is dumber than this is that you would expect the three of you to live together in harmony under the same roof. This whole situation is just idiotic! Not to mention, why would you think the two spouses would get along? Seriously? Do you live in la la land? Get your head examined.


8 Where's Her Husband?


In this situation, I wonder where this woman’s husband is all of the time? Does he work around the clock or travel every day of the week? I guess I just don’t happen how this could happen every single day. If I were her husband, I would grow suspicious of her spending every day with my best friends versus me. It’s just a really weird situation.

There’s no real excuse for a friend being over at a person’s house every single day. It sounds like there is little to no communication between this husband and wife pair. Either that or this guy is vastly over exaggerating the relationship he has with this man’s spouse, which might be very possible too. Small men need to act like they are a big deal.

7 All Good Things Come To An End

Yeah, you can pretend that it was a good time and all, but the bottom line is you are walking away with nothing, which is the way it should be. Just know that everyone sees right through you, and you aren’t fooling anyone by saying it was all great while you walked away with nothing. You were left with nothing; just remember that.

6 He Just So Happens To Be In My Friendship Circle


There are so many layers to this. It sounds like there were so many wrong decisions, and that you could have pretty much chosen just about anyone else that would have been a better choice than the person you did choose to sleep with. Why is it that so many people choose the absolute worst option to go after? It’s just a shame that you’re too selfish to see the damage that you’ve gone and done.

I guess my main question here is, what if the shoe was on the other foot and your friends did this to you? It wouldn’t be so funny and ironic, would it? No, not so much. I guess when you’re getting everything you want you don’t consider these things though because you aren’t the one getting screwed in the matter. Selfish person. Shame on you.

5 Can't Stop, Won't Stop

You can’t stop or you won’t stop because it sounds like you are fully capable of stopping whenever you want since you are an adult and all. In fact, all you have to do is tell this guy that you don’t feel right seeing him since you are cheating with him on your friend and that is a bad situation, and it would be over. Sounds like a pretty simple situation to me honestly.

Stop making excuses for yourself. The truth is you just don’t want to stop sleeping with this guy, which makes you a selfish person. Like other people on this list, you are trying to justify your actions, but you are pretty pathetic because your reason isn’t even decent. This thought is about as original as sleeping with a friend’s spouse to be completely honest with you. Grow up.

4 "It's Incredible But I'm Horrible"


What are you going to say to her, “Well, the sex was awesome so I just thought it was okay to keep sleeping together?” Yeah, I don’t think she’s going to buy that sister. Either you are just that stupid or you just don’t get it. People like you are so disappointing.

3 What She Should Be Saying Is, "I'm A Trouble Maker"

This makes you an opportunist in the worst possible way. Instead of helping your “best friend” you are taking the time to pounce on her spouse (literally) and sink your claws into his emotions as well as break their relationship apart. You are taking advantage of someone when they are at their most vulnerable and destroying them. Does that make you feel good about yourself?

It makes me wonder why this person sees you as a friend because, obviously, deep down to your core you are rotten. When a person is down and out you are one to kick them when they are at their lowest rather than lend a hand to help them up. You should really be ashamed of yourself. All because he “flirts back,” good call there.

2 He Works Hard For The Money


Well, I can’t honestly say this one was your fault. You were doing your job and this woman went out of her way to book you out. What is there for you to do? She’s a client, you can’t just walk away from a client, I guess. It’s just a really awkward situation. If she wanted to cheat with you, why wouldn’t she just approach you like a normal human being rather than being a total weirdo?

Maybe she wants to be caught because there is a credit card record on this one? It just seems like she put in a ton of effort to get in some time between the sheets with you. Next question, how did she find out you are an escort? Did you tell her this so she would book you out? This situation is just too awkward and weird for me to wrap my head around.

1 Stating The Obvious...

It sounds like you are pretty new to the affair game. Let me give you some advice–stop doing it before you’re in too deep. The likelihood of this woman leaving her spouse to have a relationship with you is slim to none because she has already built a foundation with her husband. Find someone that isn’t already tied down and don’t break up a marriage because you fell in love with the wrong person.


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