15 Craziest Things Teens Have Done For Celeb Attention

When it comes to celebrities, fans can get a little “fanatic” about them, especially teenagers.

We have all heard the stories about fans sneaking into hotels to see their favorite celebrity, trying to sneak on stage during a concert, or sneaking backstage and hiding in their dressing rooms. The list goes on and on.

Those aren’t even the crazy ones though. That’s right, it gets a lot crazier. These hormonal teenagers will do anything for their idols. From changing their hair to getting cosmetic work done, tattooing their body, even breaking bones. All in the hopes that one day, the one they idolize will notice them.

Here are 15 accounts of teenagers who have done some crazy things, just to get noticed by their favorite celebrity.

15 One Fan Stole Liam Payne's Boxers And Walked Around In Them For A Few Hours


Another obsessed teenager went after One Direction bandmate Liam Payne by stealing his underwear from his hotel balcony.

According to lifedeathprizes.com, the 14-year-old fan decided to go on a nice stroll after stealing the boxers and walked around for hours with them on before being apprehended by Liam’s security and being forced to give them back.

14 Louis Tomlinson Had A Girl Hunt Him Down And Find His Hotel Room

Biggies Boxers

Louis from the band One Direction also had his run-in with a crazed fan when she hunted him down by finding what hotel and room he was staying in.

According to lifedeathprizes.com, during an interview, Louis explained that he heard a knock, opened the door, and there was a young girl standing there shaking and crying. Louis then closed the door and she ran away.

13 One Fan Filmed Themselves Puking In A Justin Bieber Themed Bin As Tribute To The Time Justin Puked On Stage

Teen Vogue

Back in 2012, during a concert, Justin Bieber ended up getting sick on stage.

According to lifedeathprizes.com, as a tribute, a fan of his decided to puke into a Justin Bieber themed wastebasket, while being filmed. She then posted it online for the world to see with the hopes Justin would also see it.

12 Drake Had A Girl Shave Her Eyebrows And Then Get His Name Tattooed On Her Forehead

DesignBump & Vanity Fair

This girl made quite a few headlines due to her obsession with rapper Drake.

According to lifedeathprizes.com, one obsessed fan decided that to show her appreciation for Drake she was going to shave her eyebrows and get his name tattooed in big letters across her forehead.

What in the world was she thinking?

11 One Fan Sent Ashley Tisdale Over 18,000 Twitter Messages And Then Showed Up At Her House

Just Jared & Daily Mail

Ashley Tisdale had a fan that decided to bombard her with over 18 thousand Twitter messages.

According to lifedeathprizes.com, some of the messages read, “I’ll never lose u baby, even in 20 years. Till infinity. You’ll always b my best friend.”

As if the messages weren’t enough, the fan decided to freak Ashley out more by showing up at her house.

10 A Fan Got Braces Just Because Niall Horan Had Them


One fan of the band One Direction was featured on the band’s documentary, Crazy About One Direction.

According to lifedeathprizes.com, the obsessed teenager admitted that she got braces fitted to her teeth just because Niall Horan had braces. “I didn’t really need braces, but I wanted them because they look good and because Niall had them,” she admitted on tape.

9 Jessie J Had A Fan Who Broke Her Own Leg As A Tribute To When Jessie Broke Her Foot


Back in 2011, Jessie J broke her foot after a fall she took on stage.

According to lifedeathprizes.com, a teenage stalker decided to imitate Jessie by breaking her own leg as a tribute. She then decided to track down the star’s private information and bombard her with hundreds of texts messages, one being, “I will do anything to be just like you.”

8 Jared Leto Had A Fan Send Him Their Own Severed Ear With A Note "Are You Listening?"

Just Jared

We all know that Jared Leto can be a little strange, but this one takes the cake.

According to lifedeathprizes.com, back in 2013, an obsessed fan decided to cut their own ear off and mail it to Jared with a note that read, “Are you listening..??”

Jared apparently took the ear, poked a hole in it, and strung it up around his neck.

7 One Fan Has Taken Many Steps To Look Like Christopher Reeves As Superman

Design You Trust & Polygon

Herbert Chavez has a huge obsession with the Man of Steel, specifically the one played by legend Christopher Reeve.

According to oddee.com, Herbert has been going undergoing procedures since 1995 to achieve his goal of becoming Superman.

6 Lady Gaga Invited A Fan On Stage And She Stole Her Mic

The Wall Street Conspiracy

Without her fans, Lady Gaga would have never gotten where she is today, and therefore she likes to pay it back to them whenever she can.

According to oddee.com, while on stage, Lady Gaga decided to invite a young fan on stage to share the spotlight with her. This kind gesture went south though when the fan decided to steal the mic away and do the song herself.

5 One Man Swam Through The Ocean To Get To Taylor Swift's House


Law enforcement arrested a young male on April 15, 2013, after he was caught swimming through the ocean to get to Taylor Swift’s house.

According to oddee.com, the gentleman was caught one mile from Taylor’s Rhode Island beach home after trespassing. When asked what he was doing, the man responded, “I just completed a swim.” He was then hauled off to the police station.

4 One Fan Not Only Has Kanye West's Name Tattooed Down Her Arm And Across Her Butt, But Also Changed Her Name To Mrs. Kanye West

X17 Online & Random Whispers

In April 2011, a woman by the name of Linda Resa decided to legally change her name to Mrs. Kanye Resa West.

According to oddee.com, when asked why she did this, she responded that she was madly in love with him.

That’s not all though. Mrs. Kanye West also has Kanye’s name tattooed down her arm and across her butt.

3 One Hotel Had To Change Their Number Because Fans Placed Over 2,000 Phone Calls Trying To Talk To Justin Bieber


A London hotel was forced to change their number due to all the phone calls fans.

According to oddee.com, the fans attempted to reach Justin Bieber by making over 2000 phone calls to the hotel. Some of the fans stated they were a relative of Justin’s and one even claimed to be his personal stripper.

Due to the phone lines jamming, the hotel was forced to change its number.

2 A Girl Wrote A Letter Written In Her Own Menstrual Cycle Contents To South Korean Rapper Taecyeon


One fan decided to write a letter to South Korean rapper Taecyeon from the band 2PM, but not in ink.

According to lifedeathprizes.com, this fan decided to use her own menstrual cycle contents to write a message that translates into, “I dedicate to Taecyeon my period blood letter. Ok Taecyeon, you cannot live without me. Sprinkled with strands of my pubes.”

1 Miley Cyrus Had A Fan Get His Entire Body Tattooed With Tributes To Her (Not A Teen, But HAD To Add Him)

metro.co.uk, Daily Mail & Elle

Carl McCoid, a father of three, once stated that Miley Cyrus helped him through his divorce.

According to lifedeathprizes.com, Carl decided to pay Miley back for her kindness by getting over $3,000 worth of tattoos, all with a Miley Cyrus theme and naming his daughter after her.

Sadly, Miley didn’t appreciate it though and just thought he was creepy.

Sources: lifedeathprizes.com, oddee.com

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