14 Of The Weirdest Celebrity Fetishes

We all have a kink or two hiding in the closet. Celebrities are no different than the rest of us. What may be your fetish may also be the fetish of one of your favorite celebrities. Of course, there are some fetishes that may seem a bit weird at first, but who are we to judge? We all have our own little secrets of strange stuff and there is nothing remotely wrong about it.

You might think that the fetishes of today are far out, weird, and even really dirty, but let me tell you, there is little new under the sun. The ancient Romans probably had us all beat with strange fetishes and if you want to be shocked, read about the Roman emperor Tiberius. That guy had some serious issues.

Things like cross-dressing and dressing up in costume have been around for centuries. Strange turn-ons have always affected the human race and bondage has always been a part of the game of love.

So, while none of it is that big of a deal, it all equals to a bit of fun (or a whole lot of fun) for quite a lot of people. Besides, if you haven't experienced at least one of the fetishes on this list, you haven't been living life to its fullest.

14 Food

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Here is a fetish I can get down with: food. People with a food fetish get some wonderful, bodily thrills from the taste of different foods, the vibrant colors, textures, and, ahem, the shape of some foods. In 2005, actor Matthew McConaughey told InStyle magazine that, “I think food is really sexy. Sometimes, if I taste something I really love, I get such tingles down my spine that I have to stop and take a break.” I get that same feeling every time I eat broccoli smothered in butter. (Okay, I am weird, but I do love to eat broccoli.)

13 Whips & Chains

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S&M, short for sadism and masochism, was recently made popular by the book and movie 50 Shades of Grey by E. L. James. It is not so surprising, however, that for many people, this fetish is their dirty little secret. The late Amy Winehouse was reportedly into S&M and so was Angelina Jolie before she got together with Brad Pitt. Whips, restraints, blindfolds are all a part of the S&M gameplay, but a universal favorite among many people is the use of handcuffs. Who said a little bit of restraint can’t be fun?

12 In Front Of The Mirror

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I will gladly admit to having a time or two in front of a mirror. I mean, who doesn’t like to watch? Well, this mere mortal isn’t the only person who likes a good look-see. Pete Wentz also likes doing it in front of a mirror. In 2008, he told Howard Stern about his special moment with Ashlee Simpson, “We were in the Soho Grand Hotel, and there was a mirror, and I was like, 'Oh my God, you're banging the girl of your dreams and you're watching it right now.’” Pretty awesome.

11 Armpit Licking

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Your reaction to armpit licking can go two ways. It can either gross you out or make you go hmm. But it doesn’t matter what we think. Back when Twilight stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson were a couple, Stewart admitted in an interview that Pattinson would lick her armpits and that she actually liked it. It is not really that surprising considering just how sensitive our armpits are (great tickle spots). My only worry would be licking the chemicals in underarm deodorant.

10 Feet

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There are more people with a foot fetish than you could ever imagine. BuzzFeed gathered a list of 30 famous people with foot fetishes. At the top of the list, Quentin Tarantino loves footsies and everyone in Hollywood knows it. Meanwhile, Britney Spears admits that she likes it when men kiss her feet. Marilyn Manson’s foot fetish was outed by a former girlfriend and Elvis Presley’s foot fetish is well documented. Rapper Ludacris has openly admitted that, “But I definitely love girls with beautiful feet. I have a foot fetish.” Even Jack Black has come forward to say, “I do have a bit of a foot fetish, yes.”

9 Doctor Play

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For some guys, nurses are a big thing in the bedroom, hence all the sexy nurse outfits women can get online. I get it. Nurses are awesome people. Christina Aguilera and her hubby must think so too. They like to play doctor in the bedroom with her dressed up like a nurse. Sounds kind of fun.

8 Custard Pies

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You have to wonder what people did for perversions back in the 1920s. Society was rather repressed back then and the adult stuff available for viewing was, truthfully, kind of lame. That left room for a lot of weird stuff apparently. Take world famous actor Charlie Chaplin. Film historian David Browning says that Chaplin loved to bring women in to audition, but he wouldn’t speak to them. Instead, he would hold up caption cards that would tell the wannabe actresses what to do. Eventually, the cards would have the women undress until they were totally naked. Then Chaplin liked to fondle them and throw custard pies at them. That is pretty darn strange, I guess. But, again, this was the 1920s. Better than cow tipping on a Sunday night.

7 In The Car

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Raise your hand if you have ever done the naughty inside a car. What teenager hasn’t, right? It’s fun, sexy, and the tight space makes the two of you that much closer. The beautiful Scarlett Johansson also likes car sex. She told Playboy, “I do think having sex in a car is sexy. If I were in a really raunchy frame of mind and thinking of doing something crazy and kinky and sexy, the back seat would be it.” Me, too, sister. Me, too.

6 Bunny Love

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Some of us get excited at the sight of a certain animal. For instance, the sight of a majestic lion sends shivers up my spine, but I admit it is not a sexual experience. For some, it is. Take actor James Franco, for instance. While being interviewed on Inside the Actor’s Studio, Franco admitted that, “Sometimes rabbits, like, turn me on. I don’t know why.” I don’t know why, either, but to each his own.

5 Latex

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I never got into the latex scene, but I have a friend that can really carry the look. She just happens to be a blond, just like Christina Aguilera who also has a thing for wearing latex. Christina told Q magazine, “I'm really into fetish gear and latex is really making a strong statement for me.” I seriously wish I could pull off the blond look in latex.

4 Coat Hangers

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I was a little kid when I saw the movie Mommy Dearest and I will never forget the coat hanger scene when Joan spanks Christina with a wire hanger. It scared the living daylights out of me. Baywatch actress Carmen Electra, on the other hand, likes getting spanked with a coat hanger. According to her, “A little pleasure, a little pain. It’s all about fun.” I get what she is saying, but if my guy came to the bed with a coat hanger, I might start screaming, “Not the wire hanger, Mommy!”

3 Silk Scarves

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Innocent clothing accessories have long been used for naughty bedroom pleasure. Eva Longoria from Desperate Housewives loves being tied down with silk scarves. She says, “There's something very sexy about being submissive because your guard is down, you have to totally surrender to something like that.” How right she is!

2 In Depp

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Oh, Johnny Depp. You have fueled my fantasies since I was a teenager. You could dress up in lunchmeat and I would still think you were the sexiest creature on the planet. But enough about my own bizarre fantasies. It was reported in More magazine that Depp has a penchant for women’s clothing. He is quoted as saying, “I’d be embarrassed for my friends to find out that I’m familiar with women’s clothing.” That is fine by me, but I do have to question him on his immense Barbie doll collection. What are you thinking?

1 A Different Kind Of Shower

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If you took a mythology course during your school days, you might remember the snickers in class when reviewing the myth of Zeus impregnating the Princess of Argos, Danae, with a golden shower. Golden showers are definitely a thing and I can name (but won’t) two people in my circle of friends who have experienced them. But golden showers aren’t just for the Gods and lowly mortals. Celebrities are into them as well. YourTango lists Ricky Martin, R. Kelly, and John Mayer as having tried golden showers. In fact, back in 2006, Ricky Martin told Blender Magazine, “I love giving the golden shower … I've done it before in the shower. It's like so sexy, you know, the temperature of your body and the shower water is very different.”

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