15 Weird Habits Of Hollywood Stars

"I don’t pretend to be Captain Weird. I just do what I do." – Johnny Depp.

Underneath the façade of neoclassicism and behind the curtains of glamour and glitz, even our superstars need to let go of their larger than life, holier than thou masquerade. In today’s fame-crazy world, having celebrity status can make one seem invincible – fame, wealth, statements, lifestyle, trends – you name it and they have it. And duly, people find celeb lives always interesting even if they achieve something supremely irrelevant! But hey, our heroes are no gods or angels from the sky – they are normal people with normal habits, who just like the rest of us, love to pick their noses when no one is watching!

While on the screen, they must maintain an upmarket regime, the stars we fancy are just as strange as the rest of – and some, we dare say, are stranger. We are all guilty of a couple of eccentric routines, habits and superstitions – some of which we might be too embarrassed to admit, so why not our silver screen idols? Here are 15 of our favourite superstars who have confessed to some super-gross and borderline crazy habits – so go ahead and find some comfort in knowing that you are not alone and most of us – even the celebrities we idolize and admire – have a strange habit or two!


15 Brad Pitt Doesn't Use Soap

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If Brad Pitt happens to be passing by, you might literally have to hold your breath – not because he is the World’s [Hottest] man twice-over but because he tends to stay as much away from the shower as he does from the use of soap. The Allied actor is paraben-paranoid – and is openly against cosmetic products. According to the National Enquirer, Pitt is so taken with the naturalist beauty that he has sworn off soap. Apparently, he has been washing himself in his own “all-natural” soap concoction made from apple cider, vinegar and lemons – because after doing some online research, he has come to fear that using normal soap would age his skin faster than usual. No wonder Angelina Jolie had “irreconcilable differences” with him!

14 Catherine Zeta-Jones Brushes Her Teeth With Strawberries


The Mask of Zorro star has a bag-full of her own home-grown beauty treatments to keep her looking good. To whiten her teeth naturally, Catherine Zeta-Jones uses two or three pureed strawberries mixed with half a tablespoon of baking soda on her teeth daily, followed by a brushing with regular toothpaste. “The juice or pulp of strawberries contains malic acid, which serves as an astringent and can lighten up surface stains,” believes the actress. The 47-year-old also has some bizarre brews for her locks. “I do condition my hair with honey and beer,” she says. She however, does admit “I smell like the bottom of a beer barrel for days afterwards but it’s very good for the hair.” Did anyone say being beautiful was easy?

13 Jennifer Aniston Is Superstitious About Flying

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The most common thing that triggers some of the most superstitious behaviours, has to be air travel. Whether it’s the stress of the airport or just the sheer idea of being so high up in the sky, getting on a plane sets most our hearts racing. But let’s not be embarrassed about it because even Jennifer Aniston isn’t immune to pre-flight jitters. The face of airline Emirates, Jen admits to following her own ritual that she believes would keep her safe. It’s a quick, blink-and-you-miss tradition that now plays an important role in all her flights. The F.R.I.E.N.D.S actress says, “If I walk on to an aeroplane, I always have to go on with my right foot first and tap the outside of the plane. I have always done it. For luck.”

12 Katy Perry Brushes Her Teeth Six Times A Day

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Katy Perry is obsessed with brushing her teeth. The 32-year-old “Roar” singer apparently keeps 20 brand-new toothbrushes close at hand because she is scared of getting fillings. A source close to the singer told the Daily Star newspaper: “We won’t go anywhere without a stack of brushes. When she was a kid, she had 13 cavities. So, now she brushes her teeth six times a day.” In an interview, Perry too admitted: “I’ll brush my teeth (after) breakfast, lunch and dinner … I did have 13 cavities at one time, so you can imagine why I’m so freaked out. When I was a kid, I didn’t really go to the dentist a lot… and when I finally went, they were like, ‘You might as well get a new set of teeth’.”

11 Tom Cruises Uses Bird Poop On His Face

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While most in the glamour industry opt for Botox or chemical peels to hold back age, Mission Impossible star Tom Cruise believes in rubbing bird poop on his face instead. Known as the Geisha facial, this Japanese anti-ageing beauty treatment is called Uguisu no fun (or nightingale faeces). The actor reportedly has a special inclination towards this $180 a pop beauty regime. “Tom doesn’t go in for Botox or surgery, but he does pay close attention to all the new and popular natural treatments. He recently started experimenting with the nightingale poo facial after it was recommended to him by a Hollywood pal and the results have been fantastic,” a source told Now magazine. The age-defying formula is literally made from powdered nightingale droppings, which is blended with rice bran and water and then applied to the face!


10 Wayne Rooney Can't Sleep Without His Vacuum Cleaner

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Former Captain of the English national team, Wayne Rooney has confessed to an odd bed-time quirk in his autobiography, My Story So Far, published 10 years ago. Apparently, the midfielder, who now plays for Everton, can’t get to sleep at night unless there is a vacuum cleaner working in the bedroom. “When I’m on my own, I [still] not only like to have the TV and light on to help me sleep – but also a vacuum cleaner.” The former Manchester United star had also revealed that if there wasn’t a Hoover or a Dyson at hand, he would turn to then fiancée and now wife Coleen McLoughlin’s hairdryer instead. “Failing that (vacuum cleaner), a fan or a hairdryer will do. I’ve ruined so many hairdryers by letting them burn out. Coleen hates it,” he said.

9 Pamela Anderson Is Scared Of Mirrors

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Pamela Anderson suffers from a persistent fear of mirrors or Eisoptrophobia, and is genuinely averse to looking her reflection in the eye. The origin of the word eisoptrophobia springs from Greek roots, where eisoptro means mirror and phobia, as we all know, is the Greek term for fear. It is generally accepted that such phobias arise from a combination of external events (usually traumatic) and internal predispositions (heredity) – though we do not know if the same may be applicable for the actress. However, the former Baywatch star has reportedly claimed, “I have this phobia – I don’t like mirrors… and I don’t watch myself on television. If anything comes on, I make them shut it off, or I leave the room.”

8 Britney Spears Bites Her Nails

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An avid nail-biter, Britney Spears usually covers up her chewed nails with fake talons but more often than not, she has been caught red-handed biting her nails, even at public events. There have been incidents where the X-Factor judge's fingernails have looked especially ragged and bloody under her enormous 3-carat diamond ring. Spears, who has often admitted to biting her nails out of nervousness, once said, “I have to stop biting my nails… I would like to stop worrying so much, because I worry all the time. And to learn how to be happier, just in general.” At the end of 2008, she had even committed to a New Year’s resolution when she said: “Next year, I have to learn to stop biting my nails.”

7 Stephen King Has A Thing For Cheesecake

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Those of you who have always wanted to know the secret to success – it’s cheesecake – at least that's what Stephen King believes. In order to get into the perfect mindset to pen down his next great thriller, King has said that he sits down and helps himself to a single slice of cheesecake – only then can he get his typewriter going. For him, brain food necessarily means dessert given the fondness he nurtures for his sweet tooth. “I have a son who swears by crème brulee and always eats it before he writes. For me, it’s cheesecake. I also love baking. It makes the house smell wonderful,” the author revealed in an interview with Bon Appetit. He also never eats anything slimy or slippery: “I don’t eat oysters. It’s horrible, the way they slither down your throat alive.”

6 Demi Moore Uses Leeches For Detox

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The Striptease star who spent £220,000 on a head-to-toe surgical makeover, had also once travelled all the way to Austria for a detox that involved allowing blood-sucking leeches to feed on her. During an interview on the Late Show with David Letterman, Demi Moore revealed: “I have always been somebody looking for the cutting edges of things for optimising your health and healing… I was in Austria doing a cleanse and part of the treatment was leech therapy. These aren’t just swamp leeches, these are highly-trained medical leeches. These are not just some low-level scavengers; we are talking high-level blood-suckers.” Moore also said that they tested a leech on her belly button before putting several others on different areas of her body.

5 Cameron Diaz Has OCD

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Though Cameron Diaz is yet to claim that she has obsessive-compulsive disorder publicly, she certainly fits the bill. The Gangs of New York star keeps her house immaculate and is known throughout Hollywood for her unusual obsessions and compulsions. She also believes in constantly washing her hands. In her defence, the actress told the Time magazine, “I am not scared of germs. I am just aware of them. I am not into other people’s fluids unless I know them really well.” Diaz has, however, openly admitted to her aversion to door knobs. Apparently, she habitually opens them with her elbows to prevent her hands from coming in contact with germs. She has also said that she often scrubs the door handles so hard that their original paint almost always fades off.

4 Elon Musk Has A History With Diet Coke

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Back when he was putting in 100 hours a week during the launch of his companies, Elon Musk was reportedly consuming eight cans of Diet Coke and several large coffees per day to keep himself alert and on top of his gruelling work schedule. Most adults can safely consume 400mg of caffeine each day – and Diet Coke contains 42mg of caffeine in each can, which is more than any other type of Coca Cola. This means that Musk was consuming 336mg in just soda drinks. Speaking of it, the Tesla and SpaceX CEO told Inc., “I got so freaking jacked that I seriously started to feel like I was losing my peripheral vision.” However, Musk now claims that his office keeps only caffeine-free Diet Cokes!

3 David Beckham's Need For "Pairs"

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From rearranging hotel rooms to lining up cans of soft drinks, David Beckham must make “everything perfect”. In a television interview to ITV1, the footballer said: “I’ve got this obsessive-compulsive disorder where I have to have everything in a straight line or in pairs. I’ll put my Pepsi cans in the fridge and if there’s one too many then I’ll put it in another cupboard somewhere.” He also revealed: “I’ll go into a hotel room somewhere and before I can relax, I have to move all the leaflets and all the books and put them in a drawer. Everything has to be perfect.” Asked if he wanted to stop this obsessive behaviour, Beckham said, “I would like to. I have tried and can’t stop.”

2 Eminem Is The True "Lord Of Darkness"

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Eminem, as it seems, is a true worshipper of the dark. While most people just put dark shades on their windows to keep out light, the Detroit rapper takes it way beyond. Apparently, he can only sleep in a completely dark bedroom and to ensure that his needs are met with, he makes a rather unusual request when checks in to hotels overseas. He asks the hotel staff to block all the light from the windows in his room by placing tin foil over the glass. This way, the “Lose Yourself” rapper can get a full night’s rest without any interruptions. He is also known to demand that his suite be fitted with speakers pumping ambient music throughout the room. A source close to him told The Sun: “The noise and darkness gets Eminem the best night’s sleep.”

1 Johnny Depp Is A Barbie Man

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Playing a game of ‘True or False’ with host Ellen DeGeneres, Pirates of the Caribbean star Johnny Depp admitted to his love of playing with Barbies. He told Ellen: “When my daughter was little, I played a lot of Barbie. It took me a while to shake [it off],” adding that he does not play “as much as [he] used to” these days. The chatters about Depp’s obsession with dolls came to the fore, when the Irish Daily Star reported that the actor likes to collect dolls. A source close to him told the newspaper, “He owns dozens of limited edition Barbies. He’s also got dolls based on Beyoncé, the High School Musical cast, Elvis and even Donny Osmond.” The insider also revealed: “The weirdest one is a Lindsay Lohan, complete with ankle-monitoring bracelet from when she was under house arrest.”

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