15 Weird Beauty Products That Are Trending

Let’s be honest ladies – there are some cases where we’re willing to suffer a little discomfort (or, frankly, even pain) in the pursuit of looking and feeling gorgeous. It might baffle men, but every woman will understand the familiar saying that sometimes, beauty is pain. We’re willing to wear heels to feel that extra boost of confidence, squeeze into the tightest Spanx we can find to look fabulous in that skin-tight dress, and we don’t care who knows it!

Women are also frequently drawn to what’s new and hot in the beauty world. I mean, who hasn’t cruised through the aisles of Sephora, enthralled by the newest products that promise to give you fuller lips, lashes, and basically enhance anything you might want enhanced. It’s like fun, flirty magic!

So, it probably comes as no surprise that women are pretty much willing to try anything once when it comes to beauty products. If it hurts a little bit? Who cares, we can take it – after all, we’re the gender who popularized Brazilian bikini waxes. If it’s a little bit strange? Whatever – we’ll just do it in the privacy of our own bathroom. If a beauty product works flawlessly and actually fulfills everything it promises on the packaging, we’ll definitely add it to our line up – regardless of how weird it is.

Here are 15 bizarre beauty products that some woman, somewhere out there, has tried.

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15 Lucky Trendy, Bomb Curl Brush


Ah, the blow out. Every woman knows the struggle of grappling with the hair dryer in one hand, the brush in the other, and somehow wishing you had a third set of hands to hold up your hair, move it around, and basically fulfil all the machinations needed to get that silky, bouncy blow out. This beauty product tries to help out with that process. Yes, you’re still going to need to balance the dryer and brush in opposite hands, but the 3D Bomb Curl Brush allows you to basically scoop up your hair with the brush and aim the hot air at it. No need to manoeuvre the brush through your half-wet locks.

14 OMNI Beauty Care, Eye Slack Haruka


There are countless beauty products aimed at treating dark circles and bags under the eyes, because, let’s be honest – women are busy, we lead exciting lives. Sometimes that leads to a little bit of exhaustion, but that doesn’t mean we want to broadcast that on our faces! So, we conceal, we brighten, we dab on any product that promises to make that extra baggage on our face disappear. This bizarre product is a device, not a cream, and basically applies mild heat and vibration to the area under your eyes. Why, exactly? Well, it’s supposed to stimulate circulation, which in turn moves all that blood around and makes you look like you just woke up from a refreshing nap. We can’t help but feel like it would be a little unnerving nonetheless.

13 The Selfie Brush


Well, ladies, someone took notice of all the selfies we take while getting ready to go out for a girls’ night and created a product. Sure, you could always buy a selfie stick to get the best snaps of your girls, but why not get something that also doubles as a beauty product? With the Selfie Brush, you can brush out those snags until your hair is lustrous and luxe, and then take a snap of how gorgeous you’re looking. Though it might seem strange, this three-function beauty product makes sure your phone is protected, your hair is groomed, and your entire look is captured on camera with the flip of a brush. Technology at its finest.

12 Voya, Lazy Day Soak


Every girl loves a luxurious bath – a glass of wine, a few glossy magazines, some great tunes playing in the background, and, most important, a nice bath product to enhance the entire process. Sure, sometimes it’s a stereotype that women love baths, but… it’s kind of because we do. They’re awesome. Voya created a seaweed bath soak that is supposed to be relaxing and great for your skin. Sounds great! Except… they also added a little disclaimer to the box. Basically, the product is natural, made from real, dehydrated seaweed, and that means that teeny, tiny sea creatures might still be attached to those sea greens. I mean, we love all natural products, but we don’t necessary want to share our bath with surprise critters.

11 Betty Beauty, Fun Betty


Many women dye their hair, for whatever reason, whether it’s to cover up greys or just to see if blondes really do have more fun than brunettes. A company has seen that trend and decided that maybe women want to have the freedom to change more than just the hair on their head – hence, Fun Betty was born. This bizarre product allows you to… how should we put this delicately… make sure that the curtains match the drapes. I mean, for the girl who constantly dyes her hair every color of the rainbow, it might be nice to be able to match all over? However, it would more likely be a strange surprise when an intimate moment arises, you undress, and there’s a bright pink ‘fun betty’ staring back at your partner.

10 Fullips, Lip Enhancers


Women all want plump, pouty, kissable lips – there’s a reason we’re willing to try any lip plumping gloss on the market and why we lusted over Kylie Jenner’s pout and tried out countless make-up tutorials before she revealed it was all surgery. The Fullips Lip Enhancer promises to give a fuller pout, thanks to good old fashioned suction. You basically put the device over your lips, suck out all the air, and sit back while the suction draws all the blood to your lips and makes them swell. Umm… sexy? The device seems to work, but only for a small amount of time, and lets be serious – do you want to be that girl whose lips are mysteriously swelling and then shrinking throughout the night?

9 Toilet Bowl Lip Gloss


There is nothing inherently weird about the actual product of this lip gloss – as in, the product that you apply to your lips. It’s more about the packaging and process. This bizarre gloss comes packaged in a colorful little toilet bowl, meaning that to apply it, you have to stick your finger inside a miniature toilet and then smear the contents on your lips. Quite frankly, it’s kind of making us gag just thinking about it. I mean, who thought this was a good idea? From tube to stick to wand, there are countless lip gloss applicators, and there’s always room for innovation – but this is really not the most chic option.

8 Footner, Exfoliating Peel/Baby Feet


This bizarre product is so popular that the original peel from Asia, Baby Feet, spawned a North American imitator – Footner. The product basically contains a pair of booties that have an AHA solution in them. You put them on, kick back and relax for about an hour while those AHA acids do their work, and then take the little booties off. According to all the women who have reviewed the product, at first it seems like absolutely nothing happened – which, for women who try out a lot of beauty products, is kind of par for the course. Sometimes things just don’t live up to their packaging promises. But fear not! A few days later, the skin on your feet basically starts to flake off, like a snake shedding its skin. On the one hand, we appreciate soft feet, especially during sandal season. On the other hand… ew.

7 Super Aqua, Cell Renew Snail Mask


A face mask is an absolute must for every home spa experience. Whether you’re blitzing up your own all natural mask in the blender, or peeling open a luxe single use packet that promises to give you completely rejuvenated skin in a few short minutes, we all love face masks. However, there’s an ingredient in Super Aqua’s product that might make some women hesitant to rub it all over their face – snail slime. It promises to completely renew your face and give you a revitalized, rejuvenated complexion, but we can’t help but feel like we’d spend the entire time imagining snails crawling all over our faces.

6 Tweezerman, Smooth Finish Facial Hair Remover


Every girl knows Tweezerman is one of the go-to brands for plain tweezers – it’s a necessary product that every woman needs. However, you might not know about this strange product that the brand also makes. Women carefully shape and pluck their eyebrows, but when it comes down to other facial hair, things can get a bit trickier. It’s difficult to tweeze the small, often more peach-fuzz-esque hairs that comprise the rest of your facial hair, but if you opt for wax on the sensitive skin of your face, you’re usually left with a horrifying red patch for a little bit of time until things calm down. Tweezerman to the rescue! This product is a coil that you basically roll over your face, and it pulls out those pesky hairs by the roots. The experience sounds strange, but hey, if it works? We’ll definitely try it.

5 Topshop, Freckle Pencil


Some women are covered in freckles and absolutely hate them, some embrace their freckles, and others are completely freckle-free and constantly longing for those adorable spots. If you’re in the latter camp, Topshop has created a product just for you – a freckle pencil. It’s basically exactly what it sounds like – a pencil that you can use to dot some faux freckles on and achieve that look you’ve always wanted. I mean, on the one hand, it’s always fun to play around with different beauty looks. On the other hand, do you really want to wear this somewhere on a hot day and have someone comment that your sun-kissed freckles are sliding off your face?

4 Violent Lips, Temporary Lip Tattoos

When it comes to lip products, there are so many that it’s almost mind boggling. You have your traditional reds, pinks, and nudes. For the bold there are purples, greens, and blacks. You can go matte, glossy, shimmery. The possibilities are endless. However, if you wanted some kind of print on your lips, and didn’t possess incredibly artistry with make-up pencils, you were out of luck – that is, until Violent Lips’ lip tattoos hit the market. These temporary tattoos allow you to dress up your pucker in everything from glitter to leopard to a patriotic flag print. The question is… why?

3 Bliss, Lean Machine


If you’ve ever stepped foot inside a Sephora, you’ve probably seen the Bliss products – they have a series of creams and potions designed to zap away cellulite and basically just make sure every inch of your body is looking fabulous. If you’re looking for something more than just a lotion, they have another solution – the lean machine. This pricy product basically manipulates your skin to decrease the look of cellulite. And by manipulates, we mean that it sucks and rolls everything to yield a less lumpy appearance. On the one hand, we’re willing to try anything to fade that cellulite. On the other hand… the entire process sounds mildly horrifying.

2 Crazycity, Anti Wrinkle Half Face Slimming Cheek Mask


If you don’t quite have Kim Kardashian’s insane contouring skills, you’re in luck – this product promises to provide a more contoured face. It also promises to “get rid of your double chin” – Crazycity’s words, not ours. All you have to do is strap on this incredibly bizarre device and let it work its magic. It looks straight out of a horror film, and let’s be serious – you don’t want anyone to see you wearing this. Sure, it claims you can strap it on and go about doing your chores around the house, but if you did put this one, you’d probably lock yourself in the bathroom to make sure no one saw.

1 Shizuka New York salon, Bird Poop Facial


This product gained a huge amount of media attention when ultra-glam Posh Spice herself – Victoria Beckham – started using it. Unlike most of the products on this list, you can’t exactly order it online and have it shipped to your front steps, but if you’re willing to make the jaunt to the salon, you too can try out this celebrity product. The secret ingredient? Excrement from nightingales. You can’t just use any bird’s excrement, because apparently nightingales consume a particular diet that provides their poo with a natural enzyme. Honestly, even if it worked slightly better than the average mask, we’d still rather smear honey and avocado on our faces.

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