15 Ways Your Life Would Be Better If Kim K Was Your BFF

It's no longer a question of whether you love or hate the Kardashians. It's pretty much all about which Kardashian (or, okay, Jenner) is your favorite. This famous family has wormed its way into your heart, and while your faves might change on a weekly or even daily (and sometimes even hourly basis), you definitely have a reigning favorite. Call it a girl crush, call it whatever you want... but what's really going on here is that you think one of the Kardashians would make a great best friend. It's no secret that Kim K is most likely your favorite. She's got an amazing style, the best hair ever, and oh yeah, she also seems like a pretty nice person. She loves her husband and two children, she adores her family, and while she can be kind of hilarious and entertaining, that's exactly why you wish she was part of your friend circle.

Here are 15 ways your life would be better if Kim K was your BFF.

15 You Could Share Clothes

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Okay, you could share her clothes. You're not sure how equal this arrangement would be, because, of course, you're a mere mortal. You're not a Kardashian. You're not even a celebrity or even remotely famous. So if you were best friends with Kim K, you would share clothes... but you would really just be digging into her closet whenever you got the chance. You know, when you need a casual yet sophisticated outfit to wear to the office or the movies or wherever else you're headed. You also totally know that Kim would be a great best friend and would be totally supportive of your need to borrow her clothes all the time. In fact, she wouldn't want it any other way, right? She would send you photos of the outfits she had in mind for you all the time. Plus how cool would it be to be complimented on your outfit and to be able to say, "Oh yeah, my BFF Kim K lent this to me, no big deal"?

14 You Would Have Girl Talk 24/7

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You just have this feeling that Kim K would be really, really good at girl talk. There's the fact that she has a lot of sisters -- like a lot of sisters. So that means that she knows how to talk about things light and serious -- and that if you needed a shoulder to cry on or an ear to listen to, you're pretty sure she would always be there for you. You just get the vibe that she's a good friend. Hey, you pretty much already know everything about her, so you just know that she would feel like someone you have known your entire life. You can just imagine all the girl talk that goes on in the Kardashian house, from Kim giving Kendall and Kylie boy advice to Kim and Khloe and Kourtney chatting love and romance and career stuff and everything in between. It's not that you don't love your own friends or sisters if you have them because you do and they are great with girl talk. But you just think Kim would be good at it, too.

13 You Would Hang Out With Her Fam

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Hey, if you are going to be best friends with Kim K, why not hang out with the entire Kardashian family? Why not get to know Kourtney, Khloe, Kylie, and Kendall, along with Rob and Kris? You really want to know all of them. It would just be so amazing to attend family dinners and birthday parties, don't you think? Again, this is kind of wishful thinking and of course, you're not really ever going to be Kim's best friend. There's reality to think about here. But you're dreaming and a girl needs to dream sometimes, so you're just going to go with it. You think it would be really awesome to know what it would really be like to have dinner with the Kardashian clan. Would there be tons of fighting? Laughter? Love and support? Sure, you've seen the show but you want to know what it's really like.

12 You Would Have The Best Selfies

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It's no secret that Kim Kardashian is The Selfie Queen. She's even got an entire book of what are essentially selfies. You like selfies as much as the next girl but you're nowhere near a professional or expert like Kim. So naturally, you think your life would be way better if you guys were best friends because she could teach you all her selfie taking ways. Taking selfies is honestly like a full-time job. You have to know the right lighting (both inside and outside), you have to know the best angles, and you have to make sure that your hair and outfit and makeup are always perfect. You know that Kim has all that stuff down and more. So she would definitely give you the best selfie advice ever. Great, now you're sad that this is never going to happen. You're just going to have to keep taking your regular old selfies.

11 You Would Travel More

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The Kardashians, like a lot of celebrities, always seem to be traveling. And not only that, but they always seem to be traveling somewhere warm and toasty. If you are in a part of the world that is just starting to get freezing cold and snowy right about now, then this is a pretty attractive thing to think about. You know that your family vacations are not always the fun that you hope they would be. You fight with your parents or siblings, you have expectations that just are not met, and sometimes a million and one things go wrong, no matter how carefully you plan. But going on another family's vacation? That is a completely different story. You don't fight with them since, hey, you're not a relative, you're just a friend coming along for the ride. And you know that Kardashian family vacations are pretty much the greatest ones ever.

10 You Would Learn How To Contour

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Kim K has the best makeup ever, and that's just a fact of life. It's something that you have to get used to. The trend that she's started is definitely contouring. And no one contours better than Kim. She always manages to look hot and amazing and glorious, and you wish that you could look that good on a regular basis, too. Sure, there are tons of blogs and guides and videos about how to contour like Kim Kardashian. But nothing beats going straight to the source and learning from them. It's also pretty hard to find the time to think that much about your makeup, right? You have a pretty busy life full of work and friends and family and your relationship (or dating life if you're single). You have Netflix shows to get addicted to and Christmas presents to dream about getting. Contouring is just not high on your list of to-dos. If Kim K was your best friend, though it would be all about the contouring.

9 You Could Babysit

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Okay, so you are pretty much obsessed with North. Except that sounds kind of weird since she's a child. You're not obsessed in a weird way. You just think she is so totally cute. Which of course she is. She throws shade like nobody's business, she is more stylish than any adult that you know, and she is just the coolest. If you were best friends with Kim, you could babysit North on a regular basis, and that would improve your life in a million different ways. Now you're kind of miserable about the fact that your babysitting dream won't come true. Sigh. It's not that you would be doing this for money because you would definitely say absolutely no cash. Getting to hang out with North would be enough of a reward, that's for sure. Maybe she can teach you how to dress better. You definitely think she could.

8 You Would Be Inspired

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Kim Kardashian gets a lot of flak and criticism, along with the rest of her famous family. And sometimes, sure, it can be warranted. But you do think she's a pretty inspiring figure and you think she would motivate and inspire you on a regular basis if you two were besties. She has a pretty amazing career when you stop and think about it. She's not only starring in her own reality television series but she's got a million different projects in the air at one time or another. She has dabbled in everything from books to fashion to apps, and you want to know all about her secrets. Of course, she would tell you because if you were best friends, she would just have to. That's pretty much part of the whole best friend deal, right? Your real life best friends always tell you everything there is to know about them and their lives.

7 You Would Get Love Advice

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Kim Kardashian and Kayne West may not always be called #relationshipgoals but they really could be considered part of that whole deal. After all, when Kim went through her recent tragedy in Paris, Kayne was performing. He cut the performance super short and ran to her side, and what is more romantic and lovely than that? Kim is definitely someone who could give you tons of romantic advice if you were best friends. You think she would be really good at giving advice. After all, she's done pretty well for herself in the whole love department. Plus there's the fact that she has several sisters, so you just know that she's given everyone tons of love and dating advice over the years. You want nothing more than to grab a few glasses of wine and chat about boys. You think she would be able to solve all your texting problems.

6 You Would Have More Confidence

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The coolest thing about Kim Kardashian is that she is not a stick or a single zero... and she could honestly care less. She has tons of self-confidence and body confidence, and that is just super inspiring. It's really great to see because there are enough super thin celebrities out there who make you feel terrible about yourself on a regular basis. You just don't need that in your celebrities... and you definitely don't need that in your best friend, right? So you would love to be besties with Kim K and hear all her deepest secrets about body image and body confidence. Besides, someone who takes a million selfies all the time and wears such great clothes and always looks awesome despite not being a size zero is someone that you really want in your life... and in your social circle, too. Of course, you can feel good about your size and shape anyway, you don't need to be friends with her to do that. But you think it wouldn't hurt.

5 You Would Have The Best Instagram


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It's no secret that the Kardashians, like a lot of celebrities, are absolutely amazing at social media. Kim's Instagram, in particular, is really awesome. She's got millions of followers, so if you were besties, you would want to know all about her social media game. Of course, the fact that she is who she is factors into that equation. You don't magically wake up to all those followers as a regular old person. But maybe posting a picture (or a billion) with your new best friend Kim Kardashian would get you new followers.... Not that you want to be friends with her for the followers. No way. You're just dreaming of the social media success you could have. At the very least, you would love to know how Kim curates such a beautiful and charming Instagram account. She has the best and most fashionable photos all the time, and it's just a joy to follow her. You try your best but since real life gets in the way, sometimes your Instagram is not quite as curated.

4 You Would Learn How To Deal With Haters

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If there's one thing that celebrities learn, it's how to deal with haters. You can be sure that Kim Kardashian knows a thing or two about that. It's not that you deal with as many haters as she does, especially not on a regular basis, but you do deal with your own kind of rejection sometimes. You don't get the dream job... or even a job that would pay the bills but wouldn't be your dream. You don't get a post first date text when you really, really liked the guy. You get dumped, or you get fired, or you just don't succeed the way that you want to. You just know that Kim would be able to turn that frown on your face around and she would be able to teach you how to deal with rejection in every shape and form. Sure, her rejection and failure and haters might be totally different from yours, but you would still learn a thing or two.

3 You Would Be Funnier

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It's no secret that Kim Kardashian is absolutely hilarious. Sure, like a lot of people, she's sometimes really funny when she's not even trying to be. But you love that about her and you would love to be best friends with her because of that. If you could somehow become even funnier than you already are thanks to hanging out with her, then you would be all for that. You do think you're pretty funny if you do say so yourself, but hey, a little bit of self-improvement never hurt anyone. Sometimes she just says whatever she thinks and really has no filter, and you think that would be an awesome quality to have in a best friend. You probably already have a BFF in your life who acts like that, when you think about it, and you love her for that too. Now you're dreaming of a huge hang-out with your real life best friends and with Kim, too. OMG, would that be fun.

2 You Would Be Fearless

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What's awesome about a lot of celebrities is that they really aren't that scared of anything... or if they are, they go ahead and do the thing they are afraid of anyway. It's a really amazing and inspirational way to live, and you definitely want to be more like that. If Kim Kardashian was your best friend, you know that you would be just as fearless and brave as she is... or you would at least try you best. Just think about all of the business ventures that Kim has started or become a part of. She hasn't wondered if she would fail, she hasn't gotten down in the dumps about not being good enough, she hasn't gotten lost in her negative thoughts. Nope, she just went right ahead and did whatever she wanted to do. You really would love to do that in your own life because you have so many hopes, dreams, and goals and you do want to make your life the best that it can be.

1 You Would Be 100 Percent Yourself

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The cool thing about Kim Kardashian is that she is always truly and honestly herself. She doesn't change for anyone and she really doesn't care what anyone thinks about her. She has no filter when it comes to a lot of her Instagram photos... and when it comes to the thing that come out of her mouth as well. Kim could teach you a thing or two (or 100) about being yourself, and you really think that would be a cool experience. You have your insecurities like anyone else, but you do try your best to let your true self and personality shine on a regular basis. Sure, sometimes you get upset and you don't always behave in ways that you can be proud of. But you know that Kim does that stuff too -- you just never hear about it. You would love to have Kim K in your life as one of your best friends in the whole world for all these reasons, but especially because she would just add a lot of fun to you world. And everyone always needs to have more fun.

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