15 Ways Your Body Tells You He's Not The One

They say that deep down inside, you can tell if he is the one or not, but for some people, it’s hard to determine what is fear and what is your gut. Relationships are scary and sometimes we want to run away just because we are scared to take that next step. That means that if your gut is telling you he is not the one, it is hard to determine the message! Besides going to your friends and family for advice on your guy, there is another way to figure out if he is right for you – through your body!

Our bodies are weird and wonderful things. They pump blood to our hearts, take messages from our brains and send them to other parts of the body, but your body can also tell you if he is the one or not. Strangely enough, your body will be able to pick up on your feelings, whether or not you're aware of them, and will exhibit that uncertainty about your relationship in different ways. The body is a very sensitive thing and it is important to listen to our bodies so we can do what is best for us!

What is your body telling you about your guy? Is he the one or is it telling you that you need to make some changes? Listen to your body and you will guarantee your health and happiness! Check out these 15 strange ways that your body is telling you that he is not the one!

15 Sick to your stomach

Have you ever had that feeling of being sick to your stomach? Perhaps you had a huge review coming up and you didn’t feel prepared at all. Your stomach flipped and flopped and you felt giant waves of nausea. Feeling nervous about something external can have an effect on you internally as well! Nausea is one of the most common feelings we will experience that is not related to anything we ingested. This is one way your body can tell you that he is not the one! Your unhappiness in the relationship (whether you know it or not) will actually affect your body and your stomach will feel queasy. Whether it is the feeling that you need to puke, or simply the stomach cramping kind of nausea, if you feel this way and can find no understandable explanation, perhaps you need to take a good look at your happiness with your guy.

14 Unable to calm down

When you are unhappy with your partner and trying to figure out if he is the one or not, you will probably have a hard time relaxing. This is one way your body may tell you he is not the one. Your stress levels will be high and your brain will be constantly fighting with your emotions, leaving you feeling jittery and uncomfortable. Your body will be unable to relax when it knows there is a problem that has been unsolved. This doesn’t mean that you are going to become a nervous wreck, but you may notice that things that normally relaxed you no longer are working. For example, if you loved baths or find extreme comfort in your favorite relaxing tea, you may feel anxious and be unable to let out that big sigh and sink into the relaxation. Listen to your body when you can’t seem to relax, as it may be trying to tell you something!

13 Exhaustion

A common symptom of stress and unhappiness is tiredness -- a symptom your body may exhibit when it is trying to tell you he is not the one. The feeling of tiredness will most likely occur because your brain is trying to work overtime. It is fighting the emotions to display happiness on the outside (smiling and laughing), when it knows that on the inside, you are actually sad and would prefer to show emotions of sadness (crying or sulking). The fight between these emotions can drain you and leave you feeling exhausted. The constant stress of the question “Is he the one?” can also work your brain overtime and keep you up at night. The unresolved answer will keep you awake and unable to rest and fall asleep, also resulting in tiredness. Your body needs rest and if your guy is the reason keeping you awake, perhaps he isn’t the one!

12 Feeling frustrated all the time

Have you noticed that your patience isn’t what it used to be? Do you find yourself frustrated with little things and taking it out on the innocent around you? This may be your body telling you he is not the one! If you are questioning your relationship, you may find your frustration levels increasing. Your mind can’t seem to find an answer to whether or not he is the one and therefore it becomes frustrated. That frustration then gets displaced onto other things. For example, perhaps you yelled at your best friend for not answering your call or threw your sweater across the room when it wouldn’t zip up. Usually, if you take some time to really look at your frustration and the true source of it, you will realize why you feel that way. Take a deep breath and do some soul searching. Perhaps your frustration is deep rooted in the problem of something else, specifically your guy!

11 Lonely, oh so lonely

Even though you may be fully involved in your relationship and are spending time with your partner often, you can still feel alone. If you are unsure whether the relationship is good and whether or not he is the one, your body may be giving you the answer! Feelings of loneliness are usually your body telling you he is not for you. These feelings will occur even when you are with him, and you will get that sick lonely feeling. This should be a red flag for you because if you are spending time with him but still feel like no one is with you, it may be time to end the relationship. Your body is giving you those lonely feelings because that is what you are: lonely. You are lonely when you are with him because he is not giving you what you need to be happy in a relationship!

10 Increased Tension

As most people know, when stress occurs, you can have tightness and tension in different parts of your body. The same applies for when you are unhappy in your relationship and trying to decide if he is the one for you. If you are feeling tension in places that haven’t necessarily been worked out at the gym, you may need to take a second to think. Your body will feel the stress of the decision and begin to build up tension in various places. Knots will appear in your muscles and you will feel stiff and sore. Many people will feel this stress tightening their shoulders, lower back, neck muscles, and jaw. If this is the case for you, then perhaps it is time to have the conversation with your partner and hit a yoga class afterwards. You will be much happier once you have made the decision and have worked out that tension!

9 A constant sinking feeling

Do you ever get that feeling of discomfort when your stomach sinks and you feel terrible? That feeling is usually associated with dread, guilt, terror, or anguish. If you find yourself having that sinking feeling often and are also questioning whether your guy is the one, your body is giving you the answer. When you see your partner, do you feel elated and giddy or does your stomach drop and you feel like your limbs have gained weight and feel heavy? If you answered the latter, then you know exactly what you have to do. A relationship should lift you up and make you happy, not cause you dread or anguish every time you see him. Do yourself a favor and make yourself elated and joyful by making the best decision and saying goodbye. No need to feel guilty about it. You are doing what is in your best interest!

8 Unable to sit still

You are sitting at a cafe having a conversation with your good friend and you just can’t seem to sit still. You constantly are fidgeting, moving your chair up, scooting it back, bouncing your knees, or tapping your fingers. You just can’t stay still! Listen up because this is your body telling you something! If you are having the feeling of constant discomfort, your brain may be trying to tell you there is something wrong. You may also be feeling uncomfortable in your situation with your current partner. This could just be your brain sending you twitchy signals to get your attention to tell you he is not the one! Discomfort and being unable to sit still are usually a sign that things are on your mind. You can’t be in the present moment because your thoughts are running a mile a minute on other things. Time to assess the situation and be realistic; he may not be the guy for you!

7 Starting bad habits

Biting fingernails, twirling hair, scratching your skin, all of these are bad habits. The funny thing about bad habits is that they are usually performed most when a person is stressed or preoccupied. If you are busy, happy, and good with where you are, you will probably not see your bad habits happen as often. Going back to bad habits usually means that something is on your mind that is stressing you out and keeping you preoccupied. If you were already questioning your partner and whether he is right for you or not, your body is probably telling you he isn’t when your bad habits appear! The subconscious part of your mind knows you are unhappy and stressed and therefore uses a physical action to relieve the stress. Hello bad habits. Be nice to your fingers, hair, and skin (or any other part of you that may be at your mercy when you’re stressed) and acknowledge the truth: he is not the one.

6 The sweats

Sweating more than usual? Well take note because your body is telling you something! When we are faced with big decisions that impact ourselves and others, it is common to get nervous at the thought of the decision. One way our bodies respond to those nerves is to sweat. Keep track of when you find yourself sweating more than normal. Are you sweating more when you are with your partner? Does it happen when you begin to talk about what you want in life and in the future? You may find that the times that include your partner will be the ones that make you sweat more. It is because you are nervous about taking the first step in doing something uncomfortable, awkward, and possibly hurtful. But the only way to stop the sweating is to accept your situation. Sweat is your body telling you loud and clear that he is not the one!

5 Bad headaches

Everyone knows of or has had a stress headache before, whether it is from stress at work, experiencing a stressful event (such as a car crash), or being late. No matter how big or small a headache is they are never any fun. Headaches caused by stress will usually be bigger and more painful simply because your body is trying to handle too much at once. Take some aspirin for now, but the truth is that your body is telling you what you need to do. Stress over a relationship is a constant and reoccurring problem that will not go away with time. You will need to handle the fact that he is not the one because if you don’t, your stress headaches will get no relief. Give your body the “pain killer” it needs, and be honest with your decision when deciding he is not the one for you.

4 A big change in appetite

Many women will find that if they are questioning their partner, their appetite will change because of it. The stress of the situation will affect not only how often you eat, but how much you eat. You may find that you are suddenly hungry at midnight, whereas before you would never indulge in midnight snacks. It will also become apparent that you will either eat more or less food than before. Either you will run to food because you find comfort there, or you will avoid it because you don’t feel the need or enjoyment that it normally brings. Gaining or losing your appetite is usually connected to stress, definitely something you will be experiencing if you are trying to figure out if he is the one. If you are noticing your appetite is changing, this may be one way that your body is telling you he isn’t for you.

3 Unable to fall asleep

Tiredness is one way that your body can tell you that he isn’t the one, but also the inability to fall asleep may be another way it is telling you to ditch him. If you are finding yourself lying in bed for hours staring at the ceiling, and no matter what you try (tea, oils, sound machine, etc.), sleep will not come, your body is telling you that it has something it has to do before it can rest and fall asleep – figure out whether you are going to keep your man or not. This unanswered problem will keep your body staying awake because it will feel as though there is still something you have to complete. Take a hint from your body and come to terms with saying goodbye because he is not the one. Afterwards, no matter how tough it may be, you will be able to get the rest you need and sleep will come much easier after you have figured it all out.

2 Anger

Being frustrated with your friends and family is one thing, but other times your body can take it to the next level and you will find yourself being angry with everyone. There may not be a good excuse for you to be angry, but regardless of that, you are. Displacing anger on friends and family often occurs when you are dealing with your own internal problem (deciding whether or not he is the one). Instead of taking the time to realize what is going on with you, you blame everything else on others. You suddenly find that you are taking unexplained anger out on people who haven’t done anything. Once you have come to the realization of what you are doing, you will be able to thank your body for telling you what was happening inside. Listen to your body and understand that it is telling you he is not the one.

1 Heartache

When you are sad about your relationship and doubting if he is the one for you, your body can actually feel that heartache. Your brain picks up signals that you are in pain emotionally and it actually believes that you are in physical pain. If you are feeling heartache, you literally may feel pain in your chest. It would be a similar feeling to that lump in your throat that you get when you are sad. The body is extremely sensitive and attuned to your emotions, and when you are feeling that ache, although it may not be the same kind of pain you experience when you have physically hurt yourself, you will still feel the hurt. This aching feeling is most likely your body telling you that you are unhappy and that he is definitely not the one. No relationship is worth the feeling of a heartache, so end it.

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